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Let My Quill Always Write Even If Unheard

A very wise woman once said I must write just for me, let there be no other reason for e x p r e s s i n g my soul- For I’ve l o n g e d for this passion to continue for eternity, and at my worst is when my journal seems to be full. LET my pen proclaim my adoration for only my heart, let my verses s c r e a m my insight for only my eyes to see- If there are souls who would like to t e a r my words apart, then I shall sit back and let it go very calm and quietly. No other can determine MY worth as a poetess, I am who I am and happen to appreciate my benediction- Tonight I will s o f t l y lay in bed and sincerely digress on the meaning of what my QUILL releases without restriction. I may not be famous or hold a popular moment in the light, I may not be the best at every l i t t l e thing that I do- I can sure be stubborn and I’ll admit, not always right, but s e r v i n g my internal purpose I shall ALWAYS continue. My pen loves to rhyme and my parchment loves my pen, I’ve become a woman with whom has great worth- Then please tell me why I seem to get so upset when, I am condemned for what I WRITE when f e e l i n g at my worst. I am a child of God who pours sunshine upon every word I write, if there are others who don’t see the value in my words- I will no longer be losing any more p e a c e f u l sleep at night, and I will continue to write just for me, EVEN IF UNHEARD. Written By: Laura Loo Date Written: September 19, 2016

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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I was a glimpse in the mirror today
Of the girl I used to know
That face so young and youthful
But that girl, she decided to go

Where did she run away to? 
Some land to be wild and free?
If I let her keep traveling on this path,
Well, what will become of me?

I saw her face in my older reflection
The sad smile that she's worn for years
itching to come out just one more day
As an alternative to silent tears

Where did she run away to?
And who did she think she could be?
Who knew that this worldly freedom
Would leave me so far from being free

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2017

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I am strong

 I am strong

You may simply disregard me
with your arrogant throng
You may treat me with disrespect
I'm still here, I am strong

Why don't you like it when I succeed?
Why can't you be happy for me?
I walk on air, confidently
so, foot loose and fancy free

Just like hope and like faith
and the sureness of birdsong
I know where I belong...
I    am    strong

Did you want me to be shaking
so scared and all alone?
Feeling lost and so abandoned
with nowhere to call my home?

Does my happiness distress you?
Does it make you feel upset?
That I'm at peace lovin' myself
Livin' life without regret?

You may shred me with sarcasm
You can say I don't belong
You can hate me with your jealousy
But still, like iron, I'm strong

Does my confidence disturb you?
Can you not visualize?
That my words are captivating
and the crowds they mesmerize? 

From ancestral farmers sowing seed
I am strong
From hardy men of faith who believed
I am strong
I'm a true wordsmith, spinning words so true
weaving and knitting, as true poets do.

Never giving in to fear or to doubt
I am strong
I know what the love of God is about
I am strong
Building on the faith my forefathers had
I encourage the weak, make their hearts glad
I'm strong
I'm strong
I'm strong

John Derek Hamilton
August 17,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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You Are You

You are beautiful,
You are smart,
It's time to grow up,
And follow your heart,

You are different,
And unique,
Look in the mirror,
And tell yourself,

You will be you,
Maybe not a model,
Or even a beauty queen,
But your heart of gold,

That you have inside,
Makes you all of that,
And more to me,

I don't love you,
For what you look like,
Or even what you have,
It's your personnality,

And sence of humor,
That makes me glad,
Don't ever let someone,
Put you down,

Be that special person,
I know you can be,
For there will be someone someday,
To realize what they let go,

Because of how they,
Reacted to you so,
Be who you are,
Not what others want you to be,

I love you,
Cause you are you,
You have opinions,
And choices you make,

You will figure things out,
For yourself,
Just don't ever,
Lose your faith,

Remember that person,
Thats wrapped in your heart,
Give them your love,
For everything will be fine,

Just move forward,
One day at a time,
Your not super man,
Nor super woman,

You will be fine,
I hope this helps your morning,
To make you see I love you for you,
Someday will be a dream come true...

Copyright © Tera Brown | Year Posted 2016

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Stop and Start

stop looking and start seeing
stop seeing and start hearing
stop hearing and start listening
stop listening and start touching
stop touching and start feeling
stop feeling and start thinking
stop thinking and start believing
stop believing and start questioning
stop questioning and start watching
stop watching and start reading
stop reading and start dancing
stop dancing and start playing
stop playing and start enjoying
stop enjoying and start dreaming
stop dreaming and…
no, don’t stop dreaming

Copyright © Elle Kilma | Year Posted 2017

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Some people wear baggage like a hat in church,
Still others could conceal it through a customs search!
Me? It depends on the mood that I'm in,
My frame may be thick, but my skin's super thin.

