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My Alphabet

A a 	big A little a
                   What words start with the letter A
                       Alligator, Airplane, Apple
The alligator sneaked into the airplane to eat an apple.  Aa Aa Aa

B b 	big B little b
                   What words start with the letter B
                       Butterfly, Boy, Banana
A beautiful butterfly landed on the boy ’s nose while he ate a banana. Bb Bb Bb

C c	 big C little c
                    What words start with the letter C
                        Caterpillar, Candy, Car
I ate my sour caterpillar candy in the car. Cc Cc Cc

D d	 big D little d
                    What words start with the letter  D
                        Dog, Doll, Donkey
The dog took off with my doll with the donkey chasing him. Dd Dd Dd

E e	 big E little e
                    What words start with the letter E
                        Elephant, Ear, Eye
The elephant touched his ear and eye with his trunk. Ee Ee Ee

F f	 big F little f
                    What words start with the letter F
                        Fish, Flower, Frog
The frog sat on the lily flower while the fish swam around the pond. Ff  Ff  Ff

G g	 big G little g
                    What words start with the letter G
                        Goat, Giraffe, Grasshopper
Billy goat runs and jumps on the giraffe’s back to chase the grasshopper.  Gg Gg Gg

H h	 big H little h
                    What words start with the letter H
                        Hippopotamus, Heart, Hat
Harry the hippopotamus who has a big heart, wears his favorite hat. Hh Hh Hh

I i	 big  I little i
                     What words start with the letter I
                         Inchworm, Iron, Ice cream
The inchworm stayed away because the iron was hot and the ice cream was cold. Ii Ii Ii

J j 	big J  little j
                   What words start with the letter J
                       Jacket, Jeep, Jelly
I left my jacket in the jeep while I ate my jelly sandwich. Jj Jj Jj

K k	 big K  little k
                    What words start with the letter K
                         Kangaroo, Key, Kitten
Lulu the kangaroo wore a key on a chain around her neck while she carried the kitten in her pouch. Kk Kk Kk

L i	 big L little l
                    What words start with the letter L
                         Lizard, Ladybug, Lego
Charlie the lizard stops to see the ladybug climb up the Lego. Ll Ll Ll

M m 	big M little m
                   What words start with the letter M
                       Monkey, Mouse, Moon
The monkey and mouse sitting on a tree limb together looking at the man on the moon. Mm Mm Mm

N n	 big N little n
                    What words start with the letter N
                        Nose, Nest, Nut
Nancy the squirrel put her nose near the nest to smell the nut at the bottom. Nn Nn Nn

O o	 big O little o
                    What words start with the letter O
                        Ostrich, Orange, Owl
The ostrich saw the orange and ran over and swallow it so he didn’t have to share with the owl.  Oo Oo Oo

P p	 big P little p
                    What words start with the letter P
                         Pig, Pillow, Pumpkin
Piggy the pig lies on the pillow while he throws the pumpkin up in the air.  Pp Pp Pp

Q q	 big Q little q
                     What words start with the letter Q
                          Queen, Quarter, Quail
The Queen of hearts threw a quarter in the air and a quail flew by and caught it. Qq Qq Qq

R r	 big R little r
                    What words start with the letter R
                         Rabbit, Roster, Rocket
The rabbit and the rooster took a rocket ride to visit the moon. Rr Rr Rr

S s	 big S  little s
                    What words start with the letter S
                        Sun, Shovel, Snowman
The children played out in the sun using a shovel to make a snowman.  Ss Ss Ss

T t 	big T  little  t
                   What words start with the letter T
                        Ticket, Table, Train
I  left the ticket on the table for the train ride. Tt Tt Tt

U u	 big  U little  u
                     What words start with the letter U
                         Unicorn, Umbrella, Unicycle
The unicorn held an umbrella over his head so he wouldn’t get wet in the rain while riding his unicycle.  Uu Uu Uu

V             big V  little v
                    What words start with the letter V
                        Violin, Vegetables, Vase
The musician played his violin as he watched the vegetables grow in the vase. Vv Vv 

