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Something Special

So many years ago
when life was young
bringing together a love
that could never be undone
is really something special.

To find someone, you'd never leave
to keep forever by your side
is really something special
through more than just my eyes.

The promise of a heart
until the day you die
the gift of happiness
and hope that it brings inside
is really something special.

Un describing feeling
of safety and trust
belonging to someone
the I turns to us
that's really something special.

Someone to kiss goodnight
that's still there as you wake
is really something special
a vow you agreed to take.

Everyone hopes to find
something special in life
 to have until the end
as you have found in each other 
as lovers and friends.

Copyright © genice morrison | Year Posted 2006

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What Love is

Love is a secret . . . Keep it
Love is a rose . . . Grow with it
Love is a mystery . . . Unfold it
Love is an adventure . . . Chance it
Love is beauty . . . Pamper it
Love is a song . . . Sing it
Love is a struggle . . . Deal with it
Love is sorrowful . . . Mourn with it
Love is a book . . . Renew it
Love is a fire inside . . . Never let it die

Copyright © Amanda Gough | Year Posted 2007

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Blessing for Nik and James

May your married life be fruitful
and full of color,
And may your life together 
be forever entwined,
like ivy on a wall.

Copyright © jacque lee | Year Posted 2007

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A Rose Garden

For the Bride and Groom: Love's declared amongst blooming roses in a clearing of whispering trees, graciously holding their applause - where romance grows in glorious blooms of delicate pinks and vivacious reds, and souls come together, vows quench the petals with eternal joy and devotion. As God, family and friends witness this budding union, may the roses sway always on a gentle breeze, opening the hearts of man and wife as they wed, welcoming a new blossoming future. And if the roses ever wither from neglect or thirst, may husband and wife draw strength from the memory of this spring day, tending to their rose garden with abiding love, letting no thorns discourage and no man separate what God has joined under Heaven. For Mystic Rose's - Roses, Roses, Roses Contest, 12/15/14

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2014

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While the shadows fall so widely
we shall embrace a moment
for a moment will fill
all the shells empty; holding nothing
but time—days n' days
without love

The wedding procession covered
you in flowers and white
floating through the candle light
dragging crisp white fingers lightly
through lilies fair
While the shadows fall so widely
and the candle light twirled through your hair 

Twist a finger, twist a lily
While the shadows fall so widely

Blush the sun rubbed rose cheeks
lift a veil, let the sun shine off your green eyes
While the shadows fall so widely

You were left a drift 
your beauty beyond our realm
of beauty

While the shadows fall so widely
Lift the veil from mine eyes tonight
as goes the cloud from under your star
I see

While the shadows fall so widely
your foot astray touched the water
and you bloomed embracing me

While the shadows fall so widely 
we shall embrace a moment
for a moment will fill
all the shells empty; holding nothing
but time—days n' days
without love

Copyright © sylvanwillow leaf | Year Posted 2007

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Eulogy for Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai is not dead 
I roll back my tear
Peer from my window
Deep the grooming forest

Switch off my radio
Tear the headline
I refuse the epitaph
I write no word

Her monument must sprout 
Beyond the canopy
She died to defend

Let Wangari not die
Mother of mother nature
Where she lives!

Copyright © peter Onyancha | Year Posted 2011

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little did they know

Little did they know that in the year 2008 
they were destined to meet and find their soul mate
we needed a dance instructor 
for the Berean Community Drumline
but little did we know that the Lord God 
would send a woman so talented and fine
Yasmeen you came to Berean 
and we took you to our hearts 
yet litttle did you know what God was planning 
from the very start 
Byron our handsome Associate Pastor 
the son we all love and embraced
came to us as a young man from North Carolina 
and with our youth quickly made a place

You both have a passion for uplifting the youth 
and the success of the drumline became your shared goal
once co-mentors then friends now lovers in Christ
as your relationship was under God's control
and when ever we witnessed you both together 
we saw a friendship that continued to grow
for God's hand was in the midst of your relationship 
and a mighty love on you both He bestowed

Little did they know that God had a plan 
as they both walked this Christian life
littlle did they know that with His grace 
they would one day become husband and wife
and today as you stand before the altar 
surrounded by family and friends
little did you know that on this day 
you would become one in marriage until the end

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2012

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I Don't Get It

Why do we in my
culture cut part of our sons'
dicks of within minutes of their

and then expect them to grow
their dicks back which (as far as I know) is still medically

And furthermore, why are STDs
women's fault?