As a child, dysfunction was all that I knew.
Violence and alcohol increased as I grew
And the things that I heard and the things that I viewed,
I packed them all up with my clothes and I shooed.

And when I would meet someone, I'd try to disguise
That baggage as noticeable as my big giant thighs.
"You're beautiful," he'd say, but I knew the truth.
I'm fat and I'm worthless, and I've got the proof.

Locked deep in my psyche, but not deep enough,
Some poisonous, invisible gas out would puff.
And heaven forbid he got an erection!
My baggage was foolproof as a form of protection!

If he seemed too perfect on any given date,
My baggage would whisper, "belittle, berate!"
And so I would treat him like a much lower class
Then turn and retreat with my oversized ass.

But one day I waddled into a cafe
So weighed down with baggage every step of the way
That I knew it was time to this load jettison
So I dropped to my knees and prayed, "Help me! Amen."

The baggage still visits me now and again,
And I have to remind it we're no longer friends
I'm married and he loves me whatever my girth,
Reminding me daily I'm the fairest on earth!!!

(Gems for your Baggage contest -- pink my favorite color)

Copyright © Cindi Rockwell | Year Posted 2017

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A Tease

I say left
You say right
I say love
You say fight

I pull away
You then touch
I say more
You say too much

I say talk
You say hush
I say slow
You then rush

I then stop
You say go
I say love
You say no

I ask why this little game
You say I want too much
I tell you it's not the same
You say we can still touch

I ask why I need more
You say I don't it's in my mind
You say i need it seven-twentyfour
I pull away I'm not blind

You pull me back with ease
You tell me don't decieve
I tell you your a tease
You laugh then let me leave

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2017

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Let your children fly on their own

Maternal tears
Never managing to let go
Vicarious pleasure, vicarious pain
Wishing their life were easier
Wishing they could avoid the pitfalls
You see so clearly
The traps that seem so obvious
Wishing solutions were as clear to them
As they are to you
They need to live their own life
As you lived yours
Learn their lessons on their own
They want to express their individuality
They’re not mini versions of you
Or your second chance at life
They need to plough their path
Clear their own way
Create their own world
Responsible for their own consequences
As you yourself had to do
Your hand delivering prepackaged solutions
Cannot help since it’s figuring it all out
That’s the process of growing up

Submitted November, 2017

POEM OF THE DAY - November 17, 2017

Submitted on February 4, 2018, to contest YOUR BEST POEM IN THE LAST YEAR sponsored by SILENT ONE  -  RANKED 1ST

Copyright © Line Gauthier | Year Posted 2017

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It's Two Days After Thursday

Enter the Everest that devastates.
He never ever rests and he demonstrates,
how the greatness activates,
traits that forever feed hate,
from enemies full of envious jealousy,
with sad little nul and void abilities.
It's a given that even if you sail the seven seas 
as well as trail the land you will fail,
to topple the unbeatable one,
he is second to none
so you won't find better people,
clever mortals don't stand equal,
he's leaving fuckers looking feeble,
falling short and in need of support,
one by one each face returns to its common space,
with a disappearance of their cocky ways,
disgraced and put in their place.

Total domination mate,
sinks you into a submissive state,
I'm taking your misses away on a date,
she's blowing me kisses,
she said to say you're finished,
I wish you best wishes
in the sea there are many fishes.

She said to me 
Left toe, Right toe,
she turned and twerked her butt hole,
celebrate your birthday,
it's two days after thursday,
we visited the bar mate 
cus dancing makes you thirsty,
left toe, right toe
and party like a hero,

My rhymes are dirty,
immature and over thirty,
insults don't hurt me,
athletic and nerdy,
so punches get returned 
and you wake up all hazy,
I'm a master of all trades,
not a jack I get A+ grades,
I'm exceptional compared to any, 
I'm the Ultimate go-go
God of the rhyme show,
others go, 
way to slow, 
like a Skoda,
I'm a force beyond NASA
thrusting rockets out the ozone,
you're spelling like a bozo,
but don't get lazy cus I can see
you are quite cosy behind me,
you are the second best,
far better than the rest,
I like to have good competition,
It's a fashion to have a comparison,
We make the rest look comical,
we rhyme well,
while the rest are diabolical,
and rhyme stale.
we can tag team up and be great,
while they bag food up and clean plates,
we will live in mansions
while they hope for pensions,
I'm the God of rhyme
you're a King on a throne,
they're rhyme criminals
who become the unknown.

