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Fourth Of July

Fourth of July, Independence Day for the United States, and
On the news political speeches praising the nations heritage, then
Reading of the declaration in deep proud voices and joyful singing.
The country will celebrate with parades and fireworks and ceremonies,
Hanging the flag outside their homes and having picnics with streamers.

On army bases there will be a salute of one gun shot for each state, and
From radios and TV the most popular song will be The Star Spangled Banner.

Jumping children with balloons red, white, blue floating, and
Under tents the barbecues will be cooking those big ball park dogs.
Love of the nation will be on every lip and in every single heart, then
Years of patriotic events will be re-enacted outside in a show of national pride.

June 29, 2015


For the contest, Celebrate Independence, sponsor, Kim Merryman

Third Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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This Fourth Of July

This 4th Of July To my fellow Americans, during this 4th of July. I have a thought.. . Here's why… When we salute our flag ever so grand. Our country's foundation is sinking in "quicksand." This is because. From God... We're way "off course." Driven by lust, greed and an "immorality force ." Our ungodly government continues to rule. Anything of God has been removed from the school. We hear of "separation of church and state." Anything of God... Many people seem to hate! America! Listen to what this message is about! Everything of God is slowly being taken out! We must return to Jesus!... He gives true freedom indeed!. The truth word of God’s . Our country must read! Living for God is worth the cost! Without HIM... America is forever lost! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2016

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To those who fight

Beginning a journey with unseen ends,
Saluting your old life behind, you walk on.
Encasing your love deep in your heart,
Grasping to a single portrait in your hand.

Duty holds your head high,
As your loved ones wave goodbye.
Daily they pray for you 
Hoping to help you make it though.

The sights scar in the head and hand,
No matter how far the land,
Keep thy heart pure,
For love is the cure.

You take up arms with brothers and sisters at your sides.
No gun, no bomb, no bullet, nothing! may break these ties
The strength of you come not through the hours of training
But though offering a hand when your comrades are falling.

May you stand strong in the face of pain,
May you hold the roots close to your heart.
May the sun shine gently upon you daily,
May our love sheild you from hurt.
May you rejoice when you are welcomed home as a hero

Copyright © Elissa Quigley | Year Posted 2017

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Longing for the answers.. it's a mystery
Why would you leave and let me go
It's hard enough without a you and me
But it's killing me inside not to know
Every moment is a prison without end
When the verdict was rendered I wasn't there
Shackled to the memories of how good it'd been
Living in this limbo leads to despair 

Was it something I said or did
Is there another love in your heart
How did we get to this place
Where you'd decide to rip it all apart

Every moment is a prison without end
When the verdict was rendered I wasn't there
Shackled to the memories of how good it'd been
Living in this limbo leads to despair 
You were my lover, you were my best friend
I close my eyes you're still everywhere
Are we forever over or can we be again
Girl, living in this limbo leads to despair

You wanted freedom
An Independence Day
Left me in this prison
Nothing more to say
Forever locked away
Forever locked away
Forever locked away

Longing for the answers.. it's a mystery
Why would you leave and let me go
It's hard enough without a you and me
But it's killing me inside not to know

Every moment is a prison without end
When the verdict was rendered I wasn't there
Shackled to the memories of how good it'd been
Living in this limbo leads to despair 
You were my lover, you were my best friend
I close my eyes you're still everywhere
Are we forever over or can we be again
Girl, living in this limbo leads to despair

~Lyric Man

Note: I wanted to play off of today being Independence Day, but write something unexpected. A break up song as opposed to something patriotic or political.

Copyright © Lyric Man | Year Posted 2018

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Brother come to my side,
Come to see a sunshine of a new day
A new day of struggling
Come to see the sun rays
That bears a half grain of hope.

Brother let's today be a foundation
For tomorrow to build a castle
A castle of less isolations and mistreatments
A castle that our son will live in harmony and joy
Come to my side brother.

Come to my side brother,
To prepare for that awaited day
The hard day to die free
The day that you will die while smiling
The day that your son will praise you with songs and claps
The day that women will cook a delicious meal for their husbands
The day that even infants will raise their tongues to speak.

