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Crescent Waltz

She slants her shining, golden glance
Across desert, mountains, rivers, plants
Greets her rising, true romance
In the purpling, opposite skies

Her lunar love, her heart’s delight
Soars to ever darker height
For each, the other’s perfect, right
It’s on their wings time flies

She seems asleep within the night
Yet always, somewhere, she’s brilliant, bright
Motionless in constant flight
Each day its own surprise

They’ll never meet – there’s not a chance
These partners in eternal dance
Of darkness, light – they both enhance
The world with their long goodbyes


As their crescent waltz achieves crescendo
Sans artifice or innuendo
Young children start to play Nintendo
While adults stir and rise

Copyright © Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson | Year Posted 2007

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Dance With Me

Writing is dancing with words...
     a titillating tango with verbs delicious...
          a sultry waltz with rhythm and meter...
               a hot rumba with randy adjectives...
                    a forbidden dance with unnamed nouns...
                         if this has not left you wanting more
                         then I shall dance with words no more.

Poetry is a pure passion play
     of alliteration and words dancing in line,
           a quick-stepping, twin-tapping salsa,
		a seductive rhapsody in rhyme,
		     moving metaphors, measure and time…
			   my love is wrapped in this poetry
			   so will you please come dance with me?

Copyright © Phil Capitano | Year Posted 2016

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One Love, One Life

I gazed at your beauty and your hair cascading, You glanced at me- O, he is handsome, this man; Your sensuous lips so tempting, captivating, I laughed and it was a deep rumbling laugher. And this was the beginning of our love affair, Your family would not approve of this pairing; On a ship leading you to a life of despair, So we met in secret, making love and talking. As the ship entered port you slipped me your address, I let go of fate gifted love- reluctantly; We have been corresponding, our words a caress, O the torture of distance, what of destiny. I will never forget our gifted nights of bliss, So a secret journey I have planned- a voyage; You love me with true love and I long for your kiss, And I will beseech for your hand in marriage. Last week I sent you a love-soaked, tear-stained letter, I let go of fate gifted love- reluctantly; This time away, from your touch became harder, O the torture of distance, what of destiny. Fate gifted us, drinking passion from its chalice, Waking flames serving first to increase our ardor; Summer, your sweet roses covered our palace, This time away, from your touch became harder. I look across this wind-blown majestic ocean, Mind turns to epic sadness of our parting hour; I begged then for distance erasing potion, I tried to remain your rock hard castle tower. The desperate, longing look- your beautiful face, Informing me the dire depts that you found this clutch; I reminded you, no distance could our love erase, Or lessen my need to feel your soft, gentle touch. Last week, I sent you a love-soaked, tear-stained letter, Now, board a ship that will take me to my true love; Reading my golden love sent, you will feel better, Never my loving touch shall you be deprived of. _____________________________ December 5, 2015 Tail-Rhyme Co-write with Broken Wings and Robert Lindley

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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Come Sit by My Side

[Hymnal Measure Structure, a4,b3,c4,d3 with internal rhyme]

Come sit by my side, my sweet August bride,
	We’ll speak of the things we hold dear.
Of wind in the trees and fire in their leaves
	At our favorite time of the year.

Don’t you remember how deep in December
	We’d listen to snow softly falling?
Though faint in the ear its message was clear,
	A breeze from up north had come calling.

I wish there were more than just these twenty-four
	Hours to spend in a day.
Then we’d go far, our guide the North Star,
	And surely—at length—find our way.

But what to do until then, my dear, treasured friend,
        As hope’s often met with dismay.
Hearing all the day’s news and questionable truths,
        The will to do good goes astray.

So let’s run and hide, my wise August bride
	To a place that no one can find.
On a mist-covered shore we’ll be happy once more,
	As we leave the real world far behind.	

5th Place, Any Poem Goes, Poet Destroyer A

Copyright © Mark Peterson | Year Posted 2013

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Kate and Isobel

*There are only two damsels in this tale; all variations were simply for ease of writing.

