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Sweet Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Bars

"I dream of Candy!"

Sweet cakes and peanut butter squares 
A living diabetic's nightmare. --  My heart 
sings to the beat, Under the Neutron Star Crunch
Sweet sugar cookies and peanut butter bars

Taunting whoopers, 
Dancing dum dum's, 
The sweetest silhouette show - in my room
Dreamy, Creamy Cupcakes in the afternoon
Cinnamon Cheerios cascade on my spoon
Sweeter than my sweet tooth
Now and later - a forever honeymoon

Jigglin' my jelly belly boo berry Butterfinger delight
I'm in love, licking the icy ICEE  all night long
Extra freshness, once I crop a top off of a mountain dew pop
My eyes sparkle like diamond dazzle razzles in the sky
i LIVE to fabricate my very own sugar extract R.E.M. Sleep
Savoring the sound of saliva trapped in my mouth
THIS night  -   ovulated buds   -  wait to feast!
Enjoying a delicious dulce music sleepy symphony

Braggin' and embracin' a pinata pillow escapade
Enchanted by a cotton candy crave - calling my name

Lalaloopsy licorice and lemonade tea
The best-wet dream I've ever seen
Marshmallows of solitude dulcify every fresh fantasy
Enticing in a bright slushy skittles daydream freeze

One fat sunny bowl of cereals and cane
Crackerjack spell ---  chocolate chip swirls, 
Caramel lumps constipate the brain
Sizing - peanuts and in a popcorn party payday
Wrigley's wild winter Spearmint Breath parade
Give me, give me, some Gummy bear Dessert  
---------"Another Fruit Ninja hair DAY!"
Watermelon Taffy stuck on the top of my gums
Swallowing the whiteness in a whistle pop bar

Glaze of glory erupts deep down my throat 24/7
Bubblicious, mint twist, Sunkist the best Twizzler breakfast
Yummy in my twinkie tummy, drooling over frosted flakes 
One more strawberry smoothie 44 oz cup   
Counting each and every Pez popping'' up
Goodnight light, 
It's time to get lost under the midnight moon pie sky
SELF- Huggin'' and snugglin'' to a new sugar rush high


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2015

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Nothing to write about

I would like to talk about "nothing"
It is a most peculiar word
I have heard it used so often
The way it's used  is often absurd 
I'm told there's "nothing" to worry about
Yet I worry about "nothing" for days
I try to stop worrying about "nothing"
and why "nothing" inside my head ever stays

There isn't another word for "nothing"
With "nothing" only "nothing" can compare
When a woman speaks about all her clothing
How is it possible she has "nothing" to wear
When she tells me I'm "nothing" short of amazing
What in the world does that "nothing" mean
If that "nothing" is really something
If I look will that "nothing" be seen

We are told that everything comes from "nothing"
A "nothing" theory that lacks evidence
A Big Bang and a boom from a "nothing"
If an explosion is something  
Is that why "nothing" makes sense
So if "nothing" in the end becomes "something
Then "nothing" is "nothing" at all
Just a word that causes confusion 
 "nothing" can be big or quite small

If "nothing" can separate us from God's love
Please keep "nothing" away from me
For if I settle for "nothing"
It will separate me from eternity
So you can see why "nothing" is a problem
I am "nothing" if I can't be me
"Nothing" in the end is perplexing
For "nothing" is a mystery!

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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A Legend In His Own Mind

Who was that masked man?!?
Brian Williams, rides again.

He was in Amilia Earhart's plane;
even rode with the Dalton Gang.

The day the Titanic went down;
In the rescue boat when Rose was found.

He went on expeditions with Louis and Clark.
Once gave his seat to Rosa Parks.

He was actually the first man in space.
That shadow on the moon........ It's his face!

The earliest woman, they deemed to be
bones in the desert they named Lucy.
She was his niece, tho she drug her knuckles,
so he really is a monkey's uncle!

He walked miles and miles on the Trail of Tears;
wondered the desert with Hebrews for forty years.

He dated Cleopatra; drank wine with Moses;
gave the Queen of Sheba a camel and roses.

He's walked with Bigfoot in the hills;
been bitten by vampires, but magically heals.

He has had great adventures of every kind.
He's Brian Williams; a legend in his own mind.

Maybe I can be one of those news cast stars.
This is Arlene, reporting from mars........ 

Couldn't resist this little tribute to the wild stories of reporter Brian Williams who was fired for seemingly padding up his stories....

