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How Do I Love Thee - Let Me Count The Ways

Listen to poem:

and every time i see you it is for the first time 
still my heart skips a beat
and every time we kiss it is our first 
and there is nothing like that first kiss.
and it is not just that i love you with every fibre of my being
but more important that i cherish it and treat it as my most
important priority. 
and now i believe that 
could have stopped me from loving you. 
even if we had never met i am convinced 
you would of monopolized my dreams.
and I choose to believe the beauty spread freely
on earth sparkles just a hint brighter because 
we are so in love with one another.
and to have shared my life with you as you have shared your
life with me apart or together always the better for the union 
we live.
and I still own every crystal clear memory 
of every arbitrary kiss you unexpectedly left on my lips.
and not yesterday
not tomorrow
is the heaven of our existence.
and we always knew 'why? fight the current if you can surf the waves'.
and our mornings 
in the solitude outside our home 
where birds fly and salty dogs roam 
sharing that with you my love 
feels like the purest freedom available to all earthly life.
and i love it when you slip under my skin like you would
our bed sheets after a long journey away.
and even in the pitch of black, surrounded by the dark
my eyes shut and blindfolded i would not see the moon
or the stellar diamonds that hug the night sky but still i 
would see you.
and if i hold you a little tight at times 
please blame my exuberance on the joyous life we've 
shared - every moment we've spent as a loving couple.
and it is you my love who taught me 
the weeping willow not the mighty oak
represents the greatest strength in nature.
and now I know my love the trust to unfold for your partner 
everything that is you (even the darkest parts of your makeup),
the comfort that there is nothing about you your partner won't accept
is a special love gifted to those who seek it with pure intent.
and if the truth be known marriage isn't love, marriage is a contract 
unlike love contracts can be broken.
and i will always be there to hold you when there are no words.
and when i knew it was you i knew it would never be anyone else ever again.
and if not for love then what?
The Closing Soliloquy 

Sleep well my darling
Warm in my heart 
Tender in my thoughts 
Safe in my hold


I do
I hold you

Gift you happiness 
Like links on a chain 
Pure gold
Like the brilliant sheen of hope 


Hope is
The greatest gift of all 

Sweet dreams my heart
Soft in the natural embrace of my undying love.

Dec 7 2015

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2015

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Who I Am

My Inventory:

high-performance yo-yo
poetry books
fishing poles
ice-fishing hut
pocket knife
sharpening stones
life's artifacts
Grandpa's Fishing Hat
hope and joy
Guardian Angel
wooden snow-sleds
more poetry books
camping gear
Babar, the Stuffed-Elephant
McCoy Cookie Jars
nature field-guides
ties I don't wear
family heirloom recipes
suits I try not to wear
treasured photographs
170 poems
antique lamps
my Children's love

......and You

       my Savior

           ....... Jesus Christ

Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2009

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Vacation Time


Copyright © Nayda Ivette Negron | Year Posted 2015

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My New Year's Resolutions: Humor

I have tracked my New Year's Resolutions 
over the years these are my fantastic results.

Resolution One

2011: I will try to be more attentive to Lauren.
2012: I will pay more attention to what's her name...ah...Lori...I know I'm close.  
2013: I will try for reconciliation with Lo.
2014: I will try to be more attentive to Carol.

Resolution Two

2011: I will walk 35,000 steps a day this year.
2012: I will definitely start my walking routine this year at 10,000 steps a day.
2013: I will walk once a week.
2014: I will try to drive past a gym at least once a week.

Resolution Three

2008: I will not stare at women's cleavage .
2009: I will cut down the amount of time I stare at women's cleavage.
2010: I will stop being so obvious when I stare at women's cleavage.
2011: I will attempt to stop getting caught staring at women's cleavage.
2012: I will stop increasing the time I spend staring at women's cleavage.
2013: I will seek professional help as directed by the courts.
2014: I will try to stop starring at the female prison guards cleavage.