Once Kate and Isabella went
To see the pretty fields of Gwent
And traipse through forest shade
They packed a picnic lunch for two
And skipped away in dresses blue
To find a charming glade

First tea and cakes, then off to play
They laughed and wandered all the day
'Till day was waxing faint
Then homeward faced, linked arm in arm
With never fear to cause alarm
Nor caution bring restraint

Alas! Alas! there lay a hole
With plot to swallow heart and soul
One golden-headed girl
That wretched hole may death berate
And end of being imprecate
That vile, vicious churl!

"Oh, help me, Kate!" cried Isobel
But fingers slipped and in she fell
'Mid shock and disbelief
Then Isabella, far below
Called, "Quickly, Katie! quickly go
For aid and sure relief."

Then Katie knelt beside the brim
Once sparkling eyes with tears aswim
And said, "I'll here remain."
But Isobel at once demurred
"Oh, Kate, some help must be secured
I cannot move for pain."

So off she went and searched around
But not one soul could there be found
Nor ever likely step't
She stopped awhile to sit and rest
Her folded hands to bosom pressed
And there she softly wept

A mounted knight then riding by
Beheld her tears and heard her sigh
And off his palfrey lit
Said he, "Fair damsel, golden-haired
Such doleful frame must be repaired
So speak thou whilst I sit."

"Alas, good Knight!" quoth woeful Kate
It may, I fear, be just too late
To save my friend to day
With haste, good knight, come, follow me
And see if succour yet may be
Oh, help me, knight, I pray."

The knight bestrode his lofty seat
Then set her aftward nice and neat
And off they set at trot
The knight she held with firmest hold
'Till at the pit both dark and cold
They Isabella sought

While night sped on at rapid pace
The knight set out to win the race
And save the damsel whole
A rope he from his saddle fetched
And tree to Isabella stretched
Then clambered in the hole

Right down the rope he quickly swung
And to her side he deftly sprung
He raised her from the dust
He tied a rope from waist to waist
And she her arms about him placed
In sweet, confiding trust

A span or two to hand he climbed
With Isabella right behind
'Till safety was secured
Then Kate and Isobel embraced
Said Kate, "What awful things you faced
And terrors you endured!"

Well, this was Isobel's reply
"Oh, Kate, I should not tell a lie
In word or even deed
Except to brave that curséd fall
It really was not bad at all
I knew you would succeed."

Then to the knight she turned and saith
"I thank thee, Knight, by all my faith
For saving me this night
Thus here I give my ring to wear
And trust that ye might ever fare
As well in ev'ry fight."

Then quoth the knight, "Thy ring I take
With faith that it myself will make
A nobler, better man
To fight for justice, truth, and peace
In hope that vice and evil cease
In ev'ry way I can.

"But let us neither tarry long
For hark! the cricket's evening song
Pervades the damp'ning air
So let me take thee, damsel, home
'Twould never do to leave thee roam
On halting legs to there."

Thus Isobel his palfrey rode
While Kate and he beside her strode
Right to their township sweet
"'Tis Belle and Kate!" the watchman called
And quickly down the drawbridge hauled
That they their kin might meet

The threesome turned from roads away
To streets of black and muted grey
'Till safely home at last
"Oh, praise the Lord," quoth Isobel
That though some trouble us befell
Those troubles now are past!"

"'Tis not so true," quoth Knight with grin
There yet remains to get thee in
And halting legs at that."
Then from the palfrey off she slipped
The knight her falling figure gripped
And bore her o'er the mat

His burden carried up the stairs
'Mid father's, mother's wond'ring stares
And gently placed in bed
Her father asked her why he came
She said that she was nearly lame
And dizzied in the head

At that he wished the knight to stay
But through the dark he rode away
His lamp the crescent moon
And though he had some deed to do
Those pretty maidens somehow knew
The knight would see them soon

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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The Blues

You have Africa on your mind
The distant land you left behind
With nothing to prove.

Humiliated, without a choice
There’s melancholy in your voice
What is your next move?

Vent your feelings through land and sea
To the rhythm that sets you free
Who could disapprove!

