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- Black Love -

                                               Morning glory
                                               The body is blunt
                                               Thinking of you
                                               before I awake
                                               Stretching my body
                                               Eyes are closed
                                               Can feel your scent
                                               Gently open my eyes
                                               Feel your aroma                                      
                                               The taste on my lips
                                               As a soft kiss                                       
                                               Your scent fills the room
                                               Thought of you,
                                               makes me awake
                                               You are perfect
                                               Heats my body
                                               Embracing you 
                                               Tasting you ... gently                         
                                               A moment of pleasure
                                               Without cream
                                               Without sugar
                                               Black morning coffee


Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2013

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A penny for your thoughts? Scratch that thought. Thoughts are worth more than pennies Thoughts are legions of brilliant glistening diamonds shining dormant undiscovered in a deep deep dark cave veins in the walls of The Catacombs blood art fuses lit burn and sizzle bright like gunpowder travelling from the Throne of Amygdala to the Kingdom of the Pounding Scarlet Brave beats in time with intent and purpose when the music ceases - TRUTH seen very clear as through untainted glass binoculars not necessary here, my dear Windows of your soul unfrosted Will see lost love at last Pennies on your eyelids mirrors covered with vintage grey army surplus blankets trapped in the ashes dust to dust open the curtains, move outwards every pain let the Light and fresh air in You're alive again. Ain't that strange? (Lovejoy-Burton/Feb 2018)

Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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love kills

I just got to the grave today, death was given to you by my infidelity.

Along the way alive, my soul was given death.

Thy Ishq ruined my mahi like this,

Your every axis raised me up
never ask you for dream love stories

Never wanted to love such fake love.

  Did not know the consequences would be this
name of love will be murdered

You stab in the chest

And it hurts in the heart ..

Had made a spectacle in the poetic life.

The desire of the moment was made of corpse ..

Death came to love on that day, that I had made.

You were playing with heart and I was feeling love
dréams all got crushed - misunderstanding has gone away.

Dreams burn - they died

They became clean and became ashes

Who says the ashes are just human

I had seen dreams also being eroded.

The eyes that had seen love in the eyes had seen the goodness.

Why do you die every time I ask you ??

 What is your likeness?

 She said mine was my love.

She used to say "Mahi" to whom she had revealed.

Those last hopes were shattered by my breakdown.

Took the robbery in love's market.

Often what they used to say was eaten.

First of all, by making fun of it.

i always used to walk behind you.

 And you keeps the infidelity behind you ..

In sweet sweet things, the poison went away.

My grave went deeper ..

He continued to poison, I used to drink

He kept kicking and I continued to die.

That was the fact that love was done.

       Whom you called "mahi"


Copyright © lovely sharma | Year Posted 2018

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How Does One Write POETRY

I can imagine : staring in the eyes of : Elizabeth Barret Browning
Seeing the " Glory of LOVE '; bring on the " Sorrow of LOVE "
The sweet outstanding " Black LOVE " of Edgar Allen POE
" Edna St. Vincent Millay " and I Believe in GOD'S Creation

To  sit beside Carrie Richards; Watching POETRY Created
To Live , In the mind of  the Teacher “ Carolyn  Devonshire”
To Understand the Language , as the  Great Master “ Dr. Ram Mehta “
To know ,FOREVER LOVE as the “ SweetHeart” ~ Linda-Marie ~

I have Forever Dreamed: of someday being a POET Laureate
How silly is my mind, when Emotions, have Died Long Ago
Words are Earthly : I can not understand their meaning, “PURPOSE”
If Only the HEART deep with-in the Soul  : could write POETRY
                                 “ I Could “

Copyright © HGarvey Daniel Esquire | Year Posted 2010

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My Black

My black bleeds the same color red
My black breaths the same air
My black causes death instead
Of life.
My black should live loud and free
My black is me. 
My black loves you
My black loves are true.
My black served the same country
My black is set aside
Like last nights trash
Yet I ask, does your color
Mean right, and my black
Mean wrong?
What a sad black song.

