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Tiptoe, tiptoe, what they say is not what they say it is . . . 

Cameras rolling, take one, action! 
“How stupid can you be? You’re fired!”    
He told a judge quite candidly. 

In take two, from his office on Fifth Avenue,  
He tweeted,  “Nobody has more respect 
For women than I do.” 

On take three 
During a press conference, 
“We’ll blow terrorist Al-Baghdadi 
Out of existence.” 

Then he stood, saluted the flag, and 
Ordered General “Mad Dog” to protect the land. 

Tiptoe, tiptoe, what they say is not what they say it is . . .

They say Doomsday is coming, 
Polar caps are melting,  
An asteroid just missed us today  
Iranians want a bomb 
To explode in Armageddon, 
And North Korea tested 
A long-range missile yesterday. 

Both sides are wrong... 

Beware, or pay dearly, 
To the victor belongs the spoils, 
For in the land of the free and 
Home of the braves, 
A new boss man's in town

Fake news on display...bad men raining down 

Tiptoe, tiptoe, what they say is not what they say it is . . .

The boss is riding, guns ablaze, shooting at the sun, 
Stirring up flames all across America, Russia,  and China— 
The whole world’s wondering, who's this character? 

Wake up and smell the coffee! 

Republicans say, 
“He's the forty-fifth  President today,
Top dog in Washington,
Who can activate the nuclear bomb.” 

With the greatest memory around... A double negative caused the problem

He says America will be great again 
Then placed a ban on Muslims coming in.  
He made it clear to Peña Nieto, 
Bad hombres must go, 
That a wall on the border 
Will stop the illegal immigrant flow 

Where is the server and 50,000 emails~ Russia do you know?

Tiptoe, tiptoe, what they say is not what they say it is…

Copyright © Arturo Michael | Year Posted 2017

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Presidents Day

I was eating breakfast yesterday with my 12 year old granddaughter and I asked her “What day is tomorrow?”  Without skipping a beat she said, “Its Presidents Day!” She is so smart, so I asked her “What does Presidents Day mean?” I was waiting for something about Obama, Bush or even Clinton. She replied “Presidents Day is when the President steps out of the White House and if he sees his shadow we have another year of bull ****.” You know it hurts like hell when hot coffee spurts out of your nose.

Copyright © Dennis Davis | Year Posted 2017

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Black Lives

Black lives with a president full of black lies
we vote in donald trump thats bad news
like a card game trump we reached to the
end of the stump no longer growing like
trees more like falling to our knees or falling
leafs stressed so we blowing trees youth please
go out and make a change it aint a game lives matter
poems full like a bottle of overflowing emotions man i
miss obama he was sturn you know sort of like yo mama
on you going to school even when you act a fool eating
healthy foods fats im stating facts it dont matter if its 
fat man or dat man at the end of the day its who we pick
and choose trump is who i refuse hes fraudulent hes a fail
hes a frail this aint no fairy tail black lives theres a thin line
between greats and snakes we wont find peace unless its 
justice we seek black lives like the jim crow law until changed
we get beat by the feds with crow bars when will it stop we
lost michael brown,eric garner,trayvon martin,freddie gray,
philando castile, these are just an exampile(example) not
even old enough to make it to 90 like castro black lives 
lead by that role i pray our brothers rise black lives

Copyright © dwayne williams | Year Posted 2017

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Easter Limerick Lies

With more than her share of fake news
Melania suffered the blues
From the President's sleuth
She soon learned the truth
And now spends her days with #MeToos

Our President once shared the thought
That Congress could never be bought
But one Russian tweet
Said Congress was cheap
So Ivanka bought the whole lot 

The White House Easter Egg Hunt
Gave Ivanka the ideal front
With some huge discounts
From her Chinese accounts
She evaded every confront 

Fabergé is quite a big debt
But not one that she would regret
Like the Easter Bunny
Our Congress is funny
Though the world is not laughing yet!

Donald Trump Junior once said,
"My Dad is the Giver of bread,"
But when Russian around
On foreign ground
Putin will feather his bed! 