Copyright © Arlene Smith | Year Posted 2015

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Stop Eyeing My Candy

Clothes all clean
but the washing machine
ate up all my panties.

Raced to the store 
to buy some more,
But bought instead some brandy.

Stopped at a shop
for a lollipop;
a treat I find so dandy.

My skirt fell down
In the middle of town.
Now everyone's eyeing my candy!

Copyright © Arlene Smith | Year Posted 2014

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Tattered Jeans and Old T-shirts

That day by the lake,
tattered jeans and old t-shirts,
my hand in your back pocket as we walked,
your thumb
hooked over the top of my waistband.
It was hot,
...damned hot.

You tilted your hat at a silly angle and laughed,
I looked over and thought
...damned hot'

Smiles exchanged and then a kiss,
I think I melted inside.
We took turns walking backwards
holding both hands
drinking in the sight of each other.

Of course we fell,
you to the floor
and me...
completely in love.

Making a frame with my hands,
a captured moment,
'smile for the camera'
and what a smile it was.

Sitting together in the long grass,
both our hats at silly angles,
you made a frame in front of us,
as I kissed your cheek,
and captured a memory.

Images stored safely in my jeans pocket,
not the one with the hole,
that day by the lake...
it was perfect.

Only now I realise
one camera never worked.
The image of you, still vibrant
as that day,
but the one of us
you made with your hands
faded to barely a whisper.

That day by the lake
we both fell...
but only one fell in love. 

Copyright © Sharon Tideswell | Year Posted 2010

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Hot Chocolate, Coffee and Tea

    I sure                                                    even
  love                                                        a cup
   my                            Cuz'                             of a
     hot                                 on                              hot
        choc                                  the                          sweet
          olate                                   week                      tea. I
          in the                                  ends                   crave
          cold                                I do                    the 
        winter                           like                   sugar
      days.                        a nice                in my
       I need                    cup                     belly
        the sweet                 of                       with
          taste but               coff                        some
              only on               ee                           toast
                  week                or                            and
                     days.                                               jelly

            MY FACE. FORGIVE ME IF I SOUND STRANGE WHEN         / / /
            I SAY I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THESE BEVERAGES, I          / / /
            MY THROAT MAY START TO HAEMORRHAGE! I EVEN           / /
            I DIED TODAY I HAVE BUT ONLY ONE WISH, TO BE       / / 

March 8, 2017


Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2017

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Crazy Thoughts No 1

Why do they call it 'tourist season'
If you're not allowed to shoot 'em
Seems like a great opportunity
To end the over crowding problem

If a house fly loses both of its wings
Would we have to call them 'walks'
Is it possible to have a civil war
Of course not that's just silly talk

Any idea what the best thing was
That came before sliced bread
If a turtle somehow loses its shell
Is it homeless, naked, or dead

I find this saying quite unnerving
“Practice” is what doctors do
And braille on drive-through windows
Find that kinda scary don't you

If a parsley farmer ever gets sued
Can they legally garnish his wages
Well that's enough of this silly talk
At times I go through these phases

© Jack Ellison 2012

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012

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Our Boogeyman

Listen to poem:
Our Boogeyman

There is a boogeyman within
this home of ours, we swear he's here!
He comes and goes to mess with us
and bring about a silly fear.

It happens if we're here or not; 
he seems to go from room to room
to keep us guessing why we see
phenomena that brings such gloom.

It has to do with lights, you see,
the kind you touch to turn them on;
somehow this boogeyman knows how
to toy with us, and whereupon,

we find our touch lamps brightly lit
in rooms, we enter while we're there. 
But worst of all, to find them on
when we've been out, and such despair,

to wonder how that comes about??
For sure, it doesn't make much sense.
Do boogeymen have fingers that
can generate capacitance?

Sandra M. Haight

~4th Place~
Contest: Boogeyman
Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negron
Judged: 06/02/2016

True Story!

"Touch-sensitive lamps almost always use a fourth property of the human body -- its capacitance. [kuh-pas-i-tuh ns] The word "capacitance" has as its root the word "capacity" -- capacitance is the capacity an object has to hold electrons. The lamp, when standing by itself on a table, has a certain capacitance. This means that if a circuit tried to charge the lamp with electrons, it would take a certain number to "fill it." When you touch the lamp, your body adds to its capacity. It takes more electrons to fill you and the lamp, and the circuit detects that difference."

