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Best Lay Poems

Below are the all-time best Lay poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of lay poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Falling In Love - Lay
Let eyes meet, let them spark a fire
Let rhythms sing to music of lyre

Let heartbeats of joy write our song
In moods of kisses yearned for...

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Categories: love,
Form: Lay

Flawless Gems - Lei
A rainbow took my breath away
Whilst on a train one summers day

Her vibrant arc I was in awe
Though folk beside me never saw

With heads bowed...

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Categories: appreciation, nature, rainbow, technology,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Zeal of November
My evening sky glints motifs gold
In orange vibes turned ruby bold
Glowing remnants of shining snow
Where pewter winds merrily blow
Swirling imprints of amber glaze
Bending hues of...

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Categories: eve, morning, november, seasons,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Wooing Winter In Autumn's Song
Where gentle winds merrily blow
And twilight flaunts its orange glow
Swirling imprints amber arc spun
Bending beams-mauve of setting sun
Prairies sway in graying shadows
Wailing grief of browning...

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Categories: imagery, winter,
Form: Lay
Premium Member One Tear
One tear slides down a slanted cheek
A silver line, the only sign

Of anguish which she does not speak
Insistent smiles, bright by design

Thin fortitude, her whitewashed...

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Categories: angst, depression, fear, sad,
Form: Lay

Premium Member Winter's Gateway
November, as the poets say -
autumn's demise, winter's gateway.
Its shortened days and longer nights
descending, death is in her sights:
leaves fall, as is their yearly fate,

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© John Watt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, grief, love hurts,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Fool of Infiniti and Queen of Fate
Fool of Infiniti

A wanton bird pecks at the stars
A Jester peers through crystal bars
This prison of love with rainbow hue
Illusion parts to lets you through


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Categories: dark, fantasy, feelings, horse,
Form: Lay
Premium Member April Romance
My heart returns to you like spring
Awakening with April rain
As pale petals tenderly cling
To promises of daylight's gain

I turn to you like seasons do
Dewy and...

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Categories: nature, romantic love, spring,
Form: Lay
A Wilted Rose-Lei
is love to be a wilted rose
to fade beneath the winter snows

to pierce itself with its own thorn
its beauty hide in death to mourn

i watch...

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Categories: analogy, flower, love, rose,
Form: Lay
Words From the Oracle
We are in our fall before the season comes
Misting eyes and dropping a dandy heart
A sullen silence around the bee hive hums
History has no center...

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Categories: allegory, philosophy
Form: Lay
Premium Member Winter's Retreat
Hear the sound of Winter's retreat
trickling away beneath your feet.
And gush into a swollen creek,
where surging waters swiftly peak.
See shifting ice packs crack and break

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Categories: change, image, imagery, joy,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Her Last Holiday -- Lei
Having been alone for Yuletide
On New Year’s morn, she stared outside

Neighbors were packing lights away
To place in storage, where they’d stay

For such décor, she’d lost...

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Categories: loneliness,
Form: Lay
Premium Member In Fragrant Mists
In the hall of clocks and mirrors,
Winds of time bring fragrant whispers,
Of midnights of magic moonlight,
And reflections of past delights!

Of golden days when lost in...

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Categories: heart, imagery, memory, mirror,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Bluebells
Hark, I hear bells tinkling in tune.
   Spring has arrived , a big hooray.
      For bluebells are now...

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Categories: flower,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Harmonious Flow Cl
On paths of frozen ice and snow
With bitter cold air all around
I just seek to know, where to go
To make it work with what I...

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Categories: introspection, snow, sound, time,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Impart


A key to unlock the heart in loving thought to impart
of simple words two lovebird simply find a way.....

A simple wish
A wish of love

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Categories: desire, love,
Form: Lay
I Went Out Walking To the Woods Today
I went out walking to the woods today
I saw some canvas cities there
And many empty houses along the way
With yards overgrown or bare
And some building...

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Categories: allegory, faith, life, time
Form: Lay
Premium Member White Whale
In oceans deep, the white whale sings
He seeks a mate to ease his pain
His song, it plays on our heart strings
As Moby Dick searches in...

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Categories: animal, ocean,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Forget Me Not
Forget me not when day is done
as darkness falls with setting sun
and April moon is on the rise
reflecting midnight’s soft reprise.
And when you crawl into...

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Categories: love, romance,
Form: Lay
When in bondage your spirit flies
Your voice a distant, bleeding dove
On the table of my heart lies
The silent shadow of drooped love...

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Categories: hope, love
Form: Lay
Pray For Me
have no sypamthy 
or pity for my actions
but pray for me 
when i'm 
in ones life there 
are many 
for me to stand here...

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Categories: sympathy, me, prayer, me,
Form: Lay
No Tomorrow's
You know, its been in most fimiliard circles that the saying is...."tomorrow is
not promise to you". Yet 7 day's a week the census of time...

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Categories: faithgod, god,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Spring Storm
Protractive silence, air that's still
Not a sound from morn's whip-poor-will
There's a growing anxiety
The scene requires sobriety
Zigzag lightnings flash, thunder rolls 
Hairy disturbed as the storm...

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Categories: earth, nature,
Form: Lay
Premium Member Home
Home, not built with bricks and cement  
But on the rocks of love and trust
Where all live happy n’ content 
Where, life moves smooth...

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Categories: beautiful, happiness, home, love,
Form: Lay
Shadow Maiden
I see you in my heart. You pass by like a shadow.
I never fully see your face and your smile haunts me. 

I want to...

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© Black Hawk  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: mystery, me, love, me,
Form: Lay