Copyright © Rico Leffanta | Year Posted 2018

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An Ode to Donald Trump

When I gaze upon that orange tinge 
Every muscle in my body starts to cringe 
And as I hear the Americans cry: "This can't get worse, can it?" 
I'm so relieved I reside on the other side of the planet

It's no wonder the citizens are falling down in despair 
When the president's policies are as fake as his hair 

If I were you, Mr Trump, I'd worry less about the ban 
And instead focus on firing whoever gave you that tan
But then again, whoever will replace that job now that you've given the order
To kick all the Mexicans across the border 

Now your suggestion to build a wall just made everyone madder 
But I think it was genius, as long as no one finds a ladder 

But, after all, you're not all that bad
You''re an alright dad? 
I mean, they'll each get a large inheritance I guess 
And...psst, Ivanka? Must we send help? Blink twice for yes

So you're kicking out immigrants to give your citizens better lives 
But where on earth will you find your next few wives? 
Don't worry, there's plenty suitable women you'll find 
But they'll grab your credit card like you grabbed their...nevermind

To all those who decided it was this man you would choose 
How drunk did you get or what bet did you lose? 
Now I'm not saying that it wasn't a brilliant idea 
But I could put together a better president with a set from IKEA

Copyright © Avi Devir | Year Posted 2017

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President's Day

~President's Day~
(Rhyming couplet)

Today in the USA we honor two great men 
They both did wonderful deeds for our country, Amen. 

George Washington, is our founder father, 
Lincoln abolished slavery among brother. 

These two great men had very good intentions, 
They gave their all and meant to relieve tensions. 

They both believed in their hearts what was best, 
And fought for what was right and passed their test. 

In my heart I do really admire these two great men, 
They believed in something and acted on that back then. 

History praises and sees them as heroes today, 
They were great men, and get my respect in  every way. 

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2016

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Primary Lesson - End of Class

Here is a lesson, a tortuous tale for your next-of-kin,
About a political hack we'll call the Bigly Pumpkin.
It's a bit like star wars, he is more an older Anakin,
Who fooled the Nation even though he's a bumpkin.

Quatrains or couplets are my chosen word lines,
Bring insight and reason with a number of rhymes.
Except today I tread on a most sacred of shrines,
When I commented on Frank, writer at the Times.

A candidate can swing legions with one racist quote,
Misogynistic allusions won’t capsize his boat.
But lean on Clinton’s clumsy path to the vote,
And it ends with “sorry pal, that’s all we wrote".

As the press narrows the field of who'll run the Nation,
And Clintons’ missteps ignite Dems consternation.
We see the unthinkable...Donald's inauguration,
Except his script mandates… IT'LL BE MY CORONATION!
As Trump’s antics make redneck States redder,
Sarah says the Establishment couldn’t be deader.
And I don’t expect Hillary’s crew to fare any better
As Willy stumps around with his bright scarlet letter.

Maybe Trump started his run to stay out of jail,
They said "Hey Don, as President you don't even need bail!"
So go for that Office, campaign like you can't fail,
And when the going gets tough harp on Clinton's email! 

Could the White House even inhabit a Trump?
He thinks it’s a bit small, and a bit of a dump.
Ted go back to Canada, don't be a chump,
Wave bye-bye and give Donald’s polls a big bump.

He talks like he’s gold, but it’s just tarnished brass,
Don’s mouth won’t stop running, totally lacking in class.
Not really an athlete, his sycophants love to kick ***,
But when the race gets rough we’ll find his jaw is glass. 

Hillary's mirror cracked, she'd rather you're under her spell,
It reflects on Don's scream that we're all going to hell.
He's busy building a potion much like snake-oil men sell,
I don't know how it will end, but it won't end well.

So whether you're hope searching for a glimmer,
Or strongly rooting for Don because he's a "winner".
Avoid quoting the facts, reality's for the sinner,
And he'll look good on the podium, his wife is thinner.

This reality show should really just be gonged,
It seems so many rights are now going to be wronged!
As Hillary claws back to where she once belonged,
Its won't be pretty as someone gets schlonged....

What we need is a leader to do what is right,
For the times, and the people, hold up a light.
Be done with stirring the pot to drum up a fight,
Conquer the challenges with brains, passion, and might.

Copyright © Mike Kostashuk | Year Posted 2016

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With the grandeur of prairies and canyon
With Georgian welcomes from Springer Mountain
With cooler welcomes of Katahdin
America rises with five million feet 

To exult among more mosses, mammals, trees
Than have survived in spaces smaller than countries
A president named Teddy signed off on it
America rises with these five million feet

With delirious descent of peregrines
With the swooping swish of eagles with fish
With raising and saving whooping cranes 
America still rises across millions of feet

Grace as in the disappearing Chestnut
Timelessness and wonder in the redwood
Gifts of Euphorbia, Aster, Camelia
America rises in chlorophyll and feet

With red and green blood that will unify
With Hibiscus threatened by goats in Hawaii
America rises and falls from view
America for all, always preserved by the few

(c) First published with gratitude in 2005; God Bless America - and the rest of humanity. Shalom, shalom!

