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July 24,2014 10.30pm Note: This is re-posting my simple gift to our very dear Anne Lise on her birthday last Month. I hope you will enjoy.

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2014

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Array of hues for “A” healthy life
Showing their radiance day and night
Tableau of romance for all lovers
Exquisite flowers in five bouquets with letters
Rainbow's reflection from the sky in September

Sept. 10, 2017     9.04pm

Aster is a September birth flower. 

A simple gift for you all especially the birthday celebrants like our dear poet friend, Andrea D., last Sept. 5 and all other Sept. babies. Happy, Happy Birthday! Big Hugs and Best Wishes!
A Happy and Blessed September to all! (Although Stormy). God bless!

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2017

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Time Travel

-In-between Worlds-

Letting go of all the space in between
the reality
the cloud
A theme, that use to be 
---Now dead
Long gone before I woke

Sadly Today's my birthday 
So here I am singing a song
All ALone
Happy Birthday to myself

Love PD

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2014

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- You Are A Special Friend -

I wish it was
a short distance between us
No mil to travel
Sharing a cup of coffee and an ice cream
Fill our days with smiles and laughter
Travel on an adventure in the world of poetry

Today on your birthday,
I wanted to tell you again
how much you mean
to me, dear Leonora
It pleases me
that we are friends

Wishing you happiness
on your birthday
and bright days in the future

                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR LEONORA !
                                         (Galeo DS)

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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Happy Birthday

 September sunshine , rainy laboring day

Gardenias heat loving fragrance lead the way

Hibiscus sprays diligence  trumpet   their way

A breath, a prayer,  a happy birthday  

Don’t run away,  but stay for the gaiety


Happy Birthday 


Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2016

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Happy Birthday,Poet Destroyer A

Happy Birthday, Chiquita Bonita, you’re so rare , with your arms up high and a clap, striking the castanets, dancing in tempo striking the floor with flair. You still have your true youth, with a few gray hairs and not a care, but still have the kids. So a bouquet of Yellow Roses for this girl that lives in Texas… and a Happy Birthday before she’s making her getaway…… 10/7/2016

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2016

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Candles in the wind

Time blows within our hearts
when young ones leave our nest
we love the memories, but feel a little less
life is not a dream, it's a test

Waking, to the calls of morn
alone, a coffee and with buttered scone
on the windowsill I sit
observing the empty nest
they've flown away, is natures way
my heart yearns for time to never stray

I wish the phone would ring, does anyone care
if only there would be someone calling
whose caress would say "I'm there"

When love is all you ever knew
being alone tears and burns all through

My candle flickers, it's wick softly glows
while i watch them fly to where the current blows
be safe little mourning doves, I wait for you at home

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2017

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To The Girl Who Doesn't Love Me

                    To The Girl Who Doesn't Love Me (by: Josner Saintil)
     Forget you!
     You think I'm not good enough
    You think i ain't worth it.
    Since you rejected my love,
    You got me feeling worthless...

    So you went ahead dealing with the better guys
    On to the next one it's no surprise
   You switch teams like Lebron James
    But this ain't Cleveland style.

   Never wanting to be with the lonely weird kid, 
   And to be clear, I'm not alone
   And I accept this
   Life that I'm livin'
   And my heart is my home!
   I'll be the best you never had,
   Livin' on Malibu beaches 
   You'll be working for that paper,
   I'll be where it all is.

   And when i recollect,
   I see that you're just a mess,
   And yes i'll be the greatest, 
   You'll be filled with your regrets!

   SO R.I.P...

Copyright © josner saintil | Year Posted 2016

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America, Be Proud

Happy birthday America, Happy 4th of July.
Show the red, white and blue, high against the sky.

Over 200 years ago it was put forth to right a wrong.
A new concept, a democracy, powerful and strong.

According to this doctrine, we have done what we had to do.
History was recorded, to prove it all to be true.

To this day, we continue to fight for the right to be free.
As the founding fathers created and established it to be.