Copyright © Sona Wilae | Year Posted 2017

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Nothing is ever time wasted, 
just the interlude to the rest of the album. Soon it becomes nostalgia. To think you almost pressed the skip button..
It's all about trying new things. 
Slowing were briding the gap.
Looping untold tales of blues and jazz into our samples.
The things considered classical. 
Instant vintage. 
The things we keep hidden in headphones, 
The venerability of hype.
It's always about the crowd.
Afraid to digest something different. 
This was the first time I met her.
At first I laughed,
Reaction that I faced my own ignorance. 
Listening again finding purpose. 
Not knowing that we'd come to spend the rest of our lives together. 
All three minutes and forty five seconds.
I was dishonest. 
Not revealing anything real about myself until I heard it for the first time.
The first time she sung.
This wasn't an image to be upheld in front of others.
Or the gossip type spread circle to circle.
I was never exposed to this. 
Skimming the top layer ready to press next.
Too far caught in the slander that first impressions can give.
History often repeats itself but this wasn't the case.
This was wholeheartedly the epitome of how she effected me.
The rhythm of how she moved.
How she spoke.
Like that I matured almost instantly. 
She became my biggest influence. 
A two way street that bridged the gap of my own ignorance. 
After time I began to leave my headphones on the dresser.
We were amplified. 
She'd follow me everywhere just as I'd follow her.
Soon it caught on to the masses. 
Each and every thought became a publicist of what she'd recite over and over again.
A parental advisory issued with every cover. 
Finding the one became a catalog.
Stumbling back to the first interlude all over again. 
The copyright not for sell

Copyright © kewayne wadley | Year Posted 2018

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Is A Verse Free

Is A Verse Free 

In these many hours of contemplating 
a verse that is free 
how it has no rhyme yet has rhythm
is truly beyond me   

How is it written as one does speak?  
When no one ever speaks the same? 

So still no sense it makes and now i write 
this as a troubled mind with a little rhythm 
and a little rhyme 
I cannot tell nor see 

So call it what you want to call it 
name matters not at all to me 
my mind hears no rhythm without rhyme  

Yes make of it what you will 
say what you will say
say this form without the rules  
has rules baffling me everyday    

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2018

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The last letter

< its difficult to live now,
Because you are not there.
Its impossible to breath now,
Because you are not there.
My heart fells down, all hopes lays down,
Because you are not there.
I still remember the last night we met,
I still remember the whispering you made.
I still feels the touch of yours,
I still get the presence of yours.

I knew that time that you are a lier, 
I knew that time it will be over soon ,
I knew that time this story has no end.
Because you will not be there..
I don't wanna live noe,
I dont wanna breath now
All your sins are blessings to me,
All your doings are lessons to me,
I will not complaint anything,
I will not blame anyone, 
Because you are not there..

Whatever the situation was, 
whatever the feelings was, 
the truth of now is you are not there.
This is all i have to say, this is all i wanna feel, this is all i wanna write ,
This is my last letter to you
Because from next moment, 
I will not be there to live..>

Copyright © lovely sharma | Year Posted 2018

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Hidden Love

You knocked, and I opened the door of my life
The welcome mat to my heart took in your first steps
You crossed the threshold and my strong foundation weakened with the weight of your words, your touch, your kiss
When you held me, all my broken pieces melted together 

As we entertained the thought of being together
An emotional bond built on trust fueled a desire we couldn’t deny 
While storms raged outside, threatening to wreck our world

I lay in bed wondering if you will come back to me
Two lovers denied the night, stealing moments in their days
A fire still burns inside of me, the glow of passion smolders deep within

You occupy the rooms of my soul yet I feel so abandoned 
A house whose walls hold secrets not meant for others to hear

We left the doors and windows wide open
The breeze whispers through, echoing your name 

The clock on the wall still chimes as time marches on
If I could stop it, I would, just for one more moment with you

It’s a place I visit often, but it’s not the same without you there

Copyright © AJ Trivar | Year Posted 2018

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He is Me

There's so much about this man
I've learned and prayed just to understand
Driven I am and so is he
Fierce and determined for he is me