Copyright © Anil Deo | Year Posted 2017

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Trump I Be

I am Trump
Trump I be

That Trump you be
That Trump you be
I do not like you, Trump you be

Would you like me , here or there
Tanned and rich with gorgeous hair

I do not like you here or there
I do not like you anywhere
I do not like what I see
I do not like you, Trump you be

Would you, could you win the vote
Smile, and wave and truly gloat
I do not like you, Trump you be
Give it up and set us free

I would not, would not truly gloat
Not my fault it floats my boat
I am Trump, Trump I be 
My trademark is hu- mil- it-y

Would you, could you build a wall
Let them climb, watch them fall
I do not like you, Trump you be
I do not like the jerk I see

I would not, could not just watch them fall
I'd munch popcorn and have a ball
Trump I am, Trump I be
 Seats for all, show for free

Would you , could you cut your hair
In a wind, you need a prayer
I do not like you, Trump you be
Combovers are not  commodity

I would not, would not cut my hair
 I am the virile lion in my lair
Trump I am, Trump I be
My style's unique, just like me

Would you, could you call you smart
Or are you just a pompous fart
I do not like you, Trump you be
You with wives, one, two , three

I would not, could not call me smart
I'm self made and that's an art
Trump I am, Trump I be
That nasty woman will lose to me

Would you, would you accept a loss
Or just be Donald, Apprentice boss
I do not like you Trump you be
You do not respect democracy

I would not , could not accept a loss
Hilary   Clinton won't be my boss
Rigged like the Emmies, that's for sure
Poo poo , ca ca , and all manure

Would you, should you pay your tax
Or just use loopholes and relax
I do not like you, Trump you be
America's benefits are not free

I would not, would not pay my share
Using the loopholes ....I call fair
Trump I am, Trump I be
 Not an honest tax payer like Hilary

Would you , could you pass for a muppet
Sniff, snuffle and be Putin's puppet
I do not like you Trump you be
Being a traitor is  not the key

I would not , could not be a muppet
Pay's not enough, they'd have to up it
Trump I am, Trump I be
I'll just sit on Putin's knee

Would you, could you threaten to sue
We all know, no follow through
I do not like you, Trump you be
It's not Dr, Seuss, it's only me

I would not, would not threaten to sue
I' ve got billions to get me through
I am Trump, Trump I be
I triumph over mock- er-y

I do not like you , Trump you be
I do not like what I see
I do not like you, Trump you be
You're no president
Can't fool me!

Copyright © Judith McTavish | Year Posted 2016

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Presidential Trivia

President's Day is approaching so I thought I would further your education,
By revealing useless trivia about some of the dudes who've served our nation.

President Washington actually had to borrow money to get to his inauguration.
He wore size 13 shoes and seldom took a bath much to Martha's indignation!

Abe Lincoln agreed his wasn't the prettiest face when all was said and done!
Once called 'two-faced' he said, "If I had two faces, do you think I'd wear this one?"

James Buchanan was nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other,
Causing him to lean his head to the left and close one eye, which was a bother!

For his breakfast, Ulysses Grant loved cucumbers soaked in vinegar to eat!
He probably saved his hide since he declined to join Abe in his theater suite!

Woodrow Wilson was plagued with indigestion and was blind in one eye.
He had a pet sheep named Old Ike that chewed tobacco and that ain't no lie!

Cal Coolidge used a paucity of words so that many folks thought him dead!
He liked his head rubbed with Vaseline while eating his breakfast in bed!

Harry Truman kept a sign on this desk that read, "The Buck Stops Here!"
Remembered will be his scorching letter to an editor defending Margaret's career!

'Tis well-known that Ronnie Reagan dearly loved Nancy and jelly beans,
And was happiest at his ranch riding a horse and wearing old jeans!

And finally, from Barack Obama we learned that there are fifty-seven states,
And that he makes skillful use of a teleprompter to ensure there are no misstates!

Th-th-thats all folks - more than you ever wanted to know about these chaps!
(There's much more I could reveal but it best be kept under close wraps!)

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2012

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Yard Sale

Another holiday has come to pass and I am no prouder to be an American than when it started.

What are these holidays for I ask myself?