Brother its the hard day to die free
The day that prisoners will no longer weep
The day that grasshoppers will regain their wings to fly
The day that ants will shout and make a land leaks
Its hard day to die free
Brother come to my side
Let's prepare for that day

Copyright © Rashidi Mpella | Year Posted 2017

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Mother India
Each August 15th since 1947, a day of expectant waiting –
Either terror from India’s enemies and frenemies
Or the terror of weather, some natural happening
Or holiday hazards, even hospital tragedies …

This year, 2017, has India and Israel in alliance
Culture and history connects these ancient folk
Different, yet similar, even in religious compliance:
Ritual purity, Hindu and Jew, avoiding beef or pork

For generations now, we have been South Africans But grandparents loved the movies, famed Bollywood - And we learned more of music from these films Names like Nargis, Sunil Dutt, Rajesh Kanna, plus Shah Rukh The classic movie, “Mother India” – with hard times With village life, and then those famines Family sacrifice, especially from Mothers divine Sad songs tug those chords across miles and times So now, this August, we say Happy Birthday: Jai Hind And in sibling magnanimity, Bless Pakistan too: Politics and language, love and hate, led to partition Moving on, we seek Shanthi and Shalom, Salaam and Truth Poor India, rising India, nation of every contradiction You are still worth admiring, both kurtha tops and sari Cool cottons and silks for export, along with technicians … Those deep religious roots siphon truths told by Mahatma Gandhi ....
(c) Anil Deo, 2017Aug15

Copyright © Anil Deo | Year Posted 2017

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America, Be Proud

Happy birthday America, Happy 4th of July.
Show the red, white and blue, high against the sky.

Over 200 years ago it was put forth to right a wrong.
A new concept, a democracy, powerful and strong.

According to this doctrine, we have done what we had to do.
History was recorded, to prove it all to be true.

To this day, we continue to fight for the right to be free.
As the founding fathers created and established it to be.

We all have our beliefs, to agree or disagree.
I respect yours, please do the same for me.

So let us raise our voices over that of the crowd.
We are the United States of America!
And of that, we are proud!

Copyright © Sandra Weiss | Year Posted 2018

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Freedom is never free.
Respect our liberty.
Enjoy its many rights.
Expect it may cause fights.
Democracy survives,
Only if backed with lives.
May we not let it die.


Copyright © Bartholomew Williams | Year Posted 2017

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How do you thank someone for giving you twenty-five  years of extra life

Yes twenty-five years extra, Of  being a Mother, Nanny and Wife.

How do you thank someone for being there for you
When you were so ill, you didn’t know what to do.

You thank them by, now being the person you want to be
And showing the world on live TV.

You thank them by doing all the things you never got the chance to do before.

When you couldn’t even venture out the door.

You thank them by living your life  in the fast lane again
Now you are free of the nightmare, free of  the pain.

You thank them by shopping at a packed Sheffield Meadowhall
A couple of weeks before Christmas, you are having a ball
You thank them by going to see your fav’ourite singer Cliff
You sit there with 12,000 people just to do this.

You thank them by running a helpline for others

meeting fantastic people along the way
You thank them by living your life day by day
You thank them by just being you,

You thank them in everything that  you do.

Copyright © pat dring | Year Posted 2014

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Feelings on Our Independence Day

Today 15th August, we are celebrating The 67th Independence day of India. My country Has yet to witness the glimpse Of an enchanting flowering season, When winds would be flowing On the rhythms of changing scenes And Birds and Butterflies Would show their alluring dances To every singing and rejoicing souls with wings. 01 I want to celebrate my independence day And I am trying to bring a smile On my gloomy face But, how can I be cheerful and Relish the celebrations When the freedom of my country is in peril And perennial forces surrounding us Are trying to distract and destroy The peace and prosperity Of a developing nation. 02 How long, We can keep on watching And waiting and believing O’ Dream makers Your false promises of dreams Of a colorful and bright future, When a large number of dream makers Are in the drowning deep waters Of corrupt practices And some even of crimes Of serious nature. 03 Many still want to again secure Their vote banks by dividing people On caste and religion basis Even at the cost of the security Of the nation And at the cost of the forced drifting Of innocent inhabitants Who have left their ancestral homes In search of peace and a shelter Away from their dream place and homes and companions. 04 Many such dream makers Are standing knee deep In the intoxicating river of greed And are carving for For more and more endless wealth, For more power with arms and ammunitions’ And above all a bigger chair From where they can create Nonsense for the nation. 05 Some dream makers For their gains and selfish interest Choose many such persons Who are down to earth corrupt With deep colors and marks On their hands and Even on their faces too Which often proves them As worst criminals. 06 What a pity it is for a nation That has a mighty and strong army And a huge young generation Watching and looking helplessly The ongoing regular game of enemies On its borders And the game of enemies Who are trying to harm my country Within the land, in our own borders. 07 Both the outer and inner enemies Are constantly busy in planning And in creating Infiltration and war like scenes Created by the trained hate mongers As they work in disguise Of a peaceful citizen and Even sometimes In the disguise of a politician. 08 The enemy surrounding the nation Believes in snatching Peace not only of my country And of the Himalayas But even of the entire earth And believes in lies and In violence and destruction Of every kind As their masters wishes to Conquer the earth Not by spreading Love and Peace Like Buddha and Jesus But by Hate and violence At the cost of every possible destruction Of humans and even of Nature. 09 But these countries And the war mongers, who stands on the Foundation of falsehood and cheating Do not understand the strength And courage of our masses and nation and The moral strength and courage of our Armed forces Which is capable to give them A lesson, If some day it would be Necessary for saving the sovereignty Of this peace loving Nation. 10 Ravindra Kanpur India 15th Aug. 2013

