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Best Graduate Poems

Below are the all-time best Graduate poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of graduate poems written by PoetrySoup members

My son

Aged four and half, first day at school
he was going to prove he was no fool,
through boredom disrupted his class
which continued each following day alas,

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© Roy Pett  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: age, art, graduate, motivation,

High school's children of the year almost grown,
We are scattering seeds destined for the world.
Skipping at different shakes in the breeze,
Some of us will be...

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Categories: adventure, graduate, graduation, growing

Premium Member In My Blood

They said it's in my genetics from generations in the past,
       My ancestors struggled with the same demons I...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: graduate, depression, destiny, family, freedom,

Let the minnd be free to understand
Education is beyond the written print
Allow everyone to find their own answer
Remember the book is just useful tool
Never under...

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Categories: graduate, graduation, leadership, teachers

Bids For Slavery
dismissed ethics allegations over 18 years ago
how winter is my 2002 Olympic
how sad is my song 
my soul my songs 
taken in the black and...

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Categories: graduate, abuse, bullying, celebrity, child

The crude beast of my future
I know I will never be super
I cant make honors
so my life will by shattered like the trail left by...

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Categories: graduate, graduation, stress, student,

What YOU mean to ME

You are the SUN that shines 
bright throughout my day
You are the gravity 
that holds me down in every way
Doesn't matter if we are...

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© Diana Vee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: feelings, graduate, i love

Service Call
the boiler is boiling, the coil is hot,
the pressure is 15, the system is not,
the pump is just kicking, the aquastat is shot,
and I'm just...

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Categories: adventure, april, education, graduate,

Volunteer My Heart
I've met doctors who have played the know it all role,
Who thought they knew all there was to know,
To listen to their hearts seemed a...

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Categories: absence, education, graduate, love,

At Last Our Time Has Come
As our time draws to a close,
Cherished times from my memory flows,
From p.e with Mrs. to religion class
"My, how the time did pass!"

For years I'd...

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Categories: graduate, 12th grade, appreciation, family,

Winds of Change
I wave good bye
But still your eyes are dry
I say Hi 
But you walk right by
Why do I even try

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Categories: change, friend, goodbye, graduate,

Outside The Box
The story teller extrodinare,
He can fabricate everything down to the clothes that he wears,
He can take one sentence and make up fill in the blanks,

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Categories: graduate, identity,

The Silly Little Lost Boy
 Silly little lost boy
 Who thinks he's all grown
 Who's graduated school
 Who's moved away from home

 The same little lost boy
 Who cried...

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Categories: graduate, best friend, for him,

Under a big holm oak, I sat on a stone resting a little
the sun so early in the year was hot, years ago there...

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Categories: abuse, gothic, graduate, grandfather,

I'm Not

I'm not on to intimidate

Like to communicate

And will not hesitate

To always motivate

And to dedicate

Of course associate

One whom graduates

I don't navigate

To try to rotate

Or try to...

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Categories: character, computer, feelings, graduate,

Peace, love and pie
Thair is this girl called : peace , love & pie . Her dad jumps out of aero planes .

Noeboddy noze why ! She wants...

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© John Hall  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: america, father daughter, graduate,

:Mother, Father, Brother, Sister:
My mother says that I'll never see. 
My father says that I'll never hear. 
My brother I'll never get higher than a C. 
My sister...

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Categories: graduate, abuse, brother, family, father,

All Students Can Learn
All students can learn and we will find a away to teach them

Miscellaneous classes.
Deadly grades and empty words
Stares that will bounce off the skin thick...

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Categories: anxiety, graduate, school,

The Tea Party
"Go on forth young graduates,

And show us who you are

You're now our future leaders

We know you will go far"

And so commencement ended

Pictures done and people...

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Categories: america, future, graduate, graduation,


When I grew up 
I stopped believing in God
Toys belong to the young
And Santa fanatics 
I leave small light on
In my bedroom at night...

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Categories: gothic, graduate, graduation, grandson,

Broken Record
An experience from long ago,
He held onto, inside it made his heart cold,
He never let all the bitterness go inside,
With every new face these feelings...

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Categories: abuse, graduate, lost love,

I am destined for greatness
I believe in myself, the greatest I

Ambitious and artistic in every agenda
My ability grows high yet I lay medium

Destiny that I am born for is...

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Categories: graduate, 10th grade, 12th grade,

Take Your Credit
Standing before you all here today
Wishing I knew all the right words to say
We each reached this point in our life somehow
In a different way...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, confidence, graduate,

My letter P
i PROMISE myself to live life to the fullest 
i PREFER to smile than frown 
i enjoy meeting new PEOPLE and getting

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Categories: devotion, graduate, inspirational,

It's Parent/Teacher interviews today,
Come along and share the blame,
They're graduating just the same,
Kids have a teacher free day,
We gave them Standardised Tests,
Their self-esteem needs a...

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Categories: children, education, graduate, parents,