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They always said I was "special" or useless,
full of excuses, slow to learn but my wit had a quickness,
so I decided to embrace my uniqueness,
and look at me now leaving people speechless.

They challenge me and their ego decreases,
they think I'm an easy target all blonde and simple,
but I can tie laces and pull down bridges,
leaving red faces on all those people.

I'm just a nuisance that you cannot silence,
it's just the written word it's not acts of violence,
but offensive 'cus I've mastered the art of deliverance,
I went from special needs to the rank of brilliance.

I'm an example of how evolution is impossible to prevent,
I don't have a need for revolution, I don't give up and reinvent.
I'm this generations arrival of something different,
and what that means is anything but insignificant.

It's just the basic nature of our creature,
the arrival, the stay and the retreat,
a rotation of stature and main feature,
allowing the old to take their seat.

I've realised that being different is a gift
able to move you above the competition.
It's a rare dynamic thought process that lifts
out a unique idea missed by everyone.

It's a natural advantage to protect from sabotage,
that has an exceptional outcome way above average.
I don't need to hide out of sight wearing camouflage,
I have the right tools and ambition to build my own bridge.

I write rhymes but it was never predicted,
people thought my brain was restricted,
I always allowed their insults to inflict,
listening to put downs meant my mind was tricked.

Then I stopped listening and my confidence lifted,
and found that being unique also means gifted.
Many remembered by history were not deemed ordinary,
I guess "the odd kid" grows into the extraordinary.

Creating their very own original story,
billions lived but they stay in the memory.
So, I guess, with a self belief that could be me,
and if not at least the illusion makes me happy.

P.O.T.D 30/03/18

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

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True Colours

Bad situations reveal colours of truth,
a chance to see how friends and relations view you.

Judgement day
shall we say,
a time to decide
who to kick out
or keep by your side.

Always remember who turned away or deserted you.
Make them a memory, 
don't make them an enemy.
Pretending and false, 
you don't know them at all,
disguising their faults, 
their views and their thoughts,
using fake personalities 
in untrue realities,
asking for favours reducing your salary.

But in a real moment of need, 
when you beg cry and you plead,
how they respond will test your belief.

Cus lit up with light
so strong and so bright
both who are sighted
and unsighted alike can see,
if your really seen as an important priority,
do they show you love
or a real lack of loyalty.

A blessing for you
as you discover who's true. 
Some fools you stood around
are nowhere to be found.
It's time to start new 
and walk away tall
remember they're NOTHING

Richard Lamoureux
People Contest
11/9/2017 (September 11 2017).

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2017

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Humble Thunder

All the others row the boat slow while I crank up the motor....
Here we go let's start the show, I'm the show boater.

The entrance of the eminent,
with a brilliant ability that's evident.
Poo fills your pants as you now know you haven't a chance.

I've had it with those who flow with a transparent talent,
with the thumpy clumpy rhyme and rhythm of an elephant,
regardless of their age they should think about retirement,
as a skill that's transparent is a skill that you haven't.

I am the standard setter and I lack compassion,
my skills measured and better than the competition.

Your rhymes are rotten,
that's why they're forgotten,
You're not the dogs .............  
you're just the dogs bottom.

I rhyme with a rhythm representing Great Britain,
you rhyme like you've been bitten and are disease ridden.

My hyperactive mind will leave you behind,
I am not being unkind but simple minds,
can't even begin to find the words to bind,
people like you often tend to stumble blind
over the simple single syllable rhyme.

I started writing and I'm unstoppable, it's easy it's natural,
you're a hangover fart that lingers like a holocaust chemical.

I am the only poetic superhuman that's causing confusion,
it's amusing how you need the supervision to point out you're losin'.

You need to train your face to look HUMBLE when defeated,
if you feed what it needs your brain won't crumble depleated.
I'm on a mission to book first place, so when I'm awarded,
I must be applauded, stand and clap don't remain seated.

You need to accept it and expect it,
or quit while you have time to forefeit.

You will blunder under the sound of my THUNDER that goes round,
but if it's misheard, 
I've got a box of frost to start biting,
but if that's squandered 
and you carry on like a fighter,
I'll strike you with lightning, 
one way or another you will not win top writer.

