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These are just a few words about reality,
as Muslims struggle each day with individuality.

What is a Muslim and from whence does he come?
Like you and me, he is born into the world. because of two someone's.

Many of us grew up knowing prejudice in life,
I was gangly, naive, ever given to strife.

Raised as a Christian I never knew what it meant,
As my Muslim friend, how people could vent. 

My younger years were spent playing baseball you see,
They were a team of Puerto Ricans, not one Muslim to be.

My Polish heritage was always the butt of a joke,
It was infinitely small, compared to a Muslim's yoke.

My parent's generation was prejudiced in mind,
To Blacks, and Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Hispanics and people of all kind.
I, being naive, never even recognized the strife,
to which these peoples had been subjected to in life.

From experience I learned to treat each person individually,
slowly finding out that that was how they treated me.

Oh, I can say I've met both good and bad,
and the underlying theme is all so sad.

For it seems that we put labels to people like cans of beans,
stick them on a shelf, never tasting their means.

But once you open that can and taste the fare,
you may very well find yourself going back there.

We have our share of detractors in this world of our choice,
but Muslims are not the ones against whom we should give voice.

They are as decent, hard working, and loving as you or me.
They only want what is best for their family.

I pray to my Christian God for Muslims though they know it not,
because they are people that He has not forgot.

Words between man and God are private you see,
that is what connects man to his Deity.

But in every society there is always some remark made aloud,
about how this group or that group has no right to be allowed.

What, I wonder, gives them the right to speak that thought?
Unless it was the freedoms for which this country fought.

And I am sure that the Muslims fought with us too,
so they could have an American dream or two.

So, I think I'll stay in my own naive little way,
and keep those prejudices well at bay.

I won't care whether the next person is Red or Yellow, Black or White,
I won't care if he's Hindu or Christian, Jewish or Zen on sight.

Yes, I'll like the next Muslim I see,
I'm going to smile at them, and I bet they smile back at me!

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2017

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My Father Your Father Our Father

My Father  Your Father Our Father

My guardian and protector from the evils of deception
I thrive in your presence by learning from your correction
The past present and future, you are the connection
My life has purpose, when others see your reflection

I lift my hands to the “Ancient of days.”
Allow me to walk in the counsel of your ways.
Accept my offering as I give you praise.
Let my tongue be honourable in every phrase.

I have strayed from the path, that you gave
Without you I’m destined for the grave
To my desires I’ve been a slave
Transform my weakness, please make me brave.

I am unworthy, I know it is true
Nothing in this world compares to you
Seeing through your eyes the world in new
You are perfection in all that you do.

Some seek to find you, through the words of the Koran
Others choose the Bible  to learn of your plan
My understanding is finite for I am just a man
Help me to be humble, please reveal all you can

Fulfill my desire exchange bitter for sweet
At the waters of baptism we shall meet
My direction each step please guide my feet
You give me breath you make my heart beat.

This piece was created with my friend and Poet Mohammad Imtiaz. A praise poem from a Muslim and Christian Perspective.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2018

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Islam is Peace

I'm a Muslim whose voice remains unheard.
Peace was the first thing I eagerly learned.
Peace, the world's main hope and ambition,
 Is the ultimate goal and name of my religion. 
"Peace be upon you" is my all-time greeting
To everyone I run into or see at a meeting.
Love, the world's greatest aim and ambition,
Is the be-all and end-all of my religion.
Our Prophet once said, "Shall I tell you what to do
to find love, let there be peace among you?"
Let there be peace and love will grow.
Faster and stronger than all we know.
Islam is peace that leads to love
If peace is there, so will be love. 