Raise your song – with a blend of hues
Bring on the notes of swinging blues
To shuffle and groove. 


Author: Paul Callus ~ 8th March 2014
Contest : Take Two
Sponsor: Nette Onclaud
Placing: 2nd

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2014

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Devils favorite things

How can people want rights but they aren't right
While working in the daylight with souls bright as night
The creator shall judge the judges, The evil deserves evil
Good people will get what is equal to their actions
And immoral skin passions have fatal lessons 
God has a scale where He weighs & sits 
Because everything has equal opposite
We selfish to others but hold our nose when they sell theirs
And not giving pardons while expecting God’s cares
And blessings while leaving others with our bee stings
Now turn to your devil’s favorite things
Praying to join the heavenly choir 
But with an evil song you desire 
So retire before you join the hell fire.

To be right there's no wrong, the righteous are morally strong
You need more than calcium to be the backbone of society
While society breaks you, to makes you. Surprisingly,
The -able are ignorant and unstable 
Unable to add-up in the moral table
Telling fables of multiplication while being divided
Trying to add reasoning in facts provided
Their individualism is subtracting from the fold
Being percentages of a percentage, losing the stronghold
False foundation told about a “Doomed Youth”
While the witty wise horde the fake truth
As the truly righteous shake their head and sings
Go ahead with the devil’s favorite things
Praying to join the heavenly choir 
But with an evil song you desire 
So retire before you join the hell fire.

The battle of truth lies in the beheading of lies
The Righteous must write us 
For justice to be just to us and right us
Bleeding thoughts to think, words to ink
Carving insight to push sanity to the brink
Punching Intel, in mind, for knowledge to sink
Unfold stories consoled foretell tails told
Today's prophets profit profits with souls they forfeit
Crumbling towers with warped foundations
Ripping families but cursed lives they’re facin’
Losing the troubleshooting; uprooting with a booting
Bearing false fruits flawed brings
Now play with your devil’s favorite things 
Praying to join the heavenly choir 
But with an evil song you desire 
So retire before you join the hell fire.

Copyright © siza sibiya | Year Posted 2013

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                            ~ Sandalwood ~ 

                      Fall days leaves of gold orange and grey
                     this scent fills my room with passion my mind with clarity
                     The senses are calmed and my inner soul strengthens 

                      As if I can visualize inner peace
                        watching the many trees fall 
                         The scent of Sandalwood reminds 
                             ~ of what once stood  ~
                              allowing me to accept all

                          bringing solace to my soul 
                             filling the air of past and present 
                      one of natures gifts holds a musky oil passionate 
                      enlightens all senses reminding me 
                     of Native American ways fires blazing 
                      children dance and listen to old ways
                     Thunder and rain in the misty Canyons 
                        dessert Sage and Sandalwood 
                       close my eyes yet seeing the truth 

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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Stir Of Echoes

Stir of echoes
Run through my mind
I see them there 
All the time
Where do they come from
And why are they there
Echoes all around me
I try to erase them 
Echoes out of time
They're on repeat 
 All the time
Stir of echoes
Is what I hear 
They're getting 
Closer all the time
Stir of  echoes 
Is what I hear
The closer I get 
The more I fear 
I'm losing my mind!

Copyright © Debbie Duncan | Year Posted 2010

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A Dog's Night Prayer to God

Lord, thank you for this boy, Who fed me and gave me a nice home; Thank you for my good fate, You didn't allow me to stay With the street dogs and went on astray. I am asking you to bless me and my little master, To keep us both safe tonight, And far from mischievous chiefs and intruders, Pour upon us your Holy Spirit, That we may both have a good night sleep. As we both lay down on the cozy bed, Give us a wonderful dream, Dream........dream.......dream.. and dream, Of that biggest bone which in my life I haven't yet seen, And Lord, please save my loudest voice, For tomorrow's duty of barking and guarding.
Note: The idea was conceived from a beautiful picture of a boy with his dog praying before going to bed. The picture was taken from the internet. They are so cute! From this poem where I created a short movie in memory of my dog, Saver.

