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Below are the all-time best Preschool poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of preschool poems written by PoetrySoup members

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My Alphabet

A a 	big A little a
                   What words start with the letter A
                       Alligator, Airplane, Apple
The alligator sneaked into the airplane to eat an apple.  Aa Aa Aa

B b 	big B little b
                   What words start with the letter B
                       Butterfly, Boy, Banana
A beautiful butterfly landed on the boy ’s nose while he ate a banana. Bb Bb Bb

C c	 big C little c
                    What words start with the letter C
                        Caterpillar, Candy, Car
I ate my sour caterpillar candy in the car. Cc Cc Cc

D d	 big D little d
                    What words start with the letter  D
                        Dog, Doll, Donkey
The dog took off with my doll with the donkey chasing him. Dd Dd Dd

E e	 big E little e
                    What words start with the letter E
                        Elephant, Ear, Eye
The elephant touched his ear and eye with his trunk. Ee Ee Ee

F f	 big F little f
                    What words start with the letter F
                        Fish, Flower, Frog
The frog sat on the lily flower while the fish swam around the pond. Ff  Ff  Ff

G g	 big G little g
                    What words start with the letter G
                        Goat, Giraffe, Grasshopper
Billy goat runs and jumps on the giraffe’s back to chase the grasshopper.  Gg Gg Gg

H h	 big H little h
                    What words start with the letter H
                        Hippopotamus, Heart, Hat
Harry the hippopotamus who has a big heart, wears his favorite hat. Hh Hh Hh

I i	 big  I little i
                     What words start with the letter I
                         Inchworm, Iron, Ice cream
The inchworm stayed away because the iron was hot and the ice cream was cold. Ii Ii Ii

J j 	big J  little j
                   What words start with the letter J
                       Jacket, Jeep, Jelly
I left my jacket in the jeep while I ate my jelly sandwich. Jj Jj Jj

K k	 big K  little k
                    What words start with the letter K
                         Kangaroo, Key, Kitten
Lulu the kangaroo wore a key on a chain around her neck while she carried the kitten in her pouch. Kk Kk Kk

L i	 big L little l
                    What words start with the letter L
                         Lizard, Ladybug, Lego
Charlie the lizard stops to see the ladybug climb up the Lego. Ll Ll Ll

M m 	big M little m
                   What words start with the letter M
                       Monkey, Mouse, Moon
The monkey and mouse sitting on a tree limb together looking at the man on the moon. Mm Mm Mm

N n	 big N little n
                    What words start with the letter N
                        Nose, Nest, Nut
Nancy the squirrel put her nose near the nest to smell the nut at the bottom. Nn Nn Nn

O o	 big O little o
                    What words start with the letter O
                        Ostrich, Orange, Owl
The ostrich saw the orange and ran over and swallow it so he didn’t have to share with the owl.  Oo Oo Oo

P p	 big P little p
                    What words start with the letter P
                         Pig, Pillow, Pumpkin
Piggy the pig lies on the pillow while he throws the pumpkin up in the air.  Pp Pp Pp

Q q	 big Q little q
                     What words start with the letter Q
                          Queen, Quarter, Quail
The Queen of hearts threw a quarter in the air and a quail flew by and caught it. Qq Qq Qq

R r	 big R little r
                    What words start with the letter R
                         Rabbit, Roster, Rocket
The rabbit and the rooster took a rocket ride to visit the moon. Rr Rr Rr

S s	 big S  little s
                    What words start with the letter S
                        Sun, Shovel, Snowman
The children played out in the sun using a shovel to make a snowman.  Ss Ss Ss

T t 	big T  little  t
                   What words start with the letter T
                        Ticket, Table, Train
I  left the ticket on the table for the train ride. Tt Tt Tt

U u	 big  U little  u
                     What words start with the letter U
                         Unicorn, Umbrella, Unicycle
The unicorn held an umbrella over his head so he wouldn’t get wet in the rain while riding his unicycle.  Uu Uu Uu

V             big V  little v
                    What words start with the letter V
                        Violin, Vegetables, Vase
The musician played his violin as he watched the vegetables grow in the vase. Vv Vv 

W w         big W little w
                    What words start with the letter  W
                        Watch, Watermelon, Wagon,
Watson looked at his watch to see if it was lunch time so he could eat his watermelon on the wagon. Ww Ww Ww

X x	 big X  little x
                    What words start with the letter X
                        Xebec, Xylophone, X-ray,
The sailors on the xebec played the ping, ping, ping music on the xylophone while on their way to deliver an x-ray to Xavier.   Xx Xx Xx