Copyright © Ravindra K Kapoor | Year Posted 2013

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Trending Change

Inflicted is this society
Of depicted truths to matter 
Does it matter
When every life doesn't matter to the same accord

Accordingly, slavery was abolished 
To what effect when our minds are currently enslaved
When the only awakening comes from the mourn of graves 

Theres so much to be saved, this is known
Every life does matter
Yet the matter has no volume to skin tone

When the only way is the only way
To band together
Ensuring the importance never fades
In creating the trending phase
Of change 

Important Phrase!
Black Lives do matter
Our skin far from white 
So the minority as a whole must also lather
The will to stand up for this pigmented matter

Black, White, Hispanic 
What ever you may be
We are all created in light of a womb
To the luck of a swim up stream 
In similarity of the blood we bleed
N the placenta we once did feed

Linked in red  
The blood shed of our being

Copyright © Tiffany Diaz | Year Posted 2016

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Ode to an earthquake-w

What a day you chose, Grandma Mine!
To quake, to move, to shiver, to shake
Thereby to ravage, to savage, to shatter,
The celebrations of Mother India Republic Day.
A female snake eating her own children!
What bad karma those school children had done?
What configurations of the planets took place
In the natal charts of those thousand killed?

Million years ago you jolted and rocked,
Opening up the Atlantic & creating Indian Ocean,
Delinking India from Africa and Sri Lanka.
Those oceans are widening & the Pacific shrinking.
Will North America & Asia drift into each other?
*The twelve plates mate and hate each other,
Caribbean to Cocos & Indian to Eurasian.
Your wanton ways to be taken as blessing in disguise?
Your natural acts as great levelers? Or
HE made the world to fit best to create & destroy.


*There are 12 twelve plates of our mother earth. It is based on the earthquake
that shook India's seaside area on 26th January 2000, the Independence Day of


Form: Ode
tenth place win
Contest by Linda
June 16, 2005
Dr. Ram Mehta
Form: Irregular Ode
Featured on PS on 3/20/2011
The poem was posted on the day I joined Soup. Originally it is one of the
Poem published in my Poetry Book "The Roamings" (2000) 

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2005

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Soldier-The Real Hero

All this when I remember, 
Silently rolls down a tear.

Our country was in danger
And nation's pride at stake;
A bloody battle shook the border, 
Turned into red sea, every lake. 
At this thought, when I shudder, 
Silently rolls down a tear.

Blood smeared the shining snow, 
Battered and bruised bodies lay;
Fearlessly they faced every blow, 
For whose sins did they pay? 
For lives lost when i fear, 
Silently rolls down a tear.

Spurred by the courage to kill, 
Injured arms grasped the gun;
Then, fought with relentless will, 
Knocking 'em down one by one.
As I sleep, while they slaughter, 
Silently rolls down a tear.

Then collapsed on the ground, 
Face exuding an eternal bliss;
And drifted to a sleep so sound, 
On mother earth' s lap in peace.
When I raise candles in prayer, 
Silently rolls down a tear.

Perhaps a loving son/brother, 
Or apple of someone's eye;
They have all lost him forever, 
Without a parting goodbye! 
Their helpless cries, when I hear, 
Silently rolls down a tear.

A war has no winner, 
If only humans had known! 
Religion or race no matter,
Every drop bled was our own.
Proudly when I salute a martyr, 
Silently rolls down a tear.

Copyright © shruti prabhu | Year Posted 2016

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A Big Red Bow

Liberties subtle whisper, kicked up dust, his boots it lingers. 
	Glistening brow, hope pours by sweat drips, reflecting restless weathered fingers.