W w         big W little w
                    What words start with the letter  W
                        Watch, Watermelon, Wagon,
Watson looked at his watch to see if it was lunch time so he could eat his watermelon on the wagon. Ww Ww Ww

X x	 big X  little x
                    What words start with the letter X
                        Xebec, Xylophone, X-ray,
The sailors on the xebec played the ping, ping, ping music on the xylophone while on their way to deliver an x-ray to Xavier.   Xx Xx Xx

Y y 	 big Y little y
                    What words start with the letter Y
                         Yarn, Yo-Yo, Yogurt
The yarn broke loose on the yo-yo when Billy was doing a trick and it flew into the yogurt.  Yy Yy Yy

Z z	 big Z  little  z
                    What words start with the letter  Z
                         Zebra, Zipper, Zoo
The zebra zipped up the zipper on his jacket when it got cold at the zoo. Zz Zz Zz

By: Eve Roper 8/19/2015

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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One scorching afternoon,
A sudden splintering sound was heard,
The nearest was the buffalo herd,
They smelt the smoke and felt the heat,
And began to charge, they had to beat,
The, scorching red hot fire.
The monkeys who swing and never tire,
Screeched loudly in tongues,
Whilst smoke, stole oxygen out of their lungs.
A mighty midget the porcupine,
Warned chancers that his quills so fine,
Would incur great pain
Not only a red blood stain,
For he dreaded to be turned belly up,
And had no intention, of being anyone’s sup!
The birds began to fly very high,
Away from the smoke, in the sky.
The unfortunate tortoise lost his way,
And sadly, with his life, had to pay.
The giraffe with tall spindly legs
Ran wildly destroying nests and eggs,
His wildness came from his wrath,
And, the chaos along his path.
The animals ran faster away from the fire,
Whilst the flames leapt higher and higher.
A mamba slithered forward next,
Whilst a frightened cub looked on perplexed,
A Zebra, tripped and broke his back,
Causing more confusion in this race track.
The springbok and hyena together ran,
They were now close to the water pan,
The pan was next to a river,
Would they make it, 
Each animal began to quiver,
Could the springbok be tomorrow’s lunch,
A tree falls with a thud and crunch,
Distracting the hyena from his would be munch!
The fox cunningly glances from side to side,
Nimbly a burning log jumps wide.
The lions mouth their cubs gently but tight,
As they run from this horrendous plight.
But water is in sight!
Everyone is close to the finish line,
This race has become competitively fine,
The crocodiles are savagely waiting to dine!
They have spotted their first meal,
The frightened perplexed cub hurriedly steal.
Only a quarter,
Can get into the water.
A stampede starts, animals clamber over each other,
The young ones protected by their mother.
Unfortunately only the strongest will survive,
To tell future generations of their strive,
Of what it’s like, living a bush veld life.

Copyright © JENNIFER PROXENOS | Year Posted 2018

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What's New at the Zoo

Paula parrot is my name. I once was wild, but now I'm tame
A chatterbox who likes to talk! 
Some news to share? Let's take a walk!
Now tell me what's the latest scoop? 
Oh! Watch your step! There's Dodo poop!

When I fly around the zoo, I'll likely make a friend or two
Some call it weird, or quite absurd, to chatter with the other birds
and sometimes share a joke or two, with Ollie Ostrich, and Adolf Emu

I can't deny, I wouldn't lie, I look the Cuckoos in the eye
We shoot the breeze, and share some pie 
and when I leave, with teary eyes, they flap their wings, and shout "Good Bye!"

I pass on by and say "G'day", to Hippity Hoppity Kangaroo
I greet Giraffe, we share a laugh,  a "How are you??" to Mr. Gnu!
I chat while the Chimps, do acrobats, and say "Ell...o" to Elephants...

Poor Tiger's throat is very sore.......he's caught a bug, and cannot roar!
I offer honey for his he can growl, just as before!!

For Penguins shivering on the ice...I gave them boots, and sage advice
(They are rather bashful....but very nice!)
I'll take a swim, with dolphin friends, and saddle up, my pal the Whale
He wants to know some shocking news, and promises he'll never tell.