Dominate and confident for the world to see
He has the same confidence, for he is me
I love his style and the way he dress
I long for my breast to rest on his chest
His smell, his touch, his smile, his demeanor
Everything about him is a reflection of me
He is me when I look in the mirror, he is me when I dream
I wrote about a vision of him, the vision that's yet to be seen

Two people together, too much the same
Two people as one, two different names
He has raised the standards and he didn't even know
To get with me, it's extremely high
Where some don't even bother to try

I sit and realize life is what you make it
And all is fair in love and basketball
I'm at a peaceful place, I have controlled a lustful desire to sin
Or should I say the desire I had, the desire to be loved by him
To having an erratic heart beating when memories kick in
To appear to have fear of loving that one, the one who is so dear
What is he afraid of? This shouldn't be
He shouldn't be afraid, for he is me

A roller coaster ride, my feelings I can't hide
The love I have overflowing inside
To run from someone I long to run to
Not wanting to be shut out or disappointed by you

Love is something we didn't expect, yet you can see it in our faces
The same desire we both feel, yet to solve we're in different places
So I guess only time will tell, the time that only God can redeem
The time I spent envisioning a dream

Nothing complicated or difficult for we didn't design a plan
Our love doesn't require research for us to understand
He hears my thoughts when I think of him, my words echo in his mind
And thoughts of him often brings me a bright ray of sunshine

It's JUST US, as you can see
It's JUST US, for he is me 

Copyright © Colette Dright | Year Posted 2018

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Black widow

The black widow weaves an intricate web

And from her silken thread she promises death,

Not to just other insects passing by

But to the male who cries ‘she betrays me, martyred by love’, then dies.

She eviscerated her love of all his blood,

Left his empty shell to decay and rot,

Surely this black widow on her heart has a black spot,

If she beckons you into her parlour

Then you are surely lost.

Copyright © fauxcroft wade | Year Posted 2018

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Don’t be Foolish 
For you to accomplish 
And finally flourish 
Take your time with your art and polish
Don’t just preach 
And give off a perfect speech 
Truly practice what you teach 
Than your purpose you shall reach

Copyright © Leo Mbalamana | Year Posted 2018

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Hidden Figures

I am black and I say to kindred flames...
Never assert nor cry "things are the same".

It is the height of dishonor to our fathers,
Our hidden figures of the past, and our martyrs.

We no longer must hide. No need for underground trains.
Do not keep blaming injustice. It's a crooked cane.

Wait for the hand of the oppressor? That is madness!
Why would the oppressed ask the slave owner for access?

Let's take it upon our lettered selves to advance.
So, do not say "things are the same". Now is our chance!

If one hidden figure can succeed, there are no excuses.
If one hidden figure has engineered, where are the nooses?

It is a disgrace to our history to assert "things are the same".
It is a dishonor to our hidden figures...a noose and a chain.

Copyright © Akua Lore Zaan | Year Posted 2017

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What is Love

What is love?

Love is just a state of mind,
We enter it as if we’re blind.
Love is death love is life,
Love is trouble love is strife.

Love is something we cannot see,
Yet from love we cannot flee.
Love is the reason for life itself,
Sometimes we leave love on the shelf.

Love is the very air that we breathe,
Love is something that we bequeath.
Love is happy love is sad,
Love can sometimes drive us mad.

Love is seldom easily explained,
Sometimes solid and sometimes strained.
Love is distant love is near,
Sometimes obscure and sometimes clear.

Love is funny love is sad,
Sometimes good and sometimes bad.
Love is simple love is plain,
Sometimes mad and sometimes sane.

Love is black love is white,
Sometimes wrong and sometimes right.
Love is cold love is hot,
Sometimes hidden but not forgot.

What is love?, I hear you ask.
To answer this would be a task.
For just as love is not constrained
Love just cannot be explained.