Copyright © OMAR JABAK | Year Posted 2015

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We were accustomed to read one thousand 
And one night in Baghdad...
Tonight the glorious city-sky is sad,
It sounded bang! Bang 
Where is my mummy? Where is my dad?
Are they all alive under the cruise wreckage;
Or are they all dead?
The a ‘Rashid city was weeping,
It rained hatred,
It rained prejudiced,
It rained cactus of different shapes,
They're all aliens, 
Some were homemade,
They're all colourful,
In blue, in yellow and in red.
Do you still remember brother?
Because if you don't I still do
What the big Satan, Lucifer what he said!
The cross versus the crescent, take it or leave it,
An entire racism by the media was also fed.
Some hidden in a banker,
Others crawling of hunger,
Others demonstrating with anger,
Pale, yellowish faces they all looked bad.
Where is my nation..My Arabity..My Islam ?
Oh...Mutasamahh! Where are my brothers?
Are they all dead???
They called it precise bombing and it was right indeed,
In the heart of the baby-heart 
Like the British game of dart,
The arrow hit its target,
It hit it like mad.
Nobody moves a finger,
In the age of Patriot and Stinger,
They all believe in star-wars, economic prosperity, 
They all believe in the Pope, pop-star singer,
They all believe that one-day Allah would side with them to defeat, 
The neo-Thamud and Aad,
They're all waiting for the coming future Mahdi,
And for the Armageddon battle to be led.  

Copyright © Abder Derradji | Year Posted 2015

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There's a Train
Going to Peace Station.
Christians, Buddhists,
Hindus, Atheists,
Each occupied a Compartment,
But never Bothered one another,
Just like the Two Rails of the Track
That Travel Together but Never Meet.
Everyone's Ticket is to Peace,
They traveled in Communities and
Their Compartment Number
Never really mattered.

Then came budding Islam,
Who wanted their own Engine, Though
They are Destined to the Same Station.
They made an Exact Replica of the Train,
Their 'Fight' for Peace overshadowed
Their Destination and they Launched
Their Train on the Same Tracks,
But in the Opposite Direction.
Compartments filled with Innocent Followers,
but Engines Piloted by Terrorists
And Religious Leaders.
They only Focused on Increasing
The Number of Compartments
To gain Strength and Accelerated
As Fast as they Can.

But One Thing They Failed to Realize is,
No matter how Long the Train is,
On Collision, Whole Train Derails,
Killing Innocent Passengers, on Both Trains.

Copyright © Harshath Vidheya | Year Posted 2017

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The Jerusalem War Between Boys

The soldiers said
That the boy threw a grenade.
The parents of the boy said
That the soldiers planned to kill him.
This is what happens

When one person
Believes that another person
Is but an animal,
And not human.
People will self-fulfill as animal

And it’s much easier to kill
An animal,
Especially when you are an animal.
So, this is what really happened that day-
Both sides were right.

The boy walked down the street,
Before dawn, and saw the soldiers,
Who were walking on egg shells
With fear and expectation,
(Of course, they were mere boys themselves).

When the boy saw them look his way,
He reached into his basket
And threw a fresh egg
In their direction.
The boy’s face had just a split second

To crack a small smile
Before the bullet
Shattered his face
And skull
And the soldier

Was left with egg on his face
As well, but unfortunately,
Just a split second after he fired the shot.
So, eggs are grenades.
Boys are killers.

And that is when the cock crows
Between boys
In a Jerusalem morning.

Copyright © Robert Trezise Jr. | Year Posted 2018

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The Greatest One

Oh! the greatest one,
The only I believe in,
Than friends I meet everyday

Your existence in silence, 
In the deepest hearts

Earth, galaxies and great creations
Leading scientist to compete
Interpret yours into queuing puzzles 
In voyage of million light years

I only see and read your signs
Through your trusted people and holy books
Never be in competition
But I believe in supreme you
Than logic and them
Oh! the greatest one

Copyright © nur holis | Year Posted 2015

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The Land Of Promise

Often called the land of promise,
Mindanao my native land,
Her soil wet  with innocent blood, 
The promises many but few are done, 
Here stealth cunning warriors,
Are professed men of God,
Their decency turns refute,
For shedding innocent blood,
Anxiety pierced deep in our hearts,
Even at calm starry nights, 
Anytime in the city or the woods,
Barking guns shimmering lights,

Is there hope for tomorrow?
Will our wailing cease?
Will our children and their offsprings,
Have the chance to live in peace?

Copyright © joselito asperin | Year Posted 2006

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To Be Muslim

I cover myself.
They ask, "Why, are you ashamed?"
I say, "No. I'm proud."

Copyright © Cameron Hartley | Year Posted 2014

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The Wandering Yogi

??? ???? ?????? ??????