We all have our beliefs, to agree or disagree.
I respect yours, please do the same for me.

So let us raise our voices over that of the crowd.
We are the United States of America!
And of that, we are proud!

Copyright © Sandra Weiss | Year Posted 2018

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Patriots we are
Ashen through war
To a more promising today.
Ruminant mammals as warlords
Insinuates the future of glory to come.
Open to emigration from across waters
Today is our day
Significant to determine a stronger unity.

People of the United States of America
Educate your minds innately.
Our focus is for greatness in a better way.
Plausibility is our qualifying state.
Love, peace, and harmony are what we search for nowadays.
Equanimity is our religious situation.

P eople of unity 
A ssemble as one
T o form a greater purpose.
R ebels for a cause
I s not a threat to others
O nly a stronger walk.
T his is our country.
I deals are now.
C ome patriotisms unto the clouds to celebrate.

P arade so grandiose 
E njoyed by all
O stentatious vainglorious
P raise triumphant
L ong live the USA.
E nvision events that fulfills our people and our states.
PENNED ON JUNE 30, 2014!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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Wings on my feet
Bounce on my steps
Breakfast even tastes divine.

Husky greeting
Beautiful morning
You bring today's sunshine!

November 28, 2014
Moods Contest
Sponsor: Silent One

Copyright © KP Nunez | Year Posted 2014

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Happy Birthday Jesus

Oh Lord and mighty Savior 
I sing in your name praise be
In honor to you King of Israel
who takes away the sins of this world

Star of all stars Bethlehem 
shining salvation loves light
purity in the scriptures fulfilled
proclaiming him blessed Holy One

A messenger singing Heavenly
an angel in praise to king of kings
In peace and good deeds God's only son
Blessed born his Immaculate heart

Conceived of the Holy Spirit Lord
Almighty Holiness in your council 
one of understanding happy birthday
Our shepherd born salvation leads his flock

Faraway in the distance
three wise kings following sign
A diamond star they followed
light of truth born shone in a manger

As they entered bowing bearing gifts
Gold worshiping the Almighty king
Myrrh most precious bitter herb of the east
Frankincense to perfume our Holy One

The shepherds came as an angel sang out
Heavenly song in gentle melody
singing born today is our savior child
praise eternities revelations tune

O  most Gracious Lord Jesus 
I bow humble inside meek 
happy birthday oh master 
our savior Almighty King

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2014

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Happy Birthday My Friend - Cup of Life

Happy Birthday my friend may you have many more May your day be lots of fun and not bore Hope you get great things at your door And get all you wish and much more So let dreams fly and just soar You deserve all the best With my heart expressed Have fun and just rest By God be blessed! Enjoy the cake Rain won't bake Today R A I N W O N T B A K E By GOD BE BLESSED! Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 10.09.2014

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2014

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Poetry police

by: Poet destroyer 

I investigated many poems today
Friendly people on this (Love Boat)
Everybody different in their own way
The evidence I found is hidden in every poetry line
Mysteriously, one poet comes from (Fantasy Island)

I am filing charges on the lady
Who welcomes you to the soup
Leaves you a comment, without reading your identity

Today I read a report on the supernatural.
Billies demons  vs' (Charlies Angels.)

Investigating a woman who poets you advise, gee's how nice
I will give her a ticket, for making me feel guilty as can be

How about the clown who does not wear a rubber nose.
He puts on a show with his pen and paper (THAT IS TALENT)
He is using his ego another way
He makes us laugh, with one whip of his Belt

I will not release the name on the depressing poem I read
For her, I will stop traffic, and move everyone out of her rain
Her words made my heart bleed

A warrant goes out to the girl who used too much imagination.
I actually got to see tongues to tongue vividly.

I will never ticket the poet queen
Murder she wrote and got away,

I do not know who is the John Doe I found today.
I will be reading his poetry file.
To make sure, he is not misleading this investigation.