Copyright © Mike Quinn | Year Posted 2014

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Black Light

Looking back I wonder how we got here
I remember life when
we couldn't get right
every other day was a struggle
communication between
us would crumble
but somehow here we are

It was bad, but we both knew
that it should've been
better than what it was
for some reason in those bad times
it seemed to be more hate than love
but something clicked in both of us
our spirits aligned like the
pyramids on earth & Mars
even in my darkest hour
you light up my world
like a shooting star

we both at a time were lost
a future together seemed far
from our minds
but I look back and see
time was on our side

our relationship was on a
operating table
consumed with misunderstanding
each other which produced stress
we watched it fade away
and fall into cardiac arrest
but somehow we revived it
brought our unconditional love
for each other back to life
stronger than ever
and now I can't even begin
to picture life without you
all those thoughts of doubt left too
we done what seemed to be impossible
at a point and time
where we almost
in a sense flat lined

when I look at you I see new beginnings
I submerged myself in your ocean
and I don't even wanna
think about resurfacing
this is happiness on a new level
we both deserve it
no matter how I word it
my actions will always speak louder
this is what true love should look like
we emulate black love
we illuminate like a black light
our strength epitomizes black power

Copyright © Corey Ross | Year Posted 2015

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Dirty Black Love

Dirty Black Love
Written By: D. Collins 2/19/15
Dirty black love is all that Obama gets.
A regression to oppression from all his hypocrites.
Just know dirty black love will never get to me.
Because, I'm a child of God, no matter what they may see.
I am the man my God intended me to be.
Showing love to those who have hate for me.
What we do in return cannot be discussed.
Just know that dirty black love really bothers us.
What I see on Fox 5, makes me take a second breath.
Knowing how many show signs of being Confederates.
Dirty black love is how it has always been.
But, that doesn't mean we have to bow down to them.

Copyright © Darrell Collins | Year Posted 2015

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Penny Dreadful

"Penny Dreadful"
Penny Dreadful Penny Dreadful Do you remember when? That time long before Formaldehyde kicked in? When the Transformer grew your freedom wings, blew your neurons in? That time when your story kissed her Blue Violet bleeding grin? A wet ripe juicy bruised plum for sucking sins Penny Dreadful Penny Dreadful You are fed full fat Love hard on Electrifying whims Be careful what you care for When the other side comes knocking in Milk Wood Deep Violet Black Begins Penny Dreadful Penny Dreadful Never mind the Banshee call Blessed are the Ravens Black beaks open blood red caverns Blush Pink throats wanton bruises spoil Ah, a sigh, long wise pause, then you suffer through remembrance your lost and hungry bleeding Nosferatu call Coleridge he chides you, “So measureless to man, you are mere Novitiate Disciple - As if this earth in fast thick pants were breathing A mighty fountain momently was forced? Good God man! With the Light Storm in her hands, your defibrillator bursts!" Penny Dreadful Penny Dreadful Perched on the Razor’s Edge A dream to dance in Sunlight Wanton kisses pierce through all your Dying Dark Knight pledge Coleridge buts in again, "But, what say you then? Huge fragments vaulted like rebounding hail? Or chaffy grain beneath the thresher's flail? She has you by the tail again?" And your reply my friend, "By my lightening rod I have her spent, in my imagining." Sings chants of silent monks dressed in cut Scarlet and Vermillion cerebral slow lust is long and deep and low....singing visceral put full ache to ride below Below, in caverns measureless to man - swans long necked and wings wide spread their kissing lips are deep and stinging put aching ripe cherry lips to bed in Latin when the Vesper Bells are ringing Penny Dreadful Penny Dreadful Her name was Maude Frankenstein raised her flower to the electric morn and life again was born Brighter than Sunshine squeezed tight and bright with the lights turned on and curtains drawn Penny Dreadful Penny Dreadful Coleridge says in daft dismay, "Tis a sin, a curse to want to possess her Pearl Purse to the Electric Storm"
(Lovejoy-Burton, August 2018)
1. Penny Dreadful, Season 1, 2014 2. Kubla Khan, Samuel Taylor Colderidge 3. Aqualung, "Brighter Than Sunshine" 4. "As my youngest sister once said, "I despair what is to ever become of you Leanne" :)... I have the best sisters.", Leanne Lovejoy-Burton somewhere on the Outskirts of Siberia. 5. 6. 7. 8. "It's a good thing I brought my library card because I'm totally checking you out." - Anonymous. 9. "Happiness", Goldfrapp 10. THIS IS A WORK OF PURE FICTION.

Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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Behold Africa

Wet eyes! while questions follow, the melancholy?
Does it really matters or better said who cares?
The lonely road I go in search of loyalty, give me a home
In Desperation I stood up to be heard, identity i crave 
Why the hatred why the ignorance, cannot wipe no-more 
Longing to be saved hopeless may i never become
Oh Thee who created man from a thick clot of Blood
Rescue my sinking Soul, free me from immoralities
Tis my dream to heal from emotional pain despite everything
I am a believer, I am Africa world of its own, tied to culture 
Beautifully representative of nature, I am Africa
Never take me for granted, stand your ground my child
who are you? own yours.
I am Africa.

Copyright © betty njie | Year Posted 2014

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Snowy eerie cloud shaped like a flying man,faceless,behind him chunks of success.
In seconds it transmogrify s into a Beautiful Hurricane.

Black color despises the white beginning.
Taking over,black fencely loves freedom that's illusive,as its semi-trapped by white.
So white loved black by hiding light somehow,for it knew black's care would eventually retrogress hearts.

Again black shows love,as it crucifys freedom by introducing justice-in.
White hates a little more by criticizing the suggested color blend of fidelity-in.

To interchange,the painter asks,
"Does white make black look good,or vice versa?"
Poet,"Are they not both colors with a purpose."

Singers sang that song,nothing has changed to date.

By M.O.O aka The color blind human

Copyright © moses onyango | Year Posted 2013

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Ode to black men from a black woman

Dear Black Man, 

Shout out to your deep waved, shaggy, Afro picking outlines. In honor of the loose fitting jeans with the snap backed, wide hip loving, story telling beats that carry on like the echos of the Congo drums from the motherland. Black Man, I Black woman, am not here today in the name of needing my beauty sanctioned or demanding R-E-S-P-E-C-T from you. I am not angry at you, I am  not angry with myself. I am angry with the systems operation on our children' self worth. Don't ever think I am here to stunt your growth. I am Black woman, whose being is the closest thing to God. Whose body is in conjunction with the earth, boring life, as the birds and bees have come to be. My appreciation for you goes on and on like the munchies of the fiend. Though I will never truly understand all the turmoil this earth brings to your face. We share burdens which are too similar to ignore. I see you, Black man, working hard with no reward. Watching your brothers getting stolen and washed away. I see you scared for your lives, running from the greatness of which your sons and fathers possess . Is it that you don't want to show them the potential that has been taken away from your lips? Black man, I uphold your royalty, you are nothing like they make of you to be. Grab your brother's hand and lift it up in solidarity. I black woman, am dignified to stand by you, and fight through any war in the honor of our people. Black man, I hear you. I feel you. I am black woman, whose name should soothe your worried shaken ambitions. Black man, over time your inventions have been gripped by the European counterparts that fear you so much that they intruded your Black women in plain sight. As deep as the hurts appears to be, You and I are the strongest unit, Black love is one of the most sacred existences that there is. Lets turn away from the road of shame, moving toward the flight to recovering and discovering the greatness of who you are.
A black woman.

Copyright © Amanda Mawu | Year Posted 2017

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Black History

If I am no longer a slave
Then why am I bounded by these chains?
No longer sweating in those fields
To fuel my master’s wheels
No more chains around my neck and feet
Just mentally within my reach
How far have my people come?
Depends how far my ancestors ran
To get away from that sulking place
We seem to be trapped in these days 

My heroes didn’t get lynched 
For my future to be so dimmed 
My brothers are being executed 
While the evidence to convict are being refuted
Martin Luther King had a dream
That one day all races will be a team
So why are the changes taking so long
Even after Obama came along
They’ll tell you slavery has ended
But in Libya human rights are being suspended 
For a certain ethnic group
You don’t care because it’s not happening to you

So where are my civil rights?
Do you understand why we fight?
Who feels it, knows it
That’s why we decided to show it
All lives matter they say
While black ones are fading away
All we want is repatriation 
From all the insufferable situations
Peace and love for all my people
One love from all the evil

Copyright © Audley Johnson | Year Posted 2018

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African Rhythm

I am....
An Ashanti warrior A Bantu dancer 
I am a Yoruba royal clothed in my Asooke 
Dancing Adowa and kpalogo to tunes from wulomei and masekela  

I am proud Masai 
Standing around manyattas, 
Jumping to melodies from the olaranyani
Eunoto is here and today I dance in front my peers in transition into a senior warrior 

Oh how sweet the African rhythms 
Imprudently lifting and soul soothing 
Sisala sebrew on Akan drums 
Highlife explorations unending on opus 1. 

