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You speak to me in tongues
I  hear you with my heart
I feel you with my mind
Like a Spring bloom, I am slowly unfurling
Like a ripe plum, you taste me in my rhymes
You touch me black ink injected drug potent
Red Poppies between lines
I sense you in your dreams
They are swelling next to mine
Like a drunk, I swallow all your delicious words
You turn into endless Golden Chalices of Altar Wine

I see you through your mirrors
COMMUNION - You see me, walking now through mine.

(Lovejoy-Burton/2018 EASTER)

the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially on a mental or spiritual level.
"in this churchyard communion with the dead was almost palpable"
the service of Christian worship at which bread and wine are consecrated and shared.
"Communion was celebrated once a month"
synonyms:	Eucharist, Holy Communion, Lord's Supper, Mass
"he believed in Christ's presence among the faithful at Communion"

3. The Bible

4. KJV

5. Scientific Explanation of How the Image was formed on the Shroud of Turin.
Part 1
Part 2A

6. The Spirit, The Blood and The Water




6e "The Truth Adds Up"

"The Golden Way", David Sylvian (Lyrics)

Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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the meaning of Easter

jesus died and jerusalem went black the wind howled and the sky thundered loudly people ran in fear as the earth moaned but the beloved stayed jesus was buried in the early evening those who believed in him carried his limp body and the mary's and others followed weeping they washed and anointed him with myrrh and aloe wrapping him gently in a linen cloth with no words spoken in sadness they rolled a huge stone over the entrance leaving him in silence within his tomb it was in the hush of dawn on the third day the mary's returned they found the stone rolled away and the tomb empty the soldiers who had been guarding the tomb had fled in fear an angel in brilliant light appeared telling them that christ had risen from the dead frightened and in shock they ran to tell the apostles after his rising, jesus appeared to many he could eat, walk and talk to those he visited showing them the holes in his hands, side and feet and allowing them to touch him for forty days he remained and on the fortieth day he rose he was carried up into heaven and we the followers celebrate his death at Easter and his rising on Easter sunday . . . defeating death _________________________ April 1, 2014 Ekphrasis/the meaning of Easter Copyright Protected, ID 658844 Pascal Premier Contest Brian Strand

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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Why Hides the Sun His Face As In Defeat

Why hides the sun his face as in defeat?
The day is done and this ninth hour had come
As sorrows flood with tears that grace his feet
That faints the eye of such a tempest calm

Then stillness breaks the hanging Victor shouts
Man’s worst is done yet still may perish not
For God his best hath done that leaves no doubt 
Unblemished lamb in whom there is no spot

The grievous cross by which he suffered death
He welcomed with his open arms so wide
Forgave our sins, forever to forget 
And rent the veil that set a great divide

The finished sacrifice my gap did breach
What glorious grace is this by which I’m reached!

Copyright © Jun Gonzales | Year Posted 2017

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My Dad


It was on 'Good Friday'1973,

The doctor delivered his verdict, he said 'he has the big c',

He stood there expressionless, not a flicker crossed his face,

So cold, so hard, barely part of the human race,

He never said 'I'm sorry' he didn't say a thing,

He just walked off and left us, we couldn't take it in,

It was only weeks earlier that it started

With a cough and cold,

Now suddenly he was looking very, very old.

We hadn't expected anything, like this to be told,

6 months to a year, he later said.

