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Best Bangla Poems

Below are the all-time best Bangla poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of bangla poems written by PoetrySoup members

i can remember the day
first met with you
i saw the blue deep eyes
that was the day
fall in love with you....

i can feel you around me

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Categories: april, bangla, i love
Form: Free verse

Premium Member In a Perfect World
If we lived in a perfect world,
love would naturally abound.
And in this utopic dreamworld,
there would be no hurt to be found.

Peace and brotherhood would nourish

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Categories: angst, bangla, dream, fantasy,
Form: Quatrain
I Want To Love You
 I want to feel you

like a petal feels the wind

I want to touch you

like dewdrops touch my skin

I want to hold you

like moon shadows...

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Categories: bangla, emotions,
Form: Free verse
I have wasted 
too many years 
of my young life
wishing I had been
blessed with
a different story.
I am learning 
that all life 
is precious,
and that each...

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Categories: america, anger, bangla, basketball,
Form: Bio
Haiku Against the Chalk Board
against the chalkboard
-my grinding teeth...

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Categories: bangla, sound,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Earth Disturbers
Hoping and praying for peace, and peace of mind. 
The earth disturbers are busy.
They will not leave well enough alone. 
They do not work in...

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Categories: abuse, bangla, betrayal, earth,
Form: Prose Poetry
Out of Shame
As age catches on us 
Would we be found enjoying the swings
No, never out of shame

As age catches on us 
Would we be found playing...

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Categories: appreciation, bangla, baseball, beach,
Form: Blank verse
A War Commenced
From the farthest distance of the land
Many soldiers fought in armies 
In wars cruel demands. 

A governing hand that didn't care
The brutal bastards
Committed unjustly crimes...

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Categories: anger, bangla, death, grave,
Form: Free verse
Cry For Nigeria My Country
I wake up every
to ask myself
'what's happening'?
God gave us oil in
the Delta,
waters in the Benue
and Niger,
mineral resources
all over.
Though we've no
natural disaster,
but we got loopholes
that need...

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Categories: bangla,
Form: Epic
Identity Apples
Identity Apples

iam a fat skeleton, resurrecting 
from the sad memories of dada 
and dark mysteries of aminism 
iam buganda 
i bleed hope 
i drip the...

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Categories: bangla, africa, analogy, anxiety, assonance,
Form: Didactic
Grand Generations
After a certain age 
A situation many never see
Is now directly infront of me
As I give words to comfort 
The same way that she had...

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Categories: bangla, cool, grandmother,
Form: Ode
Ode To India
I like to eat curry
It's funny in my tummy
But then I turn really smelly!...

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Categories: animal, bangla, black african
Form: Lyric
Let It Flow
Just let go! Let it flow! Let it flow! Let it flow!
Everything’s gonna work out right you know.
I’m looking for a better day. You’re still...

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Categories: abuse, bangla, black african
Form: Rhyme
Life silenced dash-
think and cry 
life is pretty! 
Frustration with life, the life of unrest
The way of life
I silenced a lot Life
Silenced the cast! 

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Categories: bangla, life,
Form: Epitaph
A smile appears for you
A joy only for you
Say all- cheer!...

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Categories: anger, bangla, beauty, cheer
Form: Haiku

Bangladesh my Homeland,
Bangladesh my Dreamland,
Bangladesh I love you,
Bangladesh, I live for you.

The green flag out of the red ball,
Plays the flute on golden grains tall.

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Categories: appreciation, bangla, passion, patriotic,
Form: Ballad
Like medicine in pain,
like cool water in thirst
and like pleasure in gain,
mother, you were to me,

though I could not at first
realize it. Now I see

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Categories: bangla, i miss you,
Form: Elegy
Probably Haiku
On the snow
A piece of sky
A blue umbrella...

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Categories: bangla, anniversary, april, atheist, aubade,
Form: ABC
Love In Nothing
Money is nothing
people love the money
many people love in nothing...

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Categories: bangla, life, money,
Form: Haiku
he who has own happily
he is happy forever.

he who shocked others happily
never he would not be happy....

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Categories: bangla, beautiful, happiness, happy,
Form: Haiku
Bengali Women
Bengali women squatting

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Categories: bangla, imagery, river, women,
Form: Haiku
Ties That Bind
I cried so hard, for so long
Only seven, 
I’m too young to be an orphan
I remember it,...

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Categories: bangla, dream, life, love,
Form: Narrative
Love is link ever
Sometimes tragedy!
when love is link
Ties, combination and branches.
Tragic love story 
sometimes released, sometimes in handcuffs....

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Categories: bangla, beauty, love,
Form: Haiku
Rupsa Is the Name of a River
O independent State, O civilized life
you give my Rupsa back. 
Her desire, her love ... let me touch once. 
I have seen the orphaned childhood

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Categories: bangla, first love, lost,
Form: Personification
My Life
Life is beautiful! Like a flower! 
Happiness and sorrows of my color...

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Categories: bangla, beauty, life,
Form: Haiku