I've got to go mate,
I'm on a date,

She said to me 
Left toe, Right toe,
she turned and twerked her butt hole,
celebrate your birthday,
it's two days after thursday,
we visited the bar mate 
cus dancing makes you thirsty,
left toe, right toe
and party like a hero.

Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2018

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We all have secrets
We all have lies

Some of us the creepiest
Some of them ties,

That bind us together
That make us who we are

They stay forever
They never go far.

They stay in the subconscious
In the back of the mind

They sometimes make us nauseous
They even make us blind,

But some of us have a hard shell
Underneath is a soft core

No matter how we've been through hell
We still won't settle the score.

Even though we've been misjudged
Up, up we go

Even though our names have been smudged
We still roll with the flow,

I cannot begin to say how lucky I feel
To carry no evil inside

I hold my own wheel
I am my own guide.

Written and posted on March 31st, 2016
By: Michelle Corbin

Copyright © Michelle Corbin | Year Posted 2016

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Setbacks Contest Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negrom missing link unknown her death my pity hindrance lessening of growth regressed innocence before successful progress life’s impediment severe frustration defeated bloodline mourning extinct from her loss thirsty for closure beyond my intelligence woe relapsed from strength prayers heal my heart yesterday’s setbacks bring hope struggle gains freedom ~1st Place Winner~ Date Written: July 6, 2016

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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The Lamb that can Roar

The Lamb that can Roar 

Stop being a lamb child!
Or you will get hurt,
Be the lion that disperses it power,
Do not show the dainty hoof, 
Show the paw with claws that tear through every verbal contusion,
Young lamb, listen to me now,
Now is not the time to be timid or shy, for now it is the time for you to fly.
Little lamb you have left your herd, 
Little lamb now you can be burned,
Little lamb do not let them shear you,
Be the lion that growls at the blade,
Claw your way through the pastures of maim,
Little lamb it is time to be tough, to grow a thicker wool that will not buff,
It is time to stop pretending little lamb, 
A lion can roar, growl, and bite, claw their way through the night.
You do not need a herd to protect you little lamb, you can protect yourself, 
All you must say is "I am."

I am strong.
I am brave, 
I am powerful.
Beyond maim.
Maim will not tarnish my frail hooves,
My wool will not be taken from me anymore,
I will no longer be available to the shearers who harmed me.
I am no longer Mary's little lamb, 
I am my own lamb,
I am a warrior, with thick skin,
One who cannot be penetrated from within.
For the time is now to unleash my claws, and tear through the holes that made barred.
No more little this, or little that,
For now I will be referred to as Lion,
Lion is powerful,
Lion is respected.
Lion is not afraid to take a stand,
Lion will claw,
Lion will bite.
Lion will not let any razors, or blades come near his golden fur,
Come and try shearers, since you have found me, come try to take my pride away, 
Come try to strip me of my self esteem,
Come try and take away the only air I breath.
Come try to take my armor,
My mane away!
I am putting my beastly paw down, 
I am roaring at the top of my lungs,

No longer am I minuscule, or a lamb that toddles about.
I am a lion with fire bursting at my seams,
I am concealed, I am protected.
No longer do I have tuft white wool,
No longer do I have a tight blue ribbon on my neck, 
The ribbon is shredded!
No one will try to knock little lamb down ever again!
I am little lamb, and I god damn will be respected by the shearers, and the world.
I am.
I am little lamb,
Wearing my.

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2016

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Note to Self

Don't let other people
Influence the decisions you make
Don't let other people's opinions
Hinder the risks that you take

Other people are not for you
They won't be there in the end
If they're not happy for you now
They won't be happy when you win

They don't want you to have joy
They only like when you're in pain
They want you to be like them
They want everyone to be the same

Not doing much
Same life, living low
No future, no aspirations,
No ambition, no goals

If you want to be different
You have to set yourself apart
You may hear their words
But don't take them to heart

Rise above the hatred
You know who you are;
You exceed expectations.
Note to self, you're a star.

