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Best Fashion Poems

Below are the all-time best Fashion poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of fashion poems written by PoetrySoup members

Welcome To My World -The Cost Of Happiness-

Crimson Joy, L'Oreal Lips, DOLCE & GABBANA eyewear 
Mascara from beyond LONDON Bridges
Like the pretty face found in front of Vanity Fair

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Categories: fashion, abuse, addiction, adventure, clothes,

Premium Member In the Seventies
I wore popular shin high white boots,
The top in rage of disco dancing queens.
The Bee Gees were the utmost in the clan
The alter of quantifying...

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Categories: fashion, grief, war,

What's fair is fair

What’s fair is fair

I walked into Macys Department Store the other day
thinking I’d buy a few items for the summer
I entered on the first floor...

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Categories: fashion, humor, men, women,

Premium Member PRETTY IN PINK

Fancy feast
In my own china dish
How I love to be finicky
Wearing nothing but
My pretty pink rhinestone collar
As I tiptoe across the room
Slinky and sleek
Parade with...

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Categories: cat, fashion, life, perspective,

Ode to Hand Knit Socks
Hand knit socks you are wonderful to me.
As I'm winding this soft wool yarn,
deciding, which needles to use,
I know you're going to be gorgeous,
cozy, and...

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Categories: creation, fashion, fun, humor,

Know you not, that I live in pain?
With features that drives me insane,
No matter, how much I try in vain,
I am a girl in a...

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Categories: anti bullying, discrimination, fashion,

Premium Member If Your Crown Is Crooked
If your Crown is Crooked, the force of my wind shook it.
You will feel it, and you will look it. Guess what, I will hook...

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Categories: fashion, adventure, beauty, confidence, courage,

Premium Member I, Mid-Century Modern
I, Mid-Century Modern

Anomaly in furnishings, I was;
     so avant-garde, I triggered smiles and buzz.

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Categories: fashion, tribute,

No belt and a pair of boxers underneath
Coolin', stylin' and profilin' with a fresh new
pair of kicks on the feet

Saggin', draggin', loose and not together

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Categories: fashion, black african american, culture,

Premium Member creative conformity
I have a lovely daughter, who is a lovely mess,
for every rule you give her, she will have to test.
She’s always just inside the lines...

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Categories: art, daughter, fashion, funny,

Premium Member The sun will shine brighter
The Sun will shine brighter tomorrow when
We treat one another civilly again...
When kindness, courtesy and grace
  ~ Once more ennoble our race...

The Heavens will...

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Categories: culture, fashion, future, society,

Premium Member A Hat is a Personality
A Hat is a Personality

  Tip it forward, graciously

  Angle it sideways, rakishly

    ~ Tilt its brim back, thoughtfully


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Categories: character, fashion, people,


There is no better way to greet the morning sun
than with a hot croissant and café au lait
on a quaint terrace in the mecca of...

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Categories: adventure, city, fantasy, fashion,

Drop Dead Gorgeous


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Categories: bird, fashion,

Today's Eccentricities Are Irritating
How quickly our world changes
filling the minds with an allure!
The clothes hanging in the closet
are no longer stylish and hot;
the new trends are for the...

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Categories: allusion, america, career, fashion,

Premium Member HAT POWER

My Hat is a rush a power to my head
wear a hat every day or as often as you are lead
hat love and hat...

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Categories: fashion, beautiful, character, confidence, culture,

Enemy Wear
"Enemy Suit"

If you are my online styling enemy, 
Then I love you more than poop and snakes combine 
I'd pray to God, every night, 

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Categories: fashion, abuse, anti bullying, best

A 'LITTLE' Black Dress
Never wear a little black dress that looks in distress or to compressed
it should always impress and softly caress. 

If you wear a small but...

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Categories: clothes, fashion, funny, hilarious,


We live
We continue to pretend
We copy
Because that’s in fashion

Painted Face
Leaving no trace
Fiftyish women,
Pretending to be
Forever Thirty,
Obsessed by age
Not finding grace

Men from Metro-sexual
To Retro-sexual

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Categories: fashion, funny, humorous, truth,

Girls Who Wear Glasses
Girls Who Wear Glasses

Girls who wear glasses 
Are seen as geeks or a nerd,
Which is the most ridiculous thing
That I've ever heard!

Girls who wear glasses

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, fashion, girl,

Shoes and Toes
I'm a bit confused when it comes to shoes and see a big toe that's been bruised
or the second toe is longer and trying to...

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Categories: appreciation, fashion, funny, humor,

I don’t own Uggs and never will.
I’ve heard they’re super comfy; Still,

To pay so much for something ugly,
Even if it’s warm and snuggly,

Seems to me...

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Categories: fashion,

Falling Star
A moment at night
Something fall outside the door
Sparkling gem so bright

Pick up a shovel
Whilst getting to melt soil
Held it on my hand

Can't utter a word

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Categories: fashion, anniversary, beauty, color, desire,

Premium Member Barbie Doll
~Barbie Doll~
(Free Verse or Narrative poem)

She’s beautiful and she’s blonde
And she can be anything I want
Of her little girls are very fond
Of, and I collect...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty, children, fashion,

So thin,
with perfect hair
and flawless skin.

Arms and thighs
are just
the right size.

No lumps, rolls,
or moles.

This has to be
a fake image
I see.

by Ana Espinola Collins


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Categories: beauty, body, fashion, for