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I am a teacher in Canada, Creative writing is my passion. My early years were spent in India, and some later years in the Middle East. I am finally settled in Canada, and enjoying my teaching profession. Writing is my first passion, but I also learn, practise and enjoy music and art. I am an avid reader from my early childhood - I read both epic and modern writers - from Iliad, Odyssey and Shakespeare to P.G. Wodehouse, to Elena Ferrante and Kazuo Ishiguro. The book which is always on my desk is Gitanjali, the collection of songs by Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel-laureate Poet Of India.


Poetry is an expression of thoughts, feelings and reflections. My life-experiences also get expressed in my poems and short stories. I prefer expressing  my reflections and thoughts with simplicity (avoiding verbiosity) and depth. At present I am working on a memoir which covers my family's history and my life in three different countries with rich and varied cultures. 


I write equally in two languages -  in English, and also in Bengali, which is a regional language in the eastern part of India. I have translated a few famous Bengali poems (mainly by Rabindranath Tagore) in English and posted them on PoetrySoup. Hope to publish a collection of translations in future.

I create videos with my own poems and poems by famous writers, and also create audio-books from English and Bengali literature. Usually I post them on You Tube. 

I work on a few forms of rare art - eggshell decorations, copper-tooling and batik are some of them. 

Here are the links to my translations of Rabindranath Tagore's Poems: (Deception - Part 2)

(Banalata Sen)
(Invention Of Shoes - Part 1)
(Invention Of Shoes - Part 2)
(Sleeping Beauty)
(An Ordinary Girl)
Below is a link to my YOU TUBE Channel. You may subscribe to this channel, where I post recitation of my poems, poems from Rabindranath Tagore, and also some songs (rendered by myself) composed by Tagore. Please click on my picture at the bottom of the video - you will find my channel.

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MERSE Poetry Contest

Blog Posted:8/31/2021 4:07:00 PM

Dear Soupers,

The Marse Poetry Contest results are out! Believe me - I had a really difficult time judging this contest - all poems are  impressive!  Wish this was not a Premier Contest - I didn’t have to pick only ten poems!

The originality and creativity of entries are amazing!

Dear Poets, I thank you all for participating in my contest with a new form -  you are my inspiration!

Love ~ Mala


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Date: 9/2/2021 4:08:00 PM
This was so much fun Mala! Your new form drew out some amazing entries! Great fun! Thank you for the placement - so grateful - and thank you for all of the creativity you encourage. Your students are so blessed to have you as their teacher, guide and mentor . Sending you blessings and much love. Sam
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Ray Choudhury Avatar
Malabika Ray Choudhury
Date: 9/2/2021 4:14:00 PM
Dear Sam, I am really honoured to have you and all the talented poets participate in my contest. You congratulated me as "teacher, guide and mentor"!!! Oh, no, no, Sam, I am new in this site, and I am the one who is learning so much from all the creative poets. Feel fortunate ! Much love and blessings ~ Mala
Date: 9/2/2021 2:08:00 AM
Great form, Mala, thank you for my placement, enjoyed writing for it:)
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Ray Choudhury Avatar
Malabika Ray Choudhury
Date: 9/2/2021 9:48:00 AM
Thank you, Jo. Glad you enjoyed writing the form. Will look forward to more. BW ~ Mala
Date: 9/1/2021 3:21:00 PM
Loved the merse verse form, Mala. Thanks so much for this contest and my placement in it.
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Ray Choudhury Avatar
Malabika Ray Choudhury
Date: 9/1/2021 5:42:00 PM
Dear Andrea, Thank you. I am so delighted that you loved the Merse Form. I am hoping to continue using this form. I am really honoured to have many excellent poets participating in the contest. Love and best wishes ~ Mala
Date: 9/1/2021 12:15:00 PM
Thank you for setting the contest. It was fun to try as I'm not someone who can normally use so few words (lol) Big Congrats to all your winners (thumbs up) Best Wishes.
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Ray Choudhury Avatar
Malabika Ray Choudhury
Date: 9/1/2021 5:37:00 PM
Dear Natasha, Thank you so much for your participation in my contest. I am like you too ..can't limit myself to a few words. We will definitely have more opportunities to express our emotions and poetic style. Love and best wishes ~ Mala
Date: 9/1/2021 7:40:00 AM
Mala, thanks for the contest and for my placement and congratulations to your winners, yes the Premier contests are very hard to judge ~ love and serenity _Constance
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Ray Choudhury Avatar
Malabika Ray Choudhury
Date: 9/1/2021 5:33:00 PM
Thank you, Constance. You are a brilliant poet, and your placement is well-deserved. I am a bit sad that I had to choose only ten winners. Love and best wishes~ Mala
Date: 8/31/2021 9:21:00 PM
Dear Mala, I enjoyed the challenge of writing in this new form for your contest. Thank you for your sponsorship and for the honor of my poem's placement. It's a thrill to share the podium with such a distinguished list of poets and poetesses. Congratulations to one and all! Warmest wishes.. ~Susan
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Ray Choudhury Avatar
Malabika Ray Choudhury
Date: 9/1/2021 5:32:00 PM
Thank you, Susan. You are an outstanding poet, and your win is well-deserved. I am honoured to have amazing poets participating in my humble effort of a contest. Love and best wishes ~ Mala