Resolution Four

2011: I will not let my siblings push me around.
2012: I will stick up for myself with at least one of my siblings.
2013: I will not let my siblings bullying depress me.
2014: I will talk to Dr. Potter and the group about my siblings.

Resolution Five

2008: I will read Clarissa this year all 1534 pages.
2009: I did not read Clarissa I will read Varney The Vampire all 866 pages.
2010: I will read the first 50 pages of Varney The Vampire this year.
2011: I will read some articles in the newspaper this year.
2012: I will try and finish the comics section this year.
2013: I will read one strip in the cartoon section this year.
2014: I will read the fortune cookie thingy the next time I have Chinese Food. 

Sponsor: Regina Riddle
Contest Name: New Year's Resolution 

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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God's Whispers

An amethyst sunset splashed across the sky, a rainbow after a storm; majestic mountains crowned with snow, and a pristine lake of cobalt blue. A crimson cardinal hopping across the lawn, the purring of a cat curled up in my lap, its fur soft against my fingers; wisteria hanging in grape-like clusters, infusing the air with its intoxicating perfume, and azaleas in full bloom. The soft sigh of a baby's breath against my cheek, and the innocent laughter of children at play. A hug from a friend, my true love's kiss, the arms of my grandchild wrapped tightly around my neck. In all these things, and so much more, God's quiet voice whispers, "I love you." 11/12/15 Entered in PD's Any Poem #35 contest

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2015

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions versus words
Actions speak louder
Louder is figurative
Louder is expressive
Figurative language is effective
Figurative does not truly speak
Effective is deeply important
Effective is walking the talk
Important lessons must be demonstrated
Important lessons show you don’t tell you
Demonstrated lessons are shown like an exhibit
Demonstrated lessons than may be emulated
Exhibits can be observed
Exhibits are seen not heard
Observed actions are watched
Observed actions trump words
Watched love is full of verbs
Watched love shows it is an action word
Verbs are action words 
Verbs help one’s mind create mental pictures
Words alone are soon forgotten
Words are remembered when taught with an action
Mental pictures formed in one’s brain
Mental pictures are recalled simpler than jargon
Brain stores memories
Brain loses words
Memories are potent tools
Memories recall meaning
Tools seen in use is vital 
Tools talked about remain idle
Vital is performance
Vital is activity
Performance is an execution 
Performance is a rendition
Execution creates stimuli
Execution shows not tells
Stimuli create neuron connections
Stimuli causes better recall
Connections boost like a catalyst
Connections fuel memory
Catalyst spark visuals
Catalyst evoke images
Visual aids are useful to teachers
Visual images are appealingly vivid
Teachers must display good character
Teachers may not just define it
Character is taught by example
Character in not lexically learned
Example set is learned in action ~
Example cannot be set with words

For Silent One’s Cliché Contest

Copyright © jill spagnola | Year Posted 2016

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13 Original States

•	Connecticut
•	New Hampshire
•	New York
•	New Jersey
•	Massachusetts
•	Pennsylvania
•	Delaware
•	Virginia
•	North Carolina
•	South Carolina
•	Georgia
•	Rhode Island
•	Maryland


Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2014

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Notes on Dating a Latino: What You Don't Learn in High School Spanish Class

One. Latino boys like Buffalo Wild Wings. It isn't clear why, but it's definitely emerging as a pattern.

Two. Latino boys are persistent. When he asks to kiss you for the first time, say no. Why? Because you've known him for a matter of weeks and he is not your boyfriend yet. Don't worry... he will continue to ask every week until you say yes.

Three. Latino boys are really good kissers.

Four. Latino boys love their family. His cousins are best friends, so you probably already know several of them. If any of his cousins also like you, you might think this is problematic. Your boyfriend will tell you that it's normal, and it's just because they're jealous, and not to worry about it. You will probably worry about it anyway. Sometimes it's better to let things go.

