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Best Giraffe Poems

Below are the all-time best Giraffe poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of giraffe poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member My Alphabet
A a 	big A little a

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: giraffe, children, kindergarten, preschool,
Form: Abecedarian

Premium Member A BUSH FIRE
One scorching afternoon,
A sudden splintering sound...

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Categories: giraffe, animal, fire,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Spirit Animal Is A Zoo
Beware the morning tiger
Before his first coffee
     Look out for the afternoon lizard:
     Ectotherm on the sidewalk...

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© John Watt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: giraffe, animal, tiger,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member What's New at the Zoo
Paula parrot is my name. I once was wild, but now I'm tame
A chatterbox who likes to talk! 
Some news to share? Let's take a...

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Categories: giraffe, animal,
Form: Personification
Who's Who
Who's who in the New York Zoo? 
Said the clown with a funny face.
Many different cultures.
Within the human race.
Who's who in the New York Zoo?...

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Categories: giraffe, city, culture, new york,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Animal Crackers
A giraffe approached
We necked

An elephant met me on the jungle path
I stored many thoughts in his trunk

A monkey smiles at me
Now I have no more...

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Categories: giraffe, animal, children, fairy,
Form: Couplet

A ghastly cadaver drops, for whose noble sake?
To ravish the grandeur of wildlife
In the dead of night; to mangle
Creation’s gift and its soft flutters,
Where each...

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Categories: giraffe, animal, death, environment,
Form: Verse
Premium Member ANIMAL ANTICS
A tall giraffe at our local zoo 
Got neck ache, (as giraffes often do) 
With his neck being so long 
The pain was terribly strong...

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Categories: giraffe, animal, fantasy, fun, humorous,
Form: Limerick
Give A Man A Sea-Kitten
Give a man a sea-kitten,
And you feed him for a day.
Teach a man how to sea-kitten,
And PETA will make him pay.

I guess there isn’t much...

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© Gael Attal  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: giraffe, funny, nature, seafish,
Form: Rhyme
Active Emotions

The aardvark who was ashamed looked at the floor
The ant that was angry banged on the door
The bee who was bold ventured on a quest

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Categories: giraffe, children, education,
Form: Free verse
Poetic Licence
Poetic Licence

I've been granted my Poetic Licence,
Which allows me to write as I find.
Exaggeration here, embellishment there,
A free spirited open mind.

With vivid inspired imagination,
I see...

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© Kevin Shaw  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: giraffe, adventure, animal, imagination, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
WE . . .NOT FRUSTRATED(Prof. Olufemi Bamiro)UIVC

Those whose mouth  speak and ooze 
Only fire of a voluble vibrating vocabulary 

Those whose sin is...

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Categories: giraffe, devotion, faith, inspirational, peoplefire,
Form: I do not know?
Jimerick: Racing Certainty
Jim ordered a racehorse online
A thoroughbred sold in it's prime.
Now just for a laugh
They sent a giraffe
But it wins by a neck every time....

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Categories: giraffe, animal, horse, humor, success,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Arrivals
Unblouse  your breast
Where to nuzzle and warm
Areola to moisten and mouth
Urgency need, I scarce was born
Unclothe me in all unrighteousness
Sing for me no lullabye

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Categories: giraffe, baptism, beach, celebration, love,
Form: Free verse
Stretchy Neck
Behold the neck of a giraffe
Long enough to make you laugh
Can stretch over the fence in zoo
To find munchy leaves to chew
Of it's length I'm...

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Categories: giraffe, animals
Form: Lyric
Refrigerator Notes From The Underground

I told my psychiatrist¹ he's a peach
          He ordered a change in...

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Categories: giraffe, humor, poets,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Animal Trade
On Africa's Great Plains the animals roam free
And you can see them close up when on safari
Rhino, elephant, giraffe and gazelle
Lions, hippos and monkeys as...

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Categories: giraffe, africa, animal,
Form: Rhyme
Premature Ex

An old Ethiopian veteran of the love wars 
once told a newlywed Kenyan kid:
If you want the infant marriage to survive,
make it to the golden...

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Categories: giraffe, allegory, marriage, philosophy, truth,
Form: Burlesque
Bronco Don and Bally Watson
Bronco Don Johnson and Bally Watson...

Oh they speak of Bally Watson and the Dirran boys don't laugh...
Yet they tell in whispers how his ear was...

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Categories: giraffe, adventureold, horse, old,
Form: Rhyme
creature couplets
The giraffe
Haughty and fond of herbivorous feasts,
Tends to look down on his wee fellow beasts.

The elephant
Thin outer ears are gargantuan-sized,
Tickling the ivories isn't advised.

The pelican

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Categories: giraffe, animal,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member No Slaughter
Swimming in the river were some elephants 
They were giving themselves a bath 
And over by the river bank 
Was a lonesome male giraffe

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Categories: giraffe, animal,
Form: Rhyme

Mark Clarke was the gentlest man of Denmark 
Yet considered by all a most unlikely patriarch
He was proud being Noah’s apprentice on the ark

Mark was...

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Categories: giraffe, animal, bird, caregiving, dark,
Form: Monorhyme
A Firm Grippe
Get that firm grip

Get a firm grippe
or off the planet you'lle slippe

Then you’ll find you have 
Lots of space

Like a giddy Giraffe 
Don’t sit there...

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Categories: giraffe, adventure
Form: Couplet
It's a New Circus
A funny thing happened under the big top
Heard a great ruckus and decided to stop
Stuck in my head and a commotion rages
I saw animals free...

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Categories: giraffe, animal,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A Child's Dinosaur

At the zoo, I was walking one day
when my young son had wandered away.

I glanced back; he came running to me:
"Mom, a dinosaur.  Come...

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Categories: giraffe, child,
Form: Couplet