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Best Grandmother Poems

Below are the all-time best Grandmother poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of grandmother poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Tranquility
Oh little one, how soon you'll be
In turbulence of puberty.

I will hold tight your days of youth 
And share with you my honest truth 


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Categories: children, god, granddaughter, grandmother,

Summers Eve
~Summer’s Eve ~

I am a woman!
I am proud-

I am everything you want. 
Plus more
The adoring wife,
A beautiful mother, 
A grandmother a granddaughter 
A daughter, a...

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Categories: beautiful, grandmother, mothers day,

Recalling Her
It is thirty six years ago, and I am with her in the garden,
where July is a picnic of egg sandwiches, cress-stippled,
fuzzy-downed peaches, yellow-tangy lemonade.

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Categories: grandmother, memory,


Hi, grandpa, it's me again!
Your dentures sit in an open glass above the nightstand
Remember the tears grandma sang before she passed?

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Categories: grandmother, beautiful, care, death, grandchild,

The Woman
See the woman.

See the face behind its age.
See the beauty of her form.
See the way her way becomes her.
See past her once taught skin, as...

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Categories: grandmother, dedication, family, life, love,

There is a place called beautiful nestled deep in my mind's eye
Gingham curtains crisply pressed frame periwinkle summer sky
Brass kettle on the old gas stove...

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Categories: beautiful, family, grandmother, imagery,

Premium Member Always For Grandma
Original poem - For Grandma

You died grandma and my heart was broken,
At your funeral I stood there trembling;
And in the name of love words...

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Categories: grandmother,

Premium Member Brody

I bought two new books for you today my sweet boy.
The Wizard of Oz and the Jungle book should bring joy.

I'm very proud of how...

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Categories: grandmother, 2nd grade, books, boy,

Premium Member The Seamstress of Time
I have a special story I wish to share
About a seamstress beautiful and fair

She would fade away turning into smoke
Of her amazing beauty, no man...

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Categories: grandmother, dedication, devotion, faith, history,

Premium Member The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree
You can see him now, dirty as a horse
that slipped in the mud, planting petunias
with that infamous shamrock thumb

(Irish from his Pop   ...

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Categories: grandmother, adventure, crazy, cute love,

Premium Member - On The Moon -
Thea, grandfather Alferd's dog died, she was so old and sick
Now is Thea on the moon, says Adrian who is six

Michael Jackson died so unexpectedly...

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Categories: grandmother, death, dog, funny, grandfather,

Premium Member Grandma's Hand Sewn Quilt
When the auctioneer first shows it,
I feel a sudden piercing shock.
My grandma's hand-sewn antique quilt
Is on the auction block.
It is the lovely basket pattern
And her...

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Categories: age, grandmother,

One in Four Women
Terror seizes you, and it isn't kind. 
 You try to go somewhere peaceful in your mind.
But the pain rips you right back to here...

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Categories: grandmother, angst, life, peace, sadme,

Premium Member Would You Still Love Me- Grandma
The nursing home called me early in the morning to come
as snow clouds sailed across the sky
and my heart swelled with a sea of tears

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Categories: granddaughter, grandmother, love,

Premium Member Grandmother's Hands
I will not forget,
my grandmother's gentle, loving, gnarled touch;
those hands that I loved so very much,
not a day spent with her I will regret.

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Categories: grandmother,

FROM ME TO YOU a collaboration with Brenda Chiri
Dear beloved Grandma
What does it mean to be in love
Do you wear it like a glove
And then when you take it off is it gone?


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Categories: granddaughter, grandmother,

Premium Member ONE LAST TEAR
the saltiness of love
a riveting fall
unlike other tears
this solitary shed
like a drip of life-blood
the lance of each freckle
an almost feckless drive over the sallow cheek

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Categories: grandmother,

Premium Member Grammy's Girl
I see her pretty little face
With a sweet smile as bright as gold.
I think about the days ahead.
It saddens me, I'm growing old.

I love that...

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Categories: death, granddaughter, grandmother, love,

A Missive to My Granddaughters
“A Missive To My Granddaughters”

My dearest girls,

How can I begin to tell you 
how much your smile warms my heart,
or the enrichment that penetrates my...

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Categories: grandmother, beauty, childhood, farewell, granddaughter,

Premium Member 'Love me with your Time'

I might make a noise right now
There will be a time when I go silent 

Will you miss my racket? 
In those days of silence?...

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Categories: age, grandfather, grandmother, longing,

Premium Member BY THE SEA
PART One,,,, as she saw it.

The mountains and the meadows were always so beautiful this time of year.  It seemed as if a fresh...

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Categories: beautiful, body, desire, grandmother,

Silently She Weeps
Every day she comes to visit her,
lifts the spoon to her thin lips.
Quietly she sleeps, silently she weeps.
Life arrested in its waning grip.

Every day she...

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Categories: daughter, family, grandmother, life,

Premium Member - God Has Taken EVERYTHING -

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Categories: childhood, god, grandmother, pets,

Grandma Happy
Footsteps on stairs,
little feet pounding, running,
child faces peeking round the kitchen door,
expectancy alive, dancing in their eyes.
They know that love is always here
waiting just for...

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Categories: grandchild, grandmother, happiness, happy,

My Origin
Where do I come from? Well we all come 
from somewhere. I was born in a small 
town, here in in good old U S...

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Categories: life, parents, grandmother, grandfather,