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My son

Aged four and half, first day at school
he was going to prove he was no fool,
through boredom disrupted his class
which continued each following day alas,
by luck or fate proved he was not pathetic
my poor boy was diagnosed as dyslexic,
many years past struggling but determined
With this unfortunate disability he burdened,
art and design he found his path to success 
through art college he did quickly progress,
at age of seventeen discovered with fear
a life threatening heart condition did appear,
after medical procedure, an electrical bypass,
returned to college awarded top of his class,
to university success predicted by forecasters 
proved right after four years collected his masters,
with determination, belief, support and direction
Proved to me everyone can produce perfection.

Composed 02/03/2017.
Contest:- young people who have  inspired you.

Copyright © Roy Pett | Year Posted 2017

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High school's children of the year almost grown,
We are scattering seeds destined for the world.
Skipping at different shakes in the breeze,
Some of us will be caught in evergreens,
Held to never see beyond, devoured 
By squirrels and birds.
Being chewed up and then spat out in feces, 
All is not lost.
Several sprouts will spring from the ground up;
Others will escape and find their way again 
In the wind.
Destiny does not just ride on the air:
Though it forces us into many follies,
Each of us pulls our own weight.
Locations undesirable must be crossed,
For how can we, as little seeds,
Expect to travel if we trap ourselves?
Though it is important we bloom,
The hills far away are patiently waiting 
For our presence.

Copyright © Trenton Moore | Year Posted 2015

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In My Blood

They said it's in my genetics from generations in the past,
       My ancestors struggled with the same demons I face,
           My up's, down's, mania's and I'm a consistent outcast,
                The day I was born was the beginning of my crisis of faith.

                "Oh, what a lovely little girl full of joy and sassiness,"
            The signs were all there that I would struggle one day,
      For in my blood I have inherited the will to be depressed,
And since that day I realized no one knew what to say.

Little girl growing up just to try to please everyone,
      Teenager full of angst and suffering break downs,
          Don't get me wrong, I've had a lot of fun,
              But with too much liquor and so quickly did I drown.

              Receiving genetic transmissions from all my predecessors,
          Full of regret and shamefulness encompassing my soul,
     Falling into the forever trap of high school's peer pressure,
Spinning and swerving and sleeping too far out of control.

By the time I hit thirty years old I cleaned up my act,
     Sought professional help and support of my family,
         Finally I have put forth sincere effort to get back on track,
             Said one last goodbye to my distant best friend calamity.

             See...these things I've been bestowed may sound bad,
         But if not for the hell I wouldn't be heaven bound,
     For in my blood there is triumph and I DON'T have to be sad,
And serenity and confidence I have finally found.

Why were there so many snakes crawling through my blood?
      And how did I kill them at such a young age?
          All the black electricity flowing through my body I unplugged,
              And in the book of my journey I have flipped one more page.

Date Written: November 28, 2015

Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2015

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Let the minnd be free to understand
Education is beyond the written print
Allow everyone to find their own answer
Remember the book is just useful tool
Never under estimate a person mind
It is able to fully grasp what it needs
Nothing is taught how the brain develops
Gifts of knowledge is giving by the mind

Copyright © john doherty | Year Posted 2015

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Bids For Slavery

dismissed ethics allegations over 18 years ago
how winter is my 2002 Olympic
how sad is my song 
my soul my songs 
taken in the black and used 
to be a slave of money makers 
the scandal of Utah never to be told
gets an Distinguished Service Award
how dose your slaving go 
very well very well indeed  
where are my people 
has the government
frighten you into kitten 
or just willing subjects 
of the jungle beat

Copyright © verlecia fields | Year Posted 2017

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The crude beast of my future
I know I will never be super
I cant make honors
so my life will by shattered like the trail left by bombers

I try too hard 
to make my life good
to make my sure I wont live in a junkyard
from the second I was born I would be told I could
I could do anything I want
I could say anything I want
I could believe whatever I want
And it is as if life is making my life miserable by all of its taunts

The truth hurts they say
That luck will eventually come my way
School is a pit of destruction that crushed dreams more than it creates them
cause there is now way I can get my GPA, SAT, MCAS, or RPMs hight enough.

