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A smile appeared

Silently, I sat by,

To listen to the sounds of the world,

Of all the voices that touched me most,

Were those caught in the angelic wind.

For all things have a voice,

And the voice for all things speaks through the wind,

So, silently I sat and listened.

With the salty taste of a tear

As it touched my upper lip,

A smile appeared.

All the while the wind kept blowing,

Secret after secret, revealing to me,

If only I could comprehend its wisdom.

But that is half the allure,

Happy I am just to hear it blow,

And acknowledge its influence over my spirit.

The wind has taught me many things,

Though, I cannot speak for the wind,

Instead, let it speak for me.

Copyright © White Wolf | Year Posted 2017

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Gone Forever

Here I sit amongst the long grasses and the reed,
in a solitary place, where my breath is freed,
on an Indian Summer's evening on the lake bed,
autumn has come, yet the warmth has not fled.

Blazing orange skies, are mirrored to reflect,
I cannot imagine a scene being any more perfect,
as I looked up, an unfallen leaf caught my gaze,
spotlighted in the sun's last golden rays.

I noticed this crimson leaf as it began to wave,
the end of a short life that I could not save,
then swept away suddenly by the wind's rake,
and ripples formed as it landed on the still lake.

The leaf was carried away and my eyes followed,
then drowned by the water's surface and swallowed,
windy fingertips tugged it from the branch to sever,
existing once, like today, and then was gone forever.

Note - This was my original idea for the poem "The leaf",
but it was revised for a contest. I just wanted to post both 
versions of the poem.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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The Wind

~~The Wind~~
Look into my eyes
Follow me into a world of ecstasy
There and only there
Will you find the peace to unwind

Beautiful brown eyes not blue
Shady lids, stunning  ocean view
Embracing every word 

Hear the wind whispers your name
Come with me
Drown with me
Into the abyss of loving rain
Embrace this moment as I draw you in with words
Release you with the warmth -------I was there

I Share--I take
Into my arms
I am the charm
Around your neck
Around your wrist
Listen to the voice from my beating heart
It yearns
The freedom of touch
The freedom of speech. 
Of love, 
Of purity
Like the wind
I'll find my way
Into your heart
Arouse the cheerful energy
Of your insecurity and pen
Follow me into the sea
There we will fall into the deep
Build sand castles 
Around dreams of reality
Slip into my aura light 
Set to the rhythm of the oceanic night

Now, listen to the breeze
It's called out your name
It's only a matter of time----------------
You'll find yourself calling out...... mine

by: PD
Dedicated to all my loving friends & fans :-)

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2013

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The ocean waves come rolling in
There’s not a soul in sight
With heaving breath they break on shore
And burst in brilliant white.

The sound of wind is in the air
The jutting rocks stretch high
Tall redwood trees defiant stand
So tough, and yet they sigh. 

Theme: No 2 ~ Shoreline
Form: ‘common meter stanza’
Author: Paul Callus ~1st April 2015
Contest: Let Me Feel Your Lines
Sponsor: Nette Onclaud
Placed 1st
Poem of the Day ~ 2nd April, 2015.

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2015

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Where the Wind Blows

I followed one day a spring breeze at play. It seemed not to know where to go. And aimlessly, I - like a butterfly - meandered with it to and fro. Among bright blue bells, it tired a spell. Recovering, it picked up speed. Alongside a rill, I ran with a thrill just to know where the breeze might lead. My heart filled with song as I danced along, careening through meadows of green. And then the breeze dove into a large grove, the loveliest I’d ever seen. No longer a breeze, it whipped around trees. It whistled while beckoning me, and as it passed through where tall redwoods grew, I was following, wild and free. In that beautiful place, it changed its pace and got stronger, for the breeze goes where sturdy trees thrive. I felt so alive! I have been to where the wind blows.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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Winter winds whisper in the weeping willow tree Its naked branches shiver silently all around me Bitter biting winds howl around stinging my face I’m out on the moors; it’s such a desolate place I yearn for spring where dainty daffodils dance on zephyr breeze, it’s such a sweet romance Sultry summer skies bring warm winds to enthrall Beautiful blossoms pirouette perfectly as they fall Autumn brings blustery gales swirling all around Rich russet leaves tumble, carpeting the ground Terrifying tornadoes wreak havoc across some lands In wake of its destruction not a building still stands Cooling summer breezes or a blustery gale is blowing We can’t see wind but its effect in the trees is showing 2nd place in Elements Part 2 Wind. Sponsored by Brian Davey judged 3/29/16 Submitted to second place contest sponsored by Laura Loo 03~19~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Free as a Gentle Wind

