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Best Elegiac Lyric Poems

Below are the all-time best Elegiac Lyric poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of elegiac lyric poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member My Father, My Dad
My voice is weak, my hand falters
As I attempt to speak of my Father.
Each night sleep takes me, then truth awakes me –
My Dad is...

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Categories: appreciation, dad, father, love,

In the world  of all comforts,
In the world of absolute care and affection,
In the world of motherhood.
Ten months I was basking, in my mother's...

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Categories: absence, anxiety, grief, loss,

Premium Member Death - Not My Child
Inspired by and written for my heart, my smile, my son named Kyle

A kaleidoscope’s blossoms are not as awesome
as my child at every turn; watching...

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Categories: death, grief,

Leaving for a year
To nightmare and fear
He came to say goodbye
Or at least to try.

I did not speak,
Didn’t open my eyes,
An unknown fear
Had me paralyzed.


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Categories: daughter, father, war,

Pygmy Forest Song
I lost you out there.
You never came on home.
I called for you and I called to you,
but you never came on home.

I lost you out...

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Categories: death, farewell, goodbye, grief,

Premium Member Requiem for a Seahorse
On a sultry, sizzling July day
I swear it happened just this way
In a tidal pool, a lifeless seahorse lay

He’d not galloped to meet his fate

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Categories: animal, inspiration,

Crocked Ribs
They have command on me
my posture has been so
since birth and even now
a grown up, no change
The back has followed
the legs are going there
why can’t...

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Categories: fate, humanity, metaphor,

These little ones
These little children seen around
Have something in them mysterious
That thing adult cannot understand
‘Cause they are too child-like to impress

These little children play and conflict
They cry,...

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Categories: children, satire, song,

Didn't Mean To
It was a heartfelt indulge of an act
The night like knights we lighted
Like a king yah served my want
Like a deal we moved on and...

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Categories: art, heartbroken, lost love,

The Statue of Liberty
(for my personal twist read the last stanza];)  

Stands tall and hovering this great green landmark lady
The world's most famous gift and token
Welcoming all...

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Categories: celebrity, creation, usa,

Requim for UN
United Nations, United Nations
What an oxymoron!
What an oxymoron!!

The platitude goes-
‘United we stand’
In the UN,
How erect we stand!
How erect we stand!!
We are homo erectus
Aren’t we?

This genocide-friendly...

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Categories: sorrow,


Another rain of bullets in the dead of winter.
A terrorist runs through like an Olympic sprinter.
Another candlelight vigil glows from the steeple. 

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© Edlynn Nau  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, grief, tribute,

What would twice be without; the moon and the sun
The men and the women; that brought creation to the earth
The sun and the flowers; that...

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Categories: deep,

Nod to Dylan Thomas
Do not go gentle into that good night
of blight, decay, and disease;
rage, rage against the dying of the light—please! 
With all of your might
until I...

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Categories: death, deep, flower, light,

January twelfth two thousand and ten
   witnessed near annihilation and destruction 
   of the Haitian nation
whereby countless/ nameless individuals 

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Categories: abuse, anger, black african

(Every year in the lunar month of Muharram we Shia Muslims commemorate the brutal martyrdom of the grandson of our Holy prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) and...

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Categories: history, islamic, remembrance day,

Life is Knife
Life brings knife to our dreams
Injecting us with pains and dooms
For in it resides sorrows
Enclosing us in death rows.
In sadness we curse the day thou...

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Categories: bereavement, death, emotions, life,

Premium Member I Miss Them All
The laughter, cheerfulness and playfulness,
I miss them all.
The smiles, tenderness and that hot shapely body,
I miss them all.
The time spent, emotions shared and experiences created,

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Categories: emotions, feelings, i miss

Ethan Frye
*Ethan T. Frye 
*Died at age 15.
*Place of death Grand junction,IA.
*Thurs. 3/19/2015.
*Place when died at NBA's Final.
*Cause of death when leaving got in car wreck...

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© Ethan Frye  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, father, girlfriend, heaven,

I am not a moron
Now, When I turn back
I realize
The depth of my love for you.
It was easy to bid bye
But it’s difficult to endure with a sigh

Memories pile...

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Categories: absence, emotions, feelings, for

An Empty Vase
An empty vase on the counter, 
reminds you of the beautiful lilies that bloomed one summer... 
Time quickly passed and the petals began to wilt...

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Categories: courage, death, love, memory,

Theory Of Us
The theory of us, the collective
 Amid this climate as thus, suggestive

The passion, the fire, our intuitive desire
Becoming more, undoubtedly, known assure
Glimpses of your inner...

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Categories: humanity, philosophy, truth,


The Shot...
They killed.
Their hate... 
They willed. 
The blood...
It spread.
From heart...
To head. 

The gun...
Was pressed.
A scream...
Was stressed.
Wild eyed...
Prayer said.
and Bang... 
You're dead.

The Shot...
Their hate....
The blood.....

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© Edlynn Nau  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, faith, loss, rights,

What if:
What if…
emotion was fake.
No smiles or frowns,
with nothing at stake.
Living worry free.
But to what degree?

What if…
we didn't feel pain.
A bite from a bee,
with no harm...

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© becca katz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: addiction, cheer up, confusion,

Mr Timekeeper
A dusky sky becomes night as I lay here in bed. The
thoughts are Endless, as they run through my head.
I dream of sweeter days, oh,...

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Categories: cancer, child, death, emotions,