Zack the Zebra,  in black and white, pajamas worn, in fancy stripes
I tuck him in, a bed of straw, "Sleep well, my friend and "Nighty Night!"

It seems bizarre talk to those, who live a life behind those loathesome bars...
I chat a lot, perhaps it's looney...but they have told me, "We are lonely"...

So, if you like to talk a lot....give strolling through the zoo a shot!!

For Contest sponsored by Just the Archaic Poet  ..."Personalize an Animal"  12/31/13

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2013

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Who's Who

Who's who in the New York Zoo? 
Said the clown with a funny face.
Many different cultures.
Within the human race.
Who's who in the New York Zoo? 
A lion, a bear, an elephant, a giraffe.
Many different animals.
All which make us laugh.
Who's who in the New York Zoo? 
A barber, a tailor, a dressmaker's store.
Many different occupations.
Make your way through the door.
A Catholic, A Christian, A Saint, and A Jew.
Many different religions.
While we feed Central Park's pigeons.
Who's who in the New York Zoo? 
Said the man with a great big shoe.
Find your subway to paridise! 

Zoo York Poetry By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2010,2014..All rights reserved

Copyright © Kim Robin Edwards | Year Posted 2014

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Animal Crackers

A giraffe approached
We necked

An elephant met me on the jungle path
I stored many thoughts in his trunk

A monkey smiles at me
Now I have no more bananas

A zebra wants to discuss the issues of life
I replied, such things are never black and white

On a boat, an alligator swam by
He offered to sell me an old family briefcase 

I have, I confess a gold fish with blonde hair
I named her Donald as bizarre as it seems

I tried to hire a group of rabbits
I said it’s the carrot or the stick

They were hopping mad
Multiplying their demands

I gave in
My coyote lawyer was useless in such matters

Alas as I am older now
So I bought a turtle

He slows me down a little
I slow him down a lot

I now have a great admiration
For Dr Doolittle

Who after all
Did a little and a lot

Although there was that one case never solved
No one though, really gives a quack!

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

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A ghastly cadaver drops, for whose noble sake? To ravish the grandeur of wildlife In the dead of night; to mangle Creation’s gift and its soft flutters, Where each tender beast moves in a row Linking a primal, fond tie with nature’s deities… But the affinity with innocent children, its tribe Is snuffed with one ruthless shot in the forest When pitiless minds become delirious… heinous As a giraffe, a leopard perishes without knowing The lithe body quickly turns into a gaunt shadow, Just like that: unable to play with butterflies And race with own calf or cubs along an inlet... O hollow night, and a lamp of silence are drained By the vicious game from predators, inhumane, That no one can tell, for whose noble sake? 4/10/2016 Silent One’s Contest Images That Make You Think #2

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

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A tall giraffe at our local zoo Got neck ache, (as giraffes often do) With his neck being so long The pain was terribly strong That he couldn’t reach the leaves to chew The giraffe doctor was quickly called At the condition he was appalled He told the staff not to laugh - Just get giraffe in the bath So to the bath the giraffe was hauled Well you can just imagine the sight The poor staff the giraffe tried to bite! They got him in the tub Gave his neck a good rub Then they tucked him in bed for the night They were told they must keep his neck warm … To this order the staff must conform Staff decided to knit A long scarf that would fit It’s now part of giraffe’s uniform! Animal Antics Contest Sponsored by Shadow Hamilton 09~05~16 N B The title will be amended after the contest to - 'You're having a Giraffe' which in rhyming slang means you are having a laugh.

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Give A Man A Sea-Kitten

Give a man a sea-kitten,
And you feed him for a day.
Teach a man how to sea-kitten,
And PETA will make him pay.

I guess there isn’t much to say,
We’re gonna eat them either way,
Because the message here being conveyed
Does not have to do with fish per se.

Instead we feel the need to build
A foundation where we can rest our guilt.
Or where we can sway, or push, or tilt
The basis of sanity. And watch it wilt.