The Wandering Yogi 

From city to city, from every  town to town
Catching every smile to smile, every frown to frown.
His allegiance goes to the exalted one, not any nobility nor the crown.
The mysterious venture itself is a compass – forever trailing up and down. 

He vision’s more to the sandstorm than just the sands might. 
What he really seeks is the commandeering winds, hidden from man’s sight. 
For he is like a moth, forever trying to follow the mystical light. 
A servant of humanity, here to douse out ones fiery plight. 

The mystical light to him, is like the sweet essence of nectar to a bee
His journey has no fragrant flower to guide the way, only his heart must see.
The burden of Caste, Creed and Colour cannot weigh him down – forever he is free.
These bitter ingredients are for his pestle and mortar, mixed together to serve he. 

Always alert, always ominous. Wary of the treacherous thorns. 
Even the smallest prickle can poisonously permeate – towards the path of the one with horns. 
Decorating his path to God for others to follow – moving on as he adorns. 
And for those who have permanently set their ship astray – he shall set up half mast, for he mourns. 

From sunrise to sunset. From a healthy youth to a venerable age.
Adhering to his spiritual principals. A beacon of knowledge – a mystical sage. 
Until he reaches his beloved, his only shelter against this life is faith and a hermitage. 
Walking steadfast on an arduous journey of pain and languish – travelling away from life’s cage.  The Wandering Yogi.

Feedback would be great!

Copyright © Naushahi Naushahi | Year Posted 2014

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Kamirynn is pretty
And Chance is very awesome
Chance loves Kamirynn

Copyright © KamirynnAnd Chance | Year Posted 2015

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Limerick crochetes: Our great uhr-Father from Africa

Limerick cochetés: Our great uhr-Father from Africa

Our great uhr-Father from Africa
Hallowed be Thy fame in high Valhalla
	The Asian walk-about
	Down backbone coccyx snout
Who didst Thou mate in Peninsula Malaya

To produce orangutan Malaysia
Did our great uhr-cousin Gorilla
	Chimpanzee when in doubt
	Precede Thy walk-about
Swinging from tree to tree to Australia

To judge by great life in Southeast Asia
Smoke-filled lungs from HAZE in Sumatra
	Death penalty for tout
	With drugs- Hell for khalwat*
Is there doubt who preceded whom from Africa

•	khalwat:  (a Muslim – all Malays - religious law) 
According to which, no Malay may marry a non-Muslim nor be found in close proximity giving rise to suspicion of promiscuousness, law enforceable by religious courts whose officials are empowered to spy on offenders and report their activities to the relevant authorities

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2015

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2015

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I am pretty. 
I know, because everyone says so.

I am so pretty that
Hoodies and lack of makeup
Translate as showing off
Natural beauty- as confidence
In the fact that everyone
Will love me,
Instead of disinterest...

I am so pretty that
Boys ask how old I am,
And say, "Too bad..."
Because I'm under 18.

I am so pretty that
My boyfriend doesn't like
To kiss me in public
Because everyone stares
At the Hispanic boy
With- The nerve!-
To touch a white girl-
And a pretty white girl,
No less!

I am so pretty that
Any boy will flirt with me 
And when I remind them
That I have a boyfriend,
They protest,
"But you're so pretty!"

I am so pretty that
When my best friend,
A Muslim girl,
Taught me how to wear
A hijab, 
People asked why
Would I ever cover up;
They would say,
"But you're so pretty!"

I am so pretty
That I know I could never
Say that I feel lonely-
People would just say,
"But you're so pretty!"

I am so pretty that
When I'm upset,
People will tell me,
"But you're so pretty...
You, know that, right?"

Yeah. I know.

Copyright © Cameron Hartley | Year Posted 2014

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Dozakh aur Sharab

  Dozakh aur Sharab.........