Are they designed for the little man to feel like he’s getting a break from the monotony of 
a humdrum workday.  Rest him up and throw him back to the dogs or is it about big money.  Seems everyone is having a sale or going out of business sale.  These furniture stores go out of business more that a nickel bag crack seller on a Wednesday night on the Jersey Shore.  Can you imagine working for one for these slime ball opertions?  One day you got a job, the next day who knows.  How does that conversation go?  
“Hey listen Margaret, we are having another sale.”
“Oh no not another sale, is this a going out of business or and everything must go sale?
I haven’t seen my daughter in 5 years since that last everything must go sale.  She wasn’t even suppose to be here for the love of Pete.”
“No, no nothing like that we are going out of business but will open again Monday.  That thing with your daughter, well those Chinese’s people made us and offer we just couldn’t refuse, you understand.”
My other favorite is the 5 years no interest financing on everything in the store.  They know you aren’t going to pay and that one day you’ll get hit up for 36% interest.  

And for Christ Sakes where do they get the “actors” for these TV ads?  Are they washed up **** stars that couldn’t make the grade or just some fat cats concubine that thinks she’s in the movies now?   Look Elsie I am on TV…does that belt make me look fat?  It ain’t the belt honey.
So goes another Labor Day/Memorial Day/Fourth of July/Presidents Day/ Martin Luther King Day/….it really cheapens America and what we stand for, and I for one am ready to end this downward slide into the bowels of America and say we combine them all into one big week, yeah Garage Sale Week.  Now that’s an American tradition that has stood the test of time!

Copyright © Stephen Kilmer | Year Posted 2013

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What I will remember about Barack Obama 
Was the night he became the 44th president 
I saw the dreams of Martin Luther King realized 
oh, what a moment it was  
He proved to the world that all men were created equal. 
“YES WE CAN “now the world's motto 
He never saw colour He saw people and his legacy will be remembered  
The history books will be kind to Barack and Michelle for standing so high on moral grounds fighting for our children. 
We all will remember Barack Obama the worlds president he made all black men proud and thought us to have unbreakable vision...My President 

Copyright © sonya Stewart | Year Posted 2016

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Wow, the weather sure is cold,
Days are short, the wind is bold. 

The season isn't a favorite for sure,
Most in the cold, aren't begging for more. 

This testament to the winter, is short and is sweet,
 Its brutal cold, upon you does beat. 

And beg for spring, and longer days,
And new found fun in different ways. 

But back to winter, now let's explore,
Its wondrous beauty, many do adore,

The frosty nights, a blanket of snow,
Untouched and virgin, a skiing we can go!

Take the kids to the local park,
Sleigh ride with them, a youthful spark,

May be rekindled, inside your soul,
This surely is fun, never is it droll. 

Build a snowman, with coal and pipe,
He may come alive, frosty isn't just hype. 

The alive that he comes, is not in the snow, 
But in the hearts of the ones that help make him grow. 

Spending time with the family, this bonding is good,
Feeling alive and well, with your family you should,

The wondrous winter, has the holiest of days,
A time to be kind, and have gentler ways. 

The birth of the savior, the greatest of men,
His spirit reborn, and we all know when,

This holiday comes, its time be kind,
Good deeds and good thoughts, cover your mind. 

The new year comes in winter, a time to start new, 
Cast aside bad habits, and with them your through. 

Good cheer and good times, and drinking some wine, 
Kissing and hugging, and playing Auld Lang Syne. 

Presidents day is a time to give thanks, 
Lincoln and the north, and the fighting yanks,

Put an end to slavery, blacks are free as whites, 
Another century passed to gain civil rights. 

Praise to Washington, the first to lead,
Our country from Britain, his troops had freed,

The people of the Colonies, America was born, 
Plains full of plenty, many acres of corn. 

Valentines day, the time for romance,
Put yourself out there, ask a girl to a dance!

The celebration turns history around,
Originally on this day, many bodies were found,

Dead in a garage, in the Chicago town,
The pictures are gruesome, bloodstains on the ground. 

These are the times in winters' cold,
That have special meaning, and memories they hold. 

Look kindly on winter, its end will bring,
A time of rebirth, more commonly known as spring.  


