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Best Remembrance Day Poems

Below are the all-time best Remembrance Day poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of remembrance day poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member The Rest is Silence
I left her behind
I left her
I left her
I left her
I wanted to die there with her
there in the desert
where I left my mother
there where the...

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Categories: history, remembrance day,

There Are Days When
The time seems to wander, languishing here and there, jealous of the wind.
Sometimes it flies, to almost find it's end, even when you have barely...

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© meru groen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: remembrance day,

Premium Member THE RED POPPY
The symbol of remembrance is the red poppy
When I look upon it, this is what I see,
I see courage, sacrifice and extreme bravery
See thousands enlisting...

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Categories: appreciation, remembrance day, tribute,

Premium Member A sad remembrance
I kiss her red honeyed lips
She allows the milk 
of my iniquity 
to wash over her
The pain of her sadness
washes away my cruelty
I leave my...

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Categories: remembrance day, baptism, death, emotions, remembrance

Daddy's Song
Time has passed by so quickly
You’ve been gone 2 yrs today
I never knew something could hurt so much
The wound from losing you hasn’t even begun...

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Categories: remembrance day, absence, anniversary, dad, dedication,

It Runs Red
A dry and barren moat
around historic tower, London’s pride
for many years in restful dormant mood
dreaming of days gone by
when swords clashed and armour creaked;
the yells...

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Categories: remembrance day, war,

Maple Re:Leaf
There is a field that we all know
That passed a torch where Soldiers go
Those that fell fought to the end
From that field they did ascend


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Categories: remembrance day, appreciation, day, dedication, memorial

Grey gravestones stand erect like soldiers.
Fallen heroes in nameless graves,
they fought for king and country
and paid a heavy price
with their precious lives.
We should give thanks

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Categories: remembrance day, soldier, war,

Premium Member Standing At The Mountain
Standing at The Mountain

There stood the great mountain—
A Sisyphean challenge;
A Job’s journey;
A deferred dream’s destiny;
Indeed, a Draconian feat.

But there also stood the dreaming King;
Tutored prodigy...

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Categories: remembrance day, allegory, analogy, black african


Rows of black with vivid splash of red,
heads bow down at the tolling of the bell
lined up like granite stones that mark the dead,
a silent...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: remembrance day, war,


The evening  sky invites me to gaze
Beyond the porch’s open window,
Igniting my senses to reflect about
Framed moments like one long review
Where parts of ...

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Categories: introspection, remembrance day,

Urban Legend-Gators in NYC
Two teens shoveling snow that February day,
wanting to hurry up so they could play,
quickly shoveling heaping piles of snow,
into an open 1935 NYC manhole,

Seeing something...

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Categories: remembrance day, animal, new york, remembrance

For the Fallen in Flanders Field - Original
Famished and flagging footsoldiers;
formerly fitters and farmers.
Facing fatigue, fitful fever,
faeces and foul, foetid fungi.
Fostering feelings, frustrated,
for this faraway, foreign field.

Forsaking fissures and furrows,
forced forwards with...

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Categories: remembrance day, conflict, death, history, memorial,

Fields of red of Poppy leaf
Fields of red, of poppy leaf
The fields where  so many brave came to grief
Brave men indeed who refused to kneel
To give freedom to others,...

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Categories: remembrance day, war, world

Poppy Wars
The dead don’t care 
what colour poppy 
you wear -
if it’s knitted
or a diamante stud
for dead men stare
with blinded eyes
and their despair
is the colour of

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Categories: remembrance day, color, death, peace, remembrance

Premium Member Hoodie
He comes quickly through the back door
Weary from wearing his faded hood
And we welcome him warmly once more
As all caring humans ever should

His illness we...

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© Mark Elam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: memory, remembrance day,

Premium Member That January Day
You loved me, this I know
but then you had to go
and things were never quite the same again

On that January day
I kind of lost my...

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Categories: remembrance day, anniversary, death, father son,

If Heaven had a Facebook
If Heaven had a Facebook, how happy I would be.
To find that they were up there, and that they could talk to me. 

I would...

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Categories: remembrance day, appreciation, christian, fantasy, heartbreak,

In yonder field, where lilies bloom
You'll find the one who promised: "…soon,
I'll get to it-I'll do it, when I can."

And there, beneath the hawthorn tree,

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© B. Howey  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hope, religion, remembrance day,

Letter to the churches VI
How great is our Lord God? Can we measure which cannot be measured?
Can we appoint unto ourselves a prophet? When He that sits in the...

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Categories: remembrance day, bible, christian, god, gospel,

Upon my life, I do declare, my dear,
My Darling, Elizabeth, that I do
Love you from the depths of my soul to the
Greatest reach of my...

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Categories: memorial day, remembrance day,

Old Soldier
Unnoticed, he blends into the grey park bench,
eyes clouded and watering,
permanent tears for friends lost in a trench
not quite enough of a life-time ago.
Will anyone...

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Categories: remembrance day, hero, history, loneliness, memorial

Premium Member May Life Bless You
May life bless you with real freedom, 
Keep enjoyment as your place, 
May you find your own confidence, 
From your education and your space;
May you...

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Categories: remembrance day, business, care, character, courage,

I can't read the writing on the wall
The free hand print there is way too small
If I could just turn the volume up
I might find...

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Categories: remembrance day, corruption, dark, evil, freedom,

remembrance day
we think of those who went to war
we think of them and what they were fighting for
they stood for what they believed was right

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Categories: freedom, remembrance day, veterans