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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8 Mile Style

8MILE8MILE    .     .     .     .     .    STYLE     .     .     .     .  8MILE8MILE
I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind but no matter where 
I go I see them same old hoes 
   BRING DA BEAT         c’mon, c’mon, c’mon        HERE WE GO
                           YEA   YEA   YEA 
They be warin old clothes, exposin them busted ass toez in fishnet pantyhose  
They be standin in rowz, striking that silly old pose, workin them same two 
So the rumor grows, and everybody knows, that her name is rose, we know 
rose blows

She got fired from LoweZ, ’cause she stole a garden hose, spent all the money 
at Moe’Z
Yea - Moe’Z ho clothes and fishnet hose, down at 52nd and StrowZ, traffic 
really slows when she bends to expose, she get dirt on them knees, when she 

AND THE COP SHOWZ                     

                                                YEA    YEA    YEA
She putz the powder up her nose, didn’t pay the fine she owez, gives a 
discount to the bros
Ever’body froze, then the streetlight glows, that’z the way it goes, for all them 
Same for the hoes, az it is for the bros, all the way from Melrose to the 
And it’s still the same for the Souix and them Navahoes,  UH  YEA  UH  YEA
         YEA  YEA  YEA            I’M OUT


8MILE8MILE     .     .     .     .     STYLE     .     .     .     .     8MILE8MILE

written by Warner Baxter One Knight Stand Productions all rights reserved

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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Dr Suess and his Shoe Store

                                a quote from dear Dr. Suess......

Dr. Suess and his Shoe Store

Dr. Suess has a store just full of SHOES..
A GAZILLION shoes I'm sure there must be
Line them all up, bet they'd stretch to the sea!

Small shoes and tall shoes and some with spots
He even has one covered with pink polka dots.. 
                                                ...... Lots of Dots....
Round shoes and square shoes and OH MY
Even lots of cool shoes you don't have to tie!

A snake came in cause he was going to school
And wearing shoes at school is a VERY strict rule..
Now where could a snake wear a shoe you ask?
Well he wore the darn thing like a Halloween mask..

You can buy just one pair if your feeling thrifty
But poor old centipede -  he had to buy fifty
He first bought 25 pair, all were bright yellow
Then 25 he's quite a colorful fellow!

A kangaroo complained that his feet were sore
So extremely sore he could not hop any more
They fixed him up with a spring loaded pair
Now he can happily hop from here to there!

So if a GRANDUFULOUS sight your longing to see
Dr. Suess is waiting  at the corner of 7th and G
With shoes for the young and shoes for the old
HURRY! HURRY! before the purple ones get sold!

This is an old poem of mine that I reworked a bit....

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2015

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A Fine Flavor between lines

Is it Love
a simple bowl of ice cream
sweating from the heat
cherries on the top
huddled 'round and looking sweet
two little wooden paddles
pretend that they are spoons
as we sit beneath the stars
in the savor of the moon
your lips are all I see
as they caress them with a passion 
the cherries on your tongue
in a delightful playful fashion 
with our eyes intent and focused
in a stare of solemn trust
Is this ice cream truly love
or is it merely cherry lust

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2015

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Zombie The Musical

The town was all a flutter; Zombie the Musical, was coming to town.
We all signed up as extras… Yes, as Zombies… here we did come.
Bruce Willis was the hero, with the Mad Scientist Z, for all to blame.
Dragon wanted to be the hero, but became the Evil Z. OH! Poor Thing!
His penguins, the perfect zombies, chased across the screen, so berserk!
The director wanted his zombies to twitch, but all thought he said, twerk!

Someone turned on ‘Thriller’, and amid the music, things began to work.
The penguins were endearing, as they stole the show. Wouldn’t you know!
As they did the: step left, step right, Shuffle, shuffle, twerk, twerk, twerk!
Dragon flew on the set, but things got wonky, as the set, in flames, went up.
He crash-landed in the fire works, which scaring most the towns’ zombies off.
All was meant to be dark and scary, but naturally that came out, sooo wrong.

The witches decided to dig up zombies, for the flash mob scene, to work. 
The new zombies, did their own thing, chasing more town zombies away.
The witches got them from the cemetery, not telling those alive, today. 
Bruce Willis, by now, was really banged up, as he fought the zombies off.
Everyone knew something was so wrong when one bit Dragon in the butt.
Thank goodness that fricasseed Zombie, couldn’t bite thru Dragons Scales.