Foreshadowed looks a worried face, brave hearts strength, unnerved by grace,
     Freedoms song his heart starts pounding, inspired backbones, by foot they race.
Our family’s values together they’ve protected, Integrities goodness they protect our land, 
	She too marched forward, a mothers love, by flags freedom, united we stand.

A Veteran’s life, we stand hearts open, respects gratitude to embrace we go, 
	A life we’ve dreamed by generations thriving, our gift wrapped freedom, in a big red bow.

Copyright © Chelcie Darling | Year Posted 2016

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Are we truly independent?
or have we become enmeshed
overwhelmed by a desire.

A desire to afford the luxury
of independence to those
unwilling to fight for it.

Are we truly free?
or have we been taken captive
imprisoned by the impoverished.

Chained to the needs
of those who do not wish freedom
but inclusion without duty.

Are we still America?
or an amalgam of multi-colored
flags and visions. Tribal fiefdoms

demanding sovereignty
in the safety and sanctuary
of independence and freedom.

John G. Lawless

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2016

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Today was independence day in our country,
I dint know the exact date, I just woke up on it in the news,
Don’t call me unpatriotic, because of that.

I went to the shop, got a share of my breakfast,
I noted, the prices had doubled, 
I looked at the shopkeeper, I wondered if he knew.

I dint plan for that, now I was left with one way fare,
I walked to work, during the independence day,
Somewhere celebrations were being put in place.

In the independence day, I saw a notice in my mail,
Taxes and levies had gone up, it was circulated last week,
May be it was something to celebrate about, building the government.

How did it go? I don’t know!
Any difference from yesterday? May be none, may be worse,
For the first time, I had to think of it.

I went home at dusk, my wife asked if I knew,
“She so patriotic!” I wondered,
I sighed, and said I knew, just a lie she dint know.

I dint see any difference, just slaves inherited,
But to a worse master,
Don’t call me unpatriotic for that, it’s just how I see it.

I went to sleep, just like yesterday,
I saw it in the news, colorful celebrations,
Who knows what it cost, may be a hungry soul in the North.

I checked my site, and all other sites,
Cheers all over, with many “I love my country” texts,
I wondered whether it was for that or for independence?

Copyright © Alfonce Choi | Year Posted 2015

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Declaration of InterDependence

When in the Course of Earth’s climatic events, 
it becomes necessary for cultures to resolve political bands 
which have connected Her with human nature, 
and to assume among the powers of Earth, 
separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Earth’s Health entitle them, 
a deep respect for the opinions of others requires 
that we should declare the causes which impel us to this Declaration of Interdependence.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, 
that all Earth’s Tribes are primally regenerative, 
that we are endowed by Elders with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life as Love, 
Liberty from Terror and Liberty to Nurture, 
and the evolution of  CoOperative Health as Happiness.
That to secure these rights, 
Governments are instituted within and between Earth’s Tribes, 
deriving our just powers through therapeutic discernment of the governed, 
That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of Healthy Life, 
and CoOperative Happiness, 
it is the Right of Earth’s Tribes to alter or to abolish it, 
and to institute new Government, 
laying its cooperative foundation on such ecological principles 
and organizing its health-powers in such form 
and multicultural function, 
as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Health Safety and Loving Happiness. 

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that regenerative nutrient-systems long established 
should not be changed for light and transient causes; 
and accordingly all experience has shown, 
that human nature is more disposed to suffer, 
while evils are sufferable, 
than to right ourselves by evolving the self-governing functions 
to which we are more accustomed. 
But when a long train of anthrocentric abuses and usurpations of power 
used as a weapon, 
evinces a design to reduce multiculturally enriching outcomes 
under anthrocentric despotism, 
it is Earth’s right,
it is EarthTribe’s regenerate duty, 
to throw off such pathologies of government, 
and to provide new mentors and models for future health and security.

Such has been the patient sufferance of these DNA/RNA Tribes; 
and such is now the necessity which constrains us 
to cooperatively reweave our former Competing Systems of Government. 

The history of the present nation-states is a history of repeated injuries 
and usurpations of cooperative governance powers, 
all having in direct object the establishment of mutual immunity 
and anthrocentric hubris. 

To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.
We have refused Earth’s Assent to Love’s Natural Laws, 
the most wholesome and necessary for good multicultural outcomes.
We have discouraged governments from passing laws of immediate and pressing climatic importance.
We have refused to pass other laws for the accommodation of all Earth’s Tribes 
and EcoSystems, 
a right inestimable to them 
and formidable to tyrants only. 