Humans are actually land-dodos.
A tree is also a green-giraffe.
But no name we will ever sow
Will ever cease to make me laugh.

I mean, how bored do you have to be
In a world with war and disease uprising
To stop what you’re doing and decide: “Here see,
Fish are in trouble. Start compromising.”?

Man is the measure of these extents.
The apex of idiocy slips his mind,
And thus he chooses to invent
Another means to thwart mankind.

We’re defending the rights of things we need.
Things we need for survival, like skin.
And in our greed we fail to read
The paradox lying herein and within.
Among all the things that humans bleed for,
Nothing more imbecilic has ever been,
Than renaming the fish of which we feed
Into something like sea-kitten.

“And then Jesus blessed the sea-kittens,
He broke the bread and divided it amongst 5000 people.”

Copyright © Gael Attal | Year Posted 2009

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WE . . .NOT FRUSTRATED(Prof. Olufemi Bamiro)UIVC


Those whose mouth  speak and ooze 
Only fire of a voluble vibrating vocabulary 

Those whose sin is just speaking for others
In order for their other orders not to be ordered

Those whose lives were almost snuffed
Away by the ordered ultra-fascists gangsters   

Those whose words sparkles only fire 
To fire the unfired spirits into burn- fires

Those whose political jargons-renditions
Send thousands frenzy for action

Those whose offence is probing beyond 
The nostril above their faces

Those who are ostracized for louding the truth
Above the speaker of the U and I garden

Are those my bird flock together with
During the day in search of the night

I among those given heavy knock on 
The head for these inequities known only to them

I among those who are painted in stinker Toga 
Of  Miscreants, Disgruntled elements,…

I among those placed on a four season wheel-chair
With a gun powder explosion underneath
For them their son that strike the cheek of a Porter
More thunderous a slap to be queried nor be punished

For them their sons and daughters whose oblongata
Remains blank but full of giraffe and chips in the exams
For them their  stooges that converse with guns and goons
For them that smile with axes, guns, daggers . . . 
To strike, shoot and maim others

For them  their anchors that knows nothing but something
For out of their nothing lies violence and blood
For they speaketh nor write 

For them their boys they present a golden plate of honour
Found worthy in learning and character
Doomed to become menace to the society
For we . . . remain resolute
For we . . . not frustrated 
For  we . . . not cowed 
For we . . . unperturbed 

For we shall uphold the pillar of truth
Until our struggle shall beam light en route the tunnel

Alayande Stephen .T
12th February,2006

Conceptualised after my four semester rustication
Verdict by Prof.Bamiro UI VC led SDC in
 University of Ibadan on the  31st of January,2006.
 A Promise to myself to refire  the struggle not to retire.

Copyright © Alayande Stephen | Year Posted 2006

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Active Emotions

The aardvark who was ashamed looked at the floor
The ant that was angry banged on the door
The bee who was bold ventured on a quest
The bear who was bored drew upon his vest

The cat that was calm never entered rage
The cockatiel who was content sung in his cage
The crocodile that was cheerful looked very pleased
The deer who was disgusted brushed against the trees

The dog who was delighted wagged his tail high
The eagle that was envious soared across the sky
The goat that was grateful helped a near farmer
The gorilla that was glad ate his banana

The giraffe who was grumpy didn’t like the day
The horse who was happy galloped all the way
The jaguar that was jealous ran away far
The monkey who was mad jumped upon a car

The parrot that was proud brought aloud his voice
The snake that was sad made a poor choice
The seahorse that was silly caused a lot of strife
The tiger that was thankful loved to enjoy life

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Copyright © Geraldine Taylor | Year Posted 2017

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Jimerick: Racing Certainty

Jim ordered a racehorse online
A thoroughbred sold in it's prime.
Now just for a laugh
They sent a giraffe
But it wins by a neck every time.