Tere laboan ka rang mile ga gulaab mein
Teri nigah e naaz ka  nasha sharaab mein  

Mil jaye gar woh aik baar mujh ko khwaab mein
Rakh doon ga dil ko cheer ke unki janaab mein 

Dozakh mein mil rahi he mujhe peene ki saza
aatish bharak rahi he suboo-e-sharaab mein

Behre tashaffi aaen ge Muhammad e Mustafa
Bakshe gunah jayen ge roz e hisaab mein

Dil ki kitaab band na krna kabhi ay dost,
parhna likha hua he jo  roshan kitab mein

Moosa ko gadriye ki samajh aaee na jo dua,,.
makhmoor tha woh nikhwat e baar e  sawab mein

Du pal ka he suroor jo  rakhe Khuda se dooor
shaitan ka he shor o shar  sharb o sharab  mein

Peeri mein sab ko aati he yaad e khuda hee kion?
he lutf jab ho yaad e khuda bhi shabab mein

by mazHur

Copyright © mazhar butt | Year Posted 2014

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Paradox of Civilization

In Jordan’s desert, a building façade 
has been carved into the face of a vertical cliff.
Stairs leading to the structure are lined with lanterns.
Looking up, a view standing right of center, 
stone appears orange near the base fading to black at its top.
Where cliff’s edge meets the night sky, 
darkness brightens into starlight.

While appearing more ancient, 
this façade has features of Roman architecture: 
columns, shallow gables atop flat roofs, carved figures decorating idle spaces.
It has two stories.
It’s first has six columns.
Two are set back from the entrance that is supported by four beneath a gable.
Two horses are carved on wall between first and second column, 
two more are carved between fourth and sixth column.
Inside a portico behind the center four columns, 
steps lead up to a tall entrance, black, 
an opening to a large chamber inside the rock.

The second story, as wide as first, has a block cut from its center. 
At each side are half gables, supported by two columns.
Statues are carved beneath each gable.
Between these gables is a turret supported with columns.
A statue of a human figure stands within the turret.

The grand scale of the western façade should be alien in the Jordanian desert.
It should be, but is not.
If taken from the rock and perfectly constructed in Washington D.C., 
with a coat of white paint, it would not look out of place.
A fusion of West and East, this place begs questions about the people who carved it,
political and religious beliefs of their civilization, 
its purpose in a desert, 
and how it could be ahead of its time.

Copyright © Graphite Drug | Year Posted 2015

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Each form is a form of His form
Both form and formless are His norm
He chooses form as well formless, to get you to reform
He yields to a form even when a form gets deform

With such creation of forms, He does perform
With such ease, one may design Him in free-form
With various forms, He upholds a message to inform
With all such forms, His form is uniform

He is the only One to have the omniform
Though He is also of multiform
To realize Him, all religions are platform
Fact can be realized with a brainstorm

He cares for each being, even smaller than a tiny worm
To drive you towards formless, He takes form like cruciform
He is the form of formless, ultimately one may conform
From form to formless is the ultimate, one may transform!

NOTES: the state or quality of having every form. — omniform, adj.
Characterized by an unconventional or variable form: their own freeform teaching methods.

Cruciform = Shaped like a cross; cruciate.

Above poem is adapted from the eBook “ENOUGH TO FLY AND PLAY AND A COLLECTION OF POEMS” by Mr.V.MUTHU MANICKAM. Copyrights reserved. 

Copyright © V.MUTHU MANICKAM | Year Posted 2017

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Children of the Golan

Beyond the fence we shouldn't go,
not even look, if we're alone,
nor see some things we should't know.

Our innocence has died, although,
we are the children never known,
and hide the we not meant to show.

Out of this wasteland, what can grow,
where only dust has ever blown,
too where, we never even know.

The Golan seems an empty show
the yellows, browns of rock and stone,
where we must make some flowers grow?
© Ron Arbuthnot

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2015

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I wake up and shower,
look at myself in the mirror,
And say "What the? Where did the time go?"

Copyright © Jack Elly | Year Posted 2016

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Arabian Days and Nights

I guess the candidates and polity saying "no"
to Earth's human refugees
during this their Thanksgiving time,
did not finish their Darwin biographies.

While endosymbiotic evolution,
indigenous to any one species,
can devolve to survival of the fittest,
this is most likely in these times
of ecosystemic crisis,
especially problems of monocultural over-population,
resulting in PreTraumaticStress Disorder,
an emotional response to cognitively dissonant
chronic cultural stimuli,
high anxiety plus high dissonance populations
suboptimize their regenerative health
through Win-Lose assumptions
and strategies of more competitive logistics
than co-operative logic.

ectosymbiotic evolution,
exogenous to any one species or tribe
or nation
or religion
or culture
or ecosystem
or biosystem,
supports thrival of the most interdependently balanced,
harmonious relationships,
between organically individuated systems.