I'm like a life force travelling wide and far.
I access mountains and esteem every star,
I dip down to oceans and ruffle the sea,
Oh how happy to meander, to feel free.
Hearken to me as I gust so far and wide,
My unchained melody over white clouds ride.

I veer towards valleys, all verdant fresh grass,
Pass quickly through some mountain tortuous pass.
I love to see eagles fly on currents warm
Watch over small birds evading a big storm.
Visit hamlets, villages, communities,
Admire all, their toil and opportunities.

But I must also travel to frightful towns
Where many sadly live with their ups and downs.
Still I prefer the fragrant countryside ways
There, sweet lovers are happy and their God praise.

22 September 2017

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2017

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The Wind

When it left the Arctic it was as a wild angry wind
that stormed its way across the ice bound Arctic ocean.
Blowing the snow clad icebergs and whipping up the ocean.
As it crossed Alaska and into Canada it had gentled
now it played games with leaves and softly kissed flowers.

Gaily it soared over the Rockies and tugged goats beards 
causing them to shake their heads and stamp their feet.
In Playful mood it swept on hugging the coast awhile
then veering inland, it travels the plains and grows in strength
turning into a raging tornado causing havoc as it passes.

Moving ever southward it basks in now warm sunshine
and skips over the gulf of Mexico filling yachts sails.
Deep down in South America it turns into a wild fury that
uproots trees snapping them in half like matchsticks,
Then onward once more dancing past the Falkland islands.

Its destiny is now in sight and with triumphant roar
it rushes on over the Antarctic ocean and slides up
the icy barrier then screams its way across the tundra
yet slowly it loses its power and as it reaches the incline
this moody wind fades away until with final breath it dies.

written 10/28/2014
contest Best Poem of 2014

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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I was the one with the color-blue eyes, 
you were the wind on the sea. 
Of all the oceans tossed by your kiss 
why did it have to be me? 

                                                Pardon this wind for causing the wave. 
                                                One as free-spirited as I 
                                                was myself surprised, your gravity called, 
                                                your lips I could not deny. 

A soaring breeze calms not a sea 
and I would be remiss, 
to think my journey to your heart 
began with but a kiss. 

                                                Why would you wonder, oh King of the deep 
                                                did you not feel the spark, the magic? 
                                                You wound my heart, with thoughts that start 
                                                to doubt my intent, it’s tragic. 

Indeed I felt it, burning deep, 
your spark inflamed desire. 
Enraptured now, I long for more, 
my heart a raging fire. 

                                                 Arise, my King, from current doubt 
                                                 and begin to breathe anew. 
                                                 Haven't I hovered long enough 
                                                 for you to get a clue? 

Bend, oh Queen, yield your will 
and we will rise above, 
the ebb and tide of mortal bane 
swept away in love. 

                                                  Into your ocean I'll sail my vessel 
                                                  on a course set sound as stone. 
                                                  Prepare yourself oh majesty 
                                                  for I will share your throne.

A Collaborative Write by KIM PATRICE NUNEZ and JOHN WULF
16 April 2015
Poem of the Day - 18 April 2015

Copyright © KP Nunez | Year Posted 2015

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Silver Waves Upon The Shore

Pushed there for a thousand years
and will be for a thousand more,
pushed there by the gentle winds
the silver waves upon the shore.