I also confiscated an old antique or two
Unique skills found in their retired war shoes

I did my undercover work on a serial killer case on the soup.
That is one report I did not want to picture
I hope the writer will bargain for a life sentence 
In a paradise so Green.

I will soon end my file, and turn in my report about Big Foot
After I arrest them ladies who write about butterflies
It is against the law to lead us on a goose chase
We are nowhere near (A highway to heaven)

I have to go join a (S.W.A.T.) team.
To raid the aliens who invade (The little house on the prairie)
I call this group the (A team)
 You know A-liens team who you are.
Someone just posted bail
For the girl who blinded us all
She wore her neon converse a straight ticket to jail

I am on a manhunt locating a molester
Every time she is spotted in a pick out line
She comes back and deletes her trade
Erasing her only profile, just to edit all over again

This coming from a crooked cop, (Magnum)P D
Reporting live on the poetry soup

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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Where would I live if I were richest, and had all the money in the world?
Outside the square box, where no doors exist, and locks will never block
My entrance or exit, without four walls or framed bricked structure this
Is where I’d live and do now!
Again I’m asked where this address is, what fancy abode or country,
This location the French Rivera, or maybe even the city of romance Paris?
Nope none of these places will do for the likes of me, my substance 
Is worth more than glitz’s and glamour allow, after all am I not
The richest person in the world?
I live within the valley of the thunder storms heartbeat, where flesh
And bone melt together as one unit, here passions lightning collide
Against the rocky torrent of desires epic flame,
 Never to be extinguished or dowsed, by emotions ocean of doubt
Or regret!
But again these outsiders ask me once more but where, we’d like
To know, for we’ve never heard of such a place, give us the answer
To this riddle of yours Madame, for you are the richest person on
Earth the world must have the answer, as the paparazzi flash
Their gossiping, chattering, Cameras!
But these hungry mongers will never know the truth of the matter
At hand, for they’ve never experienced truth wealth of feeling,
Or valued anything but the almighty dollars golden card, of worthlessness!
Oh what an empty world, do these poor souls exist upon, a baron plain of
Dancing dollar signs, where false illusions seem real or tangible to the
Touch, but in reality are delusions images melting away, as time fades
The fame to the beauty factor unto nothing remains at all!
Nay I’m here in reality’s penthouse on high, beyond the fake staining of the
Smoke and mirrors game being played below, in this devotional residence
Without numbers!
For again the question was and is where would I live, if I had all the money
In the world, I’d live within the heart of this man whom dwells beside me,
He who’s sacrificed all for me, loved me always through thick and thin,
My shoulder of endurance and tenderness!
For what is true wealth my friend, but love itself my world begins
As his eyes open in the morning light, and ends when his close at night’s
Final twilight hour, where do I live within this man whom loves me!

NOVEMBER 11, 2015


Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

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A Birthday Wish

There is nothing sweeter than the smell of a red, red, red rose Or someone having a dear to compose life spent wondering and gathering thoughts of precious moments that will last forever in the mind A birthday is a special time that we remember, and is sweet as the red, red, red rose.

Copyright © Marilyn Williams | Year Posted 2015

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JOYOUSLY, WE BE Pillows, pillows, rainbow pillows everywhere amidst this sea of pillows, two in lounging share-- capering aplenty, teasing, teasing thee. Fun-filled laughter bubbles up, joyously, we be. Fluffy, fluffy cotton knobs, wrap next to 'bods Tuck so right in a hug, keep tight in the warmth. Playing hard to get in merry-go-round zest. Rock and roll, it drew smiles; rise and fall release sighs... Teaser! Teaser, tease her! blushing freedom pairs! Giddy music gentle lapping sound like chorale. Closer, we become, touches twinkling like stars in catch one's breath pause, our eyes interlace, comes we! Pleaser! Pleaser, please him round the clock so light! Do cuddle him lovingly and sing her a song, between some brushes, he shall blow hushes as when night and day strums, allow yin and yang rhumb. © J. A. Fraser and O. E. Guillermo Written November 17, 2014

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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I've Got No One To Dance With Tonight

we can't all be cowboys
cheap shot
no filter

Copyright © K.M North | Year Posted 2015

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Favourite Uncle's Special Birthday

I had a lovely email from my aunt so far away;
She told me she has organised a ‘special family day’,
And though I'm not invited, would I like to contribute
With a poem for my uncle - something meaningful and cute!