Respect the perspective that my rhyme is perfected,
and to conclude your rhymes are rejected.
Not to be rude but your seat is to be ejected,
it's not that you're bad it's that I am majestic. 

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

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Stupid smart

What does it look like
From over there
Describe the sights
No details spared 

How does it taste
Is it always delicious
By the look on your face
I’m a bit suspicious

I happen to be
Opposite to you
On the humanity tree
Like yellow and blue

I imagine your half
An enlightened bunch
No need for math
Just an arrogant hunch

It seems quite ironic
To say the least
That, in fact, you’re ignorant
Yet too smart to see

Copyright © Anna Hopper | Year Posted 2018

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The Mouse

We have a mouse in the house.
Not an average mouse
But rather a mouse with some nous 
That trips traps as it goes traipsing through the house.
A mouse whose downfall I am planning 
Even while I am jotting.

A foolproof trap I will find, 
Before I go out of my mind. 

It will be one of a kind,
That will attest to my state of mind. 
And show beyond doubt that I have more nous
Than a mouse.

It will send a message to all mouse kind
That it is time to leave this city behind
In case I lose my nous 
And sacrifice the house to get rid of a mouse. 

Copyright © David Smith | Year Posted 2016

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the shortest road
is the one that you know
the longest road
is the one that you love

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2016

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Black American Slavery

When it comes to Black slavery
Black people see the White people as the enemy,
The Black were owned by the White.
True fact but not completely right.

Black men were sold as slaves to White men,
By powerful Black men who knew slavery would happen.

The lower level of Black African society 
were owned by the powerful Black African bully.

The powerful Black African men rounded up the poor,
then sold those Black African men who were transported across the seashore.

It was the White men of Britain that made the slave trade illegal.
Britain was given the responsibility of policing the oceans which was vital
as it prevented Slade traders from transporting Black people.
Britain also made slavery illegal forcing others too as it was powerful.

The irony is the poor slaves got to go to America,
While those that sold them stayed in Africa.
The slaves now live with the chance of opportunity.
While those that sold them live in poverty.

It was not right for the White to own the Black
but that has changed now and there is no going back.

People should celebrate the changes made through history,
use the stories educationally and not a reason to blame thee,
who were not part of the lesson that created changes,
because no matter our race, our ancestors were all slaves through the ages.

Black sold Black to White,
White sold Black to White,
and White freed Black from White.
Find a history book and you will find I'm right.

P.s the term "African American" is divisive in itself, as well as inaccurate, have you ever heard of an African Australian? People were emigrating all over the world at the same time as people were emigrating to America but only in America do you divide in this way, maybe think about ending it I say.

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

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Misjudged by History - NOT

President Barack
Teaches as Mother taught us 
"Speak Respectfully"

contest-Senyru of being misjudged

Copyright © Judy Konos | Year Posted 2015

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My Aminus Brain

I am of soft, delicate skinned casing,
Housing an iron, logical facing.

I grant my femininity free reign
To follow dictates of my manlike brain.

My seductive charms can attract a man,
But he may run far once I show my hand.

My quick, mental wit delivered deadpan
Cannot be handled by males with no span.

Only those of equal mental process
Will see my smile and know any access.

Feelings don’t phase my skill to analyze,
Even when I flash my come-hither eyes.

I don’t have masculine strength or muscle,
But in games deductive, I can tussle.

Call me feminine, demure or girly,
Such true adjectives won’t find me surly.

Color my world with sheer lace all pearly,
Just remember my sharp brain is burly.

... CayCay Jennings, a Libra
May 27, 2016

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2016

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Imagine a man in the sky.
Imagine he created you and I.
Imagine he gave the world life.
Imagine he saves you after you die.

Imagine his unlimited magic.
He creates the glory and love.
He creates the evil and tragic.
Imagine his immortality up above.

A majestic man with the ultimate power,
watching over the growth of the flower,
and watching man as man builds the tower,
watching over every second and hour.

Imagine Imagine,
the man you imagine
may manage to manage mankind one day,
alleviate damage and salvage the savage,
making a peace and uniting our way.
Process the notion that conflict solves nothing,
making the planet a pleasure to inhabit.

This is a magnificent manifestation,
that you store in your creative thought station.

So now think about this,
with openmindedness,
forget what you believe,
and set your whole mind free. 

