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Best Villanelle Poems

Below are the all-time best Villanelle poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of villanelle poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member I've Never Heard Snow
I've never heard the sound of snow
nor dawning's oboes crooning light,
yet witnessed angels' trumpets blow

and chimings of the flurries grow
as alabastrine wings take flight.
I've never...

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Categories: imagery, seasons, winter,
Form: Villanelle

Premium Member MY GARDEN
My garden is such a colourful sight,
with pretty roses and scented sweet peas.
An abundance of blooms, what pure delight!

Beautiful butterflies gently alight
on flowers dancing on...

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Categories: beauty, butterfly, flower, garden,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Still I Run
I race for summer's setting sun
as crimson bleed the alder leaves
and still I run.  And still I run.

My rival, time, is yet undone.
Past pyramids...

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Categories: autumn, death, truth,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member The Other Side of Winter
(A Villanelle)

The winter’s dismal path is long and gray,
a never-ending march of cheerless dark
with skies whose colors bleach in dull array

where forest scene gives one...

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© Cona Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beauty, snow, winter,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Ashen Snow
An innocence we used to know
As morning dourly turns to night
Entombed beneath an ashen snow 

A cell phone yearning for hello
With hopes of answer growing...

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© david mohn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: sad, september,
Form: Villanelle

Premium Member A Loving Son
They always said, “Please bother us no more”
when Tommy sang, and Mom would stick her head
inside his room. “We need to shut your door!”

And once...

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Categories: sad,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member September Splendor
Nourished by garland skies of scarlet blue
And velvet grass in golden green festoon
September wed us; one heart, made of two

Days of turquoise kisses, too much,...

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Categories: butterfly, kiss, moon, romantic
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member When the Stars Sang For Me
I remember when the stars sang for me
Sweet sounds echoing through the night,
When I was young and, oh, so carefree.

It was not as though I...

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Categories: childhood, night, sky, stars,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member My heart regifted
Forgive me for loving you, even though you never asked,
a secret kept like a pebble in my shoe, now smarting.
If heart dares to belong, it's...

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Categories: desire, forgiveness, friend, motivation,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate Fountain Abuse- for the lover 

How easily I forget I'm allergic to chocolate
I want to dip the exquisite kosher in a Spanish brandy
Sweet, sweet,...

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© SKAT A   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, addiction, america, betrayal,
Form: Villanelle
Date Night (and the day after)
Opening line from "Highway Five Love Poem" by Ruth L. Schwartz

This is a love poem for all the tomatoes
I squished to make our Date-Night spaghetti.

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© Erin Moss  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: food, lost love, sad,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Priorities Viewed by a Dying Man
Death be not proud but humble with strife
Old man flicks ashes, has one last choke
‘Tis nothing to fear, just the nature of life
Many passed...

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Categories: death, nature,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Come Walk With Me
Come, walk in the spring's budding forest with me, 
Enraptured by musical sounds of the wild, 
Where life dwells unhindered and gracefully free. 

For children...

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Categories: inspirational, nature, peace,
Form: Villanelle
The Green Beneath The Snow
a rhyme for the spring equinox...

the hills are growing green beneath the snow 
white horses, shake the winter from your manes
the spring has come, the...

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Categories: hope, light, nature, seasons,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Vermillion Sky

Scarlet dawn’s amethyst dye engraves vermillion sky
Embossing amber dreams upon nightmares of night
Blushing rosily on ruby arc, glinting mountains high

While reddish filaments woven in lavender...

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Categories: morning, sky, sun,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Drumbeat of the Muses
The muses all march to their own rhythmic drum
Or saunter or scamper in their favored time
The poems will come when they come, when they come


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© John Watt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cheer up, muse, poems,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member When Death Comes To Call

                    In the silence; haunting echoes...

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Categories: caregiving, death, faith, heaven,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member In Celtic Shadows: Collaboration with Mike
The shadows lengthen as comes Celtic night, 
you are in my arms at the end of day, 
my eternal beauty, my guiding light.

We shall be...

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© Lin Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: emotions, love,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Joy of Christmas

Joy of Christmas tolls hooray, buoying elation of Santa’s sleigh
As celebrating the birth of almighty sacred church bells ring
Reverberating in melodic music ~ chiming, jingling...

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Categories: celebration, christmas,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Love in the Moon light
So beautiful the night with moonlight beams
Shining upon your face, smiles never cease.
If I could brush those lips: such futile dreams.

Kindly thoughts in my head...

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Categories: longing, love,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Lifeless Eyes of Ted Bundy
Lifeless were the eyes of infamous Ted Bundy
No remorse, all emotion had been doused
His gaze pierced my soul as I gave testimony
He maintained there’d...

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Categories: people
Form: Villanelle
Hot Day
A steady hum vibrating one constant low
Surrounding me in tiny hummingbird beats
The two giant fans warm and hot breezes blow

The fuzzy sound vibrates on pulsed...

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Categories: introspection, peace, uplifting,
Form: Villanelle
Christmas Snow

On wings of swept sky, the dawn’s sun adorns
the shimmering snow in magical light,
from winter’s first snow on snug Christmas morn.

Innocent faces gleam, old are...

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Categories: beauty, christmas, snow,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member Chance Meeting
We met by chance and are happy that we met
For our love is blossoming and getting stronger 
Let us flow in our destiny and let...

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Categories: love,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member The Bluest Rose
To one who stands alone my long gaze goes.
How dignified she poses here, and quite
unique and lovely is the bluest rose!

Apart from where one very...

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Categories: blue, rose,
Form: Villanelle