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Best Wind Poems

Below are the all-time best Wind poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of wind poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member A smile appeared
Silently, I sat by,

To listen to the sounds of the world,

Of all the voices that touched me most,

Were those caught in the angelic wind.

For all...

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© White Wolf  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wind,

Premium Member Midsummer Breeze
Midsummer Breeze 

How may I extol a midsummer breeze?
As soft as rose petals in cooling wind
That flutters leaves upon the verdant trees,
And endeavors to make...

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Categories: wind, flower, heartbreak, son, summer,

The ocean waves come rolling in
There’s not a soul in sight
With heaving breath they break on shore
And burst in brilliant white.

The sound of wind is...

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Categories: sea, wind,

Premium Member Gone Forever
Here I sit amongst the long grasses and the reed,
in a solitary place, where my breath is freed,
on an Indian Summer's evening on the lake...

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Categories: wind, autumn, nature, sky, summer,

The Wind
~~The Wind~~

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Categories: wind, beauty, deep, nature, ocean,

Premium Member Where the Wind Blows
I followed one day a spring breeze at play.
It seemed not to know where to go.
And aimlessly, I - like a butterfly -
meandered with it...

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Categories: wind,

Premium Member ELEMENTS WIND
Winter winds whisper in the weeping willow tree
Its naked branches shiver silently all around me

Bitter biting winds howl around stinging my face
I’m out on the...

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Categories: seasons, weather, wind, daffodils,

Premium Member Earth Element Of Wind
Earth Element Of Wind

Earth element of wind, elusive to exploring eyes,
     a gaseous, gusty ghost, she gyrates, gallops gallantly.
She bashes, bends,...

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Categories: wind,

Premium Member The Wind
When it left the Arctic it was as a wild angry wind
that stormed its way across the ice bound Arctic ocean.
Blowing the snow clad icebergs...

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Categories: nature, wind,

I was the one with the color-blue eyes, 
you were the wind on the sea. 
Of all the oceans tossed by your kiss 
why did...

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Categories: wind, desire, kiss, love, metaphor,

Premium Member Silver Waves Upon The Shore
Pushed there for a thousand years
and will be for a thousand more,
pushed there by the gentle winds
the silver waves upon the shore.

Ancient trees who watched...

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Categories: wind, death, life, nature, sunset,

Gods of Winds

Notus comes creeping furtively from the south
hot and bothered from the blazing summer sun.
The wind of change...concealed it launches sudden storms
as clouds pile up across...

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Categories: wind,

Wind Lover
You kiss my face and I turn to trace
the tracks you left on the ground;
where have you walked and with whom have you talked
in all...

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Categories: love hurts, metaphor, wind,

Premium Member The Wind and Sea
The Wind and Sea

The mighty wind unleashed its gusty song 
     across the tranquil, undulating sea,
and stirred her body with his...

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Categories: sea, wind,

Premium Member WILD IS THE WIND

Furious wind from the north hisses louder,
banging against the gaped mouth of  a sky, drenched…
 Haggard, the night wheezes with quack
 of birds waylaid;...

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Categories: howl, sound, wind,

The Green Beneath The Snow
a rhyme for the spring equinox...

the hills are growing green beneath the snow 
white horses, shake the winter from your manes
the spring has come, the...

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Categories: wind, hope, light, nature, seasons,

Premium Member WINDCHIMES
grandma pours me tea
we talk late into the night 
moon covered by clouds

paint peels from windows
as grandpa rocks in his chair
cigar smoke rises

zephyr wind blowing

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Categories: memory, nature, wind,

Premium Member Distant Shores
Atlantic storms had taken the main mast
For seven weeks we drifted helplessly
Fresh water and food were running out fast
There was talk below deck of mutiny.


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Categories: sea, storm, wind,

Premium Member Whimsicality

tingles and sway
are deserted
heartstrings bestilled..
I yearn
for the thrill of the dance
and for ravishing trills of arpeggio moments..

the capriccio
has died;
lifeless in swoon-less inertia  
I pine

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Categories: wind, feelings, imagery, longing, love

Premium Member WEPT

She roams cross the land her heart so bitter blue
Leaving behind frosty morning dew
Icy veil sadly unkept
Laden woe upswept
She speechless
Left dreamless
Numb regret windswept
No kind soul...

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Categories: wind, grief, howl, hurt, solitude,

Premium Member Global Warming
As I wake up to the dawn of another day
I wrestle with myself and ask why bother
Just another day, without any warmth
There is a chill...

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Categories: butterfly, flower, rainforest, wind,

Premium Member Wind
Wakened, the winged and winsome wind

wandered westerly while whistling witchery.

It waltzed whimsically within woodlands -

whooshing, then whipping willows.

Worn, it waned. . . whispering wistfully.

For the...

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Categories: wind,

Premium Member A Gentle Breeze

It begins with a gentle breeze
rustling the leaves with its touch.
Scurrying through the tops of trees
it begins with a gentle breeze.
Not enough to discourage bees

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Categories: wind, hyperbole, imagery, imagination, nature,

Ascending towering mountains with the greatest of ease,
laughing as foliage tickles my tummy with soft, feathery leaves.

Endless melodies, I have played, breezing through dangling chimes,

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Categories: nature, wind,

Premium Member SNUG AND WARM
biting icy winds
thermal clothes protecting me
from the winter chill

12th January 2015

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Categories: wind, winter,