Copyright © Ray Gridley | Year Posted 2017

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Unblouse  your breast
Where to nuzzle and warm
Areola to moisten and mouth
Urgency need, I scarce was born
Unclothe me in all unrighteousness
Sing for me no lullabye
Fetus reflection in alabaster eyes

Yours will forgive me, so softly they plead
The call in my eyes , so loving beguiled
Answers my whisper
Inaudibly you whimper
Reaching for the hearth of your home
Furthermost far, the call of the grave
But if I should die, please bury me here

We slipped passed the guards, their caution neglect
Our passion en-garde, the phallus erect
Discover a pebble in fissurely crag
Rolling in wonders and nacred in pearl

Both of us crying exhortations of love
Loving ungainly like giraffe on the run
Speaking in gibberish, talking in tongues
Becoming immortal banging the drum
Surpassing the portal the bloodhounds unleash
I Mount Vesuvius, youre so within reach

Im falling for you in tubular bells
Demolition crawls
Pots and pans all over the place
Flaming torpedos pock-mark the Earth
Harpooning the squid in ink fibrillation
Ecclectic joy in sense celebration
Two souls arriving from deep within
In baptismal breath I was born once again

Copyright © Jannie Breedt | Year Posted 2017

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Poetic Licence

Poetic Licence

I've been granted my Poetic Licence,
Which allows me to write as I find.
Exaggeration here, embellishment there,
A free spirited open mind.

With vivid inspired imagination,
I see clearly the world around me,
Never letting the truth spoil a good story,
My pen writing the things I see.

As I look from my bedroom window,
An apartment in an industrial town.
Wildebeest migrate to the Serengeti,
Silhouette of Giraffe, as the sun goes down.

Fishing boats come to safe harbour,
Greedy Seagulls stealing their cargo.
The full Moon appears over the horizon,
Illuminates the seascape all aglow.

Stonehenge is in the far distance,
A Spiritual place of ancient times.
Eagles and Red Kites soar up above,
I’ve added this line because it rhymes.

Camels roam the hot dusty Desert,
Tribesmen take fine goods to trade.
Crocodiles in Wetlands, South Florida
At home in their tropical Everglade.

Bluebells are singing in the Meadow,
Tulips and Daffodils harmonise.
How wonderful, thoughts so inventive,
A world seen through imaginative eyes.

Copyright © Kevin Shaw | Year Posted 2017

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We're too different says the wall paint
The only thing the 
same is our last name

Reach down with your giraffe neck 
to rescue me
Lucky you you don't have his nose
Whose to blame?
toxic mold issues

Cleaniless is next to godliness
says mom's abortifacient 
She'll keep scrubbing 
can't get rid of me

Tired of milking 
your abscess with
no graduation day

I'm irreverent
you're complacent
oH! stop your complaining 

We're stuck in this house
with no windows
Open up in family therapy 
says the talk box

Table chairs set to three
Eat the vegetables
not the meat
Cross your fingers
count to three 

With no blankets
We all shiver
We don't speak

We just sweep things 
into the river
under the rug
says the
dust bunnies

We all sleep in hate
Wake up to fake clean slates
From toes to face
We'll shiver to death

Copyright © Brianna Hobson | Year Posted 2018

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Stretchy Neck

Behold the neck of a giraffe
Long enough to make you laugh
Can stretch over the fence in zoo
To find munchy leaves to chew
Of it's length I'm not even half!

Copyright © Joshua Lacey | Year Posted 2010

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Bronco Don and Bally Watson

Bronco Don Johnson and Bally Watson...

Oh they speak of Bally Watson and the Dirran boys don't laugh...
Yet they tell in whispers how his ear was shot in half...
Old Bronco Don had shot him for everyone to see...
Witnesses could not be found though the coppers asked all three...

Bally he bolted, drove fast to get away...
For a bullet had his number, safer up old Mitchell way...
Yes it was in the fifties an old soldier got a win...
Don was locked up for the night for the drunken driving sin...

Don had been to Kokoda and the Middle East war too...
He was quick on the trigger mate and never missed, they knew....
A mob had come to bash him, back in nineteen forty five...
Dons down the stairs a shooting quick, they were glad to be alive...

