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My angel of the waters

My angel of the waters Dancing in the flame beneath a flickered candle's light Moving between shadows on the floor My every thought now focused on the beauty I have seen Standing present on a distant shore Gentle waves do drench her skin, to shimmer soft and sweet As walls I find about me steadfast true With only but this window do I witness every need This vision that does flood my mind of you Delicate the grains of sand which capture where you are Upon the golden wings of whispered pleas While I alas, do fight the ways that keep me ever gone Now praying as I fall upon my knees My angel of the waters with the breezes in your hair Feel this love which flows upon the wind There atop a rainbow near a lighthouse proudly stands Beginnings that I cherish once again Cast apart these shackles which so tightly hold me down Bound about my feet so I shan’t flee Solid is the lock it seems now forged of hardened dreams Yours is but the love which holds the key Free me with your crescent smile as bright as any moon Place your eyes upon this tear stained face Take me by the hand and lead me far away from here Hand in hand along the shore to trace We shall leave our footprints on the coast that you call home Rows of two now stretching far and wide Open up your wings so I may fall into your heart Lock my love away so deep inside Good Night Soupers Have a great weekend See you again on Monday

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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Your man

Your man O' fallen leaf of barren branch doth charge my heart, my aching heart with missing you, needing you On sun dried earth I lay, grasping at my dreams, so desperate, find that in this depth felled by wind of colder days, my life doth need your touch so very much it calls to thee, come to me, cover me shower me with hope ~ so far you stand ~ I feel as if I am a tiny creature, an ant on the pavement with cracks and crevice deep Foundling for the distance far, searching of a path to reap to thy heart, thy arms O' breath of love I beg thee home, to lie with you this eve, this winters eve of far off arches and grayish glare ~ My travels take me long away Places I am lost to stay find this man a’ crying tears of love for thee, tears of despair Crying, weeping, hoping, begging, come to me, come to me my love, my dream into my open arms ~ waiting ~ The day might fill the emptiness with broken branches barren so dare I say I have the right to honor love from you, hold it so within my heart aching My needs are many, the truth has shown for languished features painted hard, hard against my weathered skin, rough, broken I scream, my voice still faint of tone, louder as is nothing less sorted by the evening breeze blowing strong against the fence ~ I desire thee to touch me, kiss me, hold me, take me The flames of passion brightly burn igniting but this love I hold So cherished is your heart I feel it pounding, pulsing within mine own chest My quest is you and only you, design me, I am yours, make me as you would, carve me, bend me, mould me, sculpt me to be ~ your man Good night Soupers Ok, I got carried away a little. : )

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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4 in the Morning

At 3am you become your own philosopher, categorizing
the different genres of humans and wondering
if you fall even remotely close to anyone on the spectrum.
You debate with yourself the meaning of life, again,
and then regret everything you accomplished the previous day.

5am, that’s the breaking point.
The sun climbs out of bed, and chases away 
the comforting lure of night and all dreams of slumber. 
The damned birds start peeping and you curse and sigh, 
watching the room change colours 
until you must get up to join the others.

But 4am, it’s the gaping time of day 
that even the insomniacs deny.
As if night took a deep breath and forgot to exhale,
the silence is quieter, the darkness more pure.
You hide under covers and stare into emptiness
trying to make something of black space
but your mind remains impossibly blank.

Copyright © Ashley W. | Year Posted 2014

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The beauty in these words

The beauty in these words Rainbows o’er the valley, vibrant colors on the hill Coconut and apple pies now cooling on the sill A warm day in November as if fall has turned to spring Hummingbirds and butterflies and cardinals on the wing A picnic in the meadow out beneath an old oak tree Picking out the different shapes in all the clouds we see A garden filled with flowers blooming every shape and size A cool breeze ever flowing neath the bluest azure skies A pathway through a forest that the two of us explore The rhythm of the ocean waves a’ crashing on the shore A choir singing on the square as snow falls from the sky The sound of ringing sleigh bells as it slowly passes by A chocolate covered sundae with sweet cherries on the top The windmill spinning on the farm that never seems to stop Every single star we see a’ twinkling on the night An April morning sunrise oh so wonderful and bright A Sunday morning journey through a park that we will walk Some quiet conversations as we find some time to talk A cozy roaring fire on the coldest winter day A sailboat on the ocean that shall take our hearts away The beauty in these words I write are just my point of view Of all the wondrous things I dream each time I dream of you Everything that’s perfect and of all that it can be These and so much more are what your love it brings to me Good night Soupers

