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Best Bio Poems

Below are the all-time best Bio poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of bio poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member About Me
My life is like that of a commonplace horse
that stays where they’ve put her all day;
she lives very much like the others, of course,
accepting her...

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Categories: imagination,

Premium Member Self
I am a lady
In a white dress
My desire only to be softly caressed
So I take my paint brush, and delinquently paint
My face that pleads let...

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Categories: art, beauty, imagination, introspection,

Untying of a Love Knot
When I used to dream
I used to dream about him
Fantasizing about how it happened and how it could have been
Demons, chasing Nightmares, Happiness on Poles

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Categories: lost love, me,

Premium Member A Dylan Thomas State of Mind
A Dylan Thomas State of Mind

It’s precisely 2:45am...the time when
~ if I’ve fallen asleep ~
I always awake to find
Myself drenched in sweat.

I lie here beside...

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Categories: anger, angst, anniversary, anxiety,

read this please
They hate you because your you
They make up lies and call it true
They're fake behind your back
Hoping someday that you'll crack.

They hate you because your...

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Categories: betrayal, care, career, change,

Broken English
I love my broken English

Am in love with my broken English

Am honored to have two other languages

The ability to think from language to language is...

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Categories: africa, appreciation, birth, blessing,

Why, Momma, why?
Was I not deserving 
of you?
Was I not good?  
Was I too frail?
Did you send me away
Because your own life 

Why, Momma,...

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Categories: absence, abuse, betrayal, childhood,

Who Am I
Daughter  of Mary and  Louis
(Named after my late grandmother ) 

My name is  Charmaine
a name originated from latin
Charmaine means -a song

Eldest of...

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Categories: prejudice,

Premium Member The Meaning Of Life
Through life...I've learned the meaning of love.
Through love...I've felt the feeling of heartbreak.
Through heartbreak...I've felt the feeling of pain.
Through pain...I've learned the meaning of acceptance.

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Categories: inspirational, life, philosophy,

Premium Member I Am Not Afraid
      On the day the Lord calls me home I will not be 
afraid as I know He loves us...

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Categories: death, family, friendship, happiness,

Premium Member I Am
I am...
A seed that was blown from 
A wayward wind
Sewn too soon
With fragile roots
To a rocky soil
That fell between
The cracks
In a place covered
In ocean brine

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Categories: introspection, metaphor,

Mama Swore It'd Be Alright
 I grew up shooting pool and dancing on the bar
 Mama said with enough buise anyone could be a star
 Daddy was in the...

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Categories: childhoodheart, heart, life, cancer,

Premium Member The Richard Enigma
I'm rather hard to figure out
Not many really get what I'm about
I'd rather sit quietly than shout
I keep it real I'm not prone to pout

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Categories: introspection,

Premium Member ONCE UPON A TIME

I was born on the closing days of
The second World War  
In a small village of north-west of Greece
Up on the mountains.

The country...

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Categories: age, life, nature, technology,

Premium Member Carrie R
Brunette, of hair, my mother's face
I'm known to be a country girl
I like to wear blue denim jeans, 
but love to wear a dress of...

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Categories: introspection,

Premium Member I Was Me
First I was me,
Selfish as can be,
Wanting everything from A to Z
And wanting it all for me.

Then I became we,
A part of an us.
I learned...

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© Joe Flach  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life,

Premium Member MY ODYSSEY

Here, I am
Sitting on the relaxing throne of my age
Reminiscing what I went through in life
A mere spectator I have now become
Observing in...

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Unwritten Conversations
He told me to write a poem
About beauty, wind blowing
Hair tossing , dream making stunning
Gorgeousness of living
Beauty addicts and blind ambitions
Movie stars and historical happenings

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Categories: introspection, life, on writing

Remember the day
Apron strings loosed,untied
as maternal voices faltered and cried
Remember the day
When a soprano voice lost its elan
and a boy became a man
Remember the day

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Categories: childhood, life, love, passion,


You are cool, that is why I am a fool.
I want you to be happy, with or without me.
If you are already in love, then...

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© Aa Harvey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: care, drink, happy, love,

I am Every Woman
I am my reality
I am my first true love
I am the best part of my life
I am my today, my tomorrow
I am my lonesome bliss

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Categories: beauty, deep, emotions, encouraging,

Daddy's Dime
I was three the first time i remember 
seeing mamas bedroom walls 
springtime colors on her quilt 
Though it really could of been December 


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Categories: child abuse,

Premium Member Pleasantly Weird

Bull headed, bird brained, chicken and foxy
From a bramble of a family tree
A lover of Cohen, Midler and Dennis Lee
Who regularly feels awe, paralyzing angst,...

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Categories: bird, me,

You took my life as I gave you yours

Nervous, apprehensive, determined most of all
Excitement on hold, a job to be done
His greatest gift, holy, our creation.
I was prepared, clarity in vision.
Betrayed, a body...

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Categories: birth, blessing, child, creation,

Letters I Never Sent

Earth is a building
A crowded house covered with thorns 
donated by peacemakers

A building
Showered with endless tears washing sad feelings
Tears that fill holes to shape the...

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Categories: leadership, life, metaphor, slam,