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
9/17/2021 Meandering Free verselife,river,
9/16/2021 A Garden Calls Free versegarden,remember,
9/16/2021 Like A Peacock Free verseemotions,love,
9/14/2021 Queen Of Jhansi Free versecourage,love,
9/14/2021 A Mystery Free verselove,
9/14/2021 Hello Again, September Free verseautumn,seasons,
9/12/2021 Keepsake Free verselove,memory,
9/8/2021 Illusion Free verseallegory,imagination,
9/6/2021 Harmony Alliterationbird,nature,
9/5/2021 Last Sigh Free versedeath,love,
9/4/2021 A Highly Debated Issue - Carolyn Devonshire Quatrainlife,sorrow,
9/4/2021 Autumn Leaves Sigh Kimoheartbreak,sad,
9/3/2021 Light Aglow Versenature,sky,sun,
9/2/2021 Fall Ambrosia Haikunature,
8/27/2021 Gleeful Footlenature,poetry,
8/22/2021 Cadence Of A Seashore Free versenature,sea,
8/21/2021 Twilight Pink Haikumoon,nature,
8/21/2021 Pink Moon Haikumoon,nature,
8/20/2021 Star In My Constellation Prose Poetrysky,star,
8/19/2021 I AM That Girl : Postscript To My Bio Listlife,memory,
8/18/2021 Wings Of Imagination Free versecolor,sky,
8/16/2021 Fantasia Twenty-One Imagismallegory,bird,
8/14/2021 Moon Glistens Haikumoon,night,
8/14/2021 Tangerine Dreams Imagismnature,sun,
8/13/2021 Footprints Carolyn left Senryuhappiness,memory,
8/12/2021 Nightingale Haikubird,song,
8/11/2021 Poem For You Verselove,poems,rose,
8/11/2021 Oasis At Heart Of City Prose Poetrynature,solitude,
8/11/2021 Homecoming Birds Alliterationbird,nature,
8/10/2021 The Writer In Me Wants You To Know Free versehow i feel,poetry,
8/9/2021 Dewdrops Versenature,
8/6/2021 Waterfall Of Kindness Haibunlove,memory,
8/6/2021 Holding Back Tears Free versehome,memory,
8/2/2021 A Moment Of Tranquility Imagismnature,sea,sun,
8/2/2021 Tapestry Of Dreams Haikudream,nature,
7/28/2021 I am who I am Bioi am,life,
7/24/2021 Tapestry We Weave Rhymeimagination,nature,
7/22/2021 Sun Inspires Free versenature,sky,
7/22/2021 Chimes At Crimson Twilight Free versebeach,memory,muse,
7/15/2021 Imagination Verseimagination,
7/14/2021 Rain Whispers Free verselove,rain,
7/12/2021 I Sighed Free versepoverty,sad,
7/11/2021 Again Haikulove,memory,
7/11/2021 Love Again Verselove,rain,
7/8/2021 Where Did You Go, My Brother - Translation Free versebrother,loss,love,sad,
7/7/2021 Miraculous Earth - EL Haikuearth,nature,
7/6/2021 Ocean Is The Mirror Versenight,ocean,
7/5/2021 July 5 Haibundeath,sad,
7/2/2021 Bird In Tranquility Imagismbird,nature,
6/29/2021 Moment To Grasp Free verselonging,love,
6/18/2021 Strikingly Beautiful Free versenature,
6/4/2021 Invisible Enemy Free verse10th grade,11th grade,12t
6/4/2021 Nature's Endless Gift Free verse10th grade,11th grade,12t