Well, everyone made a run for it…as the penguins steadfastly twerked on…
At this time, some say, the director was straight out seen, pulling out his hair.
He was yelling: Dumb Zombies need a brain! & They’d head to the cemetery… 
If  ‘they only had a brain!’ So someone added the song ‘If I only had a Brain’. 
The director wanted Die Hard, but got ‘Die Hard without a Brain’. Yeah, Way!
Tho some would simply end up calling it, ‘Die Hard to Twerk another Day’.

The director decided: if he couldn’t beat them, join them. Yes, he surely did!
With the ending credits Dragon twerked. Groan! For shame!  Nobody Look!
That’s when Bruce Willis called Chuck Norris to help round the Zombies up! 
The Zombies wouldn’t take their cues! Well, not, until, it was time to Twerk!
Then they all just joined in, as apparently a real Zombie…Can Indeed Twerk! 
They were all, finally sent home, with smiles upon their face. Uh... we think!

The witches put them back, by order of Chuck Norris, in any case! It’s True!
For a witch can mess with a director, but No One messes with Chuck Norris! 
What! You knew? And the after show party, with Chuck Norris, had such flair!
He even ask Dragon for an autograph… Now, Dragon’s head is in the air!

And Note: Not a single Zombie was hurt in the making of this musical…
          Though, many a one, did fall down, when Dragon flapped his wings.
          The fricasseed Zombie liked his suntan and new hair style, it seems!
Written By Carol Eastman 1-22-2015 

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2015

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Aunt Clementine

It's the summer, and it's time
to take the train to old Saint Ives
and visit my Aunt Clementine
who lives alone by an old salt mine.  

Aunt Clementine, she likes to dine
on mac and cheese at half past nine
then eats big slices of strawberry pie
while she sits and watches the fire flies.

Aunt Clementine loves polka dots
mostly orange, there's quite a lot
on walls and rugs, on kitchen tops
on her clothes and her dog named "Spot".    

Aunt Clementine has crazy hair
that flies around most everywhere
while she hurries and scurries 
here and there, and likes to say,
"Well, I declare!"  

When she puts her lipstick on
Aunt Clementine breaks out in song
and tells me I should sing along
even if I forget or flub or FLOB 
she tells me I am never wrong. 

My Aunt Clementine is really fun
she certainly is not a nun
and so full of mischief
I just love to come
to be with her is double fun 
in my book she is number one!

Written on 8/19/2015
For Children's Story, Dr. Seuss Style contest


Copyright © Laura Leiser | Year Posted 2015

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Nag Nag Nag

God made Adam out of the clay,
A friend for walks in the cool of the day.
Eden was all that Adam had to tend,
But God decided he needed a friend.

From Adams rib, God did conceive,
A companion for him who He called Eve.
How long he walked with God we do not know,
But it was a good life without sorrow.

But this all came to an abrupt end,
On that morning Eve he did comprehend.
For from the moment she was activated,
Adam's life was aggravated.

Each day became an infernal drag,
Because all she did was NAG, NAG, NAG.
The grass is too green, the flowers too bright,
And where do you go in the cool of the night?

Where do I go when I want a chat?
I've got no friends, did you think of that?
You've got a job, God did you proud,
All I get told is, don't touch that, it's not allowed.

I'm going to leave, with nothing to put in a bag.
Adam said yes, please go, then no more NAG, NAG, NAG..

© Dave Timperley 2013

Copyright © Dave Timperley | Year Posted 2013

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Silly Rhyme

Little Miss Dumpty, satin and all
went to great London - to the Queen's ball.
With Prince she was smitten
but then lost her mitten -
frightened away, she had a great fall.

Copyright © David De la Croes | Year Posted 2013

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Billy Don t Lose my Number

Billy don’t lose my number

No ones knows the darkness
Other than one who knows... the darkness
There is no snow
There is no white
Wings are clipped
There is no flight

Answers fly away in the air
Leaving the human heart in despair
Whiskey tumbles down the throat
No more am I the ambitious goat
Broken glass and twisted rope
Dusk invites my... my final cry

Love gave me peace for a while
Then love became ill as death hovered
Over caskets and flowers soon to be
Dancing with my dead thoughts in the open air
How do I say, I really do not care?
Seeking death and pain, a solace I wear

Angels greet those other than me
I, deserving of the dirt, you shall never see
The labyrinth of pain upon the graveyard paths
Many shall walk, yet not a one will be
Any angel that could take me to the sea
Drowning in pain, the knife sets me free