We have dissolved entire species and healthy ecosystems repeatedly, 
opposing with manly firmness Earth’s matriotic rights of  healthy evolution.

We have refused WinWin ecotherapeutic orthopraxis for a long time, 
nation-states remaining in the mean time exposed to all the WinLose dangers 
of aggressive invasion from without, 
and terrorist convulsions within.

We have endeavoured to remove and destroy indigenous populations of these States; 
refusing to  encourage their healthy migrations, 
and appropriating Earth’s Commons through commodification.

We have affected to render the Military independent of WinWin therapeutic outcomes 
and competitively superior to Civil powers 
of active political and economic cooperation.

We have combined with other nations 
to subject ourselves to a jurisdiction foreign to Earth’s regenerative constitution, 
not acknowledging symbiotic processes 
of mutually subsidiary and complementary evolution.

We have not protected ourselves from punishment and defiance 
by deep learning rewards of empathic trust 
and healthy love of truths within nutritious beauty.

We have plundered our seas, 
ravaged our Coasts, 
burnt our habitats, 
and suboptimized the lives of our diverse nonverbal and marginalized residents.

We have supported domestic insurrections, 
hate amongst us.

A Princely Species 
whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, 
is unfit to be the ruler of Earth’s free Tribes.

Nor have we been wanting in petitioning our governors. 
We have reminded them of the circumstances of our co-arising emigration 
and settlement here on Earth. 
We have appealed to humane justice and empathic trust, 
and we have conjured them with the ties of our DNA/RNA kindred 
to disavow these usurpations, 
which would inevitably interrupt our connections and transactions. 
Many leaders are deaf to ecosystemic justice and consanguinity. 
We must, therefore, 
acquiesce in the necessity to hold governors, 
as we hold all creations, 
Potential Allies in Struggle, in Peace Friends.

We, therefore, in General Earth Commons, 
Assembled Occupiers, 
appealing to the Supreme Judge of Earth’s Regenerative Health 
for the rectitude of our intentions, 
do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good Creations of Earth and Sun,
solemnly publish and declare, 
That these uniting national ecosystems are, 
and of Right ought to be Free and Interdependent States; 
Absolved from all Patriotic Allegiance to Matriotic Suppression, 
and all political and economic disconnection between human and nothuman natures 
is and ought to be totally dissolved; 
and as Free and Interdependent States, 
we have full Power to levy and conclude Peace, 
contract EcoAlliances, 
establish CoOperative Commerce, 
and to do all other Acts and Things which Interdependent States may of right do. 

And for the support of this Declaration, 
with a firm reliance on the protection of Earth’s Providence, 
we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, 
our Economic Fortunes and our sacred Political Honor.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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Royal Indian Army- Seriously

A freedom is an epic.
But seriously, Indian’s freedom is a splendid superior spectacle.
The common idea of million minds
And the common battle for billion hearts.

More than trillion cones turn to craft few patriotic arts.
But seriously, the voice of millions of hearts 
and the general target of billions of long darts,
Is to sizzle, stride, strike, strive and stubborn on strange oaths.

The Indian soldiers are much more than the most as massive 
To collapse the fire fences and even set to die hard as leopard and be impressive.
Freedom fighters and soldiers work pronounces worth and delights
And their prodigy proves they are stubborn from dooms day till twilight.

The freedom they gained for us is a conflicting combustion.
Freedom is a noble construction.
Freedom is a hearty creation
But seriously, freedom is a worthy cognition.

Freedom is an evolution.
Freedom is also an evocation.
Freedom has an enormous size
But seriously, freedom takes an executive rise.

Freedom is a frustration, Bhagath Singh's pain.
Freedom is a legal right, Subash Chandra Bose prodigy.
Freedom is fine art, Rabindranath Tagore in poetry
Freedom is a liberty, Mahatma Gandhi in pacifism.

Freedom will never give up --- Nehru’s never lasting power
The freedom which made India Globalized, Modernized and Civilized
Is what we all Indians should be proud of and lend our hand for its benefit.
But seriously, it turned to be the holy pagoda for all Indians.