Imagination has no limits or boundaries,
you have the capability to think what you please,
but for now concentrate on these, 
pick one of the following ideas, I bet you do it with ease....

Believe that, that man must exist without question.

Believe that, that man must be a thing of fiction.

So imagine what you want to imagine,
now, in some way, it exists and it happened.
As once you imagine it, it becomes real,
and can become something that all others feel.


If you can dream that you can achieve,

and be everything that you want to be,

then aim for it and always believe,

don't lose focus or your energy,

you must keep your faith through the difficulties,

some days it may feel like it's out of reach,

it is part of the route to destiny,

be sure to seek more knowledge than they teach,

over time your dreams make reality.

That thing that was once imaginary,

has now become an actuality,

and you.... yes you..... you have the ability

to be one of the few to make history.

If you've followed this all the way through,
and you were not confused,
then you are someone that I'm talking to.
Just go for it, and don't give up whatever you do!


Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2017

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Not Afraid, part 1

(Verse 1)

This cannot repeat or loop around anymore, in my direction.
I've had the wind kicked out of my sails, due to depression,
and everyday
I hide away
and I'm not displaying 
the fight that I'm saying.
I'm down inside and sink,
I'm more flipping down than you'd think.
Lost for love and lost for laughter,
facing up to my fears always ends in disaster
with anxiety.

So I'm always down and doubting me.
A desert there's a drought in me
while rain downpours are drowning me.
The logic's leaking out of me.
A mist hides the positivity
you find in creativity.

From an infant right up to my last rhyme thinking I can't do s**t
life devours me,
I need to shake that habit,
cus in rhyme my talent's apparent so I won't bow out cowardly.

I'm wasting my worth,
but have a thunderous thirst,
to rediscover some turf.
Watch me now and you'll witness,
as I drift with the surf,
and wet the earth,
of this desert,
as I p**s on the dirt.

You just heard
now watch and observe.

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

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     Intelligence rises from ignorance when elevated by common sense...

     One Liner Contest
     Sponsored By Silent One

Copyright © Charlie Smith | Year Posted 2016

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Thoughts on a Jezebel

Because she was a buxom blonde
and he lacked a sage Adviser, 
(like a naïve fresh off the pond)
he fell for and idealized her.

If he had been but the wiser
and much more careful with his heart
as if he were a mean miser,
he’d have ne’er been fooled right from the start. 

Poems for one of cheap, impure heart
make the Poet look un-clever
and like a fool, which is not smart:
hence his case from her did he sever!

A lesson learned late than never
is much better than to be fooled, 
played, conned, gulled and duped forever—
and so in her cheap wont he is schooled.

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2016

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All People Are Created Equal

America, I'm on the outside looking in
so a fresh perspective I can offer, shall I begin?

Firstly this is for each and every one of you,
there is no hierarchy, no person of more or less value.

You're all humans and you all survive,
gender and race aside you're all alive.

Whether gay or lesbian or even bi,
who like to give everything a try.

Whether you pray, 
or don't, read what I say.

You're all Americans at this time
reading each word of my rhyme.

All people are created equal, 
they say society is to blame.
They make out it's that simple, 
why people don't stay the same.
So we see the continuous sequel
of white power, wealth and fame.
But society is shaped by people,
with unfair rules to the game.

People are the reason,
for discrimination.
It's human treason,
not the leaders of the nation.

Lincoln freed the black slaves of America,
a white man who paid the price in the theatre.

JFK ended the segregation one day,
within a day he was made to pay.

"What can you do for your country?"
Each take your share of responsibility,
if you all share it evenly
then none are seen differently.

Now the equal people have been set up to become the greatest generation,
an opportunity to make history by creating the age of the "Great Integration".
A period of future history that tells of exceeding expectation,
when different races from different places created a united nation.

If divide is your only foresight
and nothing will ever make all unite.

Then can I bring 9/11 to mind,
on that day each and everyone of you walked with the same stride
together with nearly all of mankind.
United under the stars and stripes, you all stood on the same side.

You an American with American pride
saw your own kind attacked by those from the outside.
The American dream denied to the thousands who died.
As those towers came tumbling down each of you felt the hurt inside.
You comforted one another as tears fell from eyes.
Forget conspiracies, focus, your fellow Americans lost their lives.