Y y 	 big Y little y
                    What words start with the letter Y
                         Yarn, Yo-Yo, Yogurt
The yarn broke loose on the yo-yo when Billy was doing a trick and it flew into the yogurt.  Yy Yy Yy

Z z	 big Z  little  z
                    What words start with the letter  Z
                         Zebra, Zipper, Zoo
The zebra zipped up the zipper on his jacket when it got cold at the zoo. Zz Zz Zz

By: Eve Roper 8/19/2015

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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Fruits Colours

An apple is Red,
I like eating bread,
Banana is yellow,
I am jolly fellow,
Pear is green,
I am neat and clean,
Coconut is brown,
I am little clown,
All fruits are nice,
They make us healthy and wise!!

Copyright © Neha batra | Year Posted 2016

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Her Show

She doesn't dance like Anna Pavlova
She doesn't sing like Diana Ross
but on this blissful day I am watching
the best performer I've ever come across

She wobbled on her pique turns
She forgot to point her toes
but she never lost her smile
a perfect angel until the close

She might not sing in perfect rhythm
She might not always be in tune
but her singing is so beautiful
it makes this proud daddy swoon

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Mastery is the goal

You want to set goal
Big enough that in the process of achieving it
You become someone worth becoming

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2014

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Mystery Solved

 I saw a little button,
 It was lying on the floor,
 I wondered who had lost it
 And looked around for more.
 It hadn’t come from Donna
 Or from Stuart’s nice new shirt,
 And it wasn’t Kelly’s button
 That was lying in the dirt.
 I couldn’t find who lost it
 I had a worried frown.
 But now I know the answer,
 My trousers just fell down.

Copyright © May Fenn | Year Posted 2015

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Child once more

Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up one morning
To find you were still a child
So much energy jumping up and down upon your bed
So many wonders and thoughts swirling through your bed
No responsibilities
Just fun and play with your dolls or swinging in the trees
Getting a dose of the measles having a poorly on your knee
looking at a catalogue at all the toys
Building a den and playing cowboys and Indians
With the other girls and boys
Dressing up in mummies clothes
catching frogs and picking your nose
Rolling down grassy hills and knowls
Going for summer walks with a bottle of lemonade
Pretending you are a solider standing on parade
Watching cartoons all day on TV
Having a pet to love and feed
Giving your teddy bear a hug
Collecting crawly things like slugs and bugs
Having a big bag of sweets giving a high five to every child that you meet
Having an imaginary friend called Fred
Bed time stories in your Jim Jams in bed
Pretending to be a pirate out at sea
Seeing strange faces in every tree
Licking the cake bowl after mummy makes a cake
Riding on your bicycle or on your roller skates
Reading books under the covers with a torch at night
Playing football flying a kite
Dreaming of becoming an astronaut a fireman and scientist too
having a great day out at the zoo
Playing children's games calling out rude names
Playing in the wood getting up to no good
Getting head Lice in your hair
Sitting in a high chair
Dancing like a loony at a party
Hating girls yuk! with their ribbons and their curls
Doctor Who Winnie the poo Sponge Bob
Larry the Lamb and Batman
and now I'm Superman!
Train set that gives your Farther who bough it  for you so much joy
Pink for a girl and blue for a boy
playing on the swings and slide
Bucket and spade making sand castles at the seaside
Everyone saying 'awe aren't you sweet'
Coco pops egg and toast soldiers to eat
Balloons floating high into the sky
your older sister hitting you and making you cry
Sitting on your potty
pacifier in your mouth
'Mummy I've done a poo'you shout
'Good boy I'll lift you out.
sitting in your pram Being pushed everywhere by your Mam
Going on a bus singing a little song
looking out the window and sticking out your tongue
Digging in the garden eating worms and soil
Having earache Pouring in olive oil
playing with your rubber duck and battleship
while your in the bath
reading your favourite comics and having a laugh
Asking lots of questions your parents find hard to answer
'Where do babies come from?' Having your leg in plaster
playing in the school yard playing hide and seek
Being poorly every week
new shoes happy feet holding mommy's hand and skipping down the street
Watching the fish swim around your fish tank
Putting pennies in your piggy bank
Ooh how my dipper must have stank
Ice cream and jelly tots uhhm I used to scoff the lot
playing a tree in a school play
Packing a suitcase and running away
throwing pebbles in a pond all day long.

Phew I'm shattered after al that. imagine doing all that now. the mere thought 
tires me out.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.July.

Copyright © Peter Dome | Year Posted 2014

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Need goals that stretch you

Create your goals
Write down some big ones that will stretch you
It pays to have goals that require you to grow to achieve them
It’s a good thing to have some goals that make you a little uncomfortable. Why?