Copyright © Bhanu Siva Krishna | Year Posted 2016

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Happy 4th of July- patriotic repost

In order to save some money
Which in hindsight wasn't smart
Me and my buddies got together 
To make our own fireworks

And as luck would have it
We found all we need under the kitchen sink
The whole time looking to do this cheap
Instead we came out free

Knowing this day would draw a crowd
As soon as the rumor mill filled up
So in our vast wisdom with a few cells missing
We mixed the batch up in Jimmy's tub

Not being exact on science
As illustrated in that magazine
We felt no need to measure
And might have gone a bit extreme 

As soon as the stuff started bubbling up
That thought did cross our minds
Remember at the start, saying it wasn't smart
And that little mention of hindsight

With the size of the flash, little wonder we're not ash
And still have all our fingers and our toes
It's hard to explain the size of the bang
And why now Jimmy's house is one big hole

But we did put on a show not soon forgotten 
That could be seen from outer space
And where Jimmy's house used to be 
There's now a community pool in it's place 

So come and join us on this holiday 
Burgers, beer, and of course fireworks
In fact we're heading to Davy's house now
To mix a few things up...

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2017

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4th of July

                               4TH OF JULY, INDEPENDENCE DAY ,YOURS AND MINE
                                                  - OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY

                                4TH OF JULY -UNITED STATES’ INDEPENDENCE DAY
                                   YOURS AND MINE - OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!
                                  COLLECTIVELY, WE ALL CELEBRATE IN A WAY
                                         SPECIALLY, TODAY, FOR EVERYBODY
                                   DONE THIS VERY DAY WE GAINED VICTORY
                                     YOURS AND MINE -OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY.

                                  IN THIS LUCKY PLACE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY
                                 HEREWITH ,LOVERS  OF PEACE AND POSTERITY
                                           TODAY, OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!
                               SO THAT HER CITIZENS  ONE DAY, TODAY, ENJOY


   *Islamic States of  Iraq and Syria                         


Copyright © William Labtis | Year Posted 2014

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In Commemoration Of Nigeria's Independence Day 

Things are awry
Nothing is working
Prices are goin’ up

Top guns aren’t sorry  
More mess they’re creating
Corruption is eating us up

Yes, conditions are dreary
Institutions are wasting
But we won’t let up

Truly, many are weary
People are dying
But we won’t give up

The future seems scary
But we won’t give in
No, we won’t give up!

We won’t always worry
We’ll keep striving,
playing our part and never giving up 

In this, we’ll tarry
For we see Nigeria rising  
And we won’t give up.

Copyright © Ogaga Eruteya | Year Posted 2017

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africa arise

Africa, Land of my noble birth,
Now is the time to break free from your adversary’s girth.
The time has come for you to take your place,
And your challenges you must face.
My dear Africa, this is the time to arise from your anguish and death.

Africa, land So blessed and resources abound,
The dreams of our fathers, we must keep alive.
Even though vampires and bloodsuckers abound,
Our future, the youths, we must not deprive.

Africa, land of noble warriors,
Take your swords and shield,
And break free from the den of your captors.
The grass is greener, take charge of your field,
To our captors; we must not yield.

Copyright © olise egbune | Year Posted 2017

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Live Free or Die

In New Hampshire their state motto is “Live Free or Die,”
And they will be celebrating that freedom this fourth of July.
At Mt. Washington the splendid fireworks will celebrate this nation,
And the band will play patriotic music to a standing ovation.

There will be cookouts, picnics, and ice cream across the land,
And in the “Live Free or Die” state, the party will be grand!
The band will play the “Stars and Stripes,” and the people will cheer…
Thanking God for our independence, and another great year!

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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Fireworks and Fireflies

Fireworks and Fireflies

The sounds and smells of war
 jubilation at its end,
blended irony of history.

Acrid stench of gunpowder
choking sound of taps
hover over hallowed ground.

Gallantry’s entombed
silenced in their duty
whisper from the past.

John G. Lawless

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2016

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Philippine Independence Day

P-hilippine Independence Day
H-ad been proclaimed twelfth of June; 
I-t was the year eighteen ninety-eight, 
L-iberation lives neath the moon.
I-t was the freedom from foreign control, 
P-romise of reform was made; 
P-eace process in the country
I-ced the war as the smoke did fade.
N-ation's Independence Day was initiated by Emilio Aguinaldo; 
E-nding the three hundread years of Spanish rule, the Filipino flag began to glow. 

I-ndependence day of the Philippines
N-ever departs from our mind; 
D-ramatic growth of nationalism
E-manates to brightly shine.
P-hilippine Independence Day
E-xplains the Filipino's valor; 
N-ever will he remain slave, 
D-enying any alien conqueror.
E-very man of the world
N-eeds to be freed from soul colonizer; 
C-hrist has built His Church, 
E-ach one is ordered to enter.

D-on't waste the given chance, 
A-sk for the righteous way; 
Y-es, it's more important than Philippine Independence Day.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2018