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2017

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Bullet Proof

                     Bullet Proof

If I was a bullet I would travel real fast
Take showers in the past
Use gun powder to keep me dry
Shop at Target
And avoid people at all cost
If I was a bullet I would buy a gun
A small one, for company
Challenge Superman to a race
Or simply let him leap tall buildings, if he were so inclined
As I leap to my own conclusions by his side
If I was a bullet I would go to Mexico
Drink tequila real slow to get inebriated 
Finish off bottles of 90 proof vodka to prove a point
That I can become bullet proof in any old joint

9/01/14 The Poet - Poetry contest

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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Oh, no, he best not patronize me on Valentines. If I must dramatize appreciation, I shall agonize. Each year, he thinks chocolates will rationalize spending his time guarding the sofa so it won’t rise, while my cooking and housework threaten to paralyze all I am behind my victimized and exhausted eyes. Unless he bears one, one way ticket for me to paradise or procures a gift he ingests that will tranquilize, he can stuff candy hearts in his behind so gelatinized. The last time I fell for that darned, deceiving cupid I committed to him and living my life forever stupid.
... CayCay Jennings January 28, 2017

Copyright © CayCay Jennings | Year Posted 2017

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The Shoe Store Bantering

She jiggled like pink jello into the store
with platinum blonde hair and red rouge on her face
the shoe clerk mumbled it must be 1950's day
watching her strut around with a hanky made out of lace

She said hi hon you know why I'm here
he replied let me guess, you wear a size eight
she said well if the shoe fits I might as well wear it
and maybe later if you get lucky you can be my date

So she scouted around and found a pair
and sat down with tight dress flair
he thought to himself I think I'm in love with Mae West
looking her up and down and at her chest

He gently took her foot and slid her old high heel off
his hand sliding up and starting to cruise
she batted her eyelashes and said oh keep it coming, she toyed
saying, why don't you come up and see me later big boy

With that he winked and slid the new heels on 
watching her walk around like Mae West
she said you know I know you like me big boy
but my eyes are up here and not on my chest

With that he gave her a long wolf whistle
and said you know I just can't resist
now stop acting your shoe size sexy
pulling her towards him giving her a passionate kiss

She whispered hon is that your gun
or are you just happy to see me
he said guess what my little chickadee
tonight you can be my Bacall and I'll be your Bogie

With that she left the store with customers galore
staring, whispering and looking aghast
he said out loud, come on... get a life...
I know we're a little kooky, but she happens to be my wife!


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2018

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Hoodlum-Triple collaboration with Jan Allison and Marti Sutherland

I followed that cad Robyn Hood 
and discovered he's up to no good 
An expert at cheating 
bad mouthing and bleating 
His actions I've not understood

Oh how awful that folks feel so glum
Many now call him Robyn Hoodlum
He's a raunchy thief
who brought them to grief
He preyed on the blind, deaf, and dumb

Robyn has folks dancing like Muppets 
He loves to treat them like puppets 
He tugs at their strings 
and then clips their wings 
No wonder their confidence plummets

Heard the sheriff will arrest him soon
Robyn will be singing a new tune
While sitting in jail
He will cry and wail
In sorrow for acting like a goon

Sheriff found out Robyn is a girl
Her real name is Antoinette Pearl
Robyn Hoodlum wed
Now the sheriff is dead
and Robyn is engaged to an earl

Fairytale plot by Jan Allison, Marti Sutherland, and Lin Lane

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2017

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Drinks with her maj

I went for a pint with The Queen
and tried to avoid being seen:
her voice was too loud
to blend in the crowd,
and jokes that she told were obscene.

for Kevin's Namedropper contest

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2017

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Women Aren't Supposed to Have Beards Like You Santa

I. There are so many things that I desire, oh, please Santa, give me what I fancy- I’m a woman with needs, so much required, now here’s my list, I’m getting too antsy! Laser hair removal system for one, you know sir, the kind that doesn’t even hurt? Cuz’ not only would it be so much fun, it would be easier for me to flirt. No man wants a girl with gross facial hair, Chewie Chewbacca has nothing on me- I need a delicate skin tone so fair, not a five o’clock shadow so hairy. I beg of you, to fill my last request, so that I may always look my darn best! II. I’ve been a lil’ naughty, I must confess, dipped my toes in cold water full of ice- Ate too many Snickers and stole that dress, Santa, I didn’t even have to think twice! What else have I done that has been so wrong? yes, maybe I should keep you in the loop- Walking my puppy, and strolling along, started storming, I didn’t pick up his poop! Or what about the time I shh-ed that kid, he was annoyingly singing too loud in church; then he ran off crying and hid, his parents couldn’t find him in the large crowd. See, innocent I never claimed to be, but I hope you show mercy upon me! III. Despite my indiscretions you must know, I really am a nice girl deep inside- It’s hard, but I try to go with the flow, it’s not my fault I’ve got nothin’ to hide! I beg and plead for you to see the good, held in the depth of my soul and my heart- Please know I would do better if I could, guess New Year’s Day is a good time to start. Santa, you must have compassion for me, I know you enjoy having your white beard, but it’s not normal to be so hairy, have you seen me lately? I look so weird! Yes, I’ve been naughty… give me your wisdom--- send a laser hair removal system! From Your Lips to Santa's Ears Poetry Contest Sponsor: Phillip Garcia December 27, 2017

