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Best Religious Poems

Below are the all-time best Religious poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of religious poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member - Peace, Love, and Gods Greatest Gift -

The mellifluous musical tones of the village bells

Echoing chimes over the cold snowcapped mountains

Both finding their way to people in the valley below

Christmas songs —...

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Categories: religious, celebration, christmas, december, inspiration,

Welcome to my ----- life
A beautiful broken aura
             Unsettled flakes

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Categories: religious, confusion, death, dream, future,

Premium Member The Treasure Of Birth
It's hard to describe
that true sense of pride

that comes with the worth
of your babies birth

A child takes your heart
right from the start

and wills you to...

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Categories: birth, childhood, prayer, religious,

Premium Member Lonely Dreams
I never knew following dreams could be this lonely,
But up on the hill, looking back, thank God I'm not the old me.
If the tears will...

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Categories: religious, christian, courage, cry, dream,

Premium Member HOLY IS THE LAMB

    You must teach me to be humble 
    For love is the reason you died 

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Categories: religious,

Premium Member Element Water
It took place shortly after   and the stage was set
before words      before ink     ...

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Categories: religious, allegory, allusion, bible, deep,

Of Perfect Beauty

And say unto Tyrus, O thou that art
situate at the entry of the sea, which
art a merchant of the people for many
isles, Thus saith the...

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Categories: allusion, america, religious, truth,

Premium Member Saints and Sinners - Sinners and Saints
The path to take for all is shown -

saints and sinners; sinners and saints.

God loves us, for we are His own.

The path to take for...

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Categories: religious,

Should we desire to imitate our Master, we must diligently study to know His heart.

As an orchestra should desire to play Beethoven with perfection, they...

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Categories: religious,

Premium Member Where Do I Go Duet
(Female)  O' Lord where do I go
Just what will I see
And when will I know
What truth means to me

Male)  To who can I...

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Categories: religious, song, spiritual,

Premium Member - Heavenly Hugs -

Unique is the discipline of love 
Understanding God's law
Faith holds supreme commander

Sometimes we have to fight 
our way through a concrete jungle
stone cold dreams nightmare...

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Categories: faith, paradise, prayer, religious,

Premium Member Simply time to go, a little brother's lamentation
Too hard for me to say goodbye
For all apparent reasons why
Even though we all know it must be
Each heart will someday stop the beat
When the...

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Categories: religious, brother, conflict, confusion, courage,

Premium Member Peace, Love, and God's Greatest Gift
Peace, Love, and God’s Greatest Gift

The mellifluous musical tones of the village bells
Echoing chimes over the cold snowcapped mountains
Both finding their way to people in...

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Categories: religious, celebration, christmas, december, inspiration,

Does the past really matter?
 Does it set you free? 
I’m absorbed in the sin,
That is surrounding him and me. 

Lost in the curiosity,
Cold to...

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Categories: religious, angel, beautiful, beauty, betrayal,

No Longer Mourn for Me When I Am Dead
If Death should call, let me go free;
it is only Heaven beckons me.
If I should step beyond the veil
of sight and sound and voice, all...

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Categories: death, faith, religious,

Premium Member Our Omnipotent God
Lord, you turned the wheels of the galaxies,
You know what makes the planets spin.
You set the universe in motion,
And yet, you care for mortal man.


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Categories: religious, earth, god, inspirational, planet,

Kingdom of Ruin

Rising from the desert sand
was a shimmering mirage
of a thousand shouts
	Heated winds of fanaticism,
	intense and blowing violently loud
Shrill calls to blood prayer seethe,
breathing fiery invocations

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Categories: death, judgement, religious, truth,

Seven Kingdoms

The Holy Bible said seven kingdoms would arise,
then like windblown grains of sand, fall to the dust
Six kingdoms have come and gone, blinked their eyes

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Categories: judgement, religious, spiritual, truth,

Premium Member Love Gone Before
     Dear God,

     As these hearts, ailed with sadness
     Look for reasons in...

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Categories: loss, love, prayer, religious,

Premium Member The Umbrella Of Life

There is an umbrella called life
Spread over all the earth
It contains some strife
But it also has great worth

This red umbrella provides protection

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Categories: religious, blessing, christian, inspirational, jesus,

Premium Member Hippopotamus
When he sits
He crushes the evidence
Corrupting the human mind

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Categories: religious, africa, allegory, animal, christian,

Premium Member Jesus You Are
Jesus you are my saving grace
My coach preparing me for life’s race
My refuge through life’s raging storm
Mending all that is tattered and torn

You are my...

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Categories: religious, christian, faith, god, inspirational,

The Beginning Of Man
As the morning breaks and day begins
The sun ascends to the sky
A whole new day is born again
Like the billions that have done gone by


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Categories: bible, religion, religious,

Premium Member SUNG

sung buddhist prayers
released afloat spring rivers
    a skyward mist

Submitted on March 5, 2018, for contest HAIKU, THEME: WATER  sponsored by MICK...

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Categories: religious, devotion, inspirational love, prayer,

Premium Member Trust
God has a plan,
And it is out of my hands....

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Categories: religious, angel, beautiful, beauty, child,