Five. Latino boys are romantic. He will tell you how he loves you in two languages and struggle to find an apt metaphor which he can pronounce in the English language. Since his English isn't perfect, he uses his hands to compensate when he speaks,  uses a tilt of his head, a shift in his voice; he says most with his eyes, when he isn't speaking at all.

Six. Notice how he lights up when he smiles at you, like the sunrise... remember that the word for smile in Spanish is sonrisa.

Seven. When he offers to teach you the meringue, say yes. When you trip over each other's feet, laugh. When his face moves close to yours... kiss him.

Eight. When your racist father starts talking about socioeconomic classes, remind him that unlike your brother's American friends, your friends are sober. (Well, more sober. Do not bring up tequila. They're not potheads, at least.) Besides, your Spanish teacher is thrilled with your miraculous improvement in spoken Spanish.

Nine. When you go bowling with him and his cousins and he whispers in your ear that people are staring at us, tell him it's just because they're jealous that I have a boyfriend that will dance with me in public.

Ten. "Te amo" is a phrase that sounds prettiest when whispered.

Copyright © Cameron Hartley | Year Posted 2014

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Gifts are what matter the most.
Where's the talent without its host?
Where's the paper without the pen?
What is repetition without doing again? 
Where's the car without its driver?
Where's the home without the family?
Where's hope without faith?
Where's the song without the singer?
Where's the vocalist without the musician?
Where's the tune without the melody?
Where are the words without the lyrics?
Where's the music without the instrument?
Where's the orchestra without the conductor?
Where's the production without the producer?

Where's the tree without its root?
Where's the branch without the tree?
Where are the leaves without the branches?
Where are the flowers without their stems?
Where are the petals without the flower?

Where is spring without its showers?
Where is summer without heat?
Where is winter without the cold?
Where is autumn without the breeze?

Where is love without passion?
Where is affection without attraction?
Where is deed without action?

What is math without its equations?
What is a word without persuasion?
Where's a sign without indication?

Where's the line without a starting point?
What are bones without their joints?
What is a body without chemistry?

Everything has a gift.
Everything has a function.
These things work together in perfect conjunction.
Gifts, yes indeed, gifts.

Copyright © Sarah Herring | Year Posted 2014

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A Day In My Life

Not sure what I do but I sure am exhausted at the end of the day, so I decided to think about it and made this list . . . I sleep (not enough, probably) I eat to much, sometimes Write poetry that sooths my soul (every day) Print out and file said poetry Spend too much time on poetry soup (reading and commenting) Love it, love it, my safe haven forever Work (gurrrrrrr) honestly my job is too stressful Watch way too much TV Check out Facebook Watch Utube videos Listen to the news, Local, Canadian, World Play with my cat, oh, that I like, here kitty, kitty Read the newspaper Cook a meal and invite a friend, sometimes Work on my scrap book (endless project) Sew, well I have the sewing machine ready for action Go for a walk with my camera(new hobby) Talk to my friends and family each day Take a walk to art gallery for inspiration Do the dishes Tidy up my nest (my sister says I made a nest for myself) Take a bubble bath or shower Wash my long hair (many steps involved, girls understand that) Listen to music (and dance around) Water my wilting plants Meditate Read Put the rugs back in place, (stop it Pearl Smudges) Have a nap Sometimes, I make jewellery Look at my clothes, why not Laundry if I feel strong Sweep and dust the nest Drink tea or perhaps a café I have been known to have a chocolate bar at 3 pm Feed Pearl Smudges some sardines (stinky) Clean her litter box (yukky) Re-arrange my jewellery (means put it away) Iron a uniform for next day (nurse) Think and ponder life in general Sometimes, often, I go shopping for stuff Go for a coffee with my cell phone Look in the mirror and decide make-up is needed Tidy up my desk of dictionaries and papers and cups Take out the garbage (how can one girl have so much) Stand and look at my art hanging on the wall Recall memories with tears (not a day goes by) Re-arrange the furniture, it never seems right Just sit and relax Well, very sure there must be more but now I know why I am exhausted, at the end of each day, however, I would not change one thing . . . _____________________ April 27, 2015 List Submitted to the contest, Today I Accomplished, sponsor Sara Kendrick First Place Poem Of The Day, April 29, 2015

