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Below are the all-time best New Year poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of new year poems written by PoetrySoup members

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We first met at the Obsidian Bar, on a night that I will never forget. She’s dressed to the nines; like a movie star in charcoal satin and sable georgette. I catch the scent of ashes of roses, as wisps of smoke drift from bright crimson lips. Like a Vogue model, she sits and poses, a tall glass of absinthe she gently sips. With cerulean eyes, which shine so bright, ivory skin like a porcelain doll. She caught my eye; it is love at first sight her captivating beauty does enthral. She’s on her own, so I ask her to dance, New Year bells ring, heralding our romance Won in Midnight Romance Contest Sponsored by Dale Gregory Cozart 10 syllables per line checked with how many syllables words to be used: obsidian, charcoal, sable, absinthe, cerulean, ashes of roses, porcelain, ivory, smoke, crimson 10-14-17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

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Nature's wake from sleep Life flirts with beauty a time for flowers to flaunt

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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On New Year's Eve

As the old year grows cold and grey, I stand on an ocean of time, holding my dreams like bright balloons. Based on visual #1 Written 12/31/14 by Andrea Dietrich For the 3 by 8 Image Contest of nette onclaud

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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Each Year Goes Round - For New Year theme

"Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us." -  Hal Borland

Each year goes round, and so I must surmise
that even though four seasons make a year,
we cannot really say when one year dies
or when the brand new year has had its dawn!
At any spot upon this earthly sphere,
we, all of us, are going on and on.

There is no start, so there can be no end.
We try to gather wisdom from the old
to learn from it and then resolve to mend
our future ways, then pass it to our youth.
But wisdom must be valued more than gold
if love and peace on earth would be our truth.

Each year goes round, and so I must surmise
there is no start, so there can be no end!

(A Cornish Sonnet)

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Long Goodbyes

Voices choral, chimes of clay ring out
oh so merrily to a wintry sky
And earthen sounds once silent, still, now shout
in harmony and majesty, they cry. 

A brightness sheers the air as metal sounds,
long cylinders of brass clink in the breeze
like childish laughter each fresh note abounds
a thankful note the past year to appease.

In churches, mosques and temples they sing
as clappers sound the tone around their rims
forged of metal, or blown in glass, they ring
resounding as the hours of this year dim.
Rejoice, rejoice a New Year has begun
Goodbye they toll and sing here comes the sun.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2012

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New Years Resolution

Love more, when it is hardest to love.
Show compassion, always.
Be kind when deserved or not.
Be patient, when you are at the end of your rope.
Smile, when you are saddest.
Pray when you are at your lowest.
Thank God when you are at your highest.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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The Non-Resolver

I’ve been watching my weight since 14, but with all of the diets I’ve seen, they’ve become a big no-no. This here dieting yo-yo has stopped trying to be super lean! Other problems I’ll change as I go. I don’t need a New Year to say so! Said a wise sailor man: I yam what I yam! Why improve on a good thing - ya know? So the cause of the most bellyaching at this time of the year I’m forsaking. When you know yourself well. . . why then go through such hell! Resolutions I’ll never be making. For the the New Year's Resolution Poetry Contest of Regina Riddle

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

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Raindrop Butterflies

The snow slowly morphs into rain, a thousand cold cocoons that release raindrop butterflies into the frosty air. They glisten in the morning light, clinging to soft leather like tiny diamonds as he drapes his jacket across my shoulders.

The jacket smells like him: fresh soap and spicy aftershave--and that spearmint gum he always keeps on hand. It's way too big on me, but he zips it up anyway, pulling the hood over my head to shield me from the rain.

dripping icicles bleed beads of liquid light-- fingers intertwine
He's soaked, but he doesn't seem to care as water slides down his rosy cheeks, dripping from his frozen nose. He brings my hand to his lips and whispers, "Happy New Year." Even his lips are cold, but I lend him my warmth. As we stand there together in the soft tranquility of winter rain, I realize I'm happy. I want to stay here forever, in this life-sized snow globe of frigid weather and smooth, warm leather. For Giorgio's "Leather Jacket" contest

Copyright © Heather Ober | Year Posted 2013

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Winter Blues

Another year has come - chillingly - and more chillingly for me than in decades heretofore. I watch it ranting from my window as I recall. . . . The year already past had tugged me from those tame and toasty days when I lay face up to sun dreaming that my summer would never end. It brought me to this winter when it withered up and died, but half a century and more of memories had fallen for me by now. Like pretty crystal flakes they fell, drifting through my mind - places, events and people. Oh, those people I looked up to in my youth - fallen as the snow! How many pretty snow flakes have melted now away? Only my memories of them remain. . . memories now piled up like snowdrifts in my brain. Yes, the newborn year has arrived. Just one month old and already, it has lost its crawl. This infant’s aging process parallels, on the larger scale, that fleeting span of time known as life - a time that all the living undergo. The new year carries on (as must we all) to soon complete its cycle. Let it bluster. Let it wail. Let it rattle at my door, for soon enough, all signs of it will cease. Written 2/12/11 Entry for the 'Free Verse: Winter Blues' Poetry Contest of Laura Loo

