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Best Pantoum Poems

Below are the all-time best Pantoum poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of pantoum poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Sun shines on the righteous
It’s only the good that die young.
I sadly have found it seems true.
While evil across earth is flung,
God’s purest of souls are too few.

I sadly...

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Categories: irony, people,

I watch moonbeams dance on an inky sea
Clouds drift on by, oh how the moon does shine
Moonlight shadows always fascinate me
This ever-changing scene is so...

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Categories: moon, nature, sea, sky,

Premium Member White Cane
He walked down Goverment Road West
With a white cane, in shaking hand
Wearing Stevie wonder glasses
People called him the pop bottle man

With a white cane, in...

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Categories: community, history, memory,

Premium Member Night - A Pantoum Lullaby
Night spreads its magic cloak of midnight blue
across the sky.  Serenity slips down.
I sing this pantoum lullaby for you
as stars, like sequins, sparkle all...

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Categories: moon, night, poetry, ,

Premium Member Changing Sky
Come, watch with me my darling child, before you go to bed
Here, hold my hand, while evening comes and takes the day away
Evening shadows tiptoe...

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Categories: nature, sky,

Premium Member Starlit Diva
My mind has wings and wants to fly
into galaxies where stars streak.
Aloft on whispers and a sigh
a hint of stardust on my cheek.

Into galaxies where...

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Categories: freedom, growth, imagery, journey,

I know your spirit is finally free 
when I scattered your ashes yesterday 
Cancer has taken you away from me 
solitude is now the price...

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Categories: bereavement, heartbroken, missing you,

Premium Member Winter's Garden
High shadows loom on garden walls.
They tremble in the winter’s breeze.
As from the heavens powder falls,
they mimic naked limbs of trees.

They tremble in the winter’s...

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Categories: winter,

Premium Member A Marriage of Seasons
November’s sitting at her loom.
For gown of lace, a wrap she weaves,
And when she meets her dauntless groom,
They’ll dance among the fallen leaves.

For gown of...

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Categories: dance, farewell, silver,

Premium Member Night Silence
Twilight evokes my tranquility and silence of the night,
with my peaceful guidance between the moon and the stars,
the placid eclipse in the universe is so...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beauty, nature, night, universe,

Premium Member Hey Jude - Dedicated to Winged Warrior
Hey Jude, love is like a butterfly - just let it be.
You've got a ticket to ride, go where you should be.
Love is a revolution...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, music, tribute,

Premium Member Endless chorus of tears - Diana Ross tribute
Her life turned upside down, endless chorus of tears,
jilted she hoped he would stop in the name of love.
What was once endless love was now...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: loneliness, lost love,

Premium Member He Was My Sun
He was my sun, my one and only son,
attired as a cowboy for the day. 
And so I handed him a little gun
of fastened random...

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Categories: war,

Premium Member Midnight In The Library
Around midnight, in the library I found myself drawn,
to these shelves haunted still by Poe, Stevenson and King,
as a rare, late October storm brews beyond...

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Categories: books, night, october, repetition,

Premium Member Summer Wind of Sea
Bless me with the magic you possess,
wafting balm of coolness through the air.
Summer wind of sea, erase my stress
as I languish beachside in this chair.


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Categories: magic, me, nature, peace,

Premium Member This song, it is for you
This song, it is for you
Because my heart is singing
All that I feel is true
The happiness you’re bringing

Because my heart is singing
The sun is burning...

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Categories: boy, boyfriend, joy, love,

Premium Member Indian Summer Eyes
Indian summer lies within your autumn hazel eyes,
my velvet bloom vibrant now lost after your killing frost;
love lingers in bereft fingers, I stroke your face...

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Categories: autumn, betrayal, love hurts,

Premium Member No More Worries For Tomorrow
Whatever tomorrow may bring,
Today is in my hands, 
My God has thus far made me sing,
He'll lead me through time's sands.

Today is in my hands,

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© Jo Daniel  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: faith, future, god, song,

Premium Member For Only A Moment
Did it have to last for only a moment,
our love withered before the flowers you sent,
white carnations, a pure love they meant,
a relationship so newfound...

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Categories: absence, break up, loneliness,

Premium Member Wayward Child
Ah, memory is a fickle lover succumbing to the tide
grasping for the grains of sentiment sometimes left.
In cold or torrid waves, spent passions now abide

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Categories: age, dark, introspection, life,

Premium Member Heavenly Kiss
You flew to me from beyond the clouds
Sent to soothe my troubled heart
I felt the warmth of your kiss on my forehead 
In that moment...

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Categories: heaven, kiss,

Premium Member Take Me Back
Faded photographs; a sentimental knick knack;
a much loved movie from  so many years ago.
The times I chance on things like these, it takes me...

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Categories: nostalgiame, world, old, me,

Premium Member My Crazy Dream
My crazy dream is to begin again
back when I ran breathless in fields of green,
enchanted and well past the age of ten,
yet back when my...

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Categories: dream, romance, youth,

Premium Member You are in my blood
If I bleed will that be enough for you?
I am willing to place my heart on the floor.
To be crushed beneath your stilettoed heel!
For this...

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Categories: passion,

Premium Member The Golden Hour
Gorgeous boy, your skin shines in the sun’s golden hour.
Waves of your jet-black hair, short-cropped like Caesar's 
dripping tendrils on a chiseled brow, wisps beside...

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Categories: beautiful, hair, introspection, life,