5/27/2021 Tangerine Reverie Free versefantasy,imagination,
5/26/2021 Believe In Dreams Free verse10th grade,11th grade,12t
5/24/2021 Whisper Free versefeelings,love,relationshi
5/21/2021 Friends Forever Nursery Rhyme Rhyme1st grade,animal,friend,f
5/16/2021 Miraculous Free verselove,miracle,relationship
5/15/2021 He Gave Her A Book Free verse10th grade,11th grade,12t
5/13/2021 Earth Acrosticearth,planet,
5/13/2021 Planet With A Ring Acrosticimagination,planet,space,
5/12/2021 Father's Day Acrosticfather,love,
5/8/2021 Voice Of Nature Free versebird,nature,solitude,
5/6/2021 There Was Silence - POTW Free versebeautiful,bird,silence,so
5/6/2021 Vase Verseflower,valentines day,
5/2/2021 Tree Which Offered Shade Free versememory,remember,
5/1/2021 Umbrella Versefun,rain,
5/1/2021 Sunflowers Monokufeelings,love,
4/27/2021 Hundreds Of Sunflowers Free verseheart,loss,love,
4/26/2021 Twilight Versenature,solitude,
4/26/2021 It Still Hurts - Collaboration With Debjani Mitra Free verselonging,love,
4/24/2021 Longing Free verselonging,passion,
4/24/2021 Camellia - Part 2 Translation From Tagore Narrativelife,love,
4/24/2021 Camellia - Part 1 Translation From Tagore Narrativelife,love,
4/20/2021 Dino Story - Nursery Rhyme Rhymefamily,fun,games,
4/15/2021 A Forest Of Dreams Imagismdream,imagination,nature,
4/15/2021 Shining Star Free versechild,star,
4/13/2021 Reverie In Colours Free versecolor,spring,
4/11/2021 Sweet Dreams Lullaby Rhymebaby,Lullaby,sleep,
4/10/2021 Deception Part 2 - Translation From Tagore Narrativelife,women,
4/10/2021 Deception Part 1 Translation from Tagore Narrativelife,women,
4/4/2021 Cherish All Free verselife,love,
4/1/2021 Last Token Free verselife,love,
3/25/2021 Serenity In Solitude Alliterationnature,solitude,
3/22/2021 Garden Song Nursery Rhyme Rhymebird,birthday,garden,
3/21/2021 A Stroll On The Path Haibunbird,nature,
3/20/2021 Dusk Haibunbird,dark,
3/19/2021 Obsession Or Passion Free verseart,passion,
3/19/2021 Bookworm Darling Nursery Rhyme Rhymebooks,girl,
3/16/2021 In Sublimity Verseflower,symbolism,
3/15/2021 My Elfin Krishna Narrativechildhood,nature,
3/13/2021 Bird Of Paradise Imagismbird,flower,
3/10/2021 Life At A Glance Nonethappiness,life,
3/7/2021 With A Flickering Lamp Free versepower,strength,women,
3/6/2021 Two Birds - Translation From Tagore Versebird,friend,
3/6/2021 A Child's First Day Of Distance Learning Versechildren,fun,
3/4/2021 Songs Around Me Diminished Hexaverseseasons,spring,
2/25/2021 Starlit Sky Monokujoy,love,
2/25/2021 Exam Scare Monokui love you,love,
2/18/2021 In The Horizon Lyricimagination,life,

