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Best Car Poems

Below are the all-time best Car poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of car poems written by PoetrySoup members

Princess Needs A New Car
Princess just wants a new car.
I have told her that hers will go far.
'Oh, it's really not cool
driving this crap to school.'
'Do I need that...

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© Mary Nagy  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: car, angst, daughter, family, funny,

Premium Member Out of the Sun
             in the sun 

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Categories: absence, age, angst, car,

Premium Member Mother -- Come Home

Sitting with her now
How did she get so old?
       How did...

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Categories: car, fear, love, mother,

Premium Member VODGE DIPER
The day started badly as I had a bat flattery on my vodge diper

It was roaring with pain when I arrived at the par cark...

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Categories: car, humorous,

Why Is It
Why is it that pressure feels so heavy?
When pressure isn't solid.
Why is it that tears of anger hurt more?
When anger isn't sorrow.
Why is it that...

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Categories: absence, car, confusion, cry,

bright gleaming cat's eyes
glowing like a string of pearls
guiding us at night

Cat's eyes were created in 1934 by a British Inventor called Percy Shaw. 


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Categories: car, journey, travel, tribute,

Premium Member Cruisin' the Drag
Sipping cherry limeade, driving in the car parade, 
we're cruising in the Lone Star state.
Didn't want a bucket seat; the thing it couldn't beat, 

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© Roy Jerden  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: car, funny, growing up,

the shortest road
is the one that you know
the longest road
is the one that you love

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© A.O. Taner  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, car, change, confusion,

(Words inspired by Casarah)

Our faces are turned toward Bangkok
That buzzing hive of humanity
Where folk brush against each other
As they twirl and dance
In an effort to...

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Categories: car, travel,

When I Leave This World
Inspired by the song "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam

You had just gotten your first car, a 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air,
We were only seventeen years old and...

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Categories: car, death, lost love,

Premium Member A Lifetime of Cars
I did not learn to drive until my twenties.
My two poor kids I hauled inside a wagon!
That wagon creaked when filled with groceries!
Fed up, I...

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Categories: car,

He’d been too yellow to admit he was having an affair
Susie was seething and started screaming at his deception
She’d found long blonde hairs in her...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, car,

Premium Member Elvira And The Pillow
A true story....

Well I lived in Sioux City for a little while
Another job site, hubby and I have covered some miles

While there, my mother in...

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Categories: humorous, life, car,

Premium Member - Dust By Ancient Times -
Old dust by rusty memories
One time lace curtains in the windows
Fascinating account by a challenging life
Happiness and defeats, sunny days and freezing nights
More than an...

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Categories: bullying, car, childhood, nostalgia,

Premium Member Student Drivers


8/13/14  For Judy Kono's Footle Contest...

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Categories: car,

Jan's Sonnet Sedan - Tribute Limerick
When an Ode Operator named Jan
hits the road in her Sonnet sedan,
she keeps Lines in their lanes
riding Rhyme's rough terrains
and drives home every Poe'm that...

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Categories: car, encouraging, fun, journey,

Premium Member I'M IN A JAM
I’m stuck in traffic
Crawling like a slimy slug
Why call it rush hour?

4th April 2015

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Categories: car, humorous,

Premium Member Deer Crossing
I'm sitting cross legged on the side of the road
while Dad holds my shoulders, in trying to console me,
but tears, uncontrolled, keep tumbling down.
Most stunning,...

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Categories: animal, car, child, childhood,

Andrea was late - drove at the speed of light
Traffic cops chased her  - she got such a fright
The cop got out his book

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Categories: car, for her, humorous,

Premium Member Senior Moments
As the December portion of life's treacherous journey arrives,
We tend to contemplate things that have happened in our lives.
Strange that we can recall events that...

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Categories: humorous, car,

Premium Member Tim And His Kelly Green Mustang

 I have a  friend by the name of Tim,
He keeps  in shape when frequents the gym.
His Kelly green Mustang he drove
And smack'd...

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Categories: car, friend, friendship, funny,

Modern Life
Modern Life
We are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
Except Monday mornings and Sunday nights.
What are they on about, at this place that...

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Categories: funny, life, car, me,

Incident on I-59
Headed home from a business trip
Tired, spaced out, grouchy and impatient
Pushing the limit to beat rush hour traffic
Fast closing on an old jalopy van

Suddenly blue...

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Categories: car, travel,

Black Friday
black Friday
so long have detested you
traffic and shoppers
fighting over a cheap purse. . .
lost car in the parking lot...

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Categories: car,

Polly got Words
Polly got words

He was five and going to start school.
His name was Paul, but everyone called him Polly.
He had only one interest and that was...

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Categories: car, childhood, children, dedication,