7 years had come and gone, Bally appeared they say...
Sent word he wanted to see old Don out the Culgoa river way...
Mark John went as backup a rifle in his hand...
Mark did cover the drovers, shoot low was the command...

Bally got no permission was told to stay away...
Just bypass the town is what old Don did say...
So Bally is known throughout the west ...
the earmark worn by him...
The Sheriff really did his best  ...
To make his ear hole ring...

When you get a car door slammed on your head ?..
Broken cheek bone!...
You might get tempted to shoot a man dead ...perhaps..... ..Don Johnson
Pickles met a woman in town who complained about him saying she needed a martingale to
keep her head down . (Horsemen and women will know a martingale has a connection to the
bridle to stop a horse jerking up its head sometimes possibly smacking the rider in the
nose. Also it looks better if the horse doesn't do a Giraffe impression .)  So pickles
said no missus I said you would need 2 martingales to keep your head down, one just
wouldn't do the trick.
One of the Dirranbandi characters Jack Laughton was heard to utter with a grin ,  how
would you like that old bat to fart on your last cup of flour?

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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The Animal Trade

On Africa's Great Plains the animals roam free
And you can see them close up when on safari
Rhino, elephant, giraffe and gazelle
Lions, hippos and monkeys as well.

But they're all in danger from a predator called man
Who goes out his way to kill as many as he can
From a mile away under the African sun
He shoots them dead with a high powered gun.

Big business to some, there is money to be made
One that springs to mind is the ivory trade
Some people will pay handsomely
To have piano keys made out of ivory.

Some cultures believe horns hold some kind of magic
But that's medieval thinking and so very tragic
It's upsetting to see these great creatures fall
Just so the rich can display their horns on a wall.

Their young are left orphaned to struggle and die
So very upsetting it would make you cry
And the King of beasts are considered a trophy
Are tracked down and hunted mercilessly.

Some species of these animals are dwindling fast
And if the slaughter continues they will not last
Sometime in the future, don't bother to look
The only place you'll find them will be in a book.

But you can help to end this cruel trade
Before you buy goods,  check how they are made
If they contain animal parts then do walk away
Together we can ensure that this vile trade doesn't pay.

Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2018

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Refrigerator Notes From The Underground

I told my psychiatrist¹ he's a peach
          He ordered a change in meds                        
          I explained-   it's a metaphor

                               Bill Carlos of Bill,       swipes the girl's plums,
                            bloggers the theft,       ad nauseam,
                  Alz·heim·ar·i·an Flog-Ads,       "The·New·Babel·Plaines",
                    cerebrate with flu shots,       fart and complain.

it's easier when        your clothes are strangers ( is my azz really that big )
"Cat·Snap" flavors    swoons the roomy            files conspiracy charges
mailman fumbles      the rant postulates           "Tangos" in Elda's Durango
puckering me is       "Bubble·New"                     borne to the "Phallus Palace" 
by flatulous              alum·nums

    I DON'T own a "Puss" doc, and "2·Boot":  ¿viz. inquenta' documenta' de' "Salsa"?²

    Do you see?       It's a metaphor my matador!


    He:   "...when was your last sex encounter?"

    Me:  "When 'chocolate' was invented." ( get it... get it"? )  "Unless you count
           THIS moment doc, because I'm peeping on your shoe³ under the desk."

    He:     "... and church; do you attend a church"?

    Me:  "I believe in Red Buttons and the flannel hosts, 
            when knocked knee-soxs knell".

    He:      ( he asks about something I said last week ).

    Me:      "That wasn't a metaphor doc, that was an 'In·Your·End·O' " - ( get it? )


               he gores me with "The·Blue·Pill"-  

              ...and I dream of the lions in full gallop, trying to leap onto the backs of shading giraffes; missing and crashing head-first into the trees, exploding branches; while others slip on giraffe shiz, becoming screeching, unidentifiable flying objects; stampeding the horrified elephants, as a young cub, watching from a safe distance; peeking from the broad green leaves observes;

         "King a the jungle my azz!  Uncle Ted's bashed skull will perform only left turns for the rest of his life."