But by then, my dad was confined to bed,

As it turned out, 6 weeks is all he had,

He suffered terribly, it was very, very bad,

He gave up his cigarettes, which caused all this strife



Copyright © pat dring | Year Posted 2009

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My Monster

My Monster

Every week on Good Friday I get restless
Palpitations rise for my week end disasters
A monster boldly barges into my silent abode
Depriving me of my peaceful slumber
Crash! Now which crockery has ended its life?
The moment I reach the dreaded site 
Littered  remnants of mugs and glasses 
Sprayed on the kitchen floor 
Having an afternoon nap is a crime indeed
The dining tablecloths are scrooped  down
And I curse my heavy eyelids for drugging me
I wake up to run and my shoes are not there
The good Lord save me! My kitchen cabins 
Are invaded, explored and ransacked
The bright packages are crushed and ripped
Salty and sweety snacks carpet the freshly scrubbed floor
I pads, mobile phones, remote controls vanish
I magically recover my drowning hopes
When their batteries are over
My heart beats louder than the speakers
Strumming the beats of nursery rhymes
Till tiny flakes start peeling off the quaky roof
The iridescent walls showcase
The world's finest art repertoire
Nothing short of  an international gallery of art
The monster is finally trapped on the garden swing
Smiling gleefully with an outstretched arm
All frowns erase when the two year old
Bob cut tomboy dramatically wails
Granny! Granny! Granny! Granny!

Contest: My Monster
Sponsor: Anthony Slausen

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2015

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I love the fall’s snow white
Fancy some flakes in my dwellings
Flung the door open wide
Run to pick them with my siblings

The Good Friday is best
To wait and watch the hailstones fall
Some years is all a waste
Some lucky years, we get it all

Santa rules my place well
The snowman is out of picture
Gifts on my window sill
Old Santa bored in my nature

The white flakes are tempting
Saved a pair of black round buttons
For my great snow making
Mould them like two balls of cotton

Higher and lifted high
I will run and jump up with joy
Snowman gives me a sight
I will sing, laugh, dance and enjoy


Copyright © Watisungla Ao | Year Posted 2015

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Famous Last Lines

Despair Erased (Poem entered in contest before)

The cloudy day omens a dreary week
As we count down to Easter, next Sunday.
After Lent message, we're too sad to speak.
We're seeing everything in shades of grey.

We gladly waved our palm leaves on the way,
Not knowing where his final steps would lead.
For our sin, with his pure life he will pay.
We weep that our own actions bring the need.

At Easter Sunday Services, the sky
Is brightened by a most rewarding sight.
The good news must have been the reason why 
The clouds have dissipated in the night.

His love more than we ere dare envision.
Halleluiah, He is truly risen!

Famous Last Lines

Halleluiah, He is truly risen!
We sing these words when Easter comes around.
For Lent we've borne the burden of betrayal
And have mourned as he was laid within the ground.

The Easter Sunday Services brought good news.
Christ has risen and the stone is rolled away.
This heavy boulder also took our burdens.
If we believe, we will not have to pay.

Good Friday brought us into deep depression,
When Jesus suffered for our selfish sin.
The bells of Easter tell another story
Christ has risen and we sinners are forgiven.

Written February 28, 2016

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2016

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Good Friday


We all call it Good Friday
It was really good for the sinner
Death won round one
But on Sunday, we crown the winner

	Kyle Giddens
	Pastor, Olivet Baptist Church
	Dublin, Georgia
	(Used by permission)

Copyright © Curtis Moorman | Year Posted 2013

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Look at me, I’m a 25 year trendy maker!
I feature a brand new me, at present!
Look at me, and Read through my transition,
I wear George and shave jeans,
Now I’m getting A Gucci,
And now I can volunteer in UN.
I’m the birthday lad at present.
May the folks warble for De Poet, as I take my view.
I’m floating in the galaxy,
But now, let me trail down, to my castle,
Look at the mirror, it all defines me as A Script-Writer,
On my fingertips, is where you unearth my lyrics!
Did you just read that? I’m A Song-writer as well.
I just don’t give a break,
God dam it, I’m A Poet, “Bryan De Poet”
I am, and I have T.m.T forever.
I am 25! And I’m a silver jubilee today.
What a better me, I can fly far and wide,
And It’s a Sunday, when Emmanuel rose,
My pristine birth–date, though! was, a Good Friday, back then in 89,
That defined and defines, my other name “Emmanuel”
Now let me stroll to haven,
With my own visions and missions,
Extremely eventful and magical I’ am,
Wait a Sec, let me accolade my mother, the tremendous queen “Stella”
And not forgetting my father “William”
For today, don’t try to find my station, and try not to provoke me,
Just listen to me,
I’m what I am, and what you see.
This is, an even year for me!
It’s my birthday,
But I haven’t forgotten where I came from.
I’m 25.

