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Best Islamic Poems

Below are the all-time best Islamic poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of islamic poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member The Veil I Wear
A fire blazes behind the veil 
This veil I wear
is not made of cloth
for no fabric could withstand
the incendiary passion
I command

It's self-imposed
not forced
no man's hand

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Categories: islamic, analogy, identity,
Form: Dramatic monologue

Premium Member Paris the 13th
Paris the 13th

Tears, my tears fall to wine
As I can not comprehend this horrendous crime
Men filled with such spiteful hate
Islamic teachings seal their fate
Kill and...

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Categories: islamic, death, dedication, freedom, humanity, november, obituary,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member The Teacher of Islam
Islam is non merciful
Islam is about repressive means
Islam has no heart
Over and over this chant shall start

For when we close our eyes
For when we judge...

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Categories: islamic, africa, allah, angst, bereavement, christian, dedication,
Form: Verse
The Circles
Looked at the outside of steel window
Around in the dark, awesome feelings into the mid-night air
What the news was brought in the feelings!

Eyes of the...

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Categories: islamic, deep, father, feelings, history, introspection, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
These are just a few words about reality,
as Muslims struggle each day with individuality.

What is a Muslim and from whence does he come?
Like you and...

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© Dan Cwiak  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anti bullying, christian, discrimination, freedom, islamic,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member My Father Your Father Our Father

My Father  Your Father Our Father

My guardian and protector from the evils of deception
I thrive in your presence by learning from your correction
The past...

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Categories: islamic, allah, appreciation, baptism, beautiful, bible, brother,
Form: Monorhyme
A reminder of sins,
Jerky de-firiye,
Come, come Islam.
Look, it's running out!
Life balance.
A heartbreaker.

It is not our goal,
Never rhyme.
No more levels?
Pros or cons?
Every second.

Wake up, brothers!
What's with...

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Categories: god, islamic,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member The Invention of Zero
By which nothing is divided.
No zero
no negative
no opposite
no hope
no Adam, no apple, no marriage, no morning.
No mirror
no knowledge
no God, no soul, no ear lobe, no...

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Categories: islamic, father, future, home, hope, math, morning,
Form: Verse
Premium Member JE SUIS CHARLIE -- Afterthought
JE SUIS CHARLIE — Afterthought

The shock of this most frightening tragedy is practically beyond 
the pale of any reasonable or adequate attempt or effort to...

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Categories: islamic, courage, death, dedication, devotion, freedom, inspiration,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Onward Christian Soldiers
Onward Christian Soldiers
(Chivalry Dead)

God’s crusade upon them laid
a stubborn suit of mail brocade.

Knights Templar, Teutonic thugs
Mercenaries out for blood.

In guarantee of resurrection. 
Skull bludgeoning insurrection.


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Categories: islamic,
Form: Rhyme
Islam is Peace
I'm a Muslim whose voice remains unheard.
Peace was the first thing I eagerly learned.
Peace, the world's main hope and ambition,
 Is the ultimate goal and...

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© OMAR JABAK  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: faith, inspiration, islamic, love, peace, religion,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Chemical Affections
A child
Foaming at the mouth
Islam crying

Sunni tears
Shia tears
Drowning in each others fears
Off with the masks

Wear your smiles
Give heart and cheerful warmth
Not lectures and verse
Allow us...

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Categories: islamic, allah, angel, anger, angst, arabic, child,
Form: Free verse
Prophet Mohammed and Holy Quran Miracle
Every prophet comes with miracles...someone asks what were the miracles of prophet Mohammed(May peace be upon him), now I will be mentioning some of them...

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Categories: islamic, dedication, faith, peace, moon, peace,
Form: Rhyme
We were accustomed to read one thousand 
And one night in Baghdad...
Tonight the glorious city-sky is sad,
It sounded bang! Bang 
Where is my mummy? Where...

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Categories: america, arabic, beauty, betrayal, conflict, islamic,
Form: Rhyme
(So many were protesting about America's secret involvement with ISIS but I didn't believe it until I read this latest news, shocking and disgusting. Poor...

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Categories: islamic, allegory, political, power,
Form: Acrostic
A Muslim Girl's Plight
My sisters and I are slaves,
Slaves to a harmful culture
That forces us to marry before we are grown,
At age 14
At age 9
At age 6
At age...

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Categories: islamic, abuse, horror, sad,
Form: Prose
There's a Train
Going to Peace Station.
Christians, Buddhists,
Hindus, Atheists,
Each occupied a Compartment,
But never Bothered one another,
Just like the Two Rails of the Track
That Travel Together but...

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Categories: identity, islamic, journey, peace, perspective, religion,
Form: Free verse
Why did they fight for our freedom of speech when we as a nation are afraid to speak lead by a government that’s corrupt and...

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Categories: islamic, confidence, corruption, england,
Form: Political Verse
Prophecy's Peril
Armageddon approaches as
Charismatic characters'
Enlarges evil's
Grown too
Huge horror of
Jewish and Christian
Menacing multiple
Onto an ancient
Prophecy as
Quieter heads
Seeking solutions are
Upon by
Vituperate voices
Wailing war who wait
Xpectantly for
Zealots to...

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© Sue Mason  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: islamic, angst, death, visionary,
Form: ABC
Premium Member A little land that's built on sand
There is a little land that's built on sand in the Middle East
   To listen to the world complain, you'd think it was...

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Categories: america, immigration, international, islamic, jewish, perspective,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Jerusalem War Between Boys
The soldiers said
That the boy threw a grenade.
The parents of the boy said
That the soldiers planned to kill him.
This is what happens

When one person
Believes that...

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Categories: anger, arabic, conflict, gospel, islamic, jewish,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Just Static (sonnet)
Doors within doors within doors within doors
just like some silly three stooge comedy.
Now I am standing on some Scottish moors,
Islamic Jihad is setting out tea.

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Categories: islamic, introspection,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Honey Bee
I want to be a Honey Bee,
Drinking honey from flowers it goes.
Seeking knowledge from wherever I can,
I want to be a Honey Bee.
Whether it is...

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Categories: islamic, books, religion,
Form: Free verse
The Land Of Promise
Often called the land of promise,
Mindanao my native land,
Her soil wet  with innocent blood, 
The promises many but few are done, 

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Categories: islamic, peace, people,
Form: Lyric
The Greatest One
Oh! the greatest one,
The only I believe in,
Than friends I meet everyday

Your existence in silence, 
In the deepest hearts

Earth, galaxies and great creations
Leading scientist to...

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© nur holis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: islamic, art, blessing, deep, giving, god, heart,
Form: Free verse