I love learning but hate being graded on the right answer.
There is more than one right answer and if if it doesn't fit in your ideal world
I will just have to become an exotic dancer
Cause I want to change education not become enrolled. 

By, Brennan Gunster

Copyright © Brennan Gunster | Year Posted 2016

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What YOU mean to ME


You are the SUN that shines 
bright throughout my day
You are the gravity 
that holds me down in every way
Doesn't matter if we are 
NEAR or FAR away
I ADORE you head to toe 
in every single way
You are the moon that 
shimmers throughout my night
One smile from YOU 
makes everything alright
You are the oxygen 
that keeps me ALIVE
You are my HEART 
that beats inside
You are the blood 
that flows through me
You are the one who 
Holds the KEY
Do you realize ALL of 
HAPPINESS that  you bring?
You are my rock 
my hero my EVERYTHING
You are my one and ONLY
Your LOVE has saved me 
from being negative & lonely
You showed me decent men do exist
I was not looking for any of this
But so GLAD 
Let me guard down
So BLESSED with a rare
Gem not many around!
I SO appreciate all the 
selfless things that you do
Simply YOU were made for ME 
and I was made for YOU
SO lucky to get a second chance 
to do it all RIGHT
My sweetheart I HOPE 
to be with YOU 
for the rest of my life

Copyright © Diana Vee | Year Posted 2016

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Service Call

the boiler is boiling, the coil is hot,
the pressure is 15, the system is not,
the pump is just kicking, the aquastat is shot,
and I'm just here thinking about the slip joint wrench!

Copyright © Keelan Joyce | Year Posted 2015

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Volunteer My Heart

I've met doctors who have played the know it all role,
Who thought they knew all there was to know,
To listen to their hearts seemed a waste of their time,
Diagnosing a persons heart without even really hearing their cries,
This behavior disturbed me to no end,
Not wanting to share because of this attitude, can you really blame them,
They've already been labeled so why even try,
To take the time to look into their eyes,
To get to know them and be their friend,
Was not a part of their job description,
I would NEVER want that prestigious degree,
Thanks,,but NO THANKS, I'll wash dishes gratefully,
All the money in the world can't buy,
The love that I saw in their eyes,
When I look back to when I wanted to go back to college,
To get paid for my passion, I don't think I would want it!

Copyright © cortney bartholomew | Year Posted 2015

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Winds of Change

I wave good bye
But still your eyes are dry
I say Hi 
But you walk right by
Why do I even try

Copyright © Black Lotus | Year Posted 2016

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Outside The Box

The story teller extrodinare,
He can fabricate everything down to the clothes that he wears,
He can take one sentence and make up fill in the blanks,
And can shoot out quotations like a mad lib game,
He can take what is said and turn it around,
And run with the story to entertain the crowd,
His creativity is off the chart,
He'll consume what is said and use them like darts,
And as you observe his next methodical move,
You'll tell him a story that has nothing to do with you,
His darts won't be flying in your direction,
Because your standing outside the game and can see the reflection.

Copyright © cortney bartholomew | Year Posted 2015

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The Silly Little Lost Boy

 Silly little lost boy
 Who thinks he's all grown
 Who's graduated school
 Who's moved away from home

 The same little lost boy
 Who cried to me last night
 Saying that he's lonely
 That he's not alright

 Silly little lost boy
 Blames himself for being alone
 You can always come to me
 Always come home

 Silly little lost boy
 You can't control the way you feel
 The emotion is there
 The pain is so real

 Silly little lost boy
 I am here till the end
 To stand right beside you
 To be your best friend