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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spring is in the air

spring cleaning,
spring planting,
spring pruning,



spring break,
school is out soon,
happy tired children,

the smell of flowers,
fresh spring rain,
first mowed grass,

just a few of my favorite things!

Copyright © karen croft | Year Posted 2012

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Here is irony.
Patience waits for no one.
We must wait for it. 
It decides how long we must walk or sit.

Patience to wait.
Patience when it seems to be too late.
Patience when happiness plans to elate.
Patience in its most perfect state.

Patience to get the job done.
Patience to walk when we must walk.
Patience to run when we must run.
Patience to be silent when there is 
a never-ending urge to talk.

Patience to live.
More patience than we wish to give.

Oh yes, relentless patience.

Patience when pain has taken center stage.
Patience when anger has turned to rage.
Patience to keep writing one more page.

Patience is a virtue.
We all know it's true.

Oh yes, relentless patience.

Copyright © Sarah Herring | Year Posted 2014

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An Evening at the Home

Written: March 5, 2012
Updated: March 11, 2012

Listen to nurse's report including the news 
that Joe and Wilma like each other.

Check all rooms and find that Roger is out of his bed
and down on the floor again.
  (Hip not broken yet.)

Answer Wanda's light to calm her justified paranoia 
because she knows that she is somewhere other 
than her home but just can't figure out where that is.

Answer Jeremy's light to help him sip his water 
while he giggles at his favorite T.V. show.

Accept his thanks and feel your heart break again to see a 
45 year old man who can no longer control his limbs be so 
appreciative of such a small act of kindness...big act of kindness.

Check on Jack even though he doesn't turn on his light 
because you hear suspicious noises coming from his room.  

Help Jack to bed after you find him swatting an 
imaginary fly with an imaginary fly swatter.

Try to re-position Emma so that she is comfortable 
even though her limbs are fetal-position frozen.

Kindly lie to yourself about her comfort so that you can 
control your guilt when leaving the room.

Go into Jackie's room when she starts her usual screaming 
that "she doesn't want to be here, and her family hates her 
and that's why she's here."

Kindly lie to her and control your shame because you know that 
what she is saying probably is true.

Answer ex-model Mabel's light and listen to her story about 
how she could have married Groucho Marx, but that she married 
her true-love instead.

Feel a sense of sad pride when Anna proudly explains to you 
how she keeps track of her day by tracking her activities as she 
would have for patients when she was a nurse.

Keep taking care of and giving these people (not patients) 
love every chance that you get.

Gail's notes: Portrait of Joe and Wanda is the sequel to this.  To protect the privacy of those who have lived before us, the names have been fictionalized, and the events semi-fictionalized.

Copyright © Gail DeBole | Year Posted 2012

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The Morning Chore

In The Kitchen:
Hang a pound of hickory smoked thick sliced bacon Cover the bacon with white paper towel to prevent splatters Pre-heat oven to 350 degree Cover baking sheet with silver aluminum foil Place whole-wheat yeast rolls on the baking sheet Dot each roll with luscious creamery fresh butter Place rolls into the pre-heated oven Place thick bacon into microwave oven to cook for ten minutes Beat-up four eggs incorporating air add two tablespoons milk beat some more Take out that aggression on those eggs Cook omelet in preheated oil covered pan Top that omelet with some shredded cheese just a little Call everyone to come:
Breakfast awaits