Ancient trees who watched here daily
are now dark silhouettes 'round the rim,
as dusk settles in over the still lake
and a dragonfly takes a final skim.

As the sun dips below the surface
silver waters gain a hint of gold,
their riches flow around my feet
giving me memories to be told.

The sands of time sift down below
where life goes drifting by,
and laid there for a thousand years
and beneath them, so shall I.

And become like a silhouette
to watch all life drift by,
and reliving in every moment
never stopping to ask why.

Pushed there by flowing currents
and the wind's most gentle roar,
I fade away like the golden sun
glint silver waves upon the shore.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2016

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Gods of Winds

Notus comes creeping furtively from the south
hot and bothered from the blazing summer sun.
The wind of change...concealed it launches sudden storms
as clouds pile up across the sky, dark and towering,
lightning flashes, thunder drawls, torrential rain descends;
rivers swell to bursting point; fields are swamped, crops destroyed. 
Then once again he sneaks away, planning his next move.

His neighbour, Eurus, wants to show he’s no less able.
Bearing his inverted earthen vase he goes along
clumsy in gait and spilling water on dry soil.
His forays from the east tend to be unlucky.

Autumn fades with a sigh on Aura’s gentle wings
as ice-cold winter rushes in impatiently 
from northern frozen lands to take its place 
goaded by the domineering force of Boreas
who moves ahead with strong, intense authority, 
his violent temper uncontrolled. Despite his age
he pushes his galloping stallion to the limit 
riding forth relentlessly, cloak billowing behind,
his white beard curled; shaggy hair spiked and frosted.
Roaring, across the land he speeds with utmost haste, 
a sacred conch shell grasped firmly in steely hand;
tremendous power he exerts and blows aloud
while humans cower in dark caverns, shivering.
They know his moods and fear his devastating wrath. 
In their minds, princess Oreithyia’s forced abduction,
rape, and carnal satisfaction are still fresh.

They yearn for winter’s bitter ally to move on
so that the gentle Zephyr enters from the west 
bringing with him rainbows and showers of spring,
calm serenity, greenery, flowers, shades and hues, 
romantic feelings, fiery passion and intense love.

Ultimately, all four have to heed and appease 
King Aeolus, firm ruler and keeper of the winds.

*Aura = breeze goddess
*Oreithyia = mountain Nymph

18th December 2014
Contest: Gods of Winds
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton
Placed: 2nd

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2014

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Wind Lover

You kiss my face and I turn to trace
the tracks you left on the ground;
where have you walked and with whom have you talked
in all of your traveling round?

You utter a sigh and I am wondering why
you just cannot slow down and stay;
capricious you are like a burnt, falling star,
fickle, and quick to betray.

One day you are kind, your fury confined,
the next, you are hostile and wild;
today a soft breeze, lightly brushing the trees,
tomorrow, an unbroken child.

I open my arms to welcome your charms,
but like a ghost you vanish and go;
my emotions are torn by the strength of your storm,
your inexhaustible, volatile show.

I release you! Go scream and follow mad dreams,
go blow to the east and the west;
you try to impress then insanely digress
your plan to pursue an irrational quest.

The day you are through, tame the tempestuous shrew,
come back to my warm, loving heart;
ruffle my hair with the breath of a prayer,
until them, my dear, just depart.

Copyright, August 27, 2014
Faye Lanham Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2015

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Furious wind from the north hisses louder, banging against the gaped mouth of a sky, drenched… Haggard, the night wheezes with quack of birds waylaid; a time of unruly rainfall crashing once more: and the moon grows bald, groaning a jumble of cracked acoustics: On and on, the roar of sleet pierces through lush trees in a noise that grates far into the dark horizon, an energy fierce like a woman scorned. How she blares a war amidst a company of men, flowers, and all in one driven ride that her wild thrill rasps zooms --- until on ninth hour a slow-motion of rhythm flows, while she pauses to croon a mellow tune as if... in final taps of a wail, nothing ever happened. For Shadow Hamilton:The Noise Contest Written 3/9/2017