Ectosymbiotic and endosymbiotic evolution
are both symbiotic,
but ecto tends to have more revolutionary
and transcendently polycultural regenesis trends.

Symbiosis is synergetics,
Positive Systemic Development,
co-operative and co-arising,
negatively correlated (dipolar) with,
dissonance and stress,
eco-centric unbalance,
too Yang-dominant,
competing health-wealth issues,
rather than default co-operative 
integral synergetic symbiosis.

This is Darwin's 
Cooperative Beloved Community understory,
a plant,
a biosystem
an ecosystem's
a nation's or religion's
or any enculturing system's 
exquisite design of co-arising relationship,
proportional balance co-communication
within and between RNA/DNA-syntax,
speaking in voices of time's seasonal-reasonal
folding and unfolding;
an understory somehow omitted
by Business As Usual cultural narratives,
scientific academia,
rather than story-tellers
of Darwin's deep ecology.

Yet, what we too often miss in Darwin's notes
and drawings,
and life,
are also logical assumptions common to two mathematicians,
Buckminster Fuller and Charles Eisenstein,
prime dissonant double-binding temporal-boundary
between competing dominant cultural economies (proton v negelectron)
is where we choose to draw our line
of neutronic co-gravitational thermodynamic balance,
around us-inside v. "them"outside.

If "us" is only
non-marginalized human success stories
within our nation's
or religion's
geometric spacetime boundaries,
then Business As Usual Universalists
intend to defend
this relativistic,
yet overly commodified, 
monolithic and monochromatic monoculture,
until this ecosystem wilts and fades
dissonates and decomposes
for lack of fuel,
to become fuel,
nutrients, health
clean air and water 
into confluent absence
(yet still bilaterally timelessly relational)
of 4-dimensional primal-neural spacetime.

when "refugees"
are also "us,"
if "us" includes all mutually-parasitic subsidiary forms
of RNA/DNA regenerative health intelligence,
then we choose to co-mentor refuge,
already a Polycultural Party
seeking a more inclusive
cooperative self-governance economy

refugees and refuge-providing interdependent parasites
call ourselves "Beloved Community"
both hunter and haunted together,
predator and prey,
stimulator and responder,
Polyculturally Climax Optimizating dreams of paradise grandeur
Health-Sustenance Symbiotic Guilds,
communities in global networks,
nondual co-arising spirited nature
co-gravitational bicameral landscape design
and metaphysics of health development,
oh yes,
EarthTribal beautiful relationships,
proportional barter transactionalists
and cooperative network developers,
co-mentoring regenerators.

Extract from
"Incubating Permaculturing Seeds and Embryos, as Political Economies:
Sit-Up Comedy."

Gerald Oliver Dillenbeck
giving thanks for refuge from overly-competitive,
and egocentric,
and anthrocentric,
Longing for an Arabian
full-moon night of mystical enlightenment
in the District of Columbia,
following the best practices and intent
of all 50 polycultural partying co-operative states.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

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(Every year in the lunar month of Muharram we Shia Muslims commemorate the brutal martyrdom of the grandson of our Holy prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) and his family and friends at the hands of fake hypocritical so-called Muslims, several centuries ago. That tragic day of atrocity is known as ashurah.) 

Our eyes weep in grief an ocean of tears
On this blackest day of tyranny
When evil hypocrites placed Quran atop spears
Martyring our prophet's progeny

Brutal and greedy for worldly power
Arrows rained down upon the Prophet's family
Inflicted by the cruel bastards
Who slaughtered that day all the holy

The plains of Karbala immersed in holy blood of piety
They savagely spared neither youth nor Imam's baby
Then mounted the holy heads like a war trophy
Burnt the tents of the holy ladies in great cruelty

They were denied access to water and food
Though they banked near the river Euphrates
Those hypocrites wore a savage hood
Tortured imam Husein's mates and soulmates

So we mourn in commemoration of this heartrending tragedy
Curse the perpetrators if you have any humanity

So every Ashura we will mourn and dress in black and dark
To commemorate this blasphemy upon prophets family, all hark
A real true Muslim can never kill babies and kids 
That's the main muslim's sign and hallmark.
(I know from observation that whoever hates Imam Husein
The grandson of the holy prophet Muhammed( 
Can never be kind and compassionate
And only such a person can kill innocent kids and babies
For such hate is an unholy killer virus.)

