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I know so many of you now, well not personally! For those who I am meeting for the first time, my name is Kim Rodrigues. I love to write about my family, travel, life, current events, and Christian themes. I consider my writing eclectic. I enjoy trying out the various forms, love brevity poems, and often write in free verse. Please try a sampling of my poetry. I hope you enjoy! I will try to visit your postings, as well. Happy Writing!





Tyburn Contest Commentary

Blog Posted:2/1/2018 3:00:00 PM




I hope all that entered had a great time writing their tyburn.  Challenging - yes! I try to find 4 great  rhyming words that can pull together into a poem and will make sense. Remember that your long two final lines will BEGIN with 4 syllables (new word or words and end with 1 syllable (new word) and incorporate the first 4 rhyming words. See the example below. 

There are 9 syllables TOTAL in the final two lines. 

So, BEGIN your tyburn with 4 - two syllable words. We will call these AA, BB, CC, DD  The X will represent syllables of new words. These syllables can be all in one word or more, but only 4 syllables total. Z is also a new word. The two final words in the two lines must rhyme.





XXXX AA BB Z (equals 9 syllables)

XXXX CC DD Z (equals 9 syllables)


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Date: 2/3/2018 10:08:00 AM
I really enjoyed working with this form for the first time, Kim. I am happy that my poem made the winner's list and congratulate all your other winners too. Hugs, Sandra
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Date: 2/2/2018 10:28:00 PM
Congrats to your winners
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Date: 2/2/2018 8:56:00 AM
Poetry Soup's model for the form (and also Shadowpoetry's) do not mention that the first syllable must rhyme in the AA combination. But two other sources I found used an example of the way I believed it was meant to be done, so I remain confused:https://www.youngwriters.co.uk/types-tyburn
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Rodrigues Avatar
Kim Rodrigues
Date: 2/2/2018 9:01:00 AM
I guess we will have two forms then...lol! The strict and less rigid! Thanks for your research!
Date: 2/2/2018 8:52:00 AM
It's a difficult form for its limitations, so I am happy just to be able to do one! I noticed that many poets were not rhyming the matching syllables AA BB etc. For example, I'd see something like Surfing, swimming. For the AA. I wonder if Soup's explanation makes it clear and also if I am understanding it right because I thought you had to use exact syllable rhyme such as hitting, sitting, for example. Anyway, I sure enjoyed reading all the tyburns I saw written for your contest.
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Dietrich Avatar
Andrea Dietrich
Date: 2/2/2018 8:57:00 AM
Thanks, Kim. I enjoy when we all get better through doing the challenges.
Rodrigues Avatar
Kim Rodrigues
Date: 2/2/2018 8:56:00 AM
I guess it’s all about trial and error. I think the closer we get to a pure rhyme the better. I like to use a rhyme dictionary and find some great words to use to form a tyburn! Andrea, you are one of my favorite people - always encouraging! Hugs...Kim
Date: 2/2/2018 7:37:00 AM
I just wish my muse would return, having difficulty this year writing...anything
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Rodrigues Avatar
Kim Rodrigues
Date: 2/2/2018 8:59:00 AM
When I feel this way I start reading poetry (classics, new poetry mags, or read a book) I then will have ideas. Also getting outside, taking a walk, doing something creative etc... can help! Hope your muse comes back full force! Blessings...Kim
Date: 2/1/2018 10:34:00 PM
Ha! I thought I may have done it wrong, none the less Tyburn was a treat to try, thank you so much Kim!
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Rodrigues Avatar
Kim Rodrigues
Date: 2/2/2018 9:00:00 AM
But you tried! And I hope you try again! Hugs...Kim

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