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2013

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My alarm clock was set to go off at eight When I lurched out of bed oh heck I was late Forgot to move on the clock for an hour I was late for work – no time for a shower I dashed to get dressed at the speed of light My son was laughing - he could see my plight I ran to the bathroom to clean my teeth and face My car keys were hiding, not in their usual place Ran to the car in my receptionist attire To my horror I found I had a flat tyre Got out the jack and changed the spare wheel Jumped in the car how the tyres did squeal Drove to the office into the parking lot But why it was empty – oh no I forgot…. Bank holiday the first week of May BOTHERATION was all I could say Drove home slowly, just like a snail Just in time to open the mail Then I did: The washing and ironing, cleaning and cooking, (had a few chocolates when no one was looking) the weeding and hoeing, planted some seeds that needed sowing, washed the car and mowed the lawn then to the hairdresser to have my hair shorn, sat down with a book and had a cup of tea - need a bit of time relaxation for me, Then I washed and dried the dishes, cleaned out and fed the kid’s goldfishes bathed the kids and made them a snack got in the shower and rubbed my aching back adjusted the alarm for the right time in the morning crawled into bed and then started snoring Tomorrow when I go back into work I won’t tell them my error or I’ll look a jerk! 05~11~15 Fictional write for Contest: Today I Accomplished Sponsor Sara Kendrick

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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eap- The Romantic .

The romantic sees dreams

  At the dusk's sultry light

  For the wrong , that he'll right

  In the pacifists fight

  With the spark he'll ignite .

Inspired by Brian's rhyme time theme ..

Copyright © Sean Kelly | Year Posted 2010

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Wake up

Wave at a palm on the other side of ocean,

Hitch a ride on a shooting star.

Reach the peak of Mt. Everest,

Slide belly down with the penguins from the zoo.

Dust the dusk away 

Sing with stars that brighten even the darkest blues

Watch how mirrors turn to sand

Kiss the thorn of a desert rose

Drink the rain from the highest cloud 

Fall in line like the ants do

Live in a world that is not my own

Wake up…

Carry on dreaming  

Copyright © Jessica Kuilan | Year Posted 2012

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First and Last Palindrome!

(I'm really sorry if I left your name off, but I tried to do
 all the premium members I could imagine plus the 
non-premiums with whom I regularly communicate.
 If you are not here, I'm just not seeing you around!)

Adeleke and Amy, Andrew, Audrey, Barbara, Brian, Carol, Caroline, Carolyn, Carrie, Caryl, Catie, Cecil, Celene, Charles, Connie, Constance, Chris, Dane Ann, Daniel, Danielle, Daver, David, Deb, Diamond, Doris, Dr. Ram, Highlander, Elaine, Emily, Faleshia, Farah, Francine, Frank, Gareth, Gerard, Gert, Grace, Joyce, H.G. Iolanda, Irma, James, Janette, Jared, Jerri, Jessica, Jimmy, Joe, John, john, Joseph, Karen, Karla, Katherine, Kimberly, Kristen, Larry, Laura, Linda, Lynette, Mac, Margaret, Marie, Matthew, Max, Michael, Mitch, Moonbee, Nathan, Nick, Nikko, Paula, P.D., Phyllis, Ralph, Raul, Ravindra, Rhoda, Robb, Robert, Rueben, Samir, Sara Sean, Sheol, Sharon, Stephanie, Tavarus, Tim, Tirzah, Travis, Virginia, and Wilma are poets looking great forward and - backward - and forward great looking poets are Wilma and Virginia, Travis, Tirzah, Tim, Tavarus, Stephanie, Sharon, Sheol, Sean, Sara, Samir, Rueben, Robert, Robb, Rhoda, Ravindra, Raul, Ralph, Phyllis, P.D, Paula, Nikko, Nick, Nathan, Moonbee, Mitch, Michael, Max, Matthew, Marie, Margaret, Mac, Llynette, Linda, Laura, larry, Kristen, Kimberly, Katherine, Karla, Karen, Joseph, john, John, Joe, Jimmy, Jessica, Jerri, Jared, Janette, James, Irma, Iolanda, H.G, Joyce, Grace, Gert, Gerard, Gareth, Frank, Francine, Farah, Faleshia, Emily, Elaine, Highlander, Dr. Ram, Doris, Diamond, Deb, David, Daver, Danielle, Daniel, Dane Ann, Chris, Constance, Connie, Charles, Celene, Cecil, Catie, Caryl, Carrie, Carolyn, Caroline, Carol, Brian, Barbara, Audrey, Andrew, Amy and Adeleke
For The Palindrome Contest: Sponsored by Jared Pickett