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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Beneath this soft dark silent sky

Beneath this soft...dark silent sky Beneath this soft…dark silent sky as starlight teardrops weep in moon glow feathered sonnets… my heart waits ~ Clinging to every hope, laced of tiny woven dreams now filtered through weary eyes and worried sighs ~ Collecting each moment shared within my weathered hands…mixed with essence of rose petal and meadowlark song ~ Woven together in melodic patterns, colorful arcs on golden horizons bidding me a good evening while riding in on the sweetest of mystic zephyrs… ~ as another tear paints my cheek in transparent worry and desperate longing for that day when your happiness reappears ~ For here sits my whispered wishes, behind tufted clouds of life, touching me with poetic joy, allowing me to exhale freely ~ Beneath this soft…dark silent sky as starlight teardrops weep in moon glow feathered sonnets… where my heart waits…for your smile Good Night Soupers

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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If you were mine

If you were mine... 

If you were mine…our footsteps would   

dance on moonlit verandas
while candle lit shimmers enticed my smiled reflections
with your arms tightly around me

symphonies would play to the rhythm of your charm
as we swayed in the essence of forever
on cloud soft concertos of affection’s melodic whispers

eternal echoes would sing in harmony to your eyes,
hauntingly dark invitations to my endless destination,
soothing seductions comforting weathered longings 

If you were mine…satin beaches would 

eclipse tan line passions
beneath glistening waves of aquamarine salt water bliss
gently caressing the depth of our love

palm leaf shadows would weave embracing patterns
of ocean fed breezes tickling our naked forms
as sea foam fingers probe pearl smooth valleys

sunset tides would tease beneath star orchid heavens
blooming of every wished for fantasy…
lasting happily ever after upon sandcastles dreams

If you were mine…my world would 

be a mosaic of delirious euphoric visions
in constant creative motion delivering sincerely
every ounce of joy your heart could desire

each sunrise would be the sweet essence of your spirit
vibrant in wonders of colorful poetic offerings
versed in accordance with your every need

happiness would begin with promises kept
as we walked along endless streams of hand held blessings,
two hearts loving as one forevermore 

If you were mine…oh, if you were mine

Good night Soupers

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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Drifting Soft

Drifting Soft As I breathe, I feel the ocean breathing Here I stand, a moonbeam in my hand Touch my heart, and know this endless feeling Like the tide, our journey now is planned Horizons call, a beacon in the distance Silhouettes, now dance upon its shore Take a chance, and reach for what you’re dreaming As these sands, may wash away no more I have come, of sailing vessels calling As the edgeless, foam it meets the sea Waves of change, will not dispose emotions Drifting soft, as you lay here with me Melodies, are found of waves now stirring Glistening, this twilight canopy Heaven’s song, in whispered quiet motions As the stars, extend your light I see And I smile, for here we find the rainbow Rains may fall, from clouds upon the sky Still the sun, now sends its dancing shadows In your arms, my love stays warm and dry Cocoa eyes, enhance the scene so sweetly Golden tan, your skin upon my own Miles long, this beach does wait our footprints Now our love, does come to take us home Good Night Soupers

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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To sigh deep in the interlude of time
Before my world of silence closes in, 
As nightfall marks the ticks of birdsong’s chime
And let a North Star bless my world within.
The change of song brings memories’ relief
Asking not what true dreams are all about;
So chant dear sparrows and take flight with peace
And will my wings to rise without a doubt.
Then prayers spill for moments truly felt
For graced tokens of charms are now endowed;
When solace drifts as fragrant raindrops melt
To lounge on twilight’s edge , adorned its  shroud.

Oh, joy so calm beneath the pewter moon
A journey trailed,  where dawn will find me soon.