I am an Ewe woman 
From the lineage of Nerfetiti 
And a great great ....grand daughter of Nandi 
My Gèle will never fall off 
My Dashiki will never fade out

I am a Fulani herdsman 
Wandering the Sahel plains of Africa 
Along with a fellow Malinke brother
Who speaks fluent igbo and today we revisit our roots in Nok 

I’m from Gao 
320 km east-southeast of Timbuktu. 
A descendant of Sonni Ali ,
Reciting the epic of Sundiata with intertwining soothing kora melodies from Kandia Kouyate 

Oh how dazzling the African landscape 
And glorious it's Heritage 
Such rekindling and Homeric folklores 
And a boundless diverse cultures 

I am the African dream 
mother's only son my father’s only daughter 
I'm the incantations of royal fetish and message behind the talking drum 

I am the African noble 
Free from identity torment 
I know of my glorious past and my colourful future 
My city will bleed no more 
Never again will i be a wanderer 

I know my culture 
And my alluring language 
Ah how powerful the African names
Araba Termytorphe and Ifedayo chant in unity 
Diallo Sissoko and Achiaa bestow serenity 

Mbali and Lamisi elegantly wore their kente 
Tonight we dance to tunes from the kete 
For Yaa Asantewaa never gave up the fight 
So we lift our hearts with emancipated minds 
To reach new heights ! O’ Nana Nyame,
May you forever guide us with your light .

Copyright © Kofi Amed | Year Posted 2018

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Law Offices of McHugh and Ludacris

This is Public domain. COPY&WRIGHT 2009
This is pubic disdain.
Give ME a nickel every time you say it.
frankfurters and tin foil are also mine.
black love incense, no that is mine as well.
If I could own a gluttural mouth noise you bet your buns I would slap a 
ringed 'C' on that baby and make you pay me for
saying it. 
I would have you pay like you pay at the pump, baby. 

So, answer this; why don't more arousing socialites do as I say?
March some of those dimes my way!
Fill the golden alms cup, if you will,
so I 
can buy 
more Alcohol!

Copyright © Geoffery McHugh | Year Posted 2009

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Where Has He Gone

Where has he gone, the one who carried my laughter, gave me countless stories of his pasture, unsuitable for a grazing sheep like me.

Where has he gone, the one who confused hearts with the mastery of his muse, taken by his words of smooth.

Where has he gone, the deceitful nature of his innocent behavior intentional, unintentional still favored.

Where has he gone, my compass could not detect the direction of his wind, if I keep searching will I find him again or is this a journey towards no end.

Where has he gone, hidden under a rock to hide once again, his heart that has been shattered by countless friends, will the shattered stones be cast by one, will the tears from fright be dried by the Son or will his heart still need me.

Here I am but where has he gone.

Copyright © Sanora Moore | Year Posted 2018

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Aurora Borealis Her Manifest Destiny

Listening unto their Fray's How to Save a Life: you stare politely 
Right on through; and you'll begin wonder, why you came ? Where
Did we go wrong I lost a friend, somewhere along in this bitterness ?
Knowing somehow a smoke-filled glass be it not strange the fiery trials..
Crazy her zoo when their birds catch sight chitter chatter his monkies at play
Greeting another antipodes crowd ? Surreal, they must think ironic, truth's cage
Maximus time's lioness anxious, she awaits; ten thousand years, we gaze; descending
Zion, upon these ranks of tears ? Encroached the valley a carcass sleeps; flesh and blood
His vultures dream in circling skies metallic wings; black love's cloth as her moon so draped....
Borne to be wild their daemons famished of wombs, that weep ? Angels, with open arms they run.

Copyright © Johnny Rhinem | Year Posted 2013