All Rights Reserved 

In Memory of my 25th Birthday

© T.m.T scripts

Copyright © Emmanuel Brian Oule | Year Posted 2014

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if you're a witness shout out

Give God all the credit and all of the praise
For all that He's done for you during your hectic days
And if you're a witness to His miraculous deeds you need to shout out
So that your praise and worship of Him is never in doubt
No matter your situation or what you're facing in life
Don't get stuck on personal pain turn it over to Christ

When Jesus rode into the city on Palm Sunday
It was a triumphant, jubilant and very loud display
In attendance were those who believed, those who witnessed
and those who received His wonderful works
As well as the Pharisees, the haters, the hanger-oners and a few jerks
Yet Jesus rode on moving towards His destiny
He did not get stuck on His personal tragedy

We need to be like Jesus moving towards our fate
We need to be like Jesus and not hesitate
But let's not get it twisted we need to understand 
That Jesus suffered most every bad thing that could happen to man
Betrayed,denied, condemned and criticized
Arrested, beaten, tortured and then crucified
But if you're a witness to the miracles that God has done
You need to give a shout out to Jesus the Christ His Son

Now Judas the Disciple had a weakness and love for coin
And the Devil used this against him to have it going on
Plotting and persuing his weakness to the extreme
Turning it into wickedness and underhanded schemes
But God had a predestined plan
He sent Mary Magdalene
Who anointed Jesus with precious perfume
In preparation for His body being entombed

On Palm Sunday on that donkey Jesus did ride
On Monday and Tuesday at the temple He sermonized
On Spy Wednesday a deadly and underhanded deal was put into place
On Maunday Thursday at the Last Supper they broke bread after saying grace
And on Good Friday from Sun up to sundown He was demoralized
And beaten the entire time until He was crucified

But that is not how the week came to end
On Easter Sunday Jesus arose to be the salvation for all men
So if you're a witness to the goodness and the sacrificing love of Jesus the Christ
Give Him a shout out for being the head of your life

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2015

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Agony In The Garden

To: All who believe in the cross.

After supper, in the garden, Jesus agonized over 
His destiny. Mark, says He petitioned the Father
asking Him to 'take this cup away from me.' Luke 
describes further how, after praying 'If it be your 
will let this cup pass from me, yet not my will, but 
thine be done,’ an angel was seen ministering to 
Him. Afterwards, He prayed more and his sweat 
became as great drops of blood falling to the ground.
I have wondered -- what could He have feared? Oh,
I know He was perfect man and, perhaps, dreaded the 
pain of an agonizing death. But, I can't believe this
would have brought such pleas from him. No, I have 
come to the conclusion He feared the agony of 
paying the only price that would redeem mankind. 
He was not concerned with the pain of dying, even 
though his pain was intensified many times over by 
the sins for which He was dying -- all the sins for 
all mankind. How awesome the pain must have been.
But He could handle this. What He was not prepared 
to face was separation from God the Father. On the 
cross He cried out, ‘My God, why hast thou 
forsaken me?' And the answer rings down through 
the ages and into eternity. -- So you and I will
never have to suffer the pain of separation from Him.


Author's Comments:
"This came to me one Good Friday a few years ago. Though it is not the Easter season, I believe it is worthy of note at any time. My faith is based on what happened for all mankind at Calvary. "Jesus paid a debt He did not owe... because we owed a debt we could not pay." Major Ian Thomas

Copyright © John Posey | Year Posted 2012

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Two Sons

Good Friday: At age thirty three
You suffered and died just for me

April 9th, year 2001
You joined Him at age twenty-one

*Inspired by a wise and comforting letter sent by a lifelong friend in April, 2001 who gently reminded us the time of year it was...I still have the letter

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2010

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Easter Morn

Early Easter Morn,
Nature and the Deity,
Saints of God rejoice.