Where Will They Find You Contest of Marugo Mo

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

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We danced in the downpour

We danced in the downpour

The rains falls
not hard, more of a drizzle
this late Winter night
leaning on the light post
across the street,
watching the light in your window,
glowing slats through mini blinds,
outlines of your silhouette,
damp steel seeping my jacket,
cars pass, wipers waving, 
splashing in circular patterns,
glistening tire tracks,
straight lines on the damp asphalt

Staring up, dreaming,
still feeling your good night kiss,
wondering if you know
I am nothing without you,
my life is because of you
So many years spent floating,
blurs in lingering dark shadows
curbs to sleep in, yesterday's news,
broken bleachers where others met,
and I watched, fearing never me,
darkness would be my hand to hold,
lunchtime falterings on tuna salad wishes, 
a clean plate in line for desert,
they just ran out, 
vanilla pudding disappointment, 
and it was...

I flick the ashes from my damp Marlboro light,
as I notice the lamp in your room is out,
when did that happen, where was I, 
and the drizzle coats my glasses
A chill claims me as the street light flickers
and I suppose it's time to go
in these saturated high tops 
squishing as I pace this sidewalk
of smeared chalk masterpieces

My heart aches again, my life, this night,
every night on an avenue to the border,
is truly nothing without you,
an empty hull hauling cargo of the past,
an existence worth the lint in my pocket,
a poem folded and kept,
written for you in dreams pasted 
on walls of off-white,
in a hallway of desire with your name
layered in patterns that mirror my heartbeat
and I wonder if you know...there is no other, 
none that can compare, 
none that could ever be,
no one will ever touch me, thrill me or
love me like you do and I will not be...
I will not be, I can not be without you

Turning to leave these clinging shadows,
sighing I want you but the hour is now late,
you’re probably in bed, but 
any time away from you is lonely
The rains fall harder now, a liquid curtain
all but blocking my view, blinding me,
when a hand on my arm spins me,  
it is you, drenched, smiling brown eyes 
on this dreary night as you tell me
you know,  you know and it is me
and you mean it, I can tell

We dance in the downpour,
it is us and we are in love, 
to the melody of the rain,
our song, they are all our songs, 
kicking puddles and laughing 
with wet eye lashes, kissing,
soaked with love, 
with devotion and sunny days,
moonlit nights and a lifetime with each other
on a sidewalk, a rainy night, a street light
and forever...you and me

Good night Soupers

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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This evening called passion

This evening called passion 

“Moonbeams now blushing ‘pon soft heavens ashen, 
love flowing deeply, this evening called passion” 

Ensconced in effervescent lingerings
sifting through moonlit seams
Soft flavored drippings of ecstasy
melting slowly within the fever
dancing across my skin
as your fingers trace
the outline of my deepest secrets,
mysteries lodged in seductive breaths

Your love my opiate, addictive enchantment
Stimulated senses heightened
Moon drenched quivers, silver lined
adrift on satin sighs
Floating delirious within
hypnotic eyes,
seducing my mind in eternal desires

Trance infused emotions
cling to each nuance of mesmeric longings
Swirling smoke ringlets
penetrate stardust cosmos,
culminating in sensual motions
atop gilded sheets
drenched of our rapture,
etched in euphoria
Two silhouettes entwined
on this evening called passion

Good night Soupers
Have a great weekend
See you on Monday

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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Whisper hello to the night

Whisper hello to the night Springtime echoes call your name through the valleys tangerine Before a pastel painted sunset twilight moments so serene Feel the winds of tender flow quivering upon your heart In my arms I hold you tightly as the daylight does depart Sit with me this velvet meadow while the moon enchants the view Kiss me soft of endless wonder feel this love I have for you Count the stars above now shining dream with me beneath their light As the two of us together whisper hello to the night Good Night Soupers

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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Midnight Celestial Kiss