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2017

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Global Warming

As I wake up to the dawn of another day
I wrestle with myself and ask why bother
Just another day, without any warmth
There is a chill in my heart, sadly this is true

The coffee pot sings, an attempt to lift spirits
I confess I welcome even this small endeavor
A machine trying to cheer me up,
In this a cold cold cold world

How can this be?
Me so thirsty and cold?
I hypnotically prepare for another day
As I curse Al Gore

I see you all scurry from here to god knows where
Curious I ponder what’s the rush?
Snow falls from a dreary sky
A blanket of white to chill us even more

A child romps happily in springtime meadows
Chasing butterflies and dreams
His heart now filled with Vodka Ice
How did such warmth turn into an ancient glacier?

In the subway deep underground
I see a stranger, a woman, tears falling
Icicles form under her eyes
She too has a frozen heart

I would hug her, with words of comfort
If not for the invisible cold barrier between us
We are many on this subway of desire
So close, yet we all feel the northern winds of loneliness

This world of love and compassion has become frozen
We have forgotten the season of spring
We have been frozen out of emotions garden
We shiver here in the cold together alone

I rise up from the subways depths
I know my heart was murdered by the arctic winds
Something inside of me , cries
Go Go Go melt something, anything

I pass the newsstand selling flowers
I buy one single rose
The woman with icicle tears is nearby
I hand her this rose

I whisper, what this planet needs
Is some global warming
She smiles a sad thank you
As I walk away, hoping 

Global warming takes hold

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2014

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Wakened, the winged and winsome wind wandered westerly while whistling witchery. It waltzed whimsically within woodlands - whooshing, then whipping willows. Worn, it waned. . . whispering wistfully. For the Wind Poetry Contest of Skat

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2014

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Ascending towering mountains with the greatest of ease,
laughing as foliage tickles my tummy with soft, feathery leaves.

Endless melodies, I have played, breezing through dangling chimes,
luring enchanted fairies with an orchestra sublime.

Lifting kites of brilliant colors, I choreograph the dance.
Such magnificent, breathtaking moves, never given to chance.

Designer of vast deserts, sculpting massive, lounging dunes.
Artist of the lonely face that rises from the moon.

Donning infinite perfumes; sweetest flowers; savory food,
or the salt of seven seas, when in a traveling mood.

Ghost writer of romantic voyages, sailors and pirates tell;
beached lovers on exotic islands, my gust upon their sail.

I've swooped down through lost canyons, and valleys, emerald green;
lain in meadow's tall lush grass to nap in sun's warm gleam.

My disposition revealed by soft whispers through the trees,
or howls from the north, saddled on winter's cold, pale steed.

Old as God himself, being born of his first breath.
I fill the lungs of eternity, forever evading death.

Copyright © Arlene Smith | Year Posted 2014

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A Gentle Breeze

It begins with a gentle breeze rustling the leaves with its touch. Scurrying through the tops of trees it begins with a gentle breeze. Not enough to discourage bees it’s only brisk it isn't much. It begins with a gentle breeze rustling the leaves with its touch. It’s only brisk it isn't much until that breeze begins to gust. And yet birds still escape its clutch it’s only brisk it isn't much. It topples garbage cans and such gathering up a cloud of dust. It’s only brisk it isn't much until that breeze begins to gust. Gathering up a cloud of dust it blocks the sun's diminished light. And proceeds with increasing thrust gathering up a cloud of dust. As shutters squeak and hinges bust a furious gale gives them flight. Gathering up a cloud of dust it blocks the sun's diminished light. A furious gale gives them flight as slate shingles fly through the air. Morphing into objects of might a furious gale gives them flight. Folks find cover and hang on tight for flying debris packs a scare. A furious gale gives them flight as slate shingles fly through the air. ( A Quadruple Triolet )