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2012

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My garden work was once pure joy when shared with my girl and boy. The toil was slight. Now that I do the job alone it truly tires me to the bone, an old age plight.
By: Joyce Johnson For Dr. Mehta's "Tail Rhyme" Contest

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2011

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Never let go

Never let go 
Though the path is crooked, 
It is narrowed,
But mind not the thorns oh 
Brave and Noble seeker. 
Though you're a stranger, 
But you shall explore 
Well enough to restore 
Hope to the dying ones. 
Once with a courageous veil 
You'll end the wail.

Copyright © Zakaria Abdul Hakim | Year Posted 2016

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September morn flutters its bright wings Radiant colors of love and joy it all brings Never just a dream Drizzles fuse with summer air in delight Rainbow looms are strewn in vast site They perfectly prim September smiles brandish vibrantly on air Virgon-Libran Stars pace dazzlingly in flair Trees arc overhead Gilded crackers carpet densely around Others in streaky flames stud…abound Let’s frolic and tread September aroma wafts, whirls… swirls Bracing breeze bounces, dances, twirls A lavish confetti-bearer Overture of year’s most awaiting parts Enchanting hues rain from the start Ber Months’ fun greeter Sept. 23, 2016 (Fri) 9.59pm ©2016Leonora Galinta
I wrote this poem to greet you all lovingly a Very Happy and Blessed September! Also, a very Happy Birthday to the September Celebrants especially to our very dear poet and friend, Andrea D. Her very special day was last Sept 5. Once again, Happy, Happy Birthday! This poem is for You and for all my/our dear Septemberian poetic friends. Wishing you the BEST in life especially Good Health, Happiness and Success. Biggest and sweetest hugs from me. I Love and miss you all!

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2016

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The Unborn Child

The Unborn Child

I wonder will they let me in? 
Will they furnish me with life support?
I want to be my Grandpa's friend,
his pride, his joy, and his hero in sports.

Really, it’s not his decision
for these nine months to go on through.
Mom and Dad, it’s up to your religion
to see that I’m worthwhile and needed, too.

Oh God, I’ll make them love me, 
please, God, tell them both to go on.
I won't act hardheaded, nor wicked nor will I be ,
apathetic and sad, nor gripe and moan.

I’ll lie restfully in my Mother's arms.
Please, God, tell them both to let me be 

Copyright © Mark Turner | Year Posted 2016

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The Power

The Power Love,,,,,,the ,,,,,power,,,,,Of,,,,Something, It’s,,,,,,,opposition,,,,,,,is,,,,,,Nothing,!,,had,,,,, humanity,,,,,,,,,,,,rather ,,,,,be,,,,,,,,nothing,,,,zit,,,,nada,,,,,? The,,,,,,,Power,,,,,,,had,,,,,,,to ,,,,,start,,,,,,,somewhere,,,,, rather,,,,,,,we,,,,,it,,,,, not ,,,,,,started,,,,, will,,,,,we,,,,,,cut,,,,,,off,,,,,our noses,,,,,, to,,,,,spite,,,,our ,,,,faces,,,? Will,,,humanity,,,cut,,,off,,,it’s,,,,own,,,,nose,, the,,,,, thing,,,,,love,,,,,,created,,,,to,,,,,spite,, God,,,,,our,,,,,,face,,,,,? Some,,,where,,,,,before,,,,time,,,,,began,,,,faith,,,,,God,,,,love,,,,, had,,,,,to,,,,,be,,,,,,interjected,,,,,for,,,,,,humanity,,,, to,,,,,,become,,,,,the,,,,,,reflected,,,,,! Can,,,,,,,,,we,,,,,,,not,,,,,,all,,,,,call,,,,,the,,,,nature,,,of,,,,it,,,all,,,, love,,,,the power,,,,God,,, Faith,,,,,,in,,,,,power,,,,,, Created,,,,,,us,,,,the,,,tower,, of,,,,,God’s,,,,power...? Or,,,,,will,,,,,the,,,,,derivative,,,,mind,,,,,intertwine,,,,,, into,,,,,,reflective,,,,,,,,,world,,,,,continue,,,,,,the whine,,,,,,,,without,,,,,the,,,,,,power,,, we,,,,continue,,,,,to,,,,sour,, by,,,the,,hour,,, in denial,,of, God’s,, Face, The, Power, by Faith!!