For Easter Haiku Contest

Copyright © David Pekrul | Year Posted 2017

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Good Friday

on good friday
Our Saviour died
so with God we can be reconsiled
he died to take our burden and pain
he came to set thr captives free
he died for freedom for you
and for me
we are free from condemnation
we are free from strife
because Jesus died to give us new Life.


colossions 1 12 - 14

12 Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:
13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:

14 In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins

Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.

5 For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection:

6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.

7 For he that is dead is freed from sin.

8 Now if we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him:

9 Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dieth no more; death hath no more dominion over him.

Copyright © diane christian | Year Posted 2014

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Easter on the Cape Flats

On Good Friday after church we eat
curried pickled fish and hot crossed buns
and drink black coffee because we share
in the painful agony of the Lord.
On Easter Sunday after church we braai *
meat and drink like fish and rejoice
in the victory over death and grave.

* (rhymes with "bye" ) - barbeque / barbecue

Copyright © David De la Croes | Year Posted 2013

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Good Friday

            cormorant opens wings
            like a crucifix -

            Good Friday

Copyright © LINDA JACKSON | Year Posted 2014

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WHAT EASTER MEANS TO ME- Passion and Death Of Christ

As modern Christians, we overlook
the meaning and purpose of Good Friday,
when Christ was crucified on a dreary day...
to bear our sins on His shoulder.

From the Via Dolorosa to distant Golgotha
too heavy and painful was the wooden cross
He carried through the streets of Jerusalem
as people spitted on Him and laughed; 
and with deep sadness and pity:
Jesus told the weeping women...
not to cry for him but for their children. 
And one of them wiped the blood off
His pale face with a soft cloth... 
to comfort Him in His final hours.

The mocking and laughter continued at the gate,
as Simon of Cyrene was ordered to carry the cross
to Calvary and before nine o' clock...
Jesus faced an excruciating crucifixion
by the Romans soldiers who had
the sharpest nails for his hands and feet;
and Jesus words loudly spoken in the Temple echoed again
in that afternoon getting cloudy and dark,
"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who murdered 
the Prophets..." But the wickedness of the crowds
was too extreme to understand their despicable deed.

And there crucified as an impostor,
He cried out to His Father, " Eli, Eli...lama sabachthani?"
There was no answer...only a deadening silence had prevailed.
But Jesus trusting in Him whispered," Father, into your  
hands I commit my spirit." And in saying so He expired. 
Soon after there was a powerful earthquake strong enough to shake
the Temple's became night
as everyone ran downhill so terrified.
The astonished centurion, witnessing the horrifying event,  
exclaimed," Surely He was the Son of God!"

Like good Christians, we must remember the long and agonizing hours
of Christ passion and death...oh, how precious 
was the divine blood He spilled to redeem us!
And as He was resurrected, so we'll be resurrected  by the trumpets!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2011

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It's a blessing everyday
It could be worse 
It could be better 
Homies in a shirt I lace my shoes the face on all my haters ??
I must be be doing something right 
Don't matter if I'm famous 
Recognize Dead Presidents they come n go let's face it 
Made the product boost 
Took flight
made memoriestf turn faded 
Once I dug my self a hole 
Some homies started changing 
I prayed to have no enemies 
Do even have to say it ? 
Lately I been working hard 
The hustle I stopped chasing 
Once u learn to ride a bike 
U WANa keep on racing 
The finish line ain't going no where 
It's games you keep on playing 
Ready for them obstacles 
They shooting I turn matrix 
Found myself all stoned with rocks 
Started building my foundation 
Pages of my life I saw 
I think that's manifesting 
Wake and baked then drank a red bull 
That's life with no vacation 
it's crazy how things happen 
Weather beautiful or tragic 
Fashion really don't mean **** 
wear out your heart and handle **** 

Copyright © fernando vergara | Year Posted 2016

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Good Friday

Silently we file into the church,
Well knowing what the end will be.
Before we wend our sad way home,
He will have died in agony.