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Where lilies grow

 Zephyrus, the god of the wind from the west
 Gently blows where the lily grows
 He is springtime's welcome guest

 In early summer he whispers to the rose
 As she sways in his warm caress
 He gently blows where the lily  grows

   The winds of *Notus  may give her stress
 For he brings the summer storms
 But she'll  sway in Zephyrus's  warm  caress

 The winds of  *Boreas are never warm
 He brings the cold winds of winter
 While Notus brings the summer storms

 Icicles on window sills begin to splinter
 As the winds of Boreas make us shiver
 He brings the cold winds of winter

 His icy breath is upon the rivers
 With gusts that never seem to  rest 
 The winds of Boreas make us shiver
 But Zephyrus is sprigtime's welcome guest

 *Notus -  The Greek  god of the south wind
  *Boreas -  The Greek   god of the North wind and the bringer of winter




Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2014

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biting icy winds thermal clothes protecting me from the winter chill 12th January 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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The Bell House Tower

We saw a dim light upon top of the Bell House Tower
a scream echoed out and then a dark shadow slipped 
by the light, in the midnight hour.

What was that? I asked my friend, I don't know
she said, but it sounded as if something has met
it's end.

The wind was blowing with such a strange howling
and all the city lights were off making it dark for
mysterious prowling.

A loud, maddening laughter rang through the air and
stood on our arms, every one of our hairs. We ran like
crazy down the alley way and never looked back until
the light of day.

The next morning a crowd had gathered at the Bell House
Tower and every one was shocked to see it was the bell
ringer who rung the bell, hour upon hour.

Not a sign made anyone sure of what happened, but we know
what we heard in the midnight hour, mad laughter from upon
top the Bell House Tower.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2014

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A constipated vicar named Bart Was in church when he dropped a huge fart He said 'Lord I have sinned' For I’ve got pooey wind Blushing scarlet he did soon depart! 26th April 2016

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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I’m hanging on to the skeletal branch with all my might Westerly winds blow but I won’t give in without a fight My skin once soft and smooth is now wizened and wrinkly Dark veins are so visible now, I’m all brown and crinkly Suddenly a huge gust of wind releases me HELPPPP! I’m F A L L I N G Silently I drift down to the ground, Now I am lying on my winter bed where I will curl up and die No longer the last lonely leaf on earth … For now I’m surrounded by my friends and family … Inspired by the lonely leaf poem by Sophiya Kamil 28th November 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Blossom floats down from cherry trees pink confetti drifts on the breeze it’s windblown Storm clouds gathering all around blustery gales turn the sails round of windmills Riding the surf board standing tall crest a wave trying not to fall windsurfers Jan Allison 22nd November 2014 Sponsor Nette Onclaud Contest: Fire, Earth, Wind Chosen Word: Wind Syllables checked with How Many Syllables counter ~awarded 5th place~

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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A Winsome Wind

A winsome wind wanders whimsically through a meadow white with wild flowers. Wending its way through woods, it whistles warmly while waltzing with willows. Waning, it meets wisteria, where now a mere wisp, it whispers wistfully. An etheree with alliteration written March 21, 2016

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Scattering Blooms

Gathering a plethora, of abandoned blossoms high and low, a covered basket and pockets full. Light footsteps through shady trees releasing dainty blooms for me, nature’s soulful aliment like a rainbow placed strategically for a little girl's innocent eyes. Blooms falling into my hands on a wooded path for one, then scattering to the wind, a fanciful dance, free of pending frailty; prancing petals take flight before their glory fades... How can I preserve God’s majestic beauty, petals adorning a late spring breeze? The newly green earth and trees - watch me, watch them. I am but one girl gathering blooms to press between pages of time or seep into an intoxicating potpourri. I could take a snapshot of these sacred scatterings but never could a photo fill my senses - the sweet scents, sounds and touch of blooms on a wooded path and breezes all around my face, the sight of God’s majestic beauty in a magical place. If I had one wish it would be, to share these magical moments with you.

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2015