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

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My Words are Safe

I know my words are safe with you
They flow from my heart tried and true
I have nothing to fear
You will protect and not harm me
For my beauty is what you see
To my heart you are near

I’m free to expose how I feel
You cherish what you know is real
I flourish with your praise
I’m not careful of what I write
I know the truth you’ll bring to light
My thanks to you I raise.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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Seagulls bob at rest on the ocean waves.
A tired fisherman the predawn chill braves,
disgorging his catch on quay.

Gutting knives of vendors clicking like claves,
staining blood red and sliming the cask staves.
A twist of the wrist the key.

Sponsor:	Black Eyed Susan
Contest Name:	Your favorite tail rhyme, past or present

[This is a truncated poem of an original 4 verse Tail Rhyme written by me some time ago, incorporating Rich Rhyme: "quay"/"key".]

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2012

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Invisible Fear

I see you
But you do not see me

Clammy sweat
Palms get wet
You want to run, be free

Shiver, shake
Wide eyes make
You give a stiffled scream

Unclear doubt
What's about
Feel's like  horrible dream

Heartbeats race
You hide  face
You can't this torture bear

Close behind
Me you'll find
You know my name as Fear

You can't see
Wicked me
But Fear is always near!

~ 29 Apr 2016~
Contest Sponsored by SKAT A

Being invisible #2  - Poetry Contest 

Fear is the companion of everybody. Silient, irrational, omnipresent, and INVISIBLE. Fear always lurks around the corner, it is invisible and strikes one suddenly. It is diffiult to come to terms with it let alone recognise it. The scream of the drowning person, or the suffocating feeling or terror of a phobia, are all manifestations of FEAR - once you face it, it vanishes!

Copyright © Karam Misra | Year Posted 2016

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Half To Share

Books half opened Lines half written A bridge half built is halfway there. Bones half broken Lives half hidden A heart in half has half to share.

Copyright © Annabelle Jane | Year Posted 2012

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Security of My Homeland

Sitting on the boundary, defending Pakistani border, 
Not feeling alone as its Almighty Order, 
Security the way I take Almighty Pleasure, 
Face all troubles Don’t matter how Harder, 

You the sword of nation, and country pride, 
Chest you up brave heart, don’t sit aside, 
Strive for success in the battle field, 
Chase your enemy, don’t you Hide, 

Protection of country lead You earn the Heaven Above, 
Vaporize your passion like blazing stove, 
Nothing is important then the worth of Homeland, 
Give your best as you do in Love, 

The honor, dignity and delight of Martyr, 
Takes your soul so Higher, 
As the pleasure of real success is Eternal, 
So! Don’t  evade, never give up, Not be Tire.
(Feel it alright as The Best Man do a Best Job as You! ! !)

Copyright © M. Shahid H. Chouhdry | Year Posted 2013

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He Sat On His Favorite Bench,
In Their Favorite Park,
Cracked And Crumbled,
His Eyebrows Knitted Together,
He Leered, 

Sadness Clouded His Features,
He Drew His Lower Lip Between His Teeth,
From Memories,
His Thoughts Clouded,
Fighting Back Broken Tears,

An Old Woman Appeared,
She Gave Him A Dirty Look,
Her Nose Stuck In The Air,
She Sat Down On His Claimed Bench,
He Scrutinized As She Peered.

Recognition Dawned On Their Faces,
Her Mouth Curved Into A Smile,
His Eyes Glistened,
Beneath His Almost Tears,

They Were So Much Older Now,
Unrecognizable At First,
But A Love Lost,
Had Prevailed,
And Was Found,
After So Many Years.