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Fav Poems

I will be the stars Free verse1st grade,beauty,bible,je
The Last Petal Free versefunny love,
The Garden That Lives On Concretegarden,
Woman in Chains Free versefreedom,
In your lockup Rhymecute love,love,passion,
Silent Blossoms Versenature,silence,
Abandoned Free verseflower,garden,lost love,r
The Strength of a Princess Versedream,fantasy,night,princ
Skeletons of Lace Quatrainautumn,death,life,
The Christmas Gift Rhymechristmas,emotions,
Fascination Versehappiness,heart,
Ruin Gazing Free versesolitude,
There Is A Star With My Name On It Free versedesire,hope,night,romanti
The Tempest Free verselife,ocean,peace,storm,
A Christmas Eve Tale Rhymeboy,dog,
Separated By A Common Language Rhymeamerica,england,language,
Where do we Poets go Free versedeath,life,poems,poetry,p
Painting Love Sonnetlove,
Kaleidoscopic Kite Personificationlife,summer,
Find me then Verselove,sunset,
let there be color Free verseflower,garden,
Amberina Ballerina Free versedestiny,emotions,inspirat
Gently now, gently Lyriclove,romantic,
The Forest Free versenature,
One Day Soon Free versehope,love,
Yes, Love the Salty Ocean Rondeau Redoubleocean,
Love Shines Free verselight,love,
Lift somebody's dawn Lyricencouraging,inspiration,m
to remember Rhymeseasons,
I Didn't Know Rhymeappreciation,bullying,chi
I Will Give You Free versefaith,hope,inspirational,
Would You Still Love Me Free versecare,cry,death,depression
A Dawn Symphony Sapphic stanzabird,
Imagination Free verseanalogy,bird,imagination,
Ode to Mother Ganga Odemother,river,
dance party in summer Haikucelebration,dance,summer,
Poetry: A Profound Sense Of Beauty - a collaboration with Frederic Parker Free verseappreciation,beauty,imagi
A Bullfrog's Croak Quatrain10th grade,11th grade,9th
What My Mother Means to Me Narrativelove,memorial,mother son,
A Writer Born to Create Free versewriting,
My Winter Free verselove,passion,winter,
A Poem For My Algebra Teacher Free verse6th grade,abuse,betrayal,
Night Sky's Party Terzanellenight,sky,
Allow me to dream your dreams Verselove,
Geese Honking By Free versebird,flying,song,
Sunset Tableau Verseappreciation,lost love,na
Dancing With Mom Coupletanalogy,dance,joy,life,lo
O April Free verseappreciation,april,beauty
Old Gal Rhymehusband,kid,love,money,tr
Enchanted Morning Rhymenature,
Objects of Nature Free versenature,
Harmony Free versenature,peace,
Reflections in Silence - Moon and I Free verseanalogy,life,philosophy,
Lullaby Nursery Rhyme Rhymemoon,sleep,song,stars,
It still hurts Free versebreak up,love,love hurts,
Heartbroken Free versegrief,pain,
The Symphony I Cherish Free versejoy,music,wind,
In my Dream Free versedream,
Raindrops Kissing Imagismgarden,imagery,spiritual,
The Universe of Creativity, the Poet, and the Poem Free versepoems,
A Poem for Michael Rhymeabuse,angst,discriminatio
Falling Like Leaves, Again Acrosticautumn,memory,romance,sou
Religion Or Spirituality Narrativeappreciation,
Black Opal Free versebirth,color,space,
Farewell To Summer Acrostic10th grade,autumn,beauty,
My forest of dreams Rhymeblessing,devotion,

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