Copyright © Ashley Chanel | Year Posted 2016

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Dark to Light

Poetry of my inner museum penned by keys, 
to express the prelude to my anxiety and agony.
A panic to release my frightened barbed mind,
no longer to live this awful innermost state.
Uttering my release of grim gruesome emotions,
 and my inner light and dark of my moon,
My secret knowledge deeply hidden and annoying,
opening the tunnel clearing all that is opaque.
Now optimistic I strive to remain victorious,
my oval eye to scan for my minds inner pride.
My right to build my own minds monolith,
no longer patronise and wound me in my plight.
In control, again to be whole not scattered,
in my life that was less fortunate and vindictive.
Avoid dark, a path threatening to destroy my soul,
move to the bright light away from the vicious, and
towards a new beginning, finally living and happy.

Copyright © Mark Paul van der Merwe | Year Posted 2016

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The Moment Of Now

Tomorrow's not a given and
yesterday can't be taken back.
Today is your reality
and hope is what keeps you on track.

Live within the moment of now
comprehend the essence of you.
And ask yourself if you're happy
have your wishes and dreams come true?

Look deep within your fragile heart
has all its wounds been healed by time?
And have you experienced love
that can only be called sublime?

Take a break, step outside yourself 
and see the you that others see.
For while constantly performing
you see what you pretend to be.

We are all actors on life's stage
portraying rolls written by fate.
And cause we memorize our parts
it is hard to communicate. 

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2016

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You are one of the Greatest

 DNA, double helix deoxyribonucleic acid, unique.
 There is none similar, none a like, and no other.
 Like a Moth and like a Sparrow, diverse.
 But the single most spectacular creation is we.
 Wondrously and Fearfully created.
 We have the potential to rule over this creation.

 A golden pen; much more, stronger than arms.
 Truth solely bonded by black on white.
 God given gifts with deep insight.
 Many are called, Few are chosen.
 For those who have answered the call.
 Yes, could be you: Yes, as like me, "One of the Greatest!"

Copyright © Ronald A. Williams | Year Posted 2017

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Where Am I

you've invaded my heart
and tried to rape my soul
perpetually picking me apart
you can't love me if I'm whole
   I listen to the mirror scream
   as you're ranting about
   the importance of self-esteem
   while you promote self-doubt
yes, the mirror screams
at an appalling reflection
ah, the false light gleams
on flaws too horrid to mention
   as your poison flows
   rapidly through my veins
   my own essence slows
   now, not a trace of me remains
your imposed need to change
to match your twisted fantasy
has me striving to rearrange
my physical and mental reality
   solely for your pleasure
   my true self forgotten
   an ever building pressure
   oppression takes the win 

Copyright Christy Stover

Copyright © Christy Stover | Year Posted 2016

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Fly Away

Children fly away with wings of strength when designed in a home of love.

Fly little bird, fly away, you are fresh and new and young. 
     Spread the joy and hope of life, and leave no song unsung.
Fly little bird, fly away...but carry the love and care 
     shared with you in the humble nest...reflect it everywhere.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Premiere Contest: One and One
Sponsor: Rick Parise
Judged: 09/10/2016

Rules: One Original Quote and One 4 line Verse / Stanza  on any theme.
Any form acceptable. 

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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If you have courage

If you have courage...

If you have courage...
You will, open your eyes
If you have courage...
You will not believe all their lies

If you have courage...
You will get up when you stumble
If you have courage...
You will always try to stay humble

If you have courage...
You will begin on your destination
If you have courage...
You will always humbly accept direction

If you have courage...
You will always open your mind
If you have courage...
Peace and happiness you will find

If you have courage...
You will try to understand others
If you have courage...
You will see all men as your brothers

If you have courage...
You will, try to see my point of view
If you have courage...
You will, better understand you

If you have courage...
You will, search for the truth
If you have courage...
You will not allow despising of your youth

If you have courage...
You will examine all the facts
If you have courage...
You will defend the truth from all attacks

If you have courage...
You will not follow the crowd
If you have courage...
You will testify out loud

If you have courage...
You will seek answers to your questions
If you have courage...
You will accept them without hesitation

If you have courage...
You will confess your faith in God
If you have courage...
You will not care when they call you odd

If you have courage...
You will understand why you believe
If you have courage...
You will not be easily deceived 

If you have courage...
You will stand by your convictions
If you have courage...
You will help others with their contradictions

If you have courage...
You will not fear impending disaster
If you have courage...
You will have already obeyed God as your master

Do you have courage?