Wish I were as smart as the people who

I don't have to tell you,
You know.

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2012

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Words for the Bride and Groom

Vows have been spoken, the promises made,
God has warned that no one may sever.
The future is rosy, the foundation laid.
You have your sweet dreams of forever and ever.

Mother must give up first rights to her son.
Father has turned over his daughter.
Everyone prays that he is the right one
And that she heeds all her mother has taught her.

Dear Bride and Groom, a bright future is yours,
If you always remember to put your mate first.
Whether the sun shines or whether it pours
You'll double the best and by half cut the worst.

Some strive for riches and some strive for fame,
You'll travel  onward toward your goals together.
Your treasure's the one who is sharing your name,
The one who is faithful no matter the weather.

For Dr. Mehta's contest Honoring the Bride and Groom.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2010

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Schooldays Sweethearts

Schooldays sweethearts, they grew through their teens Enjoying life together living their young scenes He knew there would be a day to complete their task He went down on one knee, he'd a question to ask My darling Elaine will you please marry me I want to be with you for all eternity Their day arrives inside the church he awaits A silver Rolls Royce arrives at the gates Out steps a lassie in splendid bridal gown Sparkling in white with her diamond tiara crown The music plays as she walks down the aisle So gorgeous and radiant as we await her smile She lifts her veil as she faces her husband to be As we await their vows for the whole church to see The words we have waited for are beautifully said I do to each other as now they are wed The reception awaits and the cutting off the cake As they share a kiss remembering their first date

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

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A Magnificent Moment

A five tiered chocolate cake with stars and fontain
cascading rose petals and bottles of champagne
her princess lined gown laced with a metallic accent
embellished with satin rhinestones much to her content

Heavenly white bows at the end every pew,
such breathtaking moment from a spectacular ocean view
A twenty foot high ceiling with crystal chandeliers
Soft sensual music whispers in the air

She took her grand march down the petal marked aisle
At the end of the runner her husband with a smile
Subdued by her beauty the room went still
A fairytale wedding she was about to fulfill

Upon her finger he place a gorgeous ring,
and vowed his love for her as never-ending
Elated inside as tears lined her eyes
Deep in her stomach were butterflies

A union made between a husband and wife
An everlasting promise to a happy life
Along the ground was a silky white trail
Her piercing green eyes he slowly unveiled

Upon her lips he placed a kiss
A moment filled with beauty and bliss
The wedding part began to swoon
A joyful bond in the month of June

Copyright © Rashana King | Year Posted 2010

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Secret Wedding at Christmas

Dry leaves carpeted the floor,
'Any objection to the joining of these two?'
No answer,only the snake hisses and the bee buzzes,
Holy matrimony far from family members and friends,
in the thick forest of the western coast under the 
great oak tree-the couple stands firmly.

Two hands joined by mother nature with a silver ring,
in the presence of the wind and wood pecker,
Orchestrated music provided by the rustling of leaves,
and far away in the city Christmas is celebrated,
Carols in churches,kids wallow in parks with
amusements and adults in bars with bottles of drinks.

They stand in front of this true Christmas tree,
Rays of hope from the sun illuminate the forest,
The dream of the Two becomes a reality,
Hope of living together in tranquility in focus,
The stage is set for a new life as cupid blesses,
No one,not even the black fly can put asunder.

CONTEST:"Getting Married at Christmas" sponsored by Shadow Hamilton.

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2013

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MARRIAGE: A Meeting Of The Minds

marriage is a partnership and you both will come to find
that communication is basis when it comes to a meeting of the minds
Trevor be kind to Zetoria and support her in every aspect in life
she's the one that God sent to you, your soulmate, your wife
Zetoria be patient with Trevor as men have such sensitive souls
and in all things work with him and let your husband thinks he's in control

It takes two to tango, it takes two to make it right
remember you're both disciples of Christ and on you both He shines His light
talk to each other and always be open-minded to what each other has to say
it might not always be what you want to hear so on it don't forget to pray
 marriage that institution that God put into place
a meeting of the minds full of His mercy, wisdom and grace

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2011

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Holy Matrimony

This day I have much to say
To say “I do” is long over due,
Pressure has turned to treasure,
As relegation transformed into relaxation,
Gossip is now a floral of roses,which
Makes our foes to swallow shame as hexoses.

Her necklace glitters like corundum
which is a beautified addendum,
After waiting for four seasons
before going to the altar,
This union is going to be better,
For deep love is observed to the latter.