Copyright © Caitlyn Smith | Year Posted 2016

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Under a big holm oak, I sat on a stone resting a little
the sun so early in the year was hot, years ago there were 
flocks of sheep here they laid chewing ignoring me.
This year there is none not even pellet droppings
the landscape is being gentrified and no peeing up against a tree
It is strange when people who are not of the land
the first thing they do is to try trimming it and making smooths
tracks made of imported sand, plastic chair and a nice cuppa.
The extended field of olive trees lends itself to a golf course; they will 
of course, leave a few trees with tall grass and call it the rough
little can be done give the developer a chance and Portugal
ends up looking like Florida, and architects will draw the same
dull estates and find some fancy names
for their vandalism.
But let them spend money before it comes crashing down
abandoned and nature can take it back, yes it has happened
before and with good reason when small farmers were so poor they
sought work on the other side of the ocean
and their old homes has trees growing through them 
nothing is new only the name changes like a rabbit would care  

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2016

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I'm Not

I'm not on to intimidate

Like to communicate

And will not hesitate

To always motivate

And to dedicate

Of course associate

One whom graduates

I don't navigate

To try to rotate

Or try to retaliate

And then speculate

Or try to manipulate

To always aggravate

That would frustrate

Then have to translate

What I don't want to communicate.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2015

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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Peace, love and pie

Thair is this girl called : peace , love & pie . Her dad jumps out of aero planes .

Noeboddy noze why ! She wants 2 jump from aero planes too !

But if her parachute doent open, she wood be thrue ! 

She has a girlfrend called apokkullips ! She duz not cum frum Egypt ,

Or like stepping on the x-men,s space ships ! This girl duzzint have minny cloze !

And she duzzint have any pantyhose ! She just graduated frum hy skool !

But she duzzint have a swimming pool ! She likes jumping rope in a southern park !

Wair rednecks swing flayming mace balls in the dark , and her frends play with

Hoolah hoops , and thay all look like a bunch of goofs !her dad,s job is

Falling frum the sky ! Why thay pay him 4 this . Noe one noze why!...

Copyright © John Hall | Year Posted 2016

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All Students Can Learn

All students can learn and we will find a away to teach them

Miscellaneous classes.
Deadly grades and empty words
Stares that will bounce off the skin thick as your textbook 
The words will sting when they sit in your veins 
The words from the teachers make you crumble but making a mess in the hallway will put you in detention
The drive to school will make you want to disappear
No worries, you're invisible anyway
Crowds in the hallway almost always leaves bruises on the curled in shoulders
Nothing is as heavy as your bookbag, well, except your eyelids.
You'll understand barely enough, learn a little if you're lucky, and memorize till death
All students can learn and we will find a way to teach them

Copyright © JadeAlexis West | Year Posted 2016

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:Mother, Father, Brother, Sister:

My mother says that I'll never see. 
My father says that I'll never hear. 
My brother I'll never get higher than a C. 
My sister says I'll never tolerate beer. 
  Every day, my family puts me down. 
They say that they're just being realistic.
But there is one thing they didn't put on that excuse mound. 
That they're not perfect, they're never optimistic. 
   Studies show that the reason bullies
Put others down, 
Isn't to please,
Not because they find pleasure in the pound;
Not because they like to tease,
But that it brings them up. 
To the brim of their cup. 
   Mom, I see that you're an alcoholic, 
    Dad, I hear that you're in a financial rut. 
Brother, I've gotten all A's and and one B. But not higher than you are on your drugs. 
Sister, you were right. Unlike you, I won't drink, or portray myself as a ****. 
And Uncle?
Thank you. 
For helping my grades up to A's and B's. 
For prohibiting drinking and drugging. 
For opening my eyes and ears,
To see and hear,
That it's not me. 
It's them.

Copyright © Madelyn Nichols | Year Posted 2016

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When I grew up 
I stopped believing in God
Toys belong to the young
And Santa fanatics 
I leave small light on
In my bedroom at night 
The fear of darkness 
Never left me 
I know Christianity had
Taken hold of me 
The darkness of the sinner
Never left me 
I believe in the day
The truth must not be hidden
In Churches` recesses
Blood splash on walls tinsel 
On the ground
New Year Eve in Istanbul
The fear never left
I saw a happy child play in a puddle.

