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You trod over frosted farmland upon your brow was ice and I felt your mind and knew your heart and that was a sad device Smoked out your life widowed your wife you'll not have that daughter fair nor dark haired son to toss up midair I dropped you there from my dark lair my sight was true I shot you through bid you adieu for you wore green while I wore blue
December 6, 2016 For the 'DUPLEX - Poetry Contest' - sponsored by Jan Allison

Copyright © Doug Vinson | Year Posted 2016

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ANTS HOG GLEN Fiery red burns Autumn orange Army ants learn How to hog Glen High winged pigs Fly blue in tune Suctioning mouths Pulling helium Balloons © Kim van Breda—18 November 2015

Copyright © Kim van Breda | Year Posted 2015

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premium member

but no monies
I spent it all on honies

sad times

Copyright © ur mom | Year Posted 2016

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Little Change

The day started with the teams made
but as one girl heard the news,
she just wanted to fade
fade like an old bruise

She knew her team wouldn’t
Let her be who she wanted
As they thought she couldn’t
Have any skills that she never flaunted

The games had started 
But the girl was stuck at the start
The others hadn’t parted
For her to play smart

They were strict
But then there was quite a change
Not as focused on being perfect
The girl was let play, it was strange

But then she realized
They did it so the teacher 
Wouldn’t noticed her cries
And see her as a caged creature

She tried to change things 
And they kind of did
But all was lost as she sings
About the unfairness she almost undid

-Megan (May 9th, 2016)

Copyright © Megan Lambrecht | Year Posted 2016

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Holiday Limerick

Desert dune damage, feet wrapped in gauze,
To sue, the lawyer thought he had cause,
Yet the relevant section,
Escaped his detection,
--There was no sandy clause.

Copyright © Doug Vinson | Year Posted 2016

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You enjoy on my pain

Am football,
You kick me I move;
To the direction 
you choose;
Harder you kick 
farther I reach
Yet under your feet;
Made of hide 
Of unfortunate sheep,  
Children stitch,
Then I come in play ground, 
In branded name;
A modern day slave,
Made of slaves,
Have no voice
To raise loudly;
You enjoy on my pain;

© sadashivan nair

Copyright © sadashivan nair | Year Posted 2017

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For Kerri And April

A cacophony of cheers
Sand sprays like fireworks
From feet, hands, ball, hair.
Four women, two-a-side,
In a battle for the ages.

A motion of fluidity and a
Knowledge brought forth
From years in the fray.
Sun, rain, the elements,
Just more adversaries

In a long procession of
Combatants put asunder
By their clear dominance
Of a gritty game of volleys.
The Americans had few

Times met with struggle
Along their long journey
Toward the gilded yellow
Badge of Olympic honor,
But this night the glint in

The eye, the coordinate
Movements of limbs and
Lengths and deliberations,
The perfection of intents
And wiles and exertions,

Would not birth triumph,
But instead place a bitter
Pill flat on their tongues.
But such is the bare truth
Of warfare, and such is

The coming of wisdom ...
For without that sour taste
And constricting swallow,
We have no estimation
Of the finer, sweeter things

That the battlements of
Life hold within their walls.
Gold knows no favorite,
Nor does it gleam in the
Eyes of the fortunate only.

Momentum true is the key
And this night it flowed
For the sake of those
Whose feet knew this
Beach as their own ...

Who felt their home and
Peoples and affinities all
In the grainy coursing of
Cold granules underfoot,
And sometimes, when

The heart has the peace
Of its OWN around it, that's
All the difference needed.
But character outshines
The most precious ores,

And in that bold and true
Respect, our wonderfully
Beautiful and courageous
Girls of Stars and Stripes,
Shall ALWAYS stand at

The top of the podium,
And the anthem of our
Appreciation and pride
Will always play in their
Ears ...

We love you, Kerri
Walsh Jennings and April
Ross, and you are, without
Question or argument,
The very BEST.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2016

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Summer Days

Singing birds and laughing children
Summer sounds seep into our senses

Friends, family and neighbors socialize
Backyard shaded lounging chairs
children playing nearby

Summertime sunshine and outdoor adventure
Fishing at dawn on smooth lake with dad
Swimming, volleyball, of course no teacher
Playing and riding bikes 'till called in for bed

Warm days... balmy nights
barbecues and campfire talks
moments together
friends, families and neighbors
good company and laughter

Written April 7, 2018

'It's All About Four' Contest
By Broken Wings
Tenth Place

Forms in the order given here:(For a total of 14 lines) Cystalline-2 lines, Kimo-3 lines, Quatrain-4 lines, Tanka-5 lines

Copyright © Susan Gentry | Year Posted 2018

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Ode to a Brother's Wedding

The white clouds 

stand as mountains

bright in the sun,

they drift,

and wait
for an answer.

A hand was offered

and taken

in the chaos of nature,

that which stands
as the madrone
in the mist,

or thrives in fungal

bliss beneath sodden

leaves and that

which burns a hellish
swath through all
that grows and breathes.

We've known
the human comedy,

what flimsy structures

grew with a driven nail,

what rabbit trails

vanished in the dusty
voids of betrayal.
The clouds drift
slowly in stately peace,

the gates of heaven,

where all is truth,

the river flows,

a constant monument,

a soft roar,

rapids to eddy.

We see the majesty

of all things.

Hand in hand,

we say,

we're ready. 

Copyright © Peter Kautsky | Year Posted 2017

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Art is a one liner
with a beginning 
a middle
and no end ( )

Copyright © RUDOLPH RINALDI | Year Posted 2017

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Wish that I
Am your friend

I don't know
What went wrong
Find the way

Be your friend
Want to tell

I love you
To come home
Give a chance

People dance
Love and joy
Throughout live

Is my wish
Be your friend
In new world

Copyright © Mary Steffen | Year Posted 2017