The ultimate goal
In addition to achieving your material goals
Is to become master in life.
To do this, you will need to learn new skills

Expand your vision of what’s possible
Build new relationships
Learn to overcome your fears, Considerations
And roadblocks

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2014

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Create a Goals book

Powerful way to achieve your goals is to create a Goals book
Buy a 3 ring binder
A scrapbook or an 8 ½ x 11 journal
Then create a separate page for each of your goals

Write the goal at top of the page
Illustrate it with pictures
Words and phrases that u cut of magazines
Catalogues and travel brochures that depict your goal as already achieved

As new goals and desires emerge
Simply add it to your list
In your Goals book
Review the pages of your Goals book everyday

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2014

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Those school days

I think of days when I was young
Drinking in my school days fun
When playtime it would come around
Oh, so many friends I found

Then off I'd go to learn some more
Sometimes it really became a bore
I knew I had to learn their stuff
Though many times it could be tough

Reading, writing and arithmetic
Soon my mind began to tick
I did learn it all at last
Though my mind was not too fast

When time came to leave that school
Although I thought it was quite cool
It was so nice being free
And really, I liked to earn the money

Copyright © Vera Duggan | Year Posted 2016

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The Victory Lap

Dusk lingers over the broken hill
Night creeps slowly beneath gloomy skies
Tired souls scramble to their weary beds
While I kneel down on the old dusty carpet and pray.
My spirit groans but I could not utter a single word 
Overshadowed by an unusual burden
I forced out a few words and hum a spiritual tune.
The night spread quickly over my bed
And I drifted in a deep slumber instead.
I found myself waiting in a room,
I was waiting for someone but I didn’t know who
A bare shelf attached to a plain wall
With a phone box sitting on top caught my attention.
Someone suddenly came out of nowhere into the unlit room
With a delegation and greeted me heartily.
He shook my hand and gave me the box.
We sat around a table positioned in the center of the room
His chair powerfully arranged to right side 
He sat close to the door and I sat next to him 
enchanted by his charismatic power 
I waited for that ecstatic hour. 
His delegation sat around the table at
the darker end of the room clapping 
and cheering as he started to speak.
With a big grin and a wide smile
He spoke with confidence, boldness and authority
Suddenly the door cracked opened and a radiant glow of light 
straight from the sky radiates upon him 
The beaming light rest upon him and covers him as he spoke.
God bless the President 
These words  woke me up 
in the wee hours of the morning.

Copyright © Christine Phillips | Year Posted 2014

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Brother for Sale

Brother for sale.
I'll deliver him too.
I can send in the mail,
Wrapped in yellow or blue.

He's water potty-trained now,
But that can change in a day.
He'll be bundled with Oreos,
So he can eat on the way.

I can mail him by truck, car, or plane.
He's coming with stuff, his favorite toy train.
He's coming character-recommended, highly by me.
He's a pretty good brother, who is almost three.

We need him back when you get him trained.
We simply cannot seem to get through to his little brain.
That when he has to poop, hiding is no good.
Please train him to use the potty with solids, if you could.

Then send him back, to his crazy, loving home.
And this shall be the end of this tiny poem.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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gnhiohvsdfsdljkafhdklvnowrghdfnier9075rt489thrjvnwruoqtr fh49pewty34ghrkgvhfr

Copyright © Albert Shakespeare | Year Posted 2015

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It’s been nearly 10 years since the last time I saw your face.
We grew up together, started preschool together,
Took ballet class and gymnastics together;
We played on the same soccer team.
My first memory is of sipping cinnamon cocoa and sitting
At your kitchen table, when we made angels in the snow.
It was in third grade that my family moved away.
You were the first person I told and the last person I said goodbye to.
We promised to keep in touch, but the months grew
As long as the sunflowers we planted. 
That summer we turned six.
We were so young when I left.
Soon it had been years since we had talked and now, it’s been longer still
But I will never forget the hours we spent playing in your backyard
As the sun danced across the sky and dipped far below the horizon
Or how you made me the person that I am
I will never forget you

Copyright © Anna Robertson | Year Posted 2016

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Lickety Split

L ittle voices, rising in volume and pitch
I mploring teacher, begs all available aids to help pop 
C oats, hats, muffs, mitts, sweaters, gloves, socks, shoes, and boots on 39
K indergarten urchins who are galloping around the room, or jumping on ball 

E veryone is excited; the snow is falling and 
T he five-year-olds woke up screaming with excitement, 
Y elling their head dendrites off, dancing and galloping

S ix ways to Sunday, and it’s only Tuesday, 
P rincipal skates into the room,  “Lickety Split!” she yells.
“L et’s all help, and get them out there quick!” The 2nd grade teacher sticks in 
             her head to hollar, 
“I ce will be here within the hour.  Everybody help.” A bunch of 4th and 5th 
              graders run in to help dress 
t hem. Seconds later, the worn-out Kindergarten 

Teacher throws out a magic lasso, and 39 kindergarteners all grab hold. The next minute, they 
                  land in a big snow drift.
“Lickety, lickety, yickety, bickety, pickety, split!” they all yell, running away in every conceivable direction.