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2017

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Broken Record

An experience from long ago,
He held onto, inside it made his heart cold,
He never let all the bitterness go inside,
With every new face these feelings he thought he could hide,
Transferred emotions, he couldn't even see the abuse,
The next person would pay, and he would subconciously use,
Until he can come to grips to face it head on,
The cycle will keep replaying that song.

Copyright © cortney bartholomew | Year Posted 2015

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Take Your Credit

Standing before you all here today
Wishing I knew all the right words to say
We each reached this point in our life somehow
In a different way then our neighbors I vow
The credit is yours ,it was you who achieved
Stand and take your credit, it was you who believed
I can only stand and tell the story you wrote
All I did was be there and take note
To help you to explain the work that it took 
For you to explain this point and not be overlooked

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2016

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My letter P

i PROMISE myself to live life to the fullest 
i PREFER to smile than frown 
i enjoy meeting new PEOPLE and getting
     to know their PERSONALITIES 
i PERSONALLY like to be surrounded with
         friends and family
i PRAY to God and PRAISE Him
i love to read and write POEMS
i have a PASSION for fashion, big time 
i have PLENTY of PICTURES stored in 
       my PRETTY little mind
i'm by no means little miss PERFECT but I  
      try to stay humble and be grateful 
i try to have PATIENCE not be PISSED off 
i try to stay POSITIVE not PRETENDING
i have no shame in PROCLAIMING my love 
i PROBABLY like you more than you know 
i am PLEASED to meet you all new    
            friends POETS
and may we PAUSE for PEACE...Smile!
              Akkina R Downing 

Copyright © Akkina Downing | Year Posted 2017

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It's Parent/Teacher interviews today,
Come along and share the blame,
They're graduating just the same,
Kids have a teacher free day,
We gave them Standardised Tests,
Their self-esteem needs a rest,
That's why this school has a fence,
Who's got the common sense?
Yes, the P/T interviews are today,
Come along and share the blame!

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2016

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The Tea Party

"Go on forth young graduates,

And show us who you are

You're now our future leaders

We know you will go far"

And so commencement ended

Pictures done and people changed

Now, off to private parties

All orderly pre-arranged

But four young girls stood waiting

Until they were alone

"Let's head out to the party

And tomorrow, we shall phone,

Each other and we'll organize

Our final tete a tete

We'll plan something so special

A thing we haven't thought of yet!"

So, they went their separate ways

And they thought of all the places

That would hold a fitting luncheon

For their girls group "The 4 Aces""

They all got home around half past five

And all slept till half ten

After breakfast, phones were ringing

As they planned to meet again.

They picked a little tea house

called "Flavored Leaves of Green"

They would meet for a tea party

They would really make the scene

A week today they chose to meet

To celebrate together

They'd meet for tea and cakes

Regardless of the weather

And one more time, they'd choose to wear

The prom dress from that year

Big frilly hats, and long white gloves

and all that froo froo gear

The day arrived and they showed up

All ready for their tea

The Aces all decked again

Their luncheon was at three

The girls all talked about their plans

Of school and summer work

Two would council campers

While the other two would clerk

They loved their day and played the part

Of ladies with no cares

They knew it was the only time

They'd dine here, to be fair.

The final act of these four friends

Before they left and packed

Was to sign a pledge between them all

You could say, a small pact

"In twenty years from this day forth

We'll meet again for tea

On July twenty seventh

Of the year Two thousand three"

The sheet was signed and on their way

They booked their reservation

The girls all hugged and said goodbye

To end their celebration

Now time went by as it always does

And each girl went a different way

But in twenty years, they all looked forth

To meet again that day

The firtst Ace, Jill, went on to school

And married while she studied

She lost track of her Aces friends

Their paths were slightly muddied

She went to school in Omaha

A vet she chose to be

Her marriage lasted fifteen years

And...well, children...she had three.