Midnight Celestial Kiss Moonlight reflects lingering ripples glistening upon crystalline waters as we float beneath a canopy of enchanted constellations dreaming . . . of a forever universe to explore Nebula brushstrokes paint an onyx canvas in gemstone vistas and comet tail whispers as we melt within harmonic caresses . . . neath a jeweled nightscape’s shimmer I make a wish on the falling stars found in your heaven sent eyes as cicadas sing along a shoreline of silhouettes and lily pad shadows . . . while willowy ripples embrace the shadows Then as your stardust lips meet mine, I feel my heart beat in cosmic rhythms with nature’s evening serenade composed in the key of this midnight celestial kiss . . . knowing my wish has come true Good night Soupers See you on Monday

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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Since she is here with me

Since she is here with me Here upon uncharted land I wander as I please Silence comes the morning sun now streaming through the trees Destinations carry me along a sorted way Down the path to anywhere on any given day Corners I may come around are sharp in their design Slowly I do make my way to see what I can find Loneliness I’ve come to know as yet my only friend Days and nights do travel so to greet me once again There beyond a clearing dense the brush so thorned and thick Making haste I follow through, my legs they move so quick For here, but any sight I see to dance before my eyes Thoughts that seem to comfort me when then I realize Sunning long the water’s shore if but a fantasy A beauty drinks of nature’s fair as if she waits for me Now my shadow blends the scene she turns to show her face Like a painted masterpiece my mind can not erase Glowing like an evening star so radiant and true Hair of brown and velvet sheen I’m lost inside her view Then her smile captures me, it holds on ever tight So as I can hardly breathe my head it feels so light “Come and sit here by my side” her words a happy song Sitting down I can’t believe, somehow this must be wrong Oh to feel my beating heart in moments such as this Like an angel sent to me if but to know her kiss As the sun is setting and a crescent moon does rise Watching the reflection glow within her island eyes Now my days are endless as I now know what that means For I will spend forever with this woman of my dreams And we shall go a wandering where ever we may find Down a beach of shifting sand, a mountain top to climb Across a field of daffodils, beneath a falling star No where else shall be too close nor shall it be too far For all along I thought this place was heaven don’t you see Now I know it is the truth since she is here with me Good night Soupers

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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Come, let's dream

Come, let’s dream Wept this dream, my thoughts they fill Take me from this weary place Where darkness screams a painful chill In torment of the mind does race I wait here thick of splintered thorn My tears they fall upon the seed In hopes the bloom of perfect dawn Will light the way of what I need My hands are sore of calloused fear Scars my skin they carve a line Neath bramble branch of broken cheer Abreast of this near mortal time Your hand I long of feathered feel So soft the touch, my heart does wane These eyes, a love to then reveal Within your arms, ignite the flame Lift me, I am frail and weak Desires but the breath of you To breathe within this soul I seek Allowing dreams to mend the true Or shall I die alone this eve Beyond the moon of wicked glow Lost of every captured dream And nothing more I need to know I fall to this, my final peace Lost, the dark impedes the light Then bow my head, oh fear, now cease And bid farewell this lonely night When there, atop, a shadowed form With torch in hand of flickered fire Eyes so wide to fend the storm I reach for her with deep desire Upon my brow a single kiss Of angel wings in silken twine “Arise” a voice, melodic bliss “I’ve come, my love, to make you mine” The sun appears on northern trace As flowers bloom in petals fair Of wishes I do cast this place My fortune now to find you there “Come, let’s dream, let’s dream as one” You sing to me harmonic voice “And fall in love till time is done” My heart has only but one choice We leave this place of fractured doubt My hand in yours, no longer pain A feeling but the need to shout Dear heavens, thank you once again For I was lost, a wilted soul Alone of this and every breath Of counted stars to take their toll Awaiting but my coming death And now my world has filled the brim With love I find so full inside My dream is you, has always been No longer do I run and hide So now we dream, we dream as one Such beauty does my life exceed Perfection to my sight has come Sweet angel, all I’ll ever need Good night Soupers