		Written 4-9-2018       Contest: 510
                                                Sponsor: Brian Strand

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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The greatest contradiction of our epoch

He said,  dismantling of USSR was  the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of century, 
I said  it  was been the greatest breakthrough of our age and hope for the best future.
We have been so quite disagree  but he was a very influential national lieder, 
the creator of world empire from nursing billionaires-oligarches 
and European ex-presidents retrogrades and trytors
on his  service, 
I have been just a poet with the best and honest vision
and  strong belief and respect for West democracy and advanced society
and Magna Carta. 

Copyright © zamir osorov | Year Posted 2014

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Bring out the red balloons
and the dancing baboons
get that water slide ready
‘n’ where’s Tim’s old teddy
someone turn the music up
who pissed in my tea cup!
put those gifts right here
thank you Mary, my dear
****!, look at the spaghetti
it’s all covered in confetti
it’s ok we have plenty more
Billy get of the dirty floor
um, have you got the lollies
‘n’ the cars and the dollies
someone change her nappy
think it’s getting a bit crappy
Jimmy don’t pull her hair
now go and sit over there!
time to get out the bar-b-que
go ‘n’ get the meat will you?
Maureen please don’t cry
you just got to give it a try
hooray! here comes grandpa
in his brand new motorcar
blow your nose please Joey
go and play with little Zoe
ah! here is the pack of steak
did Aunty Jean bring the cake?
wow! many have come today
lots of happy little faces, i say
where’s all the plastic cutlery 
oh yes, over there i can see
arrrgh! a mean rubber snake!
you’d scared me master Jake
better go and turn of that tap
whew! already wanting a nap
get me a orange soft drink
there’s Betty, pretty in pink
oh dear, got a bit of a mess
upon my brand new dress
did Larry chain up the dog
hey kid, get of that dirty log!
who’s lost their purple shoe
and who left out this glue?
He’s not deaf, Jenny Peal
he’s a gnome, he’s not real
got to have eyes everywhere
over here, here and over there
now that was not very nice
you say sorry to Sally, Bryce
let all those streamers down
mm, where’s that Bozo clown?
i see arriving now some others
Wendy and her three brothers
time to get on with excitement
all the kids are full of enjoyment
c’mon let’s get on with the fun
being happy under the warm sun

Copyright © mick reid | Year Posted 2015

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Our Forefathers

Our Forefathers
By Franklin Price

Our forefathers built this country. They placed their faith in God.
They pledged to give their lives for it, All lay now 'neath the sod.

You can bet they're rolling over. Seeing now what we have done
Many in the name of Jesus, the Ghost, the Father and the Son

This Country's still the country. It's still the U.S.A.
Politicians think they know it all. I think God still has a say.

You think the checks and balances, in the Constitution's just for fun?
I think that God helped put them there to resolve the things that we have done

If they were made use of, by the Congress that's a flop
Would not be headed towards the bottom, would be rising towards the top

We're in a mess and quandary over who will be the one,
Of who will be the president, who will guide us towards the sun

The people trying to make their choice, by voting who they they will,
Are being blocked by the do-nothings, that are sitting on the hill

Seems the Parties have forgotten that the people have a say.
Ever think that God is guiding us, to save us one more day?

Should be getting on our knees and folding hands to say a prayer
Or are we believers of convenience? To have faith, we would not dare.

For sure it's not the first time and I pray it's not the last
That the people standing for themselves say, “Parties not so fast!”

You are not the government.  You only represent.
Don't forget who sent you there, and you haven't made a dent

No matter who we vote for, to  move us up the hill
Don't vote for Party worshipers; with them we've had our fill.

We the people are the government, can choose for ourselves again
Tired of the political system,  flushing the U.S. down the drain

I'm thinking this will work out. In the past it always did
Must find a way to make it happen, to leave God's country for our kids

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2016

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Singing and drinking, with little or no thinking,
Cheating and mocking, with little or no care,
Exciting and deciding, with little or no storming,
It’s a political campaign season, it will be after five, to have it again.
Bribing and buying the voters, who cares who wins?
Corrupting and misleading, the hearts of the choosers,
The job of the candidates, who cares where they loot the cash?
It’s a political campaign season, it will be after five, to have it again.