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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To: Me From: Me

No one is perfect, don’t try to be.
You are who you are, not who they expect you to become.
Disappointments are ok, we’re only human.
You may be smart, but you’re not wise…yet.
Not all humans are bad.
Listen to others, but don’t forget to listen to yourself.
Be open to new things, you’ll like it.
Love is strong word, use it wisely. 
Make mistakes, learn from them.
Be cautious, not scared.
Never mistake a friend as an enemy.
Don’t believe everything you hear.
Speak up, they will listen. 
Create the good times…you’ll thank yourself later.
Remember the good times, they don’t last forever. 

Copyright © Jessica Kuilan | Year Posted 2012

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Apply Within - For Contest

I am putting a sign in my window for a position available. The position is soul mate, (friend and lover) this is not a temporary job but a forever thing. Apply within to see what I am seeking. You must be male Single (divorced or widow is okay) Live in this city(no long distance thing) Love cats (I have two) And children (I have none) You must be trustworthy and faithful (without trust we have nothing) Have good communication A good listener Love nature and long walks Hate cruelty to people and animals Like poetry(mine especially) Be a writer (optional) Be happy with your life Not into smoking, drugs or alchohol Have humility and kindness Ambition and intelligence are needed As is honesty and warmth and tenderness Mature yet still have that little kid inside You should be supportive and nurturing Appreciate my friends(accept them) Be a good kisser etc Sense of humor is a must Like art and museums and plays and concerts Movies and music Day trips in the city and hiking (sorry these feet never leave the ground) Flowers(because I have a garden) Watching television Love to read and quiet time Have great quantities of compassion and empathy Show respect to me and others Have your own hobbies and interests and friends Accept my flaws Be passionate and romantic and affectionate Like to cook Helping with the housework is not a problem(yes/no) If you have controlling behaviour (please do not apply) Share my values and respect my beliefs Committed to improving yourself Appreciate my private space and thoughts Bring me flowers and chocolates (just because) Willing to compromise at times Put no conditions on our relationship Make me a better person Love me If you feel this is a position you are qualified for, please come for an interview with a list of your qualifications and picture. Reminder, this is not a temporary job but a forever thing. ________________________ June 7, 2015 List Written by Broken Wings For the Contest, The Interview, sponsor, Judy Konos First Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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All in a Rush

I woke up in the morning and went to the loo
The basin was broken so stuck it with glue
Got washed in a hurry, I was running late
My breakfast I swallowed, rushed out through the gate.
I saw the bus coming so ran to the stage
The driver ignored me, I got in a rage.
I flagged down a taxi, got caught in the rush
Good thing that the seating was comfy and plush!
Arrived at the office exactly on time
I needed a tonic of vodka and lime.
All morning kept busy then stopped for a break
Next door to ‘Havana’ I went for a steak.
Returned to my duties; went quick on the net
Paid visits to Facebook, then placed a small bet
In search of a flutter, as usual in vain.
I left a bit early, got caught in the rain.
Back home I changed into some casuals before
I put on my washing, then went to the store
To buy what was needed for dinner tonight
Somebody dared skip me so got in a fight;
Hard punches were traded! Goodbye to my fries
Now I’m at the clinic, can’t see through black eyes!