Andi, chose to work instead

She left town to chase rainbows

She knew that here, her pot of gold

Would be wherever she chose

She moved out to Chicago

Where she was a big success

She became a photo artist

With a Lakeshore Drive address

Cindy, well...dear Cindy

Married five times through the years

Each one was shorter than the last

And one....just fifteen beers

They chose to split the very night

They they chose to become one

He left with her head bridesmaid

And the was fun

Cindy spent two nights in jail

For beating up her beau

And she really laid a beating,

In her words, "Upon that ho"

Lucy, never did leave town

But she let on that she did

For at high school graduation

She was pregnant with her kid

Her boy was born at Christmas

She did not even tell his dad

He was off to find his fortune

And she sometimes wished she had

But, she made up tales to tell her son

Of who his father was

But, she never told the truth to him

And that was her son's loss

She worked around the village

Never really getting out

She did her best for her son Jamie

There never was a doubt

She loved this boy with all her heart

And so she chose to stay

She'd sacrifice her future

And she'd dream of "just what may"

have happened to her if she left

If he had not been born

But, to her, a life with out him

Made her feel sad, forlorn

Twenty years past by so fast

The Aces plans were set

Each one had hoped the other

Would not dare to forget

Allthough good friends in high school

They'd never kept in touch

They went different directions

Their new lives, well....were their crutch

Cindy was the first to show

So, she stayed outside to smoke

When a voice came from behind her

And she knew just who had spoke

Lucy, grabbed her arm

And then she hugged her really tight

At least two of the four Aces

had remembered, got it right

They went inside to grab a seat

And Jill came in behind

And over by the bar was where

Andi, they would find

They all dressed up and wore big hats

And prom dresses as a lark

And they sat and told their stories

Of their lives till after dark

They vowed that they would stay in touch

And that they would converse

They all agreed they'd talk this time

And nothing could be worse

Than twenty years of silence

Between friends like the Four Aces

Even though they lived such different lives

They missed each other's faces

Another pact was signed this night

But this one for five years

To meet again for tea and cakes

And they signed it through their tears

Cindy left to catch her flight

and Andi left as well

Then Jill got up and hugged Lucy

And then she bade farewell

This left Lucy all alone

At the table all alone

When a gentleman came over

And he sat down with a groan

"Your party was successful"

Lucy smiled at his words

He was the tea house owner

A collector of rare birds

She thanked him for the party

It was one she could not miss

And on her way out past him

She gave him a light kiss

For not only did the tea room

Belong to this kind man

He was also her employer

For, 'twas his kitchen that she ran

You see, now it's been twenty years

Since they went to lead their lives

Some becoming so successful

Some becoming moms and wives

But Lucy, never left this burg

She raised her son alone

And she'd worked at this small tea house

It was her second home

She did not have the money

To come in as a guest

But her boss, was a sweetheart

And he'd made this night the best

Tomorrow she'd be back at work

Making meals for those who came

To the "Flavored leaves of Green"

and she'd be Lucy, once again..

Copyright © roger turner | Year Posted 2018

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No Clocks In Heaven

The strangest appointment, a moment in time,
An eternal impression, our heart's connect with our eyes,
If there is no such thing as time in heaven,
Can we comprehend just a moment as everlasting?,
If only known for a few minutes, or hours on end,
It doesn't deplete the relationship of the love the moment sends,
So stranger, if I shake your hand?,
Or we sat together in the same room for a certain time span,
If we happened to exchange glances without words,
Or just with one look we understood each others hurt,
It may have been only a couple of minutes here,
But in heaven it will feel like I've known you for years,
For love has no limit and here on earth based on time,
There are no clocks with this lifeline

Copyright © cortney bartholomew | Year Posted 2016

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An Indian girl's fears

I couldn't sleep for the whole night,
as I can't get a side which is bright

I'm just thinking about all the stuff,
Will life become a lesson so tough?

There seems to come the last days with my  college mate,
Now, Will they start searching for my soul mate?

Oh Mom and Dad, you know that I don't want to get yet married,
Please don't make me feel that I'm a burden to be carried

I've a lot of dreams in my eyes,
I want to fly like a bird in the skies

There doesn't come a halt to my lines,
as all I'm facing is fears and lies

Please take away all these lies and fears,
As no more of it Ankita is able to bear.

Copyright © Ankita Jain | Year Posted 2017