             I awaken in a clowder of Frenchmen



    1. Nice guy, but a pusillanimous world view.

    2. "Salsa" refers to a Spanish dance. It means either "salt", or "sauce"- not sure which, but many papers cover the subject.

    3. French wing tips- very nice!

Copyright © Robert Warlov | Year Posted 2018

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A Firm Grippe

Get that firm grip

Get a firm grippe
or off the planet you'lle slippe

Then you’ll find you have 
Lots of space

Like a giddy Giraffe 
Don’t sit there an laugh

The airs getting thin 
In this place 


Where do we come from where do we go?
The spirit does fly with our alter ego 

The death rattle kick
An you’re out like a chick

Eggshell just falling away
In freedom you flick

To go anywhere quick
As random as any thoughts say

Ah well Dr Ram
sometimes it flows from  "I am "

the fat controlller 
a pulling the strings

return yet again 
perhaps in Siam

soul body 
to learn many things

Don it a couplet?

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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Mark Clarke was the gentlest man of Denmark 
Yet considered by all a most unlikely patriarch
He was proud being Noah’s apprentice on the ark

Mark was in charge of ensuring all the animals did embark 
Two by two in harmony, elephant, giraffe, tiger, and aardvark 
Shared the gameplan with the many types of whale and shark  

Ensured every bird was onboard, especially the skylark
Mark’s wondrous inventory was classified by icon and footmark
And sometimes in the margin he would jot a special remark
He hoped no one would notice he found neither unicorn nor snark 

For weeks the sun was flooded by torrential rains making the sky darkest dark
They prayed out loud for the promised rainbow, that long-awaited coloured arc       
When the rains finally subsided they looked for the closest park
Everyone had cabin fever and were ecstatic to disembark

Rowdiness of meow, oink, purr, caw, growl, snarl and bark 
Plans were soon ongoing to celebrate with a feisty spark
Evaluating the damage up and down and all around  Hark!
Mark said Yeah, that’s gonna leave quite a watermark

Submitted in March, 2018

Copyright © Line Gauthier | Year Posted 2018

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Premature Ex

An old Ethiopian veteran of the love wars 
once told a newlywed Kenyan kid:
If you want the infant marriage to survive,
make it to the golden years Mt. Kilimanjaro side
You gotta keep the giraffe standing up,
when the ecstasy mountain air gets thin at night
When you’re starting the climb,
	don’t early reach 
for the apex of a lovemaking climax
You gotta stay rock hard,
climbing the pleasure wall for the long haul — 
Or don’t even shorty night come at all
Keep the flagpole reared tall;
		because the minute your
testosterone stone levels fall,
you might as well go geld yourself
	Premature burial ... 
put the family jewels in a coffin box
Don’t bother to take off your pants,
might as well keep on your socks
Prepare to have plenty eunuch days
	of abstinent nights 
		Too many failed erections
gonna get you shovels loads
	of opposite sex dissatisfaction
Expect a bedroom eviction notice,
	telling you to
get your droopy drawers packing 
Frequent impotent performances,
	gonna get her eyebrow curtains raised
So many flaccid phallic early encore excuses made
gonna get you tossed out of the bed,
and kicked downstairs onto the couch
Premature ejection is coming,
your woman’s been too long frustrated ...
doubts gon start creeping in:
Where you been,
who you seeing ...
Why you keep coming home
with your love sacs empty?
Those suspicions gon start stiffening:
	She’s gonna wanna know
whose arms been keeping your bottom mind bent
	You’re gonna wanna know
where in the world did your lost manhood get sent 
If you don’t wanna lose access 
	to her intimate-starved heart,
you better start trying harder on keeping it hard
Learn to get a second wind of stamina,
too much soft effort gon get your love privilege barred
Premature pleasure aborted love
will have your armadillo snout soul dragging
Premature love not long enough
will have your elephant nose spirit sagging 
Don’t depend on bottled passion,
pharmaceutical extended sex
Too many early evening elongated failures
gonna get you a premature ex