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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I've made a decision, a drastic solution So I don’t have to make a New Year’s resolution This year I’ve decided to become a nun… My ‘habit’ will shield my head from the sun I will resolve to join a silent order Mother Superior will act as my warder I’ll give up chocolate and drinking and smoking Hey poetry souper’s, you know I’m just joking! For many years I have not celebrated New Year So whilst others party and whoop and they cheer I’ll wear my flannel gown and go early to bed There I’ll write poems until sleep fills my head Good luck if you give up drinking or start a diet On New Year’s resolutions I resolve to stay quiet! Happy New Year to everyone at poetry soup Enjoy your holiday and in 2018 we’ll regroup Update for New Year Contest Sponsored by Janice Canerdy 12~22~15

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Champagne Kisses

I’ll think of you and blow a kiss
Across too many distant miles
Then sink down into bubbly bliss 
And let the candles burn away 
I’ll think of you, with tears and smiles 
As Auld Lang Syne begins to play 

When countdowns end, and toasts are made  
And champagne kisses make it real 
When all the music starts to fade
I’ll walk outside and search the stars
With new-year promises to seal
I’ll raise my flute – this night is ours 

I’ll think of you and blow a kiss 
When countdowns end, and toasts are made 

Copyright © Becca Teagan | Year Posted 2016

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snow is melted
the ruin that is winter
overwhelms my eye
beneath the sun trees stand
like crowds of ragged beggars

the once beautiful
is denied all memory
of where it has gone
the icy house top drippings
ping the head    stark reminder

those cold months ahead
but i’ll wait out the next snow
the white blanket fall
marvel the icy branches
wish happy new year to all

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2011

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A New Song

I am going to start this brand New Year, with a tranquil song in my heart! I will look at my deepest thoughts, and find all the hurt of the past, the sorrow and all the anger. And in the flame of my mind all will burn away, until only ashes remain on this new day. Self love and hope will then be mine, It will radiate from my soul, and my heart will reflect great peace. I am going to start this brand New Year, with a tranquil song in my heart! I will find joie de vivre, and carry the sun in my soul, and the moon in a golden place. I will pour everything into my dancing, my pen will bleed beauty into my writing. Compassion, joy, patience, and truth, are my new companions for life. I will walk with a new attitude. I am going to start this brand New Year, with a tranquil song in my heart! I will smell this life's sweet fragrance, drinking in all the great beauty, till my last day my glass will be full. But, inside I weep for the war ravaged dying, for all those victims lost, homeless and starving. I will find ways that I can help, I will make time for the homeless. This is day one of forever. I am going to start a brand New Year, with a tranquil song in my heart! __________________________ December 26, 2016 Ballad For the contest, Welcome 2017 Sponsor, Nayda Ivette Negron First Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2016

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Happy New World

Happy New World A new day glows as the year comes to close Opting for true love that rejects old throes, Wishing happiness for all ringing heavenly bells, Offering hand of friendship as tranquility dwells. No need to waste time making elaborate plans, A silent prayer in unison will awaken all hands Linking solidarity to defeat emissaries of evil When angels will join in to vanquish the devil. Citizens of this world over seven billion strong Have enough power to defy mighty atom bomb, For no one would die if no one would fight, Refusing to pull trigger will end unsightly fright. Healing won't begin until we recognize the pain Hiding in places where despair and grief reign. A tiny part of each of us can restore dignity As people rise-up to save anguished humanity. May volunteers bring smiles to saddened faces As regal actions shine brightly in angelic graces. Imagine billion hands reaching to those in need Uplifting resolutely, engaged in a noble deed. May the world unite with heartfelt compassion As message of kinship reverberates true passion. In a world without wars there are no weapons For trust builds friendship that peacefully beckons. May new-year dawn wishing happy new world to all, May deliverance of goodness answer every call, May courage dominate defying perils big and small, May harmony loom large as unity stands tall. December 30, 2017 First place: Best poem contest by Silent One

Copyright © Vijay Pandit | Year Posted 2017

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For a new year

Bury your fears in the soil
Let earth transform them
To seeds of courage

Scatter your pain in the wind
Let air refresh you
For growth and healing

Throw old constraints in the flame
Let fire free you
To bold ideas

Cast your regrets in the stream
Let water cleanse you
For new beginnings

Copyright © Agnes Krampe | Year Posted 2016

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Persian Haiku 2

           Persian Haiku 2

What a gorgeous view?
You and the flower garden,
I'm the butterfly.