Pain has turned to gain,
and tears to ‘cheers!’ ,
Loneliness of the past is now blessing at last,
Being a groom today makes me bloom with joy,
As my bride walks towards me with pride,
Couple we are, couple we will be!,
From ages to ages without rage.

*Hexoses-six carbon sugars e.g glucose,fructose and galactose…  

Copyright © olusegun Arowolo | Year Posted 2014

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Forever Until

The day has finally come
that was long awaited 
Time for Linda-Marie and Ron
to join their lives as one
A beautiful day of celebration
ushering in the union of 
two people with so much love 
transcending all the ages
A special time to give thanks
for what will be given
As you share your life together
united  as a couple
Forever until…….. 

For Dr. Ram Mehta’s Contest , Epithalamium for Sweetheart of Poetry Soup

Copyright © Jerri Ward | Year Posted 2010

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Treasure This Day

Treasure this day, with wishes born
In happy hopes both new and old
And of desires now fulfilled
And with breathless beauty waiting to enfold
God Bless such a love, on a day so fair

There is sweet scent of lilac in the air
With the dawn of hope, and the sky of blue
This morning woke bright with pearls of dew
This is the day of prayers and vows
Of tattered shoes, and showered rice

Now before us, our bride adorned with lace
So gowned with joy, white reflecting her grace
With captured eyes, stands our handsome groom
The hushed Bach Sonata....envelops the room

A mother's soft tears, a father's smile
As he takes her hand in his, and gives a gentle kiss
Of laughter and of childhood years
Now gone in a whisper....gone in a tear

A day they will remember, all of their lives
Two strangers who came, to this covenant place
Will leave here as one, as a miracle embraced
Forever together...may this always be
A love that endures together, throughout all uncertainty...
Loving and faithful...for all eternity....

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2010

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Throw Caution to the Wind

Through our wish
through our goals
through our done mean
through a compliment decided by the garden
minute having wards coming —
minute always passing, creating
A matter turns alive.

Be not confused realness came from mentally  
on goals for, hours marry in cute leading
thou, wish through a  canasta disdain
Of our mean ... 

The gardens up swell memories
over weedy by coming
the lullaby thou invades off, and sereness
flying on handle tools
any aurora —any of windy  
From reality, from mentally tour.

Copyright © Ciro Toledo | Year Posted 2007

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two peas in a pod: tribute to Pastor and Mrs. Arlee Griffin

you met each other at turning points in your lives
many would call that destiny
you'd found out you both had so much in common
you then entered into matrimony
you were both from modest means
but the most important thing
is that you both had a shared love for God
on one accord like two peas in a pod

after leaving college you both went to work
an assumed leadership in a southern baptist church
but that was not the end of the story
because for you both continued to God the glory
one day you were blessed with a cute little baby
you called her Angel for she was a perfect little lady
then the Lord told you to pick up your staff and rod
for He had a new mission for His two peas in a pod

God sent you a vision He sent you a dream
you then received a request from a church named Berean
you were compelled to venture forth
the voice of the Lord told you both to go north
and upon following God's appointing
you both received another blessed anointing
the Lord gifted you with another precious baby girl
whom you proceeded to name Ariel
and now with your family situation complete
there would be other challenges for you both to meet
and as long as you both continue to honor and love the Lord God
He will be the strongest vine for His two peas in a pod

Copyright © louise nelson | Year Posted 2007

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Upon the day ...

The morning comes the snow lays upon the day
Her dress is ready her veil awaits
Elegance as she slips into her cream basque
Her stocking tops held with the ocean blue garter
A scene from a dreams her moments as she awaits 

As she steps onto the crisp blanket of white diamonds
The chill sends her softest skin pink
Her heart is pounding as she is about to merge into two
Her man the one she has picked now completes her soul
He set her free now their souls meet and now they breathe as one 

The trance she is now in as she walks to her her groom
His smile is smiling from a warmth within
They touch each others hand as they hold on tight
Words are said vows are made from the inner of hearts as they sing
His band of whitest gold sits upon her finger
They are now tied to their bonding by love 

They seal the moment with a kiss 
A kiss that sends magic to their senses 
They now dance to there moment of joy
Her hair glides behind her
Her veil like a dove as it flys around 
The bonding is tight as they now await their wedding night ....