Copyright © Paul Morgana | Year Posted 2013

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To The Leaders

As a Politician 
to get re-elected 
you want the world to love you
as a dictator

ruling your people 
you want your country at peace
you can attempt to use force
you can create prisons 

to locked up the people 
that argue or fight against you
yet how much better 
would it be

To rule a country that loved you
to rule a country that adored you
to rule a country that voted for you
that screamed to have you back

Use the methods 
rich people use to create wealth
teach your people to invest together
making life easier for themselves 

giving them extra income 
allowing them to live life 
out of debt
invest in building a world of fun

Walt disney invested in disneyland
creating joy for the world
your people could also invest 
in creating disney lands

creating work for your people
takes children off the streets 
reducing crime 
making parents proud

Creating a system 
where the people become investors
creates wealth for you country
taking you out of a depression

overcoming the budgets problems
as people become successful
their praise will come to you
their success builds your respect.

Copyright © Bernard Barclay | Year Posted 2017

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Presidents' Day

Schools are closed, there is no mail
And stores hold special sales.
To honor our first president,
That’s what this day entails.

Though technically, our 16th prez
Is celebrated, too.
To make a Monday holiday,
That’s what they chose to do.

The 40-something other men
Who served the USA
As presidents were not awarded
Their own special day.

So sorry Adams, Jefferson,
James Madison, Monroe,
John Quincy Adams, Jackson
And Van Buren – all are no.

Poor Harrison and Tyler,
Polk and Taylor, Pierce and Grant,
Fillmore, Johnson and Buchanan,
Hayes and Garfield – no, you can’t.

Arthur, Cleveland and McKinley,
Harrison and Teddy R.,
Taft and Wilson, Harding, Coolidge,
Hoover, also FDR…

Truman, Eisenhower, JFK,
LBJ and Nixon, Ford,
Carter, Reagan, both the Bushes
And Bill Clinton – not on board.

Last, no day off for Obama.
As to he who’s right now serving,
I can’t think of anyone who might
Be any less deserving.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2017

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Tell them,Achebe tell them
That with bullets they may kill our bodies
But our proud spirit they will never fell!
That blind men too soon come to notice
The true self of those in office.

Achebe tell these politicians
That though we appear daft,we really are not.
And soon all shall see
The true extent of their rot
And greed insatiable even by the world's largest pot!

Achebe tell them we know
that this is not how to run government
And better a brother's sharp tongue
Than a peek under the Illusionist's tent.
We know.We know that this is not what Mama Africa meant.

We see,Achebe tell them
all the pomp and glitz and false glories galore
Tailored for Africa's able-bodied sons
To slowly lure them away from virtues of lore
So as to flood home with blood and rot.Into Africa's core.

Achebe tell them,O great Achebe 
That we know what comes after this bend
Like clever,greedy hyenas
Dressed for the weekend
They will take you in with smiles,only to revel at your life's end!

Tell them,Achebe tell them
That with bullets they may kill our bodies
But our proud spirits they will never fell!
That blind men too soon come to notice
The true self of those in office.

Copyright © paul mburu watex | Year Posted 2016

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The man who loved us has died;
In his place is a beast!
We, in the land of banana,
Sang songs of victory!
We sing songs of woe –
Woe for lost freedoms,
Woe for the death of Hope,
Woe for the death of a saviour!

Copyright © Joseph Kimbugwe | Year Posted 2016

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Vlad and Don, a love story

Vladimir oh Vladimir,
Thanks for the  hack
Put me in front and Hillary back
I owe you my amazing win
For you I’ll do anything

Vladimir oh Vladimir,
you pull my strings
For you I can do so many things
You have something on me, yes its true
Lets keep it a secret between me and you

Vladimir oh Vladimir, 
Be my best friend
Bffs to the bitter end
I won bigly with you, so all my thanks
Now teach me how to roll the tanks

Vladimir oh Vladimir,
So strong and powerful, you’re my kind of guy
Your enemies all seem to mysteriously die
You and I don’t have to fight
We both know that might makes right

Vladimir oh Vladimir,
Teach me how you silence opposition
so I can do it from my White House position
crybaby losers, my boot on their head
I’ll mock them by twitter as I crush them dead

Vladimir oh Vladimir,
how many journalists did you kill
that would give me such a thrill
Send bannon out as my murderous attendant
Bury them all with their first amendment

Vladimir oh Vladimir,
come real close
but don’t poison me with a lethal dose
like that guy from the KGB
You put plutonium in his tea

Vladimir oh Vladimir,
so-called judges might tell me no
then checks and balances got to go
Congress might stop me with laws they pass
They’ll burn like the Reichstag, to a heap of ash

Vladimir oh Vladimir,
We’re like-minded brothers
Leading a world of like-minded others
We’re leaders in the global fight
with our global army  that fight for the white