At first I thought I'd write a piece of what he means to me,
But Auntie says, “We should move on,” so, forward I shall be.
She said that I could have a go, but be sure to keep it short,
As the speeches and the flowers will be just before the Port.

I’m told my favourite uncle has reached three-score years and ten,
And that Auntie Hett's rewound his clock - he’s going round again.
For when he went in for his hip, the job had been surpassed,
As they took out all his worn bits and put in things to last.

You see my auntie was a nursie, and has all nursie connections;
Giving access to a pile of things - from implants to erections!
So now my uncle’s all tuned up and feeling supersonic,
As my Auntie Hettie’s gift to him has made him ‘part-bionic’.

His suspension has been lowered, and he's looking rather sporty;
He'll be mustard on the corners - and a whizz at being naughty!
And if you get a chance, you should look underneath his hood;
He's been chipped, blown and muscled-up and looking rather good.

I really wish that I were there to see her switch him on;
With his head - and back - and ****-ache all miraculously gone.
I’ve watched him on the football field and jogging down the road,
But I’d specially like to see him now he's fitted with ‘sports mode’.

And I'm sure you'll have a super time; an evening to remember,
But don't forget to diary your next service in November.
You’re booked in for a ‘stage two’ for your hair and chins and belly,
And it’s all to be recorded - because you’re going on the telly!

And though everything has got its price, my uncle’s done for free,
As my Auntie Heather’s sold it to Reality TV.
The lighting and the camera crews - you'll hardly know they're there,
And that tape to keep the public back that like to come and stare.

So when the dust has settled, he’ll be super-fit and famous,
And the only guy in Suffolk with an ‘ecologic anus’!
You’re due to have a smashing time, and I'm sure that God will bless you;
Good luck and thinking of you - from your ever-loving nephew.

Copyright © Dennis East | Year Posted 2014

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Noble Grace

You are the birthplace of motherhood
an eternal wellspring of living waters
the quiet strength and will of a family
a welcome gift of tenderness and love,

You are the keeper of familial dreams
a true graceful light that will ne’er fade
the storyteller, the counselor, the hope
a motherly guide to all mothers unborn,

You are a heaven-sent guardian angel
a sacred temple of cherished memories
the heartening lyrics of a favorite song
a fountain of life’s wisdom personified,

You are a kind smile’s lasting wonder
a thoughtful spirit of undying affection
the blessed serenity of a maternal kiss
a woman of untold wisdom in her eyes,

You are the joy of a comforting lullaby
a matriarch of exquisite grace and style
the wife, mother, and daughter of time
a genuine breath of unconditional love,

You are the delight of a warm embrace
a serenade of heaven bound devotions
the feeling of stillness within a dream
a storyteller of inspired reminiscences,

You are the celebration of womanhood
a moment of everlasting effervescence
the aura of admiration and commitment
a majestic queen of perfect selflessness,

You are the joyfulness forever lingering
deep within the true essence of my soul
the loving legacy of a devoted matriarch
a woman of truth, intuitive and strong,

You are the light of childhood dreams
a precious jewel of maternal kindness
the epitome of humbleness and grace
a beloved mother who is forever loved.

© Eugene Harvey

Copyright © Eugene Harvey | Year Posted 2015

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Founder's day 
>A wind of gratitude is waving
>River of love is dancing, exhibiting wonderful styles whiles meandering
>Cloud of commemoration is drifting.
>All to say ‘’ayeekooo’’

>’’Osagyefo y3 ma W'amo’’..