Crucify Him. Crucify Him.
All the wicked people call.
They chose to save a common thief
While sinless Jesus took the fall.

Our pastor reads the message 
As we wipe silent tears.
We can hear them through the ages
Those ugly, hate filled jeers.

And then there is a thunder crack
And all around goes dark
Despair and gloom fills every heart.
Our world has lost its spark.

As penance for that travesty,
So many souls have cried.
It was the darkest night of all,
The night all goodness died.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2013

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The Ultimate Love Story Of Jesus Christ

Good Friday reminds the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ at Calvary.
The betrayal and forsaken of his own disciple
The blasphemous false accusations from the world
Good Friday reminds us that Jesus was despised and rejected by men
He was betrayed by Jesus for thirty pieces of silver
He was denied, abandoned, mocked, was arrested and bound. 
He was rejected by his own hometown and was asked deceitful questions.
He was ridiculed by his own family members, blindfolded, beaten, struck with blows
He was arrested, wounded, bruised unaccompanied by his accusers
He was falsely charged, chastised, endured stripes
He was Oppressed and was led to the slaughter
He was cut off from the land of the living, was abused by the roman soldiers
He was scourged, put on a crown of thorns on his head
A reed in His right hand, struck Him on the head with the reed.
The soldiers striped him and divided His garments
The chief priests with the scribes mocked and sneered at him.
He was nailed on the cross, bore his own cross and was crucified.
He took all the sins of the world upon Himself to end mans separation from God
And to destroy eternal death, to be our high priest, to be our example
To be our perfect Advocate, to motivate us for striving for love, holy, blameless, perfect and righteousness.
He died on the cross to rescue us from final judgment.
By his suffering he revealed the consequence of sin and the greatness of God's love.
He demonstrated his own love for us to give hope for dead through resurrection. 
Jesus died on the cross and on the Third day rose from the dead
He did not suffer for his own sins, but for the sins of others.
Jesus Christ was risen to offer the forgiveness of sins and everlasting salvation
 For whoever believes in Him.
Jesus was crucified and died on a Friday
He came to seek and to save what was lost
He took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows
He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities
When we were still sinners, Christ died for us
He did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance 
He came to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many
Good Friday recalls the greatness and wonder of God’s love
Jesus Christ Is the Perfect Example of Obedience
Jesus Christ is the Perfect Sacrifice for Our Sins.
Remember Gods great love for us on Good Friday
And rejoice the day with New meaning and change in your life.
Wishing Everyone a Blessed Good Friday.

Copyright © Shaila Touchton | Year Posted 2016

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I was there the day Jesus died

I was there the day Jesus was crucified upon the cross
I saw his blood fall covering the ground all around his feet
I heard him cry out in agony and pain
as nails were hammered through his hands and feet 
upon his head he wore a crown of thorns  
causing his blood to fall down upon his face

alongside of Jesus 
were two unlucky men who were chosen to die with him
that awful day

I saw his mother Mary standing there crying and wailing 
wondering why her beloved son had to die
I was there in the crowd the day Jesus passed by
carrying that heavy wooden cross barring him down 
as the Roman solders beat him with their leather whips

all the people turned against him
why I’ll never know
just a few days ago all the people seemed to love him so

I stood there in fear that I might be arrested
if I showed my love and support for him 
I saw him look upon the crowd gathered there that fateful day
his eyes were piercing through all of us as I heard him say
God forgive them for they no not what they do

when the moment Jesus died 
and a Roman solders spear pierced his side
the bright blue sky turned to gray and black
and day turned into night
 an ominous hurricane cold wind blew across the barren land
the earth opened up and shook beneath our feet 
we all fell down to the ground at this sight
as though the earth was angry on the day that Jesus died
I could see and feel the fear
in the Roman solders eyes that was a big surprise
and all the people standing there