Contest: Today I Accomplished
Sponsor: Sara Kendrick
Placed: 1st

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2015

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An Early Mother's Day

I had much to accomplish last Saturday,
But far too many  things got in my way:

As always when awaking, I  took a pee,
then went to see the emails piled up for me.
I stayed so long, missed boxing class, so then,
I grabbed some food and went downstairs again!

Decided I’d swim laps at 12 instead.
Felt tired, so I lay down on my bed.
Put the TV on; dozed off. Oh my!
Woke up at noon, so skipped the swim (sigh!)

Told myself I’d later use the gym.
Then called my hubbie - talked a bit to him.
Called a sister too and talked forever.
Thought about the gym. I’d get there never!

Decided to do lesson plans and got my book.
Went to the computer, but at Soup I took a look!
Saw some blogs and got involved in those.
Got up to pet the dog and blow my nose.

Remembered I had vacuuming to do
But had to write a poem that was brand new.
Decided that the vacuuming could wait.
Took a bath and readied for  my mother/daughter date.

Put on better clothes and got to thinking
lesson plans and gym were off (my heart was sinking).
Happy nonetheless, I drove my car.
Went to my sweet daughter’s house; it’s not too far.

Drove an hour more in pouring rain
just to eat at Maid-rites once again!
Satisfied and chatting, headed south.
Taste of Maid-rites lingered in my mouth.

Arrived in Sandy for a film called Child 44.
Resisted smell of popcorn and the urge to eat once more.
Got home late. The dog was filled with glee.
I let him in the house as he jumped all over me.

My lovely weekend’s nearly gone. What fun. . .
when vacuuming and lesson plans are still not done!

(A list poem written for Sara Kendrick's "What I Accomplished Today" Poetry contest on the following day, Mother’s Day,when I actually finally did the vacuuming and my lesson plans! Nothing like putting things off till the last minute!)

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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My Blessings...

Steven, My Love, my best friend in life,

Parents that support me in whatever I do;

My two puppies Zeus & Eos (both mutts)

My heritage of Potawatomi, Huron and Sioux;

A family willing to lend me support,

A wonderful house to come home to;

A simple world I can call my own,

My siblings, out there to help pull me through;

My horses willing and full of heart,

And all of my friends - Old and New;

My semi-good health and happiness;

And the passion that writing allows me to peruse!

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010

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We are a twine of 


2 chairs
2 drinks
a fire
an oven
a burner
a melted finish
and a perpetually unmelted finish

open doors 
unopened doors
closed doors
slammed doors
cracked open doors
wide open doors


spinning wheels
rising roads
falling rain
long extended open unbracketed Silence
dark thick silence
light bright silence
hopeful silence
cresting like a star being born silence
....we begin again

Copyright © Ingrid Showalter Swift | Year Posted 2016

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Counting Every Blessing

I thank our Lord for the blessings bestowed:

There is a roof over my head; I’m not living in a cardboard box
Even though my wound still oozes, my skin cancer was completely removed
My fingernails are unusually strong and I have emery board access
The food I eat may be cheap and meager, but at least it keeps me alive
Although I have metatarsalgia in my feet, I can still walk on them
My feet may hurt most of the time, but the tumors in them are benign
Much free time is mine because little work is available
How lucky I am to have friends who will laugh and cry with me at life’s troubles
I appreciate the ability to love and show compassion
Thankfully, I don’t drool too much when I eat
There is no worry as to how my money will be spent because I have none
I’m grateful I have faith and do not fear physical death
Although my cholesterol is 386, my heart still beats
I am blessed that I have eyes to see, though as years pass my vision blurs
Ears to hear, but people have to speak louder as I age
A nose to smell flowers when obnoxious odors do not overcome
A voice to speak when someone cares to listen
Taste buds that delight in chocolate, but are repulsed by medicine
And most of all I am blessed with a sense of humor

* For Dane Ann’s “Blessings” contest.  (Yes, my cholesterol truly is that high.)

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010