On 9/11 there was no divide,
if you deny you lie.
Whatever you say
you can not stray
or get away
from the fact all united on that day.

History is a story
it is not your reality.
It teaches mistakes through events
that can be used now to prevent
a repeat of mistreatment
so no one is treated different.

So like on 9/11 that fateful day
every single one of you will feel the same way.

It is the responsibility of the people
to make society equal.
Nothing is more vital
if you are to unite all.

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2017

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Quitting Addiction

It is insane to do the same thing again and again and expect a different result

Unless the thing your trying to do is overcome an addiction 

In which case you must try again and again

Don't expect a different result immediately

But just know that it will come

Just keep trying and trying.

Try and become addicted to quitting.

As you free yourself from the addiction

A hole in your life there will be

Your addiction will try to trick you into thinking it can fill that hole

This is the addiction on its knees weak and almost unable to breathe

Replace it with something pure and true.

And remember that if you relapse you have made progress

It is not that you tried and failed 

But that you have gone through a phase and made progress

You have to quit in phases.

Recharge through the relapse and stay in control of your thought to quit

And start the next phase

It may happen a number of times

It is not you failing

But a boxing match with a number of rounds.

Stay motivated and just keep going

Believe in yourself and just keep going

Endure the pain and just keep going

One day you will get the result your seeking

I know because I have done it.

The buzz you get once you are free is better than anything in the world.

Trust me, I've overcome it.

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2017

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Why Won't You Play With Me

He and I went to the same school,
we were in the same class.

He never studied with me
or played with me.

He was too cool for me
and I didn't know how.

When we each went our separate ways,
back to our homes,
he had help with his studies,
while sometimes I found supper.

He got to sleep with just a blanket,
feeling warm and toasty,
while I slept with just a blanket, too, feeling cold as if I was outside,
perhaps I was.

I never wished I was him,
why would I?
why would I want to be someone,
someone who wouldn't want to play with me?

He never got the higher grade.
Now as he receives his paycheck from me,
he asks me how.
How did I?

I paused and smiled,
you never played with me,
no one did,
so I kept myself busy.

He said thank you for his bonus,
I said, no!
Thank you for not playing with me.

Copyright © Anna A. | Year Posted 2017

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Three Years Ago Today I Quit Cannabis

3 years ago today I quit cannabis.
I remember thinking "I can't do this".

Counter forces stocked up with all my resources,
emotions, wants, needs and dreams on a collision course.

An overwhelmingly unmovable want and need
and the overpowering unstoppable speed built by the wish to be freed.

13 years of day and night dependence
and dwindling dying " I can do it" confidence.

If I was a country this would be a revolution
but I am a person so it was an act of evolution.

No 1776 or Battle of Waterloo
not a fall of Constantinople,
but a war nonetheless
where success could not be second best.

Physical pain I had previously felt but this was mental instead,
broken bones and torn ligaments 
I even took a knuckle duster to the head,
but you survive and the recovery is imminent.

So mentally I was intentionally
ready to live uncomfortably.
I nearly caved and gave up
but I cried tears of pain that cause inner emotions to erupt.

I knew this journey was to be rough,
but my soul said I've simply had enough,
while my head made me aware that I'm that tough,
so I carried on with the battle showing cannabis no love.

A combination of determination to resist temptation, 
a hate for the addiction, 
a deeply suppressed inner frustration 
and i admit a bit of luck on occasion
fuelled my route to destiny.....
Av it Cannabis!!! This is my Victory, 
you're history, 
never again to have a hold on me!!

Sit in my dungeon under my control,
you can sit next to alcohol.
Chained up in this dirty hole
let's see how you like being bossed about by my soul!!

The biggest surprise of all was that suddenly I gained self belief
and the buzz I get is better than any in life.
So being free from addiction is a great relief,
but most of all I am in a position where I can thrive.


P.s You can do it too, trust me I didn't think it was something I could do,
but I did it and so can you!!


Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2017

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The Know IT All

I started to read at the age of three
and know all the winners on Jeopardy
have posters of Einstein all over my walls
the theory of relativity my favorite of all,

Since my parents and teachers and I all agreed
I skipped grades and earned an early Doctorate Degree
I'm a walking talking human encyclopedia
my brilliant brain to yours far superior,

Just ask me anything about history, math or science
I love to hear myself talk even about the latest appliance
in detail I'll explain to you how it all works
as I'll never quite understand your cranium quirks,

The few friends I have all belong to the same club
where the MENSA rules mean an IQ of 130 and above
when I get together with my ordinary family at the holidays
I try to explain the cosmos to them and they all walk away,

I've even heard them whisper he's just a know it all
avoiding eye contact with me as they scamper down the hall
but since I'm a rocket scientist genius I can't help but take delight
in having your full attention as I explain Einsteins theory of light,

I guess my family's new nick name for me is really quite fitting
no longer called Einstein but now known as Sheldon.


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2017

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Drunk on my Tractor

I get up early, a rancher with chores
Hay grows in fields, animals shuffle, roars
Dawn breaks its steel grey grip on my land
And I, well, I have a clear bottle clutched in hand
The first swipe, the one that burns the most
Clears the head, lifts the fog, begins my dose
Work ahead, hours on the grind
A key in my hand, the tractor is mine
Muddy boots climb my ass to my seat
Prepared I am, for this summer heat
A seperate, full bottle in pocket, the engine is turned
Key to the right, another throat tickle burned
Through the gate on into field I find my day anew
View as of now, not quite so askew
The rows start straight, a farmers simple task
They soon grow crooked, I can't find my flask
Fuel runs low, a hassle to refill
Inebriated I find it easy to spill
Unwiser still, I light up a smoke
Finding my way, to field with a toke
Stoned and drunk I arrive at my field
I'll try it again, a little more even keeled
A drunken chuckle to nobody in sight
What a great poem, another forgotten to write
A vision of an old boss, his hatred of me
I laugh, again, to no person I see
He works all day at his nine to five
And I'm drunk on my tractor, happy alive

Copyright © Bic Gi-Sa | Year Posted 2017

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Look Spoken And Served

                                     Look, Spoken & Served

            I myself with Oneness, sorting through this mess and disaster, 
              With truthfulness, bringing faster, craftier, eternal factors,
                    Smells like hell departing with ignorant laughter, 
                             Through the storms of days after,
        Into the good news, from the one who knew darkness to outlast ya,
                          With a staunch persona, don’t compare,
                    To any man’s power, its conscious power shared,
                 The brains awake, causing good and evil to circulate,
            Like internal relations, neglect their sight in this earthquake,
                   Swords of wisdom to the hater, in another verse,
            Seeking wise knowledge through this hell for what it’s worth,
                                   Look, spoken and served,
                Clutch another word fighter putting steps to the word, 
                     These are the seeds, Skater styled proverbs,
              The unrighteous pay a ransom to get what they deserve,
                        Bang on about a lord, confined to a cell,
            Subatomic waves sell by wearing a pleasant array real well,
              The exterior can be the teacher, but distortion can spray,
                Like featured deep riddles badly retreat and reach ya,
                  Indestructible feature, I’m the narrator you select, 
           In company with the Upper Deck, I don’t neglect or disrespect,
              The heavens and earth combined, the ultimate divine line,
           The one percenters, promotions of evil grandeur in the airtime,
                     Bear in mind my rhymes, the tools of my trade,
                Aid my veins, insane in this game I came, this is a raid,
          Played out conscious praise in the day, when dues will all be paid.

                                                 Quincy Mac
date written: 4.12.2015

Copyright © Quincy Mac | Year Posted 2015

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Numbers don't lie

This is probably the first second time
On a third bases I have had a fourth thought
On my fifth victorious experience.
My victory proves that numbers don't lie.

Since the sixth sense 
Is not found on Seventh Heaven.
As we wish for an eighth day 
As part of the weekend
For we are doomed on Mondays
Like 9th/11
Deja vu is the tenth occurrence of victory

Utter wonderful words on Twelfth night
With no fear shake your spear on Friday the 13th
No Jason about it
Don't be sad about it, be gay.
No February 14th in my life
Hopefully in 2015
Then my life will be sweet sixteen
Or super seventeen
Then am legally 18 
Get married at nineteenth
Then its goodbye to the teens
But I am still stuck in the 20th century
Cos that's where the true meaning of life is left 
And on right my 21st Birthday I got the perfect key 
The key to open up my door to the 21st Century.
Its all in the numbers of life.