Copyright © John Gordon | Year Posted 2017

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The Donald

Welcome to the house of pain,
Mr.Trump is the name,
And politics is the game,
I'm trained to protect and serve any humane, 
Even though i'm not sane,
And get paid for all my sayings,
I'm painting a perfect picture without a scripture,
A real life statue i'm Trump my family is richer,
I don't know any losses i'm Mr.Victory,
I have a few names and many personalities, 
America was great i'll bring it back you''ll see,
I'll even send Mexicans back to the border,
In order for us to eat,
African Americans and minorities,
All of your state profits are cut for free,
No more Obama and away with Hillary,
A woman president, i'd grab her by the P,
I'm rude, crude, it's gimme gimme gimme,
You either move, step or i'll shimmy shimmy shimmy,
I had it all planned the day of my winning,
Even bought a new toupee for my hair thinning,
I'm Mr.Pokerface my grimace expressions say,
Sweating in this blue suit that i wear everyday,
To hell with love, because i hate hate hate,
Hey let's destroy don't create mate wait,
I just won the election, 
It's time to make America great,
I'm the Donald I couldn't Duck my fate. 

Copyright © Key V. | Year Posted 2016

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Vote For ME

I would like to announce my candidacy,
and I would appreciate it if you would all vote for me.
I want to be Your President. Vote For ME.
If I were your president, do you know what I would do?
Protect each and every single one of you.
Vote For Me. Vote For Me.
I would not only share with all of you,
the very scary, very real truth,
about how a New World Order wants to enslave all of you.
I will not only protect all of you day and night,
I will go after those global bankers with all of my might,
For All Of You I Will Relentlessly Fight. Vote For Me.
All who have served under them, committing their crimes
against humanity and treason I will all hunt down in time.
I will hunt them all down and prosecute every single one of them.
Vote For Me. Make Me Your President.
I Promise All Of You I Will Bring Back Our Once Very Great Land.
or die trying should my life end by the hand of an assassin.
Vote For Me. Vote For Me.
I Want To Serve All Of You As Your President. Vote For Me.

If you aren't familiar with the original song for this parody,
the YouTube Web Address Below Will Bring You To It Directly.

Joe Walsh- Vote For Me

Copyright © Billy TheKidster | Year Posted 2017

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Inauguration Day 2017

Prime Minister May
And Merkel, too,
Are prone to give Trump some rope
They're not cutting slack
Just watching their back
To avoid our President's grope . .

Copyright © Rico Leffanta | Year Posted 2017

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When I hear the promises of man to man
And I know that they can and do fail.
I am thankful for a Holy God,
Who will prevail even over the gates of Hell.

Leaders come and go in this world.
They make promises they cannot keep.
But God is sovereign, He reigns over all
He will never fail us…we can safely sleep.

Presidents and Kings, Governors, and Princes
May plan great and wonderful things,
But only our God knows the future we face.
What this country needs is God, 
And the peace that He brings!

Copyright © Betty Butler | Year Posted 2016

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The Last Inning

It's the last inning no one wanting more to be at bat
  both unwilling to give in or recognize what it's truly all about
she refuses to be sidelined or hesitate spewing word phat
  he claims calm, subdued rhetoric thinking we'd forget prior word spouts
neither fully saint nor sinner, clearly no one a real winner.

Copyright © DM Babbit | Year Posted 2016

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53 years ago today

a grassy knoll
shots rang out
left a world in fear
with a world in doubt

we watched Camelot
suddenly pass away
on the harsh streets of Dallas
53 years ago today

as the 60's arrived
newly on the scene
hello nightmare
goodbye american dream

on that fateful day
it all fell apart
shot a hole in our soul
left a hole in our heart

when on that grassy knoll
shots rang out
which left a world in fear
to a world in doubt

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2016

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The Orangutang n' The Munchkin

The Orangutang swung in from the M.O.T.B.
 tower on a vine
was he burned by the sun? drunk on power?
flying too close-forewarned but the wax did melt
The Munchkin emerged from her coven sporting
single color immaculate knit n' felt a bit tipsy
from antibiotics n' fine wine
They faced off jowls flapping
the jungle dwellers formed in neat rows
hanging on their every word
The insults were primed n' loaded
double barrels capping
the glint of the opaque eye of the raven
n' the opportunistic predators circled in
menacingly to absorb the fuel of gossip
every tender morsel to be heard.
10-9-2016 Duncan R.M.Ferguson

Copyright © Duncan R. M. Ferguson | Year Posted 2016