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Best Heroic Couplet Poems

Below are the all-time best Heroic Couplet poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of heroic couplet poems written by PoetrySoup members

Sailors Follow
Those stars that sailors follow
Guiding less the sea to swallow

And the night seas black as tar
Beyond the wave a land afar

Halyards taught, blocks in tallow

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Categories: seastars,
Form: Heroic Couplet

The Blood Stained Bridge
Into the timeless wood he fled, running from the night
While demons of his past gave chase beneath the pale moonlight
The man dressed in soiled rags,...

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Categories: allegory,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Written In the Sand

The Big Five—Africa’s pride in the vast open wild
Buffalo, Rhinoceros, Elephant, Leopard and Lion
Their prey—scattered Impala, Kudu and Waterbuck
On hardened dust… their...

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Categories: analogy, introspection, proposal,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Necromancer (The Haunting Continues...)
In the cemetery I walk, so dark it is this night.
 Hoping that the Ghouls won't start to bite.
I feel the tug of the dead,...

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Categories: death, fantasy, imaginationdark, dark,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Yes, Mother
Looking back to memories bright,
I remember she’d teach me wrong from right.
“Clean your plate.  There are others who have none.”
“Do your homework, and let...

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Categories: childhood, inspirational, mom, mother,
Form: Heroic Couplet

The Sea In Her Heart
Her heart sailed away from me into the sea,
Her love for me is just a fading memory.
I think of her love and faint to pray,

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Categories: lost love, me, heart,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Perfect Winter Night
This is a perfect winter night to tandem thyself with my sizzling nerves 
Candle light stuns thy hips moving in wine-red skirt, penning killer curves

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, loveme,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Crying In the Rain
Crying in the Rain
Lurking behind the curtain of world war ;
You cheer to a Monday Night Raw;

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Categories: abuse,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Premium Member Zephyr's Magic
Zephyr’s Magic

I feel the delight of Zephyr’s Magic,
As I walk in nighttime mist majestic.  

This West wind caresses my very soul,
As I walk earful...

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Categories: allegory, dream, imagery, journey,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Stronger Than She Thinks.....
She is a loving mother, 
 her pain is like no other.
Kids taken all at once away.
 A price too steep to have to pay.


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Categories: angst, depression, devotion, faith,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Saint Blackheart
Saint Blackheart walks the Autumn streets and smiles with diamond eyes;
   She's well-aware of what you think, but listens to your lies.
Confess your...

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Categories: allegory, death, imagination, introspection,
Form: Heroic Couplet
I Hate To Admit It
~ Inspired by the likes of Hoplessly Devoted to You ~

The reflection of your beauty are shadows on the wall,
The abstract of your spirit is...

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© Jesse Day  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, allusion, beauty, clothes,
Form: Heroic Couplet
The First Full Moon
Almost a month since that fateful night
That I was bitten under the full moon's light.
I am still here but with a yearning
And wonder why a...

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Categories: fantasy, imagination, mysteryme, me,
Form: Heroic Couplet

Abomination is my name.
There is no passion I've not felt.
Yearning pens attempt at fame
Dare each relationship to melt.

There is no struggle that I scorn.
There is...

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Categories: emotions, life, me, passion,
Form: Heroic Couplet
We Sisters Three
We sisters three
Do so decree
That these men
Know their sin.

Reaz, you mortal Fool
Illy was your sacred Jewel.
How could you endlessly cheat 
And lead her on with...

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Categories: fantasy, imagination, mysterywords,
Form: Heroic Couplet
An Old "happy" Couple
Cherish me as I grow old, and am surely liable to forget things. 
 I know how interesting life is and the contentment it brings.

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Categories: adventure, devotion, family, funny,
Form: Heroic Couplet

Saw a friend of mine the other day
He wasn’t in the mood to play
His face was sad his mood was low
I asked what made him...

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Categories: introspection, love, girl, me,
Form: Heroic Couplet
A Deadly Kiss
The moonlight shined off her hair,
With beauty beyond compare.
The starlight captured in her eyes,
Too bad tonight is the night that she dies.

The pounding he feels...

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Categories: death, fantasy, lost love,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Footprints Revisited
I once had a dream that I was walking by the sea.
You were in it to Lord as You walked along with me. 

We were...

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Categories: devotion, faith, hope, inspirational,
Form: Heroic Couplet
The Villisca Axe Murders Continues the Haunt
I see the shadow on the wall,
my breath catches and hope falls.
He has found me I do despair,
The Axeman is standing there.

Hiding in the house...

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Categories: deathfamily, night, family, night,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Broken Bones
My dreams appear as nightmares. 
Delusions I am told.
A taste of bittersweet memories
from a past that's getting old.

A past that's rushing past me
and will not...

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Categories: confusion, death, depression, loss,
Form: Heroic Couplet
The Haunted Trio
I have two sisters whom I love and adore
We are poets who can write of blood and gore.
Evil, Wicked, and Demented are our nicknames
Being fun...

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Categories: devotion, family, me,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Its been two years since I sent you packing, 
 I don't want you, what part of that code are you having trouble cracking?
If I...

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Categories: faith, hope, lost love,
Form: Heroic Couplet
Time for my vengeance to reign
Time for this fool to feel the pain
That he has caused unto me
No worries of "times three."

I call upon a...

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Categories: fantasy, mysterylove, power,
Form: Heroic Couplet
My Emo Corner
I wake to find the day is gray,
All my hopes are chased away.
I pull the covers over my head,
I just woke from a dream I...

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Categories: depressionday, emo,
Form: Heroic Couplet