I’m drunk with love,
Some are red and some are white.
I love all colors.

The sky is so blue.
You’re my rainbow through and through.
Oh dear, I love you.

Your eyes, the ocean;
The ocean, colors your eyes.
Your hair is the wave.

Moon on the ocean, 
Your face is the reflection.
Always be alone.

I live with my heart,
All flowers are beautiful,
I love daffodils.

What a discussion,
I had with all my flowers.
Their breath smells nice.

3/20/2018 Haloo

Note: Iranians/Persians Celebrate today, the first day of spring as their new year. We call this day Norooz or Nowruz, it translates as New Day. From my family to yours,  Norooz Mobarak ....Happy New Year.

Copyright © Pashang Salehi | Year Posted 2018

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2018 - nothing new here

2018 - nothing new here

He sits
slumped in his corner
weary, battered, bruised,
but not beaten.

He has survived,
studied this craft,
this art of living,
these cycles of change.

He has tasted the acrid,
bitter sting of defeat,
soft warmth
of victory’s vanity,
both fleeting plateaus.

He sees
through puffy eyes
another adversary
youthful, inexperienced,
unblemished by struggle.

He taps gloves,
nods to this new opponent,
knows that the object
is not to defeat him,
but to teach him,
that victory is a feeble friend,
defeat a melancholy mistress.

The bell will ring,
the ball will fall
the crowd will roar
the dance begin anew.

John G. Lawless

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2017

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New Year's Eve Ballad

New Year's Eve Ballad

It’s true one year just ended
And that another one began
In places crowds did gather
They drank and offered cheer
There was singing and ‘twas dancing
Celebrating the New Year.

As a child I do remember
This special time of year
When bedtime was extended
And the neighbors were all there
Together at the strike of twelve
Celebrating the New Year.

And as I grew much older
As did the other friends I know
We continued all to gather
As this special time did near
We talked of all the years past
Celebrating the New Year.

So many friends are gone now
So many that I knew
But always I remember
The times that we did bear
I think of them now as I am
Celebrating the New Year.

Last year we met such challenges
Not all glory, not all fun
But stood each with the other
As we chased away the fear
We faced just ‘one day at a time’ and now are
Celebrating the New Year.

Cheers I say to others
As I pop the cork and drink
Thinking now all days are special
Though life sometimes does seem unfair
Still I drink to health and happiness
Celebrating the New Year.

Copyright © Sue k Green | Year Posted 2014

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The Hourglass of Time

As I contemplate life
Through thick lenses glasses of the whiskey bottle
Is there life?
What is life, what is the lie, or even the truth?
Or is there only the journey to darkness
If so, why not buy a first class ticket
To the black hole of the universe
There in death, I can sit
In peace
Dreaming of the rebirth of atoms and molecules

Then, I ponder some more
I remember years ago
Holding a soda pop bottle
I just couldn’t discard
Somehow I was happy
He was my invisible friend
We sure had adventures
Nighttime I was safe
He would guard the window
Be would both gaze at the stars
I would talk and he sure knew how to listen
These memories bring me smiles even now

Is the universe that strange?
Are we all related so, objects, minds and souls?
All I know, is maybe I better stick around
Have a soda
Savoring my youthful days
When all my friends came around to play
Yelling Ricky, come on out, it’s a beautiful day!
Baseball was always fun back then
I always had my soda pop bottle in my bag
Surrounded by friends and so so content

As I contemplate life
I am somewhat amazed
That the ghost from the Christmas past
Is no illusions after all
Chains be dammed, I am set free
I awake with a new vigor
To a new year

Notes: First I recommend to read Orange Crush The adventures of Soda Pop by Richard Lamoureux, all of them are a series. So, I added my dark side, and a wee bit of Charles Dickens at the end, as he like Richard used to write stores in series like this. I thought it unique to combine these 3 ideas in one!

I took the character of Ricky, aged him, and had him look back in time!

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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Ekphrasis 12 Line Max

New Year’s Eve

I need to feel the trade winds blow
To know they have my heart in tow,

Here in the twilight of this hour
I feel the grandeur of God’s power.

The Sun, a ball of golden fire
Rises with my heart’s desire

That this New Year will offer love
As Sol begins to rise above.

How wonderful, the winter sky—
With mist filled clouds that float on by.

Sweet birds of beauty on the wing,
Portends the gifts New Year will bring.

© Connie Marcum Wong

My Muse is the New Year
Contest: Ekphrasis 12 Line Max
Sponsored by Rick Parise

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2014

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Dragging his feet with exhaustion, 
On the unending path of time,
The wise old year, the gates of 
Oblivion approaches,
His face glowing
His heart pounding for joy
His soul in rapture
In a few moments, able will he be,
The heavy load of humanity’s predicaments 
The eager shoulders, of the ignorant New Year,
To, finally, lay!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   29 DECEMBER 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! 