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2018

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No Slaughter

Swimming in the river were some elephants 
They were giving themselves a bath 
And over by the river bank 
Was a lonesome male giraffe
From the murky waters peeking out 
Were a crocodiles eyes 
He had hold of a wildebeest 
That was taken by surprise
From nowhere came a rhinoceros 
Who had something more to say 
He jumped onto the crocodile's back
So the beast could get away
A female cheetah was also there 
She was fishing for a meal 
But so were some hyenas 
They were looking for a steal
A monkey and a chimpanzee 
Had been watching from the trees 
They groomed each other spotless 
And they ate each others fleas
And soon the mighty lion came 
To have himself a drink 
When all the others heard his roar 
They left without a blink
Then the sound of a gun was fired 
And it opened the lion's ears 
He heard the sound of a gun before 
And it's one thing that he fears

In a jeep were poachers racing 
From a sheriff on their trail 
He was catching up to them 
To throw their butts in jail
One by one the animals returned 
To get back to the water 
They all get to live another day 
Today, there is no slaughter

Copyright © charles messina | Year Posted 2018

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creature couplets

The giraffe
Haughty and fond of herbivorous feasts,
Tends to look down on his wee fellow beasts.

The elephant
Thin outer ears are gargantuan-sized,
Tickling the ivories isn't advised.

The pelican
Genus of water-bird with a long beak,
And in his throat there is food for a week.

 The crocodile
Don't you be fooled by his sad, tearful eyes
He's out to get you - it's just a disguise.

 The zebra
This creature has a black tuft on his head
And he wears stripey pyjamas to bed.

 The panda
Never one fazed by what's wrong or what's right,
For he sees everything in black and white.

 The kangaroo
He lives 'down under'- Australia's pride
With little Joey who's there for the ride.

 The zoo
All of these creatures are found at the zoo
At feeding time what a hullabaloo!



Copyright © Wendy Watson | Year Posted 2018

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Being One with Nature

Whispers of weeping willows beckon me,
“Forget the rain; get ready for a ride!”
On a magic carpet I soar o’er sea 
Worldly troubles melt away as I glide
To another world where flora is lush
There are no signs of civilization
As I land next to a pink butterfly
Against my elbow this creature does brush 
Have I begun a new incarnation?
That can’t be, for I know I didn’t die
All is still, not a hush
And even by my best calculation,
Nary a soul is lingering nearby

But creatures aplenty bid me good day
Seeing a long-necked giraffe makes me smile
He bows his neck and soon goes on his way
How lucky I feel!  This trip is worthwhile
From the forest a lion approaches
Gentle as a lamb, he purrs at my feet
As I reach over to pick a red rose,
Not one thorn encroaches
Wafting through the air an aroma sweet,
A welcome sense of serenity grows

From the brook beside me a large trout jumps;
Splashing is his way of saying hello
Now why was I feeling down in the dumps?
When twilight descends, the forest’s aglow
With lavender, amber, pink hues and more
This is the harmony ancestors knew
And as I lie down, my spirits revive
Gone are things I abhor
My, this fantasy was long overdue
And I feel so blessed just to be alive


Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2012

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Save the Tiger

Save the glory,save the pride,
Save India 's Tigers, save the indigenous wild. 
Save the unearthly beauty, save the exquisite roar.
Save the Royals by the Sunderbans' shore.
Save those vibrant deep eyes which have seen it all,
From the Zebra,  the Giraffe to the Monkey who had the greatest fall.
Save the paws which have pounced so hard,
On the Cheetah, the Bear, all smashed like cards.
Save the stripped skin that glittered in the Sun,
Save it from being perforated by the deadly gun.
Save Your Majesty as he pleads for forgiveness,
For crimes that were not his business.
Save the emperor of the Jungle,
The law of nature - let us not bungle.
From 'endangered' to 'extinct' - it won't take much time,
All that would be left then would be a few
activists' cries and whines.
Save the mankind from this great fall!
Ponder, whether your entertainment is worth it all?

Copyright © Ananya Mohit | Year Posted 2016