~Vickie Thayer~

Copyright © Vickie Thayer | Year Posted 2017

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My Friends, My Faith, My Hope

My Friends, My Faith, My Hope

My friends infuses our time spent together
As musk from a perfume seller,
Time spent in their knowledgeable company priceless,
Positive demeanor, manner, sincerity, such bliss
Mashing my cobwebs with threads of awareness
Instilling vitality instead of leaving me listless...
Its my good friends’ company that me sways,
So my hopes today are alive, whilst past are those of yesterday...

As each dissolving moment fills with duas born from sorrow,
Each today prepares for a good morrow,
Fears allayed through worried prayer,
Faith and credence peel off deep angst layer by layer…
Such effort makes my tomorrow worth living for,
Views of unveiled hope allowed entry into reality by a prayer door,
Fulfilment prepares to meet yesterday's & today's invocations…
Hope roped to this strong machine inspired by faithful conviction,
Daily repetition of these duas, hopes, desires & fervent pleas,
Exhorts Him to exhibit proof and to please!
Confirming duas ARE indeed heard by Him who Sees!
Such joyous moments implode such heartfelt glee!
Now definite belief sets in stone, awaits unveiling of those duas yet un-shown…
Coz surely they’re endorsed to reach His acceptance zone,
It’s JUST we know not the exact delivery date…
But know for sure it’s aligned with His wisdom in good fate!

This promising factor envelopes each day’s hope…
Its called faith & each day helps one cope!
By working the faith machine diligently each day,
Asking Allah for more good in each today tomorrow in every way,
Until death delivers us all one day,
to view our collection of what we had prayed,
Handing over handsome reimbursement of those duas in life we tasted not,
When at this time we’ll know that Allah had accepted,
may not have immediately delivered,
But definitely He hadn’t forgot…

On this day we’ll rejoice in glorified showers of all those undelivered duas we’d prayed
with such conviction!
So magnificent will be these reimbursements,
we’d actually hope less would’ve reached our worldly destination!
What divine inspired joy,
we’d be swimming in His glory!
Wishing more would’ve remained in His Hereafter treasury!
What a merciful Lord is He who rewards,
For just delaying delivery of His servants pleading spiritual chords…


dua = singular
duas = plural - Arabic term for communicative prayers calling for fulfilment of any needs

Copyright © Faeeza Paruk Simjee | Year Posted 2017

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Fibrolicious - Fib Contest Entry

It was birds Yes Ducks !, Mallards no less
Flown down from Alberta that made this great mess !
I tried to stop them though I shivered in fear
They flew right on past me and landed right here.

They surrounded your cupcakes like an army brigade
and attacked them they did not a one could be saved !
Frosting was flying from the mauls of their beaks
cupcake crumbs scattered all around their webbed feet !

And when they were done and finally flew out
the leader duck threw the last cupcake in my mouth !
I tried not to eat it but it was stuck to my lips
I guess they were just hungry after their long trip ?

Copyright © Randall Conklin | Year Posted 2016

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The Vision - For Mary

The vision i see before me,
a beauty that shall ever be,
behold the vision.
The vision sets my spirit free,
my Love is real as you can see,
now no derision.

You shine within your glory bright,
love eternal you are love’s sight,
you are true glory.
You are the vision’s shining light,
a second moon in velvet night,
now a love story.

You are the love my heart does sing,
you are peace my everything,
gently dawn’s embrace.
Love you do always seem to bring,
to your heart i do gladly cling,
joy shines in your face.

You are the vision you are grace,
this is your home in my heart’s space,
You are in my arms.

(For My Beautiful Brown Eyes Series.)

Copyright © Vladislav Raven | Year Posted 2016

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As Always, Too Late

to ask to be forgiven 
and to truly forgive, 
to make amends, 
to soothe hurts with a vow,
the most opportune time,
my friend, is now;

             instantly we hate, 
             cautiously we love,
             belatedly we miss 
             and long for the one
             who has been unloved 
             now dead and gone;

                          postponing kindness, 
                          hesitantly, we wait,
                          tomorrow, as always, 
                          comes too late,
                          the undertaker knows 
                          the tears, the date.

Copyright © romeo naces | Year Posted 2007