Gifting and giving, freely from the “heart,”
Who even cares, whether it’s from the heart?
Decorative and luring speeches, paint the media skies,
It’s a political campaign season, it will be after five, to have it again.

And when the voting is done, the season is gone,
The frenzy is gone, we get back to pointing fingers,
To each other’s choices, again for the next five years,
And the cycle goes on, when shall we learn?

Copyright © Alfonce Choi | Year Posted 2015

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Hundredth Birthday 5-29-2017


A hundred years of age—a birthday rarely reached; 
He never got to fifty, and fifty years are gone
And more. That afternoon the TV set was on—
I wasn’t even five years old—and while we watched

A Fractured Fairy Tale, they broke in with the news
And straightway, all around, the very world waxed sad.
The shock and grief-- the tear-stained face my mother had-- 
Made clear this was no case of common blues,

That something truly frightful came to pass.
I didn’t fully comprehend, but saw that all
About me seemed to weep, and so I wept as well.
Since then, people forget; the world grieves less and less,

As history careers in its relentless path:
Unsolved equations in some inscrutable math.


I see that day: the brilliant sun, the motorcade,
The crowds, his smile; his sandy hair was flying in
The breeze… then but a moment later, dying in
His lady’s lap. I see it in the films they made

Both then and now-- with eyes not five years old
But sixty: and mourn now, not as I did back then,
But with a comprehensive grasp.  The evil men
Have wrought lives on; yet like some story never told,

The good he might have brought to life? Aborted, all:
We wait and strain to hear some rhyming call

Or for reason’s trumpets bravely blowing,
In vain; and so I grieve again, now knowing.

Copyright © J P Marmaro | Year Posted 2018

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Monkey Hat

Monkey hat, monkey hat
Who de dibble knitted dat?
If you die I hope dat I
Inherit de dam monkey hat.

Copyright © Jessica Amanda Salmonson | Year Posted 2017

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Year 3: Pre K

Older and more mature
Learning from mistakes
Age 3 was a year
Of utter experience
Dancing and singing
Like nobody was watching
Never silenced
By the dark night
Even if the words
Were unknown
More words went in their place
Never ending the tunes
Energy was crazy
Moving at high speeds
Never stopping to sit and stay
Swinging from everything in her path
But nonetheless
She began to understand
What this thing called life was
And she loved it

TV was now available
Commercials revealed
Worlds that she never knew existed
Were being handed to her
On a silver screen
She still wanted to learn
Despite all of the privileges
She had a hunger to learn
That couldn’t seem to be filled
Pre K began
She was dazed and confused
This wasn’t what she expected
But she went along with it
Not many memories
But enough to last her many years
Some good
Some bad
But all were hers
And she knew it

Copyright © Belle Greenberg | Year Posted 2017

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Who Will Save Our Children

The child came into the school office nervously, not understanding.
So many people were upset, some stared, some glared, some pointed.
“His backpack smells awful!” His teacher was heard to say. “I almost retched when I opened it.”
“The whole hallways stinks,” the custodian chimed in. He shook his head.
“His mother should have known better than to have sent him with it in the first place.”
The child feels ashamed.
Less than.
The little one we’ve let down
For five years already goes
Home not fully understanding
What else he’s done wrong,
But knowing there will be a
Big punishment when he
Gets home. Especially if his
Mother has to wake up to
Answer the phone.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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someday you will find the person to call you princess
see it radiate through the blush of your cheeks
your hushed laughter muffled by your hand
the way your hair disobeys your constant tucks and twists
behind your delicate ears
the gravel in your voice that never shifts
the way clothes drape on your curves; never cling.

Princess will be your name,
the way your match describes your smirks
and the way you twirl the jewelry around your joints
how you write your names together
and the doodles you do in the margin
the way you play with broken nails
and stroke your forehead when you're going to weep,
your lover will look longingly at you
and your perfect regal ways
will leave him thinking
oh my my,

Copyright © Shivani arora | Year Posted 2018

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Bouncing Square Balloons

                                          Bouncing Square Balloons

Bouncing square balloons
Rectangular falls spools bounce
Play catch you and I

James Edward Lee Sr.

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017

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Itty bitty guinea piggy
How you make me laugh
I'm glad my mommy gave me you
Instead of that giraffe.

Copyright © Jessica Amanda Salmonson | Year Posted 2017