(Allah has commanded us to love the ahlulbayt (prophets family) in a clear well known verse which reads as follows, ' Shakir 42: 23 That is of which Allah gives the good news to His servants, (to) those who believe and do good deeds. Say (oh Mohamed) : I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives; and whoever earns good, We give him more of good therein; surely Allah is Forgiving, Grateful.'
Those who disobey this verse by hating the prophets family are answerable to God and those who killed them will face the tortures of hellfire.) 

Dirge for the martyrs
By me

Can anyone imagine Imam Husein n Rubab's sorrow
when with parched lips their 6mnth babe begged for water
yet tyrants threw at his tender neck a three-pronged arrow
making him the youngest martyr in karbala's slaughter! 

Greatly outnumbered, the holy band of the prophet's progeny
brutally butchered in unfair battle indeed
Husain's 4yr daughter clung to horse Zuljana's legs
so he shouldn't be dragged into battle by the cruel yazeed.

In a shower of arrows yet Husain said his Asr prayers
as his supporters formed in front of him a human shield
But such tyrannical and worldly were the slayers
they didn't even respect prayer time in battlefield.

So we cry, we weep, we mourn and wail
as every year we remember Kerbala's true tale. 
S.zaynub Kamoonpuri

Poet's Notes about The Poem
(Foreigners and even some unbiased Sunnis and Hindus join and watch the commemorations and processions on Ashura, Muharram, here in Daressalam too.
The tragedy of Kerbala touches even the hardest of hearts for it was perpetrated by the powerhungry tyrannical worldly tyrants of the time.
Brutality and coldblooded tyranny was observed at its peak in this horrible historical event we can't ever erase from our minds for the blood of the Holy Prophet's progeny was spilled here.

So we begin our lunar calendar year with tears like a babe begins his life into this world crying too. But we weep for this saddest blot on the history of Muslims.
The killing of an innocent 6months babe of Imam Hussein the grandson of Holy prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) is an evil atrocity unparalleled indeed.
It's Islamically a must to give even chickens water before slaughter but the coldblooded perpetrators denied Imam Husein and his holy band and family access to the Euphrates river and all water for 3 days and then butchered them mercilessly in a highly unfair battle.
No Sunni or human has ever had a word of praise for Yazid or hurmala whose name has gone down in Islamic history as vicious sinning tyrants.

My heart therefore bleeds in deep grief for the grandson of the Holy prophet and his young children all martyred in one day at Kerbala.
I wonder at Muslims who love the Holy prophet(s.a.w) but don't feel anything for his flesh 'n' blood and family. It's surely coz they have been kept in the dark about the whole tragedy.
Mourning our beloved esteemed martyrs is therefore sacrosanct for us and indeed for any who have hearts n luv Islam and prophet Muhammed s.a.w)


Copyright © S.zaynab Kamoonpuri | Year Posted 2016

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The merits of fasting: Merry Ramazaan

Fasting cleanses both body and soul
It breaks you only to make you whole
Its spiritual connection plays a vital role.

Now not only the wearer knows the shoe pinches
for you get the chance to be in the needy's shoes
A whole month to forget those addictive binges
A chance to comprehend the poor man's cues.

Donot complain if your tummy's rumbling grumbling
for the poor man has always been thus starving
Feel his hunger, feel for him
and side by side give your weight a trim
Everybody wants to be so slim.

Many religions do prescribe it
The fasting one will describe it
If you have never done it
you might want to try it.

A month of fortitude, forbearance is a month of fasting
intended to impart a self-control and patience that's everlasting.

We all need ketosis to get rid of the lipids, fat stores
And researcher Google just told me that's what fasting ensures!

Craving for eatables the belly though may be raging
yet scientists have proved that produces a substance for anti-aging!

So if you are interested in a healthier, longer life span
come join me and fast away this month of Ramazaan.
It's time you understood God's health plan.

Researchers say the fasting person diverts energy
from the digestive system to the immune system!
Every wajibat has been proven good for both soul and body
Scroll even Google for yourself to thank the fasting dictum.