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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for days unending and hours slow

for days unending and hours slow Where we stand, these distant shores beneath a moonlit canopy, stardust shimmers gather on hibiscus tides whispering hello as long walks take soft turns leaving destined footprints on my mind, wandering lost in coastal desires… I think of you, toes in the sand, feeling the waves caressing this island dream, this wish for days unending and hours slow while lips ignite passions reflecting on faraway horizons, tempting fingers, exploring nature’s endless bounties, bronze skin sensuality… Enchanted by a smile, a voice a touch, softly lingering like the silent surf, quietly beckoning in amorous patterns as we lie on cool shores, drenched in an evening made for only two, writing love poetry on a beach we now call our own… Good night Soupers

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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Here upon a silent wind

Here upon a silent wind Here upon a silent wind, a longing it does fall As fated feelings float the breeze in answers soon to call Of what I am imagining, the truth shall somehow be If after all is said and done your love remains with me My thoughts they paint the shadows in a smile I now wear With each delivered promise made within your heart to share So come inside my waiting arms, a perfect night is here For this shall be my only need to have you always near These dreams are for believers every eye that peers the sky Gazing to this velvet night of moon beams soaring high Casting forth decisions of a wisdom ever true To whisper on this silent wind and say that I love you Good night Soupers

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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The Cowboy's Life

As the pastel moon rises across the midnight blue a lone wolf’s dark silhouette appears into view his boast is known from Cowboy to prairie dog fore this is the night chill that turns to morning fog the early dawn is thawed by a piping hot cup o’ Joe No time to waste, just a few days brings first snow Such is the Cowboy’s life on the cattle drive

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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Stand your Ground, even as the world Falls apart

There is a fracture to my heart, oxygen deprived to my brain.
It just won't let me love again. 
Is this where I fool myself to believe, this is the fun part?

My system is in repair, It's not A-Okay.
I don't care what people say.
I will not become part of the jungle out there.

Maybe i'll shed a few more tears,
and as they evaporate into thin air with every care.

I remember that...

It was my decision to take the fall,
because even now, I want her to stand tall.

Copyright © that Twistedthought | Year Posted 2015

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The Undyings' Curse

Deep in the earth, a crypt of rock
slumber guarded by casket locked
Lips grope silence ‘ever more
 rasping thought, remembers whispered lore
Outstretched palms the roots do clench
tranquility stilled by festered stench
And eyes, sleep caked, are propped ajar
ignites no life, but collapsed star

Burned blades sigh, Winds’ dying gasp
bones brittle snap within her clasp
A lonesome howl the moon does draw
vigil broken, it twists its maw 
Upon an arena of endless stone
the granite gates they’ve passed alone
And entered a world of burning eyes
eluded the judge of smoldering cries

A faultless gait, no stumbled draw
a reaping brought  by scythe and claw
Opal edge which shrouds a cause
aberrant blade shapes nature’s laws
Dictate a script, the stars can share
an open secret, a language bare
Steps continue, feet are drawn
across gray grass, undying pawn

Copyright © Avery Swarthout | Year Posted 2015

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Walk In The Woods

As I enter the woods for a walk on a path walked by many
I see that the trees create an overhead canopy
With small streak of light filtering through the canopy
Squirrels scampering up and down the trees
Birds chirping and singing in perfect harmony
Toads blending into their surrounding
Frogs croaking on lily pads in the nearby pond
Balsam trees giving off their fresh scent of pine
My eyes can't believe the beautiful sights and sounds heard as I leave
Thinking what a wonderful walk in the woods I had 

Copyright © Pat Quinn | Year Posted 2015

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To become one

To become one Even if moonlight is broken and wild flowers wilt beneath a stolen sun lost in a twilight song, sung in off key silhouettes along a choral reef drenched in caramel pages of forgotten ink... amidst an ocean’s marathon, waving to popsicle patrons, melting your heart in every sweetness now clinging to shirt tails of written directions leading away Even if they take your hand in cotton candy promises and merry-go-round whispers, those of endless phrases of love’s poetic mist gathering about your eyes, enticing your smile as if they are owed it… hear my pleas in truthful cries, teardrop wishes flowing steadfast feelings, beyond any rose petal stanzas or peppermint verses of unfelt meanings in penned deception luring you… and walk with me, so I may show you a place among the hidden forests and daffodil daydreams, where you will know my love is real, where affection’s map leads to a wondrous treasure of happiness, where the moon and stars dance pirouettes in tempo with our hearts… where we may invite eternity to become one… with us Good night Soupers Have a great weekend See you again on Monday