Copyright © Vuyolethu Sithatu | Year Posted 2016

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A superb virtue—
Use for good, and not evil!
Smart is always good . . . 
           Man’s differentiation . . . 
To be nurtured at all times!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
May 15, 2015 (Tanka)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2015

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Why Are You Smart

They always ask
Why are you so smart?
But I'm not smart
I'm just wise
Which gives me the common sense I need to know when and not to speak
To know that I should do my homework as soon as I get home and to study with all the time I have to spare
To know I shouldn't waste my time with fools who will only give me burdens to bare
I am wise and I have enough common sense to know that I need to use it so I can be successful and make the right choices in life
On tests
And just before my death
I don't know who I will become in the future
But I know to search for my passion
And to never run away from it
I am not smart
But I know i am wise
So I will at least grow up with common sense
Just enough for me to make it somewhere 
And to help others get there
So you can call me smart
For being wise
But don't just say I'm smart
Because that's not what made my brain swell in the first place
It was what got me from there to here
Then to now
It was I within wise
Giving me this knowledge 
Situations I've been through
Everything that taught me to understand things
So I guess I am smart
But firstly wise
That's why I am smart

Copyright © harmony raymond | Year Posted 2016

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My Proud Secret

Ever since my parents bought me a Grundig TV for my room,   
And every week day unquestioned and without fail, 
I've watched the Channel 4 News avidly, glued to it,
From when I was ten when my ship did at last sail. 

I fell in love with Jon Snow instantly as a father figure, 
A socialist or social democratic who would interpret, 
Political and social events in a way that I understood, 
Without any superiority or cold, aloof mood. 

My best subject at university was marketing, 
Came top in my second year Easter class exam
And everyday when I watched it I analysed Jon’s socks and ties, 
Until I was 17, I could predict to myself the next days dyes.

This made me so happy and empowered me to continue, 
In that Christian fundamentalist world of criticism and guilt,
But the C4 News was my little secret which I kept to myself, 
As I was taught not to love things like that, of a worldly, societal lilt.

I was a devious child towards my parents and their religion, 
And lived by admitting only to liking that which I loved, 
So that they could have the satisfaction of disciplining me straight,
But pass me by as someone who religion did very much hate. 

I had my own sequence, mathematical formula in my head,
And the first day I got my television when the light was ahead, 
Because my dad used to monitor what I viewed with intense interest, 
I did not flip channels somedays, to suggest no deviation was in my head. 

And when Krishnan Guru-Murthy joined the show in 1998,
(I had predicted it from his way at BBC news presenting);
As he reported in Newsnight and BBC 24’s current events programme,
And I thought he would compliment Jon Snow and for youth be an emblem.

I'm hesitant to say that I used to be able to, 
Predict when he would grow a beard in playful discourse,
But I knew that he would always shave it off again, 
‘Cos that concerned, innocent face is not for recourse. 

I like Garry Gibbon, love Kathy Newman, Jackie Long and Matt Frei,
And Paul Mason always gets to the roots of the economics issues;
Lindsey Hilsum and Helia Ebrahimi give such good reports,
And Geoff White always excites me with his technology eye.  

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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The Operating System

The System Disk

That wide open plan, 
The desktop area so spacious, 
A vast canvas so beautiful;
Why do you sit there, 
Open to all for their curiosity? 
When you to me call.

Oh cupboard, that hard disk brimming with identity, 
Memory no problem, even lacking files;
Proficiently organised with raging delight, 
Amorous filing system which you employ. 

All disks are obvious, seen by me, 
Begging to be viewed, added to or changed, 
Offering usage stats and permissions, 
That are not just the programmer’s privilege,
But any user's decree. 

No LOGO, no dos, 
No text-based system to beat, 
No floppies to be distorted,
By the drives' magnetic wheels. 

Encrypted files are offered,
But that requires some introspection,
About whether or not your loved one,
Would really infraltrate your disk,
And read your documents. 

My computer is a reflection of me, 
My order or my mayhem;
No longer my prowess and endeavour, 
‘Cos my articulations are my graft,
Not the machine’s mechanisations. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015