Fasting's a perfect way of bodily detoxification
Researchers say it's notable how fasting detoxifies each organ!

So come one come all, fasting can be for any creed
It lowers the BP and lowers the greed
as attention is diverted from the self to those in need.

I hope a month of NO food yet gives some food for thought
For a fasting from pondering should never be sought!

Copyright © S.zaynab Kamoonpuri | Year Posted 2015

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Copyright © John Arribas | Year Posted 2015

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Why I Love God's Prophet Muhammad

Love and Follow Muhammad
(SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam)

If you ask me, why do I love him, the
Prophet Muhammad (May Peace be upon him) -
I love him because he cared about us
Muslims, and loving him is a condition –

If you love Allah, then love the Prophet
Muhammad – Allah loved him very much.
He was Allah's Final Messenger, and
The hearts of many did his mercy touch.

His beautiful character makes me admire
Him – his trustworthiness and honesty –
Even before he became God's Prophet,
Disbelievers knew that he was trustworthy.

I love the Prophet Muhammad because
Of good manners he was the best example.
I love how he was patient throughout his life
And how his morals were never skeptical.

He cared about his nation too, thus he taught
Us what we should know about our religion.
When given the chance he'd always educate,
Blessing us with advice through his companions.

As a father and grandfather, the Prophet
Muhammad was kind and tender loving.
His mercy to the poor, widows and orphans –
His good treatment of them is too astounding.

His tolerance, even to non-Muslim
Neighbors, is also something to be admired.
His mercy too was further manifest
Through his kind treatment of the slaves he hired.

As a leader – he was charismatic,
As a warrior – marked with strength and bravery,
As a family man – full of mercy,
And a husband who treated his wives fairly –

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Note: As a Muslim I believe in all of God's Prophets from Adam to Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus and the final Messenger Muhammad may God's Peace and Blessings be on them all, they were all sent with the same message: to invite/call on others to believe in the One and Only God (Allah: The God -in Arabic) the God of everything and everyone :)

Copyright © Mariam M. | Year Posted 2014

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Life, Now A Blind Date: A Cry Against Boko Haram

How can geographic points for interaction and socializing become haram? Catching up with the flying time and constant upgrade in civilization process; these too are also haram? Is seeking knowledge and applying understanding haram too? Funny enough, a particular 'god' gives his affirmation to this way of stone age enslaving way of living. Females with males on the same platform is unthinkable and their significance and huge role in a modern society is so haram. 'must', 'force' and compulsion; their coat of arm. dialogue and democracy abominations and canal. In short, all are considered haram. Spoken words without submission; submission without worship and reverence; reverence not to a supreme called 'Allah' enough reasons, for death to shop on souls. Free will, liberty and freedom; worst of all, the right to live have now been considered haram. Even with such a babaric ideology They forget that....................................... the use of communicating devices is haram why use video clips and satellite cells instead of crows and birds? They forget that......................................... the use of bombs and weapons of mass destruction is haram. Why not use stones and bare fighting skills? Even the bow and arrow are invention of knowledge and science! They forget that............................................ machines and wheels are also haram. Why not use camels and horses? They forget that.......................................... the cotton and silk they wear are haram. Why not use leaves and animal skin? The same ideology they propagate is the same they contradict leaving them with absolutely no excuse and gross foolishness in committing these huge crimes against humanity. This is not a war, yet we have prisoners and girl slaves? We aren't in the battle field yet people are dying in mass and numbers? Holy smoke! This is the 21st century for goodness sake... yet we are compelled to live beneath stones and find warmth beside raw fires? Woe unto you, masters of terror! don't forget that after a time cycle another hour immediately begins. You'll be caught up with your deeds and the whole of nature will spit on your existence. Life has been sweet, mysterious and full of hope like an expectant mother. Even though you've succeeded in making it a blind date; we'll face the occasion with hope never giving up on the final sight of a beautiful new acquaintance.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2014

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Three Dead Gods

Three Dead Gods Jesus The world according to Art Three crosses +++ Burdens self infliction caring, a full blown crucifixion +++ Three crosses burning in mid day sun I am ashamed not because +++ Two crosses are empty only because there is one ++

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2018