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017

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Goodnight to the Moon

Another night has come and gone
Sleep tight old friend the moon
The sands of time are running fast
As days turn in to dunes

Yellow takes away the black
Today is but a breath
Yesterday will not be back
'til shadows dance of death

Fret not my ageless sleepy friend
Sands will cease not falling
Dunes fade to beaches at the end
Dusk tides will soon be calling

    an original poem by the "poemdog" Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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Midnight For Me

It's now, once again midnight and yesterday is all but gone. The beginning of a new day a little peace and quiet until dawn. It's the time I like to take a moonlit drive, with the windows all rolled down. Feel the breeze upon my face as we are headed out of town. Rolling through the old places, we used to go, when I was young. Where we used to all meet on the back roads, looking for anything to do that was fun. It usually involved beer, and some cool rock'in tunes. We would party until the break of dawn then sleep till just about noon. Those were the days when midnight, was the beginning of my day. We would be cruising down the back roads, just letting the music play.
Dan Kearley: 11-17-15

Copyright © Dan Kearley | Year Posted 2015

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The midnight walk

Softly uttered, beneath cold biting mist, 
footfalls muffled through stifling drifts, empty sidwalks embrace noone,
Frost heavily pluming, clinging on each sigh
In night's brazen stillness, beneath eerie lamp glow waning,
When dawn's long in coming, and all sleep like the dead,
Ah, then lets take a walk shall we , you and i?

Strolling as one, hand in hand, through icy winds
Past the churchyard gates, snow laden and chained,
Beyond empty glances of headstone cherubs,
Far off in darkness, solemn bells toll with straining conviction,
as winds moan wistfully, the tolling pierces the heart,
And I wonder in passing, how many more walks have we,
Beneath the silent moon overhead, white as bones in a shroud,
Shall the secnt of cinnamon haunt me into my dreams, yes i am certain,
For your eyes resemble heavens gates, amd my soul longs for redemption,
An angel draped in my tattered, time-worn jacket, littered with marks of life's ventures,
And yet you bear no wings to fly, but still you comfort me as morning draws nigh,
Crosstown bungalow, windows shuttered, still as my breath
As you I guide you once more up treacherous steps, 
Our hands we let fall, a yearning stare betrays me,
"Tomorrow night again?  Or when shall it be??",
Only a nod and a smile left imprinted to my heart,
"Hang on to the jacket.  I'll pick it up in the morning." 
Your smile never falters, unweathered by the wind,
And I turn to leave this night and you,
Leave this world behind for the rising sun,
An arm reached out, gripped with sorrow and infinity,
Pulled back into your everlasting embrace, 
A kiss so deep, I feel I'm drowning,
God, let me drown...let me...drown....
You're gone.

Empty streets the morning finds,
save for me and my memories, trapped between time,
Stray dog struts past, hunting eagerly some alleyway breakfast,
But my business waits at the churchyard, still silent, still chained,
I climb over and drop, the gates clank in protest,
Between the rows of headstones, I walk  in solemn sprit,
Thirteen rows now, then fifiteen, I know the way  well,
And upon the eighteenth row, I find without mistake,
And draped across the frozen ground.....
My tattered, time-worn jacket.

Copyright © Robert Chirino 3rd | Year Posted 2015

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Infinite Universe

Infinite Universe Constellations in patterned sequence glisten above a slumbering horizon, rough cut diamonds, glowing facets of nightscape sparkles, as I sit silently peering upon these flickering destinies neath shadowed trees slow dancing to a gentle breeze’s melody I watch as my thoughts escape, enchanted visions floating like luminescent butterflies ascending to each precious star, carrying my unending love upon moonlit wings embellishing an evening sky of wonder in fluttered phrases expressing... my infinite universe is you, a perpetual existence breathing between silhouettes of heart shaped heavens and desires glittering in celestial dreams, for each wish I cast upon this radiant sky is that you truly love me…too Good night Soupers Have a great weekend See you on Monday

Copyright © Chris Green | Year Posted 2017