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Best Haiku Poems

Below are the all-time best Haiku poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of haiku poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member - Haiku X 62 - Deep Wounded -

    Deep wounds that leave scars
    One moment much more must flow
    Shadows from the soul


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Categories: cry, hurt,

beautiful blackbird
chirruping the sweetest songs
morning has broken

Poem inspired by this wonderful Beatles song sung in Scottish Gaelic by Julie Fowlis


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Categories: beauty, bird, morning, nature,

dark ripples still warm
from sunrise...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member Fire-Water Dance Haiku

saffron sun flames sky
melted gold joins blue riffles -
sunset swims to shore

Susan Ashley
August 20, 2017


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Categories: beach, nature, sunset,

A Water Haiku
the village pump-
in a gurgle
my childhood  

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

Contest hosted by Mick Talbot 


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Categories: remember, water,

Premium Member Erosion (haiku)
Gullies scar brown earth
     Hurricanes bring erosion
          Of both soil and lives

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Categories: natural disasters, nature

dainty daffodil
your golden trumpet fanfares
the dawning of spring


Published in Haiku Journal #33 by Prolific Press

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Categories: nature, spring,

Such precious gemstones
Morning dew shines like diamonds
God’s tears from heaven

Written on 18th February 2 days before my father died

Posted 22nd February 2015

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Categories: beauty, loss,

walking gracefully  ~
with a pendulum movement
a herd of giraffes   ~

the mass migration
crocodiles at the river
food for the taking

gazelles are running  ~

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Categories: africa, animal, nature, water,

Premium Member WINTER
thick blanket of snow
snuggling the flowerbeds 
with a winter wrap

Jan Allison

6th October 2014

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Categories: snow, winter,

Premium Member My Tree's Seasons
spring wakens my tree -
a bejeweled perfumed bride. . . .
love birds make their nest

summer’s yellowed lawn
beneath my tree’s sombrero. . . . 
grass breathes...

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Categories: tree,

Premium Member Oh to be The King

Regally they strut
Lions have no ought to roar
Status apparent

Establish importance with quiet visibility without vocality

(Not for any contest)


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Categories: courage, inspirational, motivation, power,

Pirate Bay
```Pirate Bay the Haiku``` 

pirates fierce and mean 
drowning fish, sea to sea 
parrots on their butt 

```Polly Wants A Cracker``` 

bloodthirst & brutal 

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Categories: adventure, anti bullying, boat,

Premium Member SNOW - ANGEL
tiny snow angel
snowflakes kiss your rosy cheeks
white winter beauty

Any poem you ever wrote not for a contest
Sponsored by Broken Wings
14th November 2014
Published in Haiku Journal...

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Categories: winter,

Premium Member Spring
Nature's wake from sleep
Life flirts with beauty
a time for flowers to flaunt

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Categories: nature, new year, seasons,

Premium Member as I drift
writing as I drift

   on the ocean's endless blue. . . 


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Categories: sea,

Premium Member Beneath October's Sky
red flames of desire
as I hold my lover close. . . 
the sky has caught fire...

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Categories: romantic, sky,

Premium Member DAWN
diamond dewdrops
glisten on gossamer threads
morning has broken

23rd May 2016

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Categories: day, morning, sun,

Premium Member New Beginings

     a young wing flutters
     warmer nights laved in moon beams
     spring's new...

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Categories: spring,

Premium Member OCEANIC SCENE

                  ripples of  blue ebb


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Categories: ocean, summer,

Premium Member WINTERWEAR
cold-cling of Winter
wrapped in sweaters, wound in scarves —
fashion for snowmen


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Categories: winter,

liquid little stones
liquid little stones
skipping and skittering free
on shared umbrellas...

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Categories: nature, seasons,

Enlighten Me
"Haiku of enlightenment"

all explanations 
a perceptive, world of green
mocking the land

summoned bird calls
tantra and morality 
zestful garden-----------------  in waiting 


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Categories: adventure, body, evil, forgiveness,

Premium Member DRUNKEN MOON
~twice the beauty~

in the sea of love 
reflection of the night 
a wave moves


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© SKAT A   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beauty, dream, muse, romantic,

Sealing eyes of sky,
       Descend upon straps of light,
Dusk…now dreams the night...

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Categories: art, nature,