Copyright © sarah hales | Year Posted 2010

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~Wedding Wishes~

I’ve known both of you for most of my life, And Brandon, I’m so happy you made Jennie your wife; You’re perfect together, that’s plain to see, So lets raise up our glasses and toast with Chablis; To the love that the two of you are bound to know, As you sit there basking in your newlywed glow; I’m proud that the two of you have found such love, It’s bound to have been sent from the heavens above; I watched silently as both of you said I do, As one life was formed from what was once two; The beginning of a lifetime together, Come sunshiny days and stormy weather; I wish the two of you the very best, And I’m certain your lives are sure to be blessed!
~For Dr. Ram Mehta's Contest~

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010

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The Soul Shatters

The soul shatters upon death. Sentience fractures into a million variables that swirl chaotically into piercing eyes that melt into the color sadness, spinning into galaxies that shrink to the size of ants and you twirl in a blender of being for eternities until finally, at long last, something sticks. Perhaps it may be as simple as a strand of hair, nonetheless all possibility spins around it, flashing contradictions of rainbow transparencies, empty solids and polka dotted space, continuing until a second hair joins the first, clutching to the nothingness and refusing to move. Soon thousands of hairs arrive and synchronize above a scalp unto a face, torso, limbs… materializing ever faster… and at once you are born. And just as the memory of your trial and error experiments and prior life evaporate, you embrace the arms of a stranger, gazing into her eyes, hung between this world and the next… sobbing in a fit of omniscience, in awe of your hard earned shape.

Jacob Reinhardt

Copyright © Jacob Reinhardt | Year Posted 2013

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The Wedding of Ron and Linda Marie

Away from Rome they drive two-hundred miles
Calabria is their destination.
A wedding at the villa; they’re all smiles!
It’s a time for joyous celebration.

On August twenty-second, guests shall see
a lady fair with her own “honey-poo,”
the union of two soul mates meant to be!
My wish is that their love stay strong and true.

For Dr. Ram Metha's Contest on the form Epithalamium

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Come break this bread,  feed me warmth of sharing.
Break the grip of solitude: toast our warm   pairing.
Pour out your heart,  pour out a loving cup of grace,
Smell the perfume of acceptance in this love-scented place.
Look at me with honest tender face  
Filled  with  devotion and   caring.

A shared breakfast  with thou my wife,
A true  spiritual occasion, a shared life;
No ritual miracle of water  changed into wine,
No last supper ;  first meal of the day  so fine. 
The miracle of existence, thine  and  mine,
Changed into life.

Waking  sun behind us washes warmth into our hands                                  
Joined daily  at the altar cloth  -  each strand’s                                
Spread  with love -  a celebration, a word, a glance. 
Our  eyes say it  all  askance:
A touch of fingertip   romance
In  a crumb brushed from a wedding band.       


(Written for the GOOD MORNING competition) 

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2011

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Marriage and Love

Marriage gives life to love and love gives life to marriage.

In marriage, love means:
To know in your heart you were meant only for each-other.
To know that Heaven grew you apart and brought you together after the time you were meant to be molded to fit each-other.
To discover what it is to be best friends forever.
To discover what it is to love someone more than yourself.
To discover you are actually only a half and how much you need the other to be complete.
To discover the bonds that form when times get tough.
To discover how much more joy is multiplied when there is someone you love to share it with.
Each day is a day of discovery, a day to build your love, a day to make your bond stronger.

Marriage is:
To together choose one way, not one's own way.
To respect and honor with love the other over oneself or anyone else.
To compromise with each-other but never compromising each-other.
To know you are loved, cherished and needed whether fat or thin, well or ill, chirpy or
To live life's summer, winter, autumn and spring always being there for one another. 
To blend as one that over the years you feel as one and speak as one.
To be savored like wine, enriched by the passing of time.
To honor Marriage is to honor its Maker. To commit in marriage is to commit to its Maker.

Copyright © Dennisa Davidson | Year Posted 2008

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Is it starting again

as we touch the ocean your eyes fade into the blue
your wet face drifts in complete harmoney 
your very soul floats before me like a wild spirit
the wild wolfs are around you
in the morning i will phone you
i might have been lost 
i might still be 
ive never felt this way before
im melting like a river i write this
we are not lovers
but i am no fool
but i could just be a murl 
to your shiney blue eyes
is the feeling mutral 
to feed one is to feed the other
are you run by lust or must
your so nice i have to tair you apart
your so smart i have to say that i dont love you 
but if you were a flower i would be your honey bee
but i will stick with you as i am made of glue
i could just be a part time lover 
but a full time dad 
our stuff could off burned 
but i carry water 
i will always be yours as i get up in the morning
and watch the sun go to rest x x

Copyright © jason lewis | Year Posted 2010