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Best Voice Poems

Below are the all-time best Voice poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of voice poems written by PoetrySoup members

Midnight Poet
Whisper's of October  

Whispers in this soup bowl
20 minutes after its muse explodes,
Daylight remains nothing more than a dream 
Warding off the howling sound...

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Categories: voice, addiction, character, devotion, identity,

Premium Member Sheol
Dark Knight-tress 

This gown I feel nothing
Silk less feelings
The odor of intimate apparel lessens 
Vanity fare from any sun
Warrior of beauty
Where have you gone?

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© SKAT A   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: voice, abuse, dark, evil, fantasy,

The Age of Poet Destroyer
A diamond in the Frost ... I am Emily, gazing through the years, 
Like Poe from rancid taste and dark smoke shadows
Florescent waste escaping a...

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Categories: voice, community, pride, princess, strength,


Shackles nor chains, can't change what it is.....
Never was it, the one hiding under the bed, 
It was me, tired of...

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Categories: voice, abuse, dark, evil, sin,

Dear Men
Dear men,
Explain to me why I stand alone. 
Women are quick to uplift their father, sons, and brothers
Quick to maintain the home,
But when she needs...

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Categories: voice, abuse, anger, discrimination, feelings,

Premium Member The Voices Echo in Emptiness
With a sigh summer citrine sky turned green 
spontaneously into existence. 
Autumn's palette adds changes and are seen
to its systematic experience.

Stars shiver in fear on...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, loneliness, nature, voice,

Premium Member VOICE IN HIDING

Hiding here inside my closet, I feel safe in the dark
knowing on a pile of sheets lies my very psyche;
it's only a thought, yet I...

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Categories: absence, voice,

A tribute to Leonora G
~ Yolanda was--her name ~    Featuring:) Leonora Galinta

From a hell storm,
A mighty she-devil took on its form
Like a woman scorn ascending from...

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Categories: voice, death, deep, evil, sorrow,

In The Flesh
Introducing: Casarah Nance & Poet Destroyer

Scars of empty promises are darkened by your kiss.
Torturous touches are meant to soothe my pain.
It is without gain, without...

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Categories: voice, adventure, dark, deep, depression,


Hi, grandpa, it's me again!
Your dentures sit in an open glass above the nightstand
Remember the tears grandma sang before she passed?

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Categories: voice, beautiful, care, death, grandchild,

Old blabber mouth gets on my wick
His attitude makes me quite sick
He plays to the crowd 
Is brash and so loud 
My husband thinks he's...

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Categories: humorous, voice,


Doctor, it's been 7 months 
The MEDs aren't kicking in

My dreams are getting stronger, 
The blood remains to run code red
It's getting harder and...

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Categories: voice, dark, deep, evil, horror,

Premium Member Twas A Full Moon Shining - Collab
Twas a full moon shining on a cool summer night
And hound dogs were howling at its silver shadowed light.
I heard but a whisper on the...

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Categories: voice, lost love, love, moon,

Premium Member My day as a woman
When I awoke, a woman I'd become
The spirit of many, contained in one
Strength and beauty, mystical tears
Magical entity, who hated mirrors

Looking at reflection, I seen...

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Categories: encouraging, feelings, journey, voice,

Once Held Sweet Emotion
When I experience a pure love unbound
Turns out its pain in disguise I've found

Again you've done it, to me now twice
Reminding me, that love has...

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Categories: voice, betrayal, confusion, emotions, heart,

Premium Member Support Your Local Poet
“Support your local poet please”
Said the man with hand out and down on one knee
I’m down on my luck
And for only a buck
My humble verses...

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© Chris Hagy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: voice, character, perspective, poets, poverty,

Third Person
He speaks metaphorically to avoid dealing direct, 
shows the unknown hand he’s against too much respect, 
writes about his bravery though it’s no where to...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: voice, anxiety, depression, introspection, lost,

Security Blanket
Security Blanket 

No chance of rain tonight,
No bogeyman, when I turn off the lights.
A phrase I found and adore with the warmth of your security.

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Categories: voice, baby, daughter, son, sweet,

Premium Member Mermaid's Milk: a collaboration with the still dashing David Williams
The moss clung tightly; making it unbearable to breathe, 
and she sealed her lips tighter than a clam’s— not letting the pain take over

As the...

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Categories: voice, hope, mystery, me, song,

Premium Member Hearts and Solitaire
The deck of cards
Flies away in the wind
Leaving those alone
Playing solitaire

I see the pain written on faces
I feel humanities disgraces
I can not play this lonely...

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Categories: voice, angst, humanity, loneliness, philosophy,

The Voice
He is the voice inside your heart
the one that makes you care
the voice that cries at injustices
when life becomes unfair

He is compassion deep within
that stirs...

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Categories: voice, faith, hope, inspirational, love,

The Duck That Lost His Quack
The Duck That Lost His Quack

A Duck woke up late one day last week,
And all he could do was to squeak.
He looked everywhere and listened...

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Categories: voice, animal, cheer up, imagination,

Cracking as Broken Toys
Picking up my phone, the voice recalls my memories
Sweet talker across the line, hey... it's been a while
Days running, things change, here we are aloof...

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Categories: voice, dark, friendship, pain, old,

tribute five
"Please Allow Me to Speak for Him"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Strength is boundless within his words
In the hearts of many, he should be heard
Lent me...

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Categories: voice, appreciation, courage, dedication, encouraging,

The Storm
A cold wind blows,
turning hardened walls to sand.
Breaking down the barriers
exposing the emotions that were held inside.

The pain builds,
from hurts buried deep within.
Storm clouds roll...

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Categories: voice, depression, friendship, life, loss,