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Best Epithalamium Poems

Below are the all-time best Epithalamium poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of epithalamium poems written by PoetrySoup members

Something Special
So many years ago
when life was young
bringing together a love
that could never be undone
is really something special.

To find someone, you'd never leave
to keep forever by...

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Categories: devotion, faith, friendship, happiness,
Form: Epithalamium

What Love Is
Love is a secret . . . Keep it
Love is a rose . . . Grow with it
Love is a mystery . . . Unfold...

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Categories: happiness, inspirational, life, wedding,
Form: Epithalamium
Blessing For Nik and James
May your married life be fruitful
and full of color,
And may your life together 
be forever entwined,
like ivy on a wall....

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© Jacque Lee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: friendship, happiness, wedding, life,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member Blessed Blissful Wedding
In God’s perfect time
their hearts tied by love divine
now wondrously bear marriage contract seal
upon sublime altar date
conquering pandemic’s threat
through faith in the omnipotent Saviour
along His...

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Categories: blessing, christian, faith, god,
Form: Epithalamium
Flotsam and Jetsam
While the shadows fall so widely
we shall embrace a moment
for a moment will fill
all the shells empty; holding nothing
but time—days n' days
without love

The wedding procession...

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Categories: love, nature, passion, song-wedding,
Form: Epithalamium

A Rose Garden
For the Bride and Groom:
Love's declared amongst blooming roses
in a clearing of whispering trees, 
graciously holding their applause -
where romance grows in glorious blooms
of delicate...

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Categories: beauty, blessing,
Form: Epithalamium
Eulogy For Wangari Maathai
Wangari Maathai is not dead 
I roll back my tear
Peer from my window
Deep the grooming forest

Switch off my radio
Tear the headline
I refuse the epitaph
I write...

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Categories: death, dedication, work,
Form: Epithalamium
Little Did They Know
Little did they know that in the year 2008 
they were destined to meet and find their soul mate
we needed a dance instructor 
for the...

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Categories: dedication, devotion, faith, inspirational,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member I Don'T Get It
Why do we in my
culture cut part of our sons'
dicks of within minutes of their

and then expect them to grow
their dicks back which (as far...

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Categories: confusion,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member Words For the Bride and Groom
Vows have been spoken, the promises made,
God has warned that no one may sever.
The future is rosy, the foundation laid.
You have your sweet dreams of...

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Categories: happinessfuture,
Form: Epithalamium
Two Peas In a Pod: Tribute To Pastor and Mrs. Arlee Griffin
you met each other at turning points in your lives
many would call that destiny
you'd found out you both had so much in common
you then entered...

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Categories: anniversary, devotion, happiness, inspirational,
Form: Epithalamium
A Magnificent Moment
A five tiered chocolate cake with stars and fontain
cascading rose petals and bottles of champagne
her princess lined gown laced with a metallic accent
embellished with satin...

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Categories: dedication, fantasy, friendship, happiness,
Form: Epithalamium
Holy Matrimony
This day I have much to say
To say “I do” is long over due,
Pressure has turned to treasure,
As relegation transformed into relaxation,
Gossip is now a...

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Categories: love, marriage,
Form: Epithalamium
Secret Wedding At Christmas
Dry leaves carpeted the floor,
'Any objection to the joining of these two?'
No answer,only the snake hisses and the bee buzzes,
Holy matrimony far from family members...

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Categories: love, romance, , western,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member Schooldays Sweethearts
Schooldays sweethearts, they grew through their teens
Enjoying life together living their young scenes

He knew there would be a day to complete their task
He went down...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, life, love,
Form: Epithalamium
Marriage: a Meeting of the Minds
marriage is a partnership and you both will come to find
that communication is basis when it comes to a meeting of the minds
Trevor be kind...

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Categories: dedication, hope, inspirational, love,
Form: Epithalamium
Forever Until
The day has finally come
that was long awaited 
Time for Linda-Marie and Ron
to join their lives as one
A beautiful day of celebration
ushering in the union...

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© Jerri Ward  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: weddingday,
Form: Epithalamium
Throw Caution To the Wind
Through our wish
through our goals
through our done mean
through a compliment decided by the garden
minute having wards coming —
minute always passing, creating
A matter turns alive.

Be not...

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Categories: caregiving, faith, life, ,
Form: Epithalamium
Premium Member The Wedding of Ron and Linda Marie
Away from Rome they drive two-hundred miles
Calabria is their destination.
A wedding at the villa; they’re all smiles!
It’s a time for joyous celebration.

On August twenty-second, guests...

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Categories: wedding
Form: Epithalamium
Upon the Day ...
The morning comes the snow lays upon the day
Her dress is ready her veil awaits
Elegance as she slips into her cream basque
Her stocking tops held...

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Categories: weddingkiss,
Form: Epithalamium
Two of Hearts
Two hearts beat as one
Red hearts merged as one
Two hearts knotted as one
Loving hearts grew strong, not wan...

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Categories: cute love, marriage,
Form: Epithalamium

Joys by the ocean share nature’s array.
Hopes joined forever on their wedding day.
Love, anticipation, together reached
Everlastingly seen like sands and beach.

The beautiful bride and her...

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Categories: love
Form: Epithalamium
Marriage and Love
Marriage gives life to love and love gives life to marriage.

In marriage, love means:
To know in your heart you were meant only for each-other.
To know...

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Categories: faith, inspirational, weddingday, marriage,
Form: Epithalamium
The Soul Shatters
The soul shatters upon death. Sentience fractures into a million variables that swirl chaotically into piercing eyes that melt into the color sadness, spinning into...

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Categories: adventure, age, art, beauty,
Form: Epithalamium
~wedding Wishes~
I’ve known both of you for most of my life,
And Brandon, I’m so happy you made Jennie your wife;

You’re perfect together, that’s plain to see,

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Categories: happiness, hope, love, romance,
Form: Epithalamium