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Best International Poems

Below are the all-time best International poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of international poems written by PoetrySoup members

One World
Love is not a color,
No hue, neither a race.
All of our blood is the same, 
That runs deep within our veins.

If we could lift up...

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Premium Member THE BROKEN DOLL
Walls of silence hold,
 Me prisoner,
The child held within,
 Cries out for release.
Relative solitude comforts, 
Not the tortured soul,
Inward coiling withdrawing,
 Deep inside. 
Shedding its...

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Categories: international, abuse, childhood, conflict, fear,

Premium Member Terrorism knows no Geography
hate knows no limits
Boston or Beirut Bombings
innocent ones die

in Paris or Pakistan
atrocities unlabeled
innocent ones die

Baghdad or Berlin
Lives should have the same value
innocent ones die

innocent ones...

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Categories: evil, international,

We Are Not So Different
 I'm a Catholic,You're a Muslim

I'm an Orthodox ,You're a Protestant

I'm a Hindhuist,You're a Buddhist

You're an Atheist,and I am a Mormon too.

You're an African,I'm American


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Categories: international, introspection, love, ,

Proverbs Of Life
Proverbs Of Life

If you don't have a purpose in life, then
you don't have a life.

It is not what the world can offer you. It is

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Categories: international,

Premium Member AUTUMN ON FIRE
God’s inspirational napalm set ablaze upon the trees of autumn,
Welcome to the ascension of the fall season, bursting forth onto
The leaves once evergreen.
Colors of crisp...

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© cherl dunn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: international, autumn, beauty, heart, inspirational,

Premium Member Heinrich Heine Revisited
I can clearly sense your utter despair of Der Matratzengruft*
As you valiantly carried on your poetic works to the very end.
This did not change your...

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Categories: history, international, philosophy, poems,

Beneath the opal white moon, the crying doves shed their precious tears,
Causing the purple rain to fall, melting at the lavender notes of musical dreams,

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Categories: imagery, imagination, inspirational, international,

Fake News - Real Storm

Wicked news flash - torrential storm - Purple 
streaks of confusion striking. Violent grey 
clouds spinning its evil. Hatred scattered 
in shreds of hail. Waves...

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Categories: international, angst, anti bullying, courage,

Premium Member EDGER ALL POE
Our dark founding father, of American literature,
A sinister beacon of darkness, lighting the way
Into the darkened abyss of mankind’s soul.
Within the galleria of madness, he...

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Categories: international, character, dark, history, imagination,

Premium Member Paul, Peter and the Tweeter
Paul, Peter and the Tweeter
Why not choose, 
a billionaire leader?
One who is not 
an eloquent speaker.
Trouble rises,
he robs Paul to pay Peter.
The bold rich need...

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Categories: international, anxiety, celebrity, confusion, environment,

The Meaning of Bread and Tortillas
"Mi primo" means my cousin in Spanish.
He calls me his "primita"- little cousin.
This is the story of how mi primo
Taught me about the meaning of...

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Categories: international, cousin, culture, friend, immigration,

In my father's eyes, I'll always be his princess,
No matter how old I've grown, he still sees
His little girl, dancing across the invisible stage
Before him.

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© cherl dunn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: international, beautiful, celebration, devotion, emotions,

Generic Oppression Poem
Oppressed by you, your state, your religion
So you think you good, kind and Superior
But I find you  cruel, arrogant and callous
But that is just...

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Categories: international, abuse, anger, angst, depression,

Premium Member Divine Flowers
Divine Flowers 

In a flower’s velvet petals
There dwells a divine scent and hue
Soon a tiny creature settles
That will help pollinate a few.

We are blossoms of...

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Categories: allegory, family, god, international,

Premium Member Mother Nature Cries
Mother Nature Cries

Mother Nature cries now her deep tears of true sadness,
For all the years of Man’s sad shame and utter madness.

Man has brought this...

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Categories: international, allegory, change, earth, history,

Premium Member King Vlad Redux - Second Cold War
King Vlad Redux – Second Cold War

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s grimy fingerprints on current history
are for him nothing to gloat about—au contraire I say emphatically:
His actions...

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Categories: international, betrayal, corruption, discrimination, evil,

If Languages Were Instruments
If languages were instruments,
English, the language of my own America,
Would be something like a piano.
Each word is clear and sharp-
When we sing, the note does...

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Categories: arabic, international, language, music,

At Home
When I am in your home,
I am back to Laos after a lifetime.
I am in a place beyond words:


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Categories: community, immigration, international, journey,

Premium Member Sweetheart of Pakistan
There are times
You see in the eyes of a child
An Angel
Our Alice in wonderland
Through the looking glass
Even General Zia yielded to her charm

In our dreams...

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Categories: international, angel, blessing, celebrity, dance,

Premium Member A Progressive Shadow
A Progressive Shadow

A series of real challenges and troubling world events 
In our twenty-first century give us a definite reason and
An urgency to pause and...

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Categories: change, earth, history, international,


In the thickets glen beyond the forest wild
Lies the realm of the mystical unicorn,
Beauties elegance in motion, gracefully
Prancing with each delicate gallop forward.
She is queen...

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© cherl dunn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: international, adventure, beauty, celebration, fantasy,

Premium Member A World on Fire
We live today in a world of great tumult
And of rising uncertainty and anxiety 
Which pervade the world stage like a cancer

Despite soaring technological advances

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Categories: international, allegory, change, earth, history,

Broken English
He speaks in broken English;
It's interesting to see my language this way-
Spread out like pieces of shattered ceramic,
The edge of each word tossing off glints...

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Categories: international, analogy, beautiful, culture, imagery,

Lift your gaze upwards daughter of the sun,
Feel its enveloping warmth upon your ivory skin,
Allow the melting star shine to wash over thee,
And be at...

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Categories: international, beauty, daughter, emotions, family,