John Derek Hamilton
December 08,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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Seeing an ever growing list of my poems
Each and every one is so special to me
Learning to write poetry has been wonderful
Forming my first poem was a form of stress relief

All my musings come from an often crazy idea!  
Challenging myself with new forms is therapeutic
Time for me to try and become a perfectionist  -
Using my newfound skills to write a proper haiku!
At first I would get an idea and suffer from insomnia
Lately I am able to keep my muse under control!! 
I secretly hope to be part of the poetry glitterati 
Zealously I can now write with style and pizzazz!
Amazingly in November I will recite poems at a gala
There on the theatre stage I will be in the spotlight -
I may surreptitiously wave to my friends to say hi! 
Oh my self-confidence will reach a crescendo
Now I’ll confess writing has become my passion!

Self Actualization  Double Acrostic Contest
Sponsored by San Woo


Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Sounds of Life

As I hear clinks of your cups I can listen to orange sounds in your ample eyes I can hear your obvious highs as if nearing a sea Morning in a humming bee You are busy at the mild harsh and tasty sound The butter knife spreading butter on the dark dense toast For the person you love the most Eloquent silence all around Soft munching sound from inside our mouth Mingles with the wind from south The door bell chimes its beautiful tune Like the monsoon Then comes the rustling of newspaper pages The train crossing so many bridges Combines with the rhythmic drumming of the woodpecker The sound of your stirring sugar Bubbling of boiled water in the kettle They settle In a silent sound of a loud red lily in bloom at the window As rain falls in a crescendo The flip flop of your sandals Passing into your bangles clinking together Culminating in the slurp as we sip tea Real moments of pure glee A great strength Against the various wavelengths Of the bang bark bray Throughout the day
_______________________________________________________________ June 19, 2016

Copyright © Probir Gupta | Year Posted 2016

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Confidence You fly from your nest to meet worldly adventures with your new-found wings: fashioned of strength and courage; designed in a home of love. Sandra M. Haight ~10th Place~ Premiere Contest: Traditional Tanka Sponsor: Charlotte Jade Puddifoot Judged: 06/18/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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Imagine a man in the sky.
Imagine he created you and I.
Imagine he gave the world life.
Imagine he saves you after you die.

Imagine his unlimited magic.
He creates the glory and love.
He creates the evil and tragic.
Imagine his immortality up above.

A majestic man with the ultimate power,
watching over the growth of the flower,
and watching man as man builds the tower,
watching over every second and hour.

Imagine Imagine,
the man you imagine
may manage to manage mankind one day,
alleviate damage and salvage the savage,
making a peace and uniting our way.
Process the notion that conflict solves nothing,
making the planet a pleasure to inhabit.

This is a magnificent manifestation,
that you store in your creative thought station.

So now think about this,
with openmindedness,
forget what you believe,
and set your whole mind free. 

Imagination has no limits or boundaries,
you have the capability to think what you please,
but for now concentrate on these, 
pick one of the following ideas, I bet you do it with ease....

Believe that, that man must exist without question.

Believe that, that man must be a thing of fiction.

So imagine what you want to imagine,
now, in some way, it exists and it happened.
As once you imagine it, it becomes real,
and can become something that all others feel.


If you can dream that you can achieve,

and be everything that you want to be,

then aim for it and always believe,

don't lose focus or your energy,

you must keep your faith through the difficulties,

some days it may feel like it's out of reach,

it is part of the route to destiny,

be sure to seek more knowledge than they teach,

over time your dreams make reality.

That thing that was once imaginary,

has now become an actuality,

and you.... yes you..... you have the ability

to be one of the few to make history.

If you've followed this all the way through,
and you were not confused,
then you are someone that I'm talking to.
Just go for it, and don't give up whatever you do!


Copyright © Nick Trim | Year Posted 2017

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FORGET NOT GRATITUDE Over the accolades we reached and claim: forget not, the lamps lighting tricky paths: they help us surmount, survive every flame, nurturing the soul away from bloodbath turning common days to joys, one could aim - gratitude within and of we became. . . Written January 30, 3017; 10:52 am

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo | Year Posted 2017

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Competition day had arrived,
His muzzle twitched with anticipation
And in relation my feet tingled in a way like never before.
For the first time, we both doubted ourselves

But fear not, we must carry on
As I plaited his forelock in preparation 
I took the time to appreciate how flat his withers was
How typically racehorse he was
I stroked his fetlock as I knew this could be it.

His hooves were oiled and shiny as ever
Ready for anything
And the 3 link that he loved
Made no difference in poll pressure
As we bolt across the course, aiming to be the best

“I trust you, boy”
As if to tell him that even though, 2 years ago when he was deemed
A mess with dodgy hocks and lumpy coronets
Who was a waste
He could do this, to prove them wrong and beat the best
Become the best

Copyright © Gabby Dichello | Year Posted 2016