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Best Raven Poems

Below are the all-time best Raven poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of raven poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Raven Speak Not To Me, For A Plague Flees Thy Lips
Raven Speak Not To Me, For A Plague Flees Thy Lips

Sadness came, in clumps of ripping hard, smashing waves
as if morbid thoughts could such sorrows...

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Categories: raven, dark, evil, fantasy, fate,

Premium Member Raven Dreams
I flew alone in the white winter night
Cold winds and ice deep within my weary fright
In the night my mind in the darkest of dark

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Categories: raven, angel, beautiful, funeral, grave,

Premium Member Forbidden Castle
Crows gather around the mysterious, abandoned castle, 
Its bastions and towers drowning within a mournful silence. 
Ghostly shadows loom within the dungeons and the murder...

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Categories: raven, adventure, conflict, corruption, death,

The Raving
From 2010. Narrator is Robert Gibbs, snooty White House Press Secretary.

Lay, O Lord, a curse on press men, rude and churlish, sad, obsessed men 

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Categories: hip hop, parody, raven,

Premium Member The Hunt
Form = Free Range Verse

The Hunt

Mans desire to hunt
Testing skills from the beginning of time
I had outfitted myself the day before
With camouflage, and all the...

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Categories: raven, animal, humorous, imagination, poetry,

Premium Member Holly
As she walked across the sand,
receding waves made graffiti
out of the footsteps of a Valkyrie.
An ocean’s city let go of her hand
as we passed under...

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Categories: raven, first love, lost love,

Where Are You My Wolf
I've flown high, and I've flown far
I'd fly to the moon and nearest star

Above the treetops and I've flown wide
Some would say from me you...

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Categories: raven, animal, flying, friendship, lost,

Transition to Death - Part I
Visions of a life unseen,
Moments that vanish before thee,
Life progresses and I'm left behind,
Death a transition of life foreseen.

Today you're here,
Tomorrow never seems to be,

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Categories: raven, absence, anger, dark, death,

Premium Member Edge of Night
 The dark caress of ravens flight
  Graze the tips of distant clouds
 Where moonbeams touch the edge of night
 And mystery slips behind...

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: moon, night, raven,

Premium Member The Reapers song
 The midnight moon was full of woe
 As ravens soared within its glow
 Echoes of the reaper's song
 Drift on dark clouds all night...

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© Joseph May  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: moon, raven,

Told You She Wasnt Typical
Told You She Wasn't Typical

I stand to give you applause
Raven see's what it really was
Made no sense even from my view
Sorry, I see who was...

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Categories: raven, betrayal, for him, funny,

Premium Member To a Raven
Fearless Raven, soaring in
the rich, dark chasm—
that world of shadows, echoes,
cliffs and crags chaotic,
the void of subtle stirrings in
a quintessential midnight—
Make some room for me

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© Carol Mays  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: raven, angst, bird, fantasy, freedom,

Rape in the city, lifestyle was blamed
Rape of a teenager, clothing was blamed.
And now?

8 year old, simply dressed,
Living in village
No modern lifestyle
Innocent and unaware of...

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Categories: raven, abuse, allah, anger, beautiful,

Raven's Gentleman Friend
The Raven was thrilled with
her new gentleman friend
Nights together were spent
each till exhausting nights end

Laying upon the cool grounds
shining the moon's beams
Even for just a...

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Categories: raven, bird, friend, love, magic,


The iron core of the whole family
She stands with the long rooster
First crow which tears up, praying,...

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Categories: raven, allah, blessing, childhood, culture,

Premium Member Silken Black Feathers
 silken black raven 

gazes upon whimsical

waxing moon’s shadows


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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: moon, raven,

Mistaken Identity
The fields are dry
the cow is dead
yet you insist
its all in my head.

An unkindness of ravens gather
calling in trees
as vultures circle
yet you exclaim 
"Eagles! Look!"


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Categories: raven, environment, flower, horror, nature,

Ghost of the Raven
Sinister scene of a dark September sight;
Hell's horrific harridan, heralding the night.
Tangled and twisted, like taut, twirled twine;
Set upon Satan's wicked, shameful, sordid shrine.

Interred in...

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Categories: raven, conflict, evil, fear, horror,

Premium Member Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is like the brain
with deep, unexplored fissures and tributaries, 
the main route well known by now.

I am walking, walking inside my mind,...

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Categories: raven, deep, fruit, home, mirror,

not a bad bird;

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Categories: bird, raven,

Premium Member One thirty in the morning
Why do the young
Still bleed without hurt?

Have we stolen infants dreams?
Childhoods should not contain screams

Suicide is a deadly game
If only love could wipe away the...

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Categories: raven, angst, beauty, my child,

Premium Member Silent Unholy Nights a Collaboration
A Collaboration with Marti Sutherland

Circling the table before they feast, black ravens crow
bright beady eyes darting to and fro, away they go
landing on a wounded...

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Categories: raven, anti bullying, anxiety, art,

Raven's Night
       Winds a' blowing all around-
       So dark I cannot see,

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Categories: allusion, halloween, raven, scary,

We the Ravens
rewrite of former poem

We are shiny sleek, black birds, 
don’t underestimate our wit,
we are of the corvid family, 
the most "intelligent,"

We are passerines, 
the largest...

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Categories: raven, animal, bird, education, nature,

Premium Member The Wounded
They all sleep
Or weep
In hospital beds
Or in prison dregs

Pain and sorrow
Missed tomorrows
Yesterday's wishes gone
Tomorrows become undone

I miss them all
Who will be first?
To that last road...

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Categories: raven, angst, anxiety, depression, miracle,