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Best Grook Poems

Below are the all-time best Grook poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of grook poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Bad Karaoke - Grook
Encouraged by the masses
is mediocrity,
like when someone at a bar
sings bad karaoke.
As they belt out notes off key,
we might give guffaws.
Drunken with good will, though,

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Categories: art,
Form: Grook

Premium Member A PARENTS GROOK
Small babies are unpredictable just like the weather
Often wet; with sudden outbreaks of terrible wind
But would I have altered anything,  no never …
Being a...

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Categories: children, humorous, parents,
Form: Grook
Is this a Grook or Not? (Nothing)
How can something come out from nothing
When nothing can come from nothing?
So nothing isn’t nothing when it results into something,
Because by then, it would’ve been...

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Categories: confusion
Form: Grook
Premium Member Journey's End - Grook
Journey's End - Grook

Bygone years grow dim;
sifted memories remain...
longed-for yesterdays
filled with sorrow.
But time soon comes when tired hearts
hope only for tomorrow.

Sandra M. Haight

~4th Place~

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Categories: life,
Form: Grook
Thirst (Grook-y Look-y)
the thirst for knowledge
makes one drown in mysteries
the thirst for happiness
makes one drown in miseries 

** July 13, 2010---I'm writing this with a half-asleep 

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Categories: philosophy
Form: Grook

He tells of how he bravely
fought the state's enemies
at the border quite lately.
Enemies would have conquered,
if not for his silent, courageous son.

Date: 13/02/2016...

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Categories: conflict, courage, identity, imagery,
Form: Grook
The difference in the ism
Capitalism -
Is every man screwing everyone else.
But communism -
On the other hand, is just the reverse.

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Categories: political
Form: Grook
Playboy Model.
Sweet sensual skin
wears scruples thin
until you see your own true sin....

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Categories: allegory, fantasy, passion, sensual,
Form: Grook
Premium Member The Holiday Season
Our humanity
has become so transparent
we need a special day
to be reminded of it....

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Categories: anger, deep, holiday, humanity,
Form: Grook
Premium Member Fear Not
To Him
our deepest
are like
To question
is not to doubt.
It just means

NOTE: I was inspired by Paul Callus's and Eileen Manassian's comment, on my poem, The Stars...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, god,
Form: Grook
Premium Member In a Perfect World
In a perfect world
everyone's visions
would come to fruition,
but of course that couldn't happen
(given our nature)
and thus would end up in contradiction.

Perhaps it's because
we ask the...

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Categories: humanity, imagination, introspection, spiritual,
Form: Grook
Premium Member America's Idle Pastime
America's (Idle) Pastime

From New York, Austin, and L.A.,
From Cleveland and Seattle,
Ingloriously they screech or bray
In an auditioning battle.

And by the time we all feel sick,

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Categories: funny,
Form: Grook
Premium Member Jealous Beast
When it comes to the vacuum cleaner
my dog is a jealous beast,
showing off his fangs and claws.
Does he not know that I'd feed
my Oreck less...

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Categories: animal, humorous,
Form: Grook
Premium Member Chihuahua Rides As Navigator

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Categories: animals, funny, nature
Form: Grook
Premium Member From Words - Everything
Words are a peculiar kind of magic.
Alone, they do nothing of themselves,
and yet through the Great Orchestrator
they became everything else....

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Categories: analogy, bible, christian, deep,
Form: Grook
Cosmic Karma
I traverse the oceans within a breeze
I light my way holding burning trees
Freeing my body, my heart, my soul
I talk and walk through miles and...

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Categories: angstlight, light,
Form: Grook
Premium Member Space Cadet
You'll find it is a good idea,
now and then,
to look at the bigger picture:
see with a broader view
the workings of your fellow men.
A word of...

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Categories: analogy, deep, humanity, humor,
Form: Grook
Premium Member Too Busy Imagining
There are some that still crave
The smell of an old fashioned page
The look and feel
Of a bygone age
And there are some that prefer
A Nook or...

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Categories: imagination,
Form: Grook

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Categories: friendship, me, planet,
Form: Grook
More Room For My Stuff
I go to work to make more money,
to buy more stuff to make home homey,
the only problem now I find,
is theres no room to plant...

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Categories: home, irony, work,
Form: Grook
How Are You
Is everything coming together?
Are things still flying apart?
Are we any less lost when we're born
Than when we finally lose heart?

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Categories: confusion,
Form: Grook
To believe is to have no doubt
To doubt is to halve a belief...

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Categories: philosophy,
Form: Grook
No Quarter
You said I wasn't worth a plug nickel 
But you offered a penny for my thoughts, 
So I gave you my two cents 
And turned...

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Categories: business,
Form: Grook
Gypped by the sea, the tossing
yanked a breath out, carelessly ~
Propped on a cliff edge, a deep
surge, swept over the hopeless ~
Escape came from birthed...

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Categories: allusion,
Form: Grook

Here’s to Möbius and his strip.

Like some attitudes, it is a circuitous

one sided trip!

© 2010 John M.Trusty

*For the Grook contest. Dedicated to A.F.Möbius (et al)...

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Categories: funny
Form: Grook