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2014

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EIGHT DAYS HAVE PASSED "Give thanks to the Lord our God and King His love endures forever For He is good, He is above all things His love endures forever" ---------------------------------------------------- Eight days have passed since year 2016 began Father God, I welcomed this year with beaming smile and hope for a better, happier year to accept Your revelations and heartily with arms wide open set forth to live. Last year has been a big surprise Father God but wow, You always overwhelm me when You answer my prayer. Trials, disappointments and failures thud! thud! thud! They came too, battling with me, weakening my nerves that there are times, I am again asking why... I am again asking when is the ending because I'm all tired. Despite such times, I know, I believe and I continued to never ever forget to say thank You. I may have lost some opportunities but I thank You, You gave me this time to be with my family. Seeing my parents laughing and crying while they hold the first baby of our family, priceless. I admit, I miss these times for in my memory there's not such pictures or moments I recall. Thank You because after long long time, I celebrated my birthday with my love ones complete. I thank You that You gave me those times to finally speak out those buried heartaches that openned the door for better relation... It has not been easy because I even leave home just for things to cool down and let them all realize. Over that period, I thought I will be alone but no... You Father God sent a gift to me, since July 2014, what we have has grown to more and more. You know Father God how I yearn to have somebody by my side, someone stronger, wittier, funnier, better than I am and my being is overjoyed that You gave me a person far greater than I even wished, even dreamt and prayed for. I thank You Father God that You are making it happen for me, I do believe that there is so much more You have stored for me, I am relieved to let go of 2015 with a determined heart and receive the New year with positivity... With Your strength and wisdom that empowers me, I know anything that may come I can stand through and be victorious as You are with me, seeing me through since I was born. I hold on to Your promises Oh Father God and the fulfillment of the everything You have started in me. Faithful, merciful and loving that is You, I say with all I am that I love you and I thank You. Forever, I will declare and spread Your goodness in my life. Forever, I will utter my gratitude that You blessed me then and now. Forever to You is the highest praise, glory and honor. F-o-r-e-v-e-r! ____________________________________________________________________ *** Quoted lyrics is from the song Forever by Chris Tomlin ***Inspired by Biblical Verse: 1 Chronicles 16: 34 8:36 pm, January 09, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2016

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- I Have Lost My P -

                     I`m not ha_ _y  today
                     No I`m quite sad and u_set

                     Sitting here with my cold sou_ and an old s_oon
                     I have s_ent too much money,and feel  _oor
                     I have not _earls or diamonds,that`s not why I`m sad and u_set
                     As I sit here with my su_ _ er and my cold sou_
                     thinking about what I do without my  _?
                     Dreams returns to ha_ _y days, when I  _layed  _iano
                     and had  _eace in my mind
                     What shall I do without my  _ ?
                     _  is  im_ortant in my life
                     I`ve lost my  _ 
                     I can no longer wish to you:
                     Ha_ _y  birthday
                     Have a ha_ _y  weekend
                     Ha_ _ y  for you.
                     Ha_ _ y  to see you
                     Ha _ _y   new year ..........

            I do not want _iano,_earl or diamonds.... I want my  _  back.

      A-L Andresen :)
      Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2012

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Brand New Portmanteau

January is the incunabula of the year
I embrace hugely like my huggable teddy bear
With my new life’s portmanteau inexorably handed over
On that last starry night of a very cold and joyful December

A new portmanteau of life’s flavors and condiments
Portions of joys, pains and many life’s challenges
Mysteriously packed all for me in hope to gird up
To follow whatever roads with valor, love, faith and delight.

I’m eagerly looking forward to what are all in store
Perking up with wonder on a brand new portmanteau as I go aboard
Wanting to share with you whatever great surprises that I may hold
In loving wishes that New Year for you unfolds with moments of gold

Jan. 26, 2015   1.15pm

May I share with you a New Year's poem I wrote last night/early morning. Once again, my warm greetings of belated happy New Year 2015! 

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2015

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My New Years Resolution

My New Years resolution is not to make any more New Years resolutions!
I've made 'em in the past but they died on the craggy shoals of the Aleutians!
I'd swear to ease up on the vittles but I caught those scales lyin' to me.
I tried to curb my cussin' by usin' terms like gosh, darn and golly gee!

I resolved to be more courteous to other drivers and not flex my middle digit,
And be more patient with my kids when they wanted to squirm and fidget!
I vowed to take my dentist's advice and floss my choppers each and every day.
I flossed religiously but lost my religion leavin' my teeth prone to decay!

I promised myself that I'd exercise regularly in order to keep fit and trim,
But preferred lollin' in my LazyBoy with a beer sans goin' to the gym!
'Tis obvious when it comes to keepin' resolutions I ain't got much fortitude,
So I reckon I'll take my chances and not lock-in on any inane platitude!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2015