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Best Chicago Poems

Below are the all-time best Chicago poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of chicago poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Invisible Prison
Invisible Prison

I look at the wall
	I look at the floor
I look out the window
	I look at the door
No clock on the wall
	No light in the...

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Categories: chicago, death, depression, psychological,

The Redline
My room at the Hyatt 
Smelled like my ex-wife
She didn't have oodles of class
Or wasn't overly fancy
So, it must be that aroma of 
Almost masking...

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Categories: baseball, chicago, humorous, sports,

the muse
The Muse 
I remember it well when in the summer evenings
I went to see her we drank wine and made love
Embraced we slept to morning...

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Categories: celebrity, chicago, chocolate, city,

Seated at the right hand of the father
at hiding 
won't know to look at
embarrassment, worse than bad breath

must have smacked my head against something
when I was playing good cop, bad cop
and I...

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Categories: chicago, child, culture, me,

Premium Member Putting on the Ritz
I pulled up to the Stork Club in a bright Red Coupe Deville. I must admit I felt a bit of pride as I tossed...

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Categories: blessing, chicago, cool, crazy,

Premium Member The Battle of South Chicago
The freeze has brought them to a winter night
they've made themselves, forgetting what is right,
and though...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, addiction, chicago, grief,


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© Dan Cwiak  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: baseball, chicago, happy, image,

the refugee
A Refugee 
He had been given a lift by a Lithuanian truck driver
to a little town in inland Norway where the winter 
starts in September...

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Categories: chicago, boat, boyfriend, business, care,

I Am What I Am
I am what I am, not what you'd like me to be. I see, do, & believe in all that I believe, do, or see....

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Categories: america, chicago, identity, society,

If you procrastinate, it may be because you're afraid of fate. You have no faith, so you wait until its too late! You take for...

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Categories: business, chicago, future, life,

I Wanted To Get Away
I Wanted To ‘Get Away’   
By Curtis Johnson

Without naming the company, one of my favorite commercials use to be the one featuring ‘embarrassing...

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Categories: character, chicago, christian, class,

A Life Changing 'Misdial'

A Life Changing Misdial

One of my favorite poems is Robert Frost’s “Road Not Taken”, which I read for the first time in high school. ...

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Categories: adventure, change, chicago, education,

My School
The place where I used to stay,
I used to learn and eat and play,
My so many friends and toys
The shared sorrows and joys
The childish quarrels...

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Categories: age, care, chicago, child,

Growing up just outside the CHI
I would spy
Always wondering what lied inside
Waiting for my turn to slide
Then I got the call homie Bob had died

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Categories: chicago, childhood, conflict, death

Hat wairers
Hat wairers are people too . 

We deserve equal rites just like the females & 

The black fokes du ! 

We deserve Freedum frum the...

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© John Hall  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chicago, community, feelings,

Long Distant Love

The college town of Evanston was where we first met.
It was the summer of 1970, when Mr. Nixon was president.

It would be two years later...

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Categories: chicago, husband, love, marriage,

A Place Called Destiny

Deep in the little boy’s heart, he was thinking about a place called destiny. 
His environment provided too little hope for a future of building...

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Categories: adventure, boy, change, chicago,

Chicago's Sin
Another body dropped as the evil ran through the night 
He was on a spree to start a war 
The screams blistered the silence 

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Categories: america, chicago, corruption, evil,

The man in the waistcoat
West coast, east coast 
This question is for you in the waist coat
What about us in the mid-west?
People like to boast 
Pork and beans and...

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Categories: addiction, allusion, chicago, feelings,

Voice Of America - VOA
It's the cadence we hear.
Even when we're not near.
That's smooth soft slang.
As if there, phone rang.
Just so worthy to listen.
Even when you're beside the kitten.

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© Ike Boat  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: america, analogy, chicago, school,

Fool's Gold

On the main floor of the bus station in the windy city,             ...

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Categories: analogy, chicago, evil, heartbroken,

Time And Space
Time And Space

In the class rooms from the very first grade,
we played with trucks and toys in the sand box

We learned side by side to...

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Categories: chicago, childhood, death of

One Night In Chicago

 In the black of night, it was an uninviting neighborhood; but there I was, all alone. During the day, all seemed trouble free, but...

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Categories: chicago, community, courage, desire,

My Chicago Bike
My Chicago Bike
By Curtis Johnson

There was once a Christmas past,               ...

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Categories: chicago, child, childhood, leaving,

Premium Member Tattered Game Ball
Kids of different
nationalities gather
every day to play 
in the streets of Chicago 
once their daily chores are done.

They play with marbles,
scummy top, pitching pennies,
or a...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: baseball, chicago, children, nostalgia,