I was there on the day that Jesus died so many years ago
and I cried out it wasn’t fair to crucify a man
who only wanted to teach
to being about peace and harmony 
so many more people he wanted to reach
to learn to love one another as we would our own brother

then it happened a few days past
the miracle of all miracles took place
and it forever shook the human race
the huge stone covering the entrance to his tomb 
was broken and thrown aside like a small stone
and two angelic angles were standing there
I saw all that with my own eyes
Jesus had risen from his tomb of death
his tomb was empty only a white burial cloth remained
he walked upon the earth again for 40 days
 until he ascended to heaven above

  Jesus died for all our sins to bare
Jesus changed the world forever and made it a better place

Jesus did not die for naught on that terrible day
he lives again in all of us
humanity believes that Jesus Christ is the chosen son of God

written by Dennis Davis five days before Easter in April 2017

Copyright © Dennis Davis | Year Posted 2017

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Good Friday

Good Friday
© Ben Burton 4-3-2015

His birth is good reason for rejoicing
Going home, giving gifts, and singing songs
But, in truth, when we should really lift our voices
Is on the day He gave His life to right our wrongs

Without Easter we could never have Thanksgiving
And Noel would be a name without a cause
But with Jesus at the wheel we shall be driven
To that place which is not bound by earthly laws

Thanks to Christ, Good Friday's not a day for mourning
For we know that he is sure to rise again
And the Passion is a never-ending story
Crucifixion is where Christian life begins

Copyright © ben burton | Year Posted 2015

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Good Friday

When the
Lord perished in the 
Cross to redeem humanity
Washing with his blood the sins committed by nescience
Proferring eternal life to whoever believe in him as personal savior


Copyright © Nayda Ivette Negron | Year Posted 2016

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In the garden, The Christ did pray
For strength ardent to bear pain's stay.

Gethsemane, the Master kneels
To ask to be with fond appeal.

His close aides lie in heavy sleep;
The Christ now cries in pain so deep.

The soldiers come to seize the king;
Judas now sums betrayal fling.

A kiss laid sound to tell on him;
Jesus is bound with scornful whim.

Then off they go to a mock trial;
Conspire to show with sure denial.

From high priest to Pontius Pilate;
An impromptu in vile charade.

Death sentence flawed in power play
As Roman law primes unjust stay.

Scourged to appease the crowd's frenzy;
The Christ was seized with mad cruelty.

Thirty lashes upon the flesh;
A mocking clash of bloodied mesh.

Crowned with thorns plucked from marine haunts;
Pierced mortal tucked with painful taunts.

Then the mocked king is forced to walk;
Heavy cross stings the burdened stalk.

The route is long with steps uphill;
The Christ bears strong with humble will.

Three times He falls, and feels the whip;
Cruel soldiers all who torments heap.

On and on He bears the wood cross
To death's alley, to sure recourse.

Along the way, The Christ meets those
Who did display the pains and ghost.

Golgotha's space, nails are driven,
The cross is raised in cruel action.

The Son of Man prays for mankind,
To save the damned that evil signs.

Two thousand years have come and gone;
The Christ did peer to times forgone.

Good Friday psalm to each and all,
We must not harm but heed love's call.

Love frames a law: "Who harms, must heal." --
Law without flaw, it's heaven's will.

The way ahead is beyond hate;
Let love break bread as grace now plates.

The Living Christ offers to each
Love's fine reprise: Love each to each.

The message comes to one and all;
Love is the sum of love that calls.

Go deeper still to know and see:
The Christ that wills love and beauty.

Grace sets you free to know your place,
To simply be love's happy face.

Heed this story just to be clear;
Join the lovely way to love's cheer.

Follow your heart and it will show
The steady art that true love knows!

Let love bring light to live and learn;
Let peace bring sight for grace soothes yearn.

Leon Enriquez
18 Apr 2014, (on Good Friday)

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Good Friday

Deep in the night one more candle is burning.
I am taking a sword and hatred is created.
I am one of those on the Mount of Olives,
we are listening to the blessed light that speaks to us.

And once again my heart will betray me,
on Good Friday,
and again I will see the bottom of my soul.
There you can find the crosses...
choose one and the other are broken down.

Copyright © Željko Sitar | Year Posted 2016