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Best Drug Poems

Below are the all-time best Drug poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of drug poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member That Colorful Drug
LSD, Ecstasy, Vicodin, Meth; I've done none of these -

not even weed!  My dealer is a muse who pushes poetry.

I get high on rhyme,...

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Categories: creation, drug,
Form: Sijo

Premium Member A Long Loud Sigh
sometimes you are in its minimal spotted light...sometimes!
other times you just know you've been touched and you freeze,
moved but a stranger it moves in,...

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Categories: introspection, drug,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member if I had money
if I had all the money that I ever wanted,

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Categories: drug, introspection, universe,
Form: Free verse
Cry of the City

We will walk then, you and I

When daylight shuts her weary eye;

Down the streets where beggars sleep

And drug crazed addicts spend their keep.

On streets that...

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Categories: life, prayer, time, drug,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member We Rulers Of The Earth
We Rulers Of This Earth

Homo-Sapiens we call ourselves, rulers of this Earth,
   Intelligent and civilized, but what is all this worth?

We're working hard...

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Categories: angst, corruption, drug, earth,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member New World Order
The Rulers wield their silver shields,
             wear golden coronets
while warders guard the prison...

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Categories: drug, society,
Form: Rhyme
Screaming at the Sky

Screaming at the Sky
Mothers screaming mournfully at a deaf sky
holding their heads helplessly as they cry
pitiful tears for innocent, defenseless children slaughtered
in fatal cross...

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Categories: children, drug, grief, hurt,
Form: Verse
Why must I Cry
   I come to the garden along, while the dew is still fresh
on the meadows. Early in the morning do the bird's sing

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Categories: drug, devotion, inspirational, recovery from...,
Form: Prose Poetry
A Legend In His Own Mind
Who was that masked man?!?
Brian Williams, rides again.

He was in Amilia Earhart's plane;
even rode with the Dalton Gang.

The day the Titanic went down;
In the rescue...

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Categories: silly, slam, drug,
Form: Rhyme
The Malkavian..Part 1
The Malkavian..Part 1

His mind has all the meaning of a madman that is screaming
Tortured and tormented, a life lived to be lamented 
His family, drained...

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Categories: caregiving, friendshiplife, drug,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member That Period of Life
Orange is more appreciated by the tongue that tastes lime
to do so, if not now, when would be the time?

Senses and instincts are the same...

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Categories: adventure, life, youth, drug,
Form: Couplet
You're worthy of love
You're worthy of love

I see the scars, you're hiding deep within
they're not visible, upon your skin
you don't even know, how you could begin
to feel worthy...

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Categories: drug, abuse, addiction, child abuse,
Form: Lyric
Ghosts of the Sun Dance-Part 1
Ghosts of the Sun Dance

1. The Path

A quest dating back through our history
Surpassing the flesh, a spiritual path
Human endurance, road to mystery
Dark trail winding through...

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Categories: spiritual, sports, endurance, drug,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
Premium Member A Small Stain Of Blood
an early morning rise,
up the stairs
walk into the bathroom 
in the sink
a small stain of blood.

less than a measure of yesterday 
pulling a baby out...

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Categories: child, drug,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member - The Brown Fog -

There are times you have no choice
To infinite unity, the tide comes as determined
You are part of the earth, the sun, the moon, the wind...

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Categories: dark, drink, drug, pain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Curse the Hour
I’ll not be the mask of your madness
I’ll not be the whip of your demands
I’ll not be the drug of your habit
I’ll not be the...

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Categories: betrayal, recovery from, drug,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member The Puppet
Slowly the curtains parted a head peeps out
Dressed as a small child so lifelike

Can see the strings working the arms
In a disjointed fashion
But the eyes.....

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Categories: imagination, drug,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Keep It Real:If I Could Cry
if i maurice yvonne could cry
i’d spread my tears
eternal over your 
( say it, dare to be bold)
naked body
(then she could taste your pain)

but i can’t...

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Categories: depression, drug,
Form: Free verse
A Matter of Convenience
A grove of magnolias perfumes the air
as they sit absorbed in one another's gaze,
she with her crochet and he with his collectibles
uneasy in their pleasure...

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Categories: happiness, day, drug,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Security Blanket
Security Blanket 

No chance of rain tonight,
No bogeyman, when I turn off the lights.
A phrase I found and adore with the warmth of your security.

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Categories: drug, baby, daughter, son, sweet,
Form: Couplet
Modern Poetry
Have you read a poem lately; they're all written in ‘free verse’.
Like the murmurs of a hippy high on drugs or something worse,
They're a dangling...

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Categories: drug, how i feel,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Mama Swore It'd Be Alright
 I grew up shooting pool and dancing on the bar
 Mama said with enough buise anyone could be a star
 Daddy was in the...

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Categories: drug, childhoodheart, heart, life, cancer,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Old Age is a Buzz Kill- Two Lenses
I loved
summer fairs -
the cool night wind
in my hair as I
twirled on the tilt-a-whirl
or climbing into sky. . . then
descending at lightening speed,
stomach leaping at...

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Categories: age, fun, drug,
Form: Etheree
All About Cecilia
Middle child of seven siblings and has had a troubled childhood
It has made me a stronger person, just not easily understood
Had a baby at seventeen...

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Categories: drug, introspection, life, me, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Mad Hatters
Madness, the Hatter blinks. 
Madness, Oz's link. 
Repercussions of concussions.
Madness was Portnoy's complaint**, 

Madness must reciprocate!

Hallucinations filter by....
Leary* winks at Dali's eye.
A house lands on...

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Categories: drug, confusion, fantasy, funny, imagination,
Form: Rhyme