>The throne is set, come and receive a panegyric 
>You are a relic in our memories
>Posterity will always judge in your favor
>A man of wisdom and valor.
>You fought covertly or overtly for then progeny's emancipation
>That fight had made us a proud generation.
>Your were the torch of your mother,
>Your contemporaries can't gainsay.
>Your foresight laid the foundation for your mother's future.
> You started building the walls that projected your magical plan's picture.
>Your confidence was willing to leave no stone unturned
>Alas, nature sent you to the urn.
>Great dreams stuck in the skull
>If you can hear me, speak through a necromancer.
>We have missed the great voice of an orator.
>Even if your phonetics can’t do, let us feel through your kinesics
>We will love you until our hearts are no more
>Your mother will remember your sacrifice until she closes her memory's door.
>You indeed are a founder.
>We salute your charisma.

>Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, ‘’mo ne adwuma’’
>’’S3 3nn3 y3rehyir3n s3 nsroma’’
>’’3y3 wo mm)denb) ntiaaa.’’

>We respect today.
>Because it is your day.
>Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah
>’’Mo mo mo’’
>We salute.

Copyright © CHRISDAD KOJO ARTHUR | Year Posted 2016

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Single Purple Candle

   Within a flicker your life sailed away like the rushing tide upon a purple sea
   it carrying you along to be placed by God's side setting your soul free

   If only your eyes could tell me of the splendor you now see
   and emit your light of purple brilliance so as to ease my sad heart of agony

   In silence I lite a purple candle for you knowing forever you are near
   my arms reach out to hold your shadow while my eyes are covered and veiled

   Your candle starts to dim the melting wax dripping into the shapes of a thousand
   consuming my heart of the sadness and deprivation that you are not here

   In paradise you now belong as the Angels sing your warrior song
   today is your birthday and I know the greatest gift was God calling you home

   But as your Mother my heart continues to suffer with grief
   as I lay upon my bed with your blanket and savor your lasting scent

   Watching your purple candle flicker and glow as it vibrates my lost heart
   my love for you Son forever ablaze knowing for only a short while we are apart

   Speak softly to me in my dreams while giving me visions of a young child at play
   the purple candle continues to burn my sweet child, 'Happy Birthday'.

   We miss you Caleb. Happy Birthday  
   copyright   2016   From Aunt Tammy Reams- to my Sister 


Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2016

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I Awaken

I Awaken a child
to the nearness of my mother;
Feeling her breath of warmth--

(apparent is the joy
on her face
a labor well done);

my eyes maturing 
not quite focus
I trustingly reach 
for her special day
and mine
our discovery;

it is the grasp
of a newborn,

and the surrendering
of an 
infinite universe
to love....

Copyright © Joe DiMino | Year Posted 2016

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This is just a note to say,
I thought of you today.
I could see you in my mind,
When as a child you played.

I remember all the years,
Both the laughter and the tears;
The bandaged knees, the scary dreams,
I'd try to calm your fears;

And then of course there were the years,
That we were less than friends.
I loved you still but oft I thought,
Those years would never end.

You thought I was your enemy.
It tore apart my heart.
You couldn't see how much I cared.
It pierced me like a dart.

We fought because I cared for you,
And I was in the way.
We saw things differently, we two,
Not like it is today.

Now I think you understand,
You've children of your own.
You strive to give them all you can,
Provide for them a home.

It isn't always easy,
But you don't mind at all,
Because these are your babies,
And it's worth it all in all,

To know that they have all they need,
And that they're well and hearty;
For this is what a mother does,
It's not just one big party.

You're doing fine my darling girl,
But know that I'm still here.
Just as you're their mom for life,
I am yours my dear.

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2016

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Birthday Cake

In front of your door
I paced,
Stooped down and retied
My shoelace,
13- the number
That was glazed,
Rung your doorbell since your keys
Had been replaced.

Once the door opens
In a haste,
And you'll stare at it
In amaze,
With a motive of
A nutcase,
I'll smash a birthday cake
Right in your face.

Copyright © Julia Ho | Year Posted 2016