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2017

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There you go again little Sly fox P.D.
Another game of tag and jeopardy.
Clever, clever, little fox so bloodthirsty.
Chaos roams through your veins of liberty.
You walk the ground, prancing around your hostility.
Marching down with the dignity of mis-guided anarchy.

I'm gonna hunt you smell end it well.
Hang you up from your trophy tail. 
Kiss your night one last farewell.
By morning dawn your foxy tail,
Won't live another tale to tell.

I'm gonna find ya' ~ pull your hideout from where you hide.
Smack you around in your everyday rebellious ways.
Thinking you can defeat my crowd with your lawlessness..
I don't need no hounds to track your unlivable Holy-mess.
You created a selfish character of kindness for the blindness.
You prey on the sheep's and linger on their wall of hopelessness. 
Your sinfulness grew from the boldness, and bitterness, 
Of growing up parent-less.
My dear Sly Fox are you on alert with your ears of nobleness.
Did you not hear me creeping while you were sleeping.

Sly fox the destroyer!

You are right, you are a mischievous game of hunt!
My trap is set and waiting for you by the river front.
Go ahead, take a drink, pull one last obnoxious stunt.
Run and run, as fast as you can!
You can't out run this one game of Skitty Skat fox hunt.....


Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2011

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Welcome to my Bio

Brenda Gail 
I am Compassionate, love and breathe poetry, humorous and a peace maker.
Sister of Patti Lynne, Paul, David and Beth.
I love children (more), I love to sing in a choir and have a song for just about everything. I love to make others happy.
I feel loved, appreciated and very blessed.
I fear not being healthy enough to make it to my son’s wedding, getting sick this winter and losing my mom.
I’d love to be able to travel again, walk around a mall, and would love to be in a poetry slam.
Living in the GTA Greater Toronto Area, Ontario.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Regina Riddles Contest: Bio Poems

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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My Shoe Collection

My Shoe Collection


Nice if you have them


There is love
There is happiness
When the next path of your journey
You take with shoes on your feet


I am coming out of the closet
I am not a woman
But I do have too many shoes


Love and relationships
Why there are a lot like a pair of shoes
At times, things may stink and smell
Yet still better as a pair


If I could walk a mile
In everyman’s shoes
I could walk forever
Never having to buy my own

Red Shoes

The Red Socks
Will never win
Without good running shoes

Blue Shoes

If only I had blue shoes
Of suede
Id be dancing with you
After the autographs


Homeless people wish for shoes
Millionaires wish for closets

Big Shoes

My feet are so big
Ladies buy me my shoes

Shoe Sale

The man with one leg
Looks for shoe sales
At half off

The Hookers Shoes

A good hooker
Never has used shoes

Academy a Wards

Winners and losers
All complain about their shoes
Petty and jealous, the famously inane
Their shoes show their vain

Shoe Diversity

They come in many fashions
In shoes there is humanities design
We all walk the path of human strife
All Shoes matter

Celtic Shoes

Irish Shoes
Scottish shoes
Welsh shoes
All meet at the pub
So their feet can have a rest
While the mouths imbibe with chatter
If all goes well
Later on
The shoes fall off in a clatter

Miami Vice

Got the finest shoes from Miami
Found out they were fakes
Tongues were bent and crooked
Must have come from crocodile skinned tears
Mocking the homeless with no shoes over the years

The Great Canadian Shoe Trapper

The trapper goes for beaver pelts
The millionaire goes for shoes of felt
Armani makes it all the way
Only when the consumer comes out to play

The Shoeless Argentine

If you wish to invade the Falkland’s
Remember to bring your shoes
Cause your dictator has all your money
He cares not if you really lose

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016