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Best Blank Verse Poems

Below are the all-time best Blank Verse poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of blank verse poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member View It From Afar
To appreciate our planet
start with its snow capped mountains
where sunbeams morph crystals of ice
into gems of glistening light.

Witness white clouds traverse the skies
floating on a...

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Categories: beautiful, earth, imagery, imagination,

Premium Member And Sweet Is Her Demise
In primrose twilight, summer is still near.
She whispers in my ear; I hear her in
the one lone owl that hoots to only me.
I wake to...

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Categories: autumn, death, summer,

Premium Member For the Love of Poetry
For love of poetry, spellbound am I
by force, that takes me to the land of words.
Beyond control, this power has its way
that leads me to...

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Categories: poetry, poets, words,

Premium Member Thirty-Eight, Cancer Poem: For Sharon
Thirty Eight ( Corny Cancer Poem) For Sharon

Hallmark has a million cards in their catalog
And not one of them says,
Life Sucks
American greetings had nothing that...

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© Poet M.e.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, best friend, cancer,

Premium Member Callused Fingers
Callused fingers press vibrating strings
drawing passion from a violin.
And with burnished wood snug to his cheek
the violinist plays from its heart.

Subtle vibes saturate my being

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Categories: beauty, emotions, feelings, imagery,

Beauty... A thing everyone see's 
But in in me?
Real beauty is not seen
But real beauty is the goodness that you feel.

Beauty...all about looks nowadays

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Categories: beauty,

What goes up must come down. 
No colors can define who you are. 
You may own a cart or limousine. 
We'll still reach the end...

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Categories: faith, god, imagery, life,

Premium Member - When words are not enough -

  When a heaven cracks and stars go to sleep 
  Morning so incredibly quiet - 
  A peaceful morning -...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty,

Premium Member Fall
Fall and
red yellowing 
leaves in the trees

an old man sitting 
on a bench
watches them 
and thinks of his youth

a youth 
sitting on a bench
looking into...

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Categories: age, funny, nature, society,

Opened like a morning leaf
exposed beneath the moon,
Resting in the tentacles
of a clouded ink coccoon.
Wringing hands now rest at peace-
the solitude of night,
a lantern in...

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Categories: inspirational, introspection, peace, sympathy,

Where the City Folk Live

At the confluence of the cultures 
Where the politics ebb and flow
The tide of humanity crashes
Against their collective soul

The spires of...

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Categories: places,

Premium Member Christmas Past

A time I still remember, Christmas day
in 'fifty-three…I was age fourteen then…
and I recall those very special hours
at home, so cozy, warm with my loved...

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Categories: christmas, memory,

Premium Member A Bridge Of Love
There is a bridge, it crosses over deserts
It cements oceans, binds the icy seas
Flies over fiery vulcans, sings melodious 
Breathes over you a cooling welcome...

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Categories: friendship, life, love, poetry,

My hands and feet are numb
for I am cold and I have no
home to give me warmth.
A home and warmth are two
things I search for...

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Categories: hope, inspirational, me, places,

I have lived a thousand lives, died a thousand deaths.
I have loved women unbounded and fathered an army of children.
I have killed and healed, stolen...

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Categories: atheist, mystery,

Ever wrote a sequel
To a poem about 
The road of dead bodies
that you drove upon?

I dont Think So^^

O. Yeah im laughing
At such a radical idea

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Categories: war


Streaks of anguish like drooping trees
Entrap pale hours across nightscape ,
Then crushing low  upon my feet 
Each leaf's motion reflects one bid
In neutral shades...

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Categories: blessing, devotion,

Premium Member Tossing Out Regret
I’ve decided to be rid of some things:

	a moth-holed sequined dress with bitter tags,
	the weeping journal of ennui and pain,

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© P.S. AWTRY  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: moving on,

Premium Member The Offering

Ironic tears that spill are mocking me
in scathing streaks delighting down my cheeks.
They trace their paths as soft as fingertips
atop sad ivories caressing pain -

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Categories: angst, dark, loss, lust,

Premium Member - A Love So Great -

   May the sun always shine in your heart - melt away winter's ice
   Always look for beautiful colors - even...

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Categories: life, love,

The Mighty Hand
When the blackest nightmares were realized
and bitter truth pierced cracked, brittle armor
When candles of last hope flickered and faded
and darkness closed on the edge of...

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Categories: grief, life, mystery,

Premium Member - The Summer Strength And Beauty -

The birds in the garden singing their songs

They tell their story with the heart of summer

A place of silence and aromatic flowers

Where hearts dance of...

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Categories: beauty, celebration, passion, summer,

Premium Member I Want to Skinny Dip
I want to skinny dip in pools of your eyes
And dry myself on lashes bordering there
I want to slide on lush plush of your lips

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Categories: desire,

The Narcissistic Neanderthal
Like an archaic humanoid dinosaur
     you  plunder through life taking no prisoners,

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Categories: loss, passion, political, romance,

The Ice Enchantress
As droplets freeze half-breathed
     From the mouth of Winter
          Howling winds, foreboding

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Categories: fantasy, sea, seasons