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Poetry Clichés | Cliches in Poetry

A List of Clichés in Poetry. This page contains examples of clichés in poetry and a comprehensive list of clichés . These are clichés and overused sayings you may find in poetry, however,  the exhaustive list of clichés or trite phrases may be found in other forms of writing. It is a good practice to avoid use of these phases in poetry unless used in a completely original way.

See also our Cliche Finder: Paste your text in the form field and see if your creative work has clichés.

Popular Cliches

absence makes the heart grow fonder
actions speak louder than words
after my own heart
all's fair in love and war
apple of my eye
back stabber
baited breath
baptism by fire
bated breath
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
beauty is only skin deep
big heart
broken heart
cry over spilled milk
do you feel me
does my heart good
driving me crazy
endless words
everything's coming up roses
faint heart never a true love knows
fall head over heels
fall through the cracks
fan the flames
far as the eye can see
grass is always greener
grass is always greener on the other side
hang in there
have a heart
heart breaker
heavy heart
hollow soul
i can't breathe witout you
i can't live without you
i love you more than
in the nick of time
keep your chin up
kissing the rose
looking into my soul
lost in each others
love is blind
love make the world go round
love's embrace
loves conquers all things
more than meets the eye
more than words can express
my head is spinning
my heart aches for you
my heart clings to you
my heart cries out to you
my heart is a lonely hunter
my heart is aflame
my heart is an open book
my heart is drowning in sorrow
my heart is in my hand
my heart is on fire
my heart is weary
my heart laid bare
my heart longs for you
my heart reached out
my heart sings to you
my heart waits for you
my heart will always be true
my heart will never be free
my heart withered like
my lonely heart
my lonely soul
my open soul
my soul is a shadow
my soul is alone
my soul is on fire
my soul laid bare
my soul reached out
my soul took flight
my stomach is tied up in knots
my tears fell like rain
my wandering soul
my weary soul
no man is an island
no one understands me
one in million
one true love
over and over again
pearls before swine
pounding of his lonely heart
reached new heights
red roses
road less traveled
rose by any other name
roses are red
sands of time
season's greetings
shadow of my soul
silence is golden
solitary soul
soul full of longing
soul full of sorrow
soul of discretion
spice of life
star crossed lovers
stars like diamonds
stop and smell the roses
tender as a mother's heart
test the waters
thorn in my side
til the end of time
time after time
time and again
time heals all wounds
tip of the iceberg
two hearts
violets are blue
waiting for the dust to settle
waiting for your ship to come in
weary heart
when all is said and done
wish upon a star
word that was left unspoken
words that were left unspoken
you clawed at my heart
you held onto my heart
you make the sun shine
you set my heart on fire
you tore my heart
you tore out my heart
young and in love
your cheating heart
your lying heart

More Cliches & Poems

sacred cow
sacrificial lamb
sad but true
sadder but wiser
saddle sore
safe and sound
safe area
safe as houses
safe pair of hands
safe sex
safe than sorry
salad days
sales pitch
salt of the earth
same bat time
same bat time same bat channel
same exact
same ol' same ol'
same old
same old song and dance
same old story
same song and dance
sanctity of marriage
sand in the Vaseline
sands of time
sandwich short of a picnic
sap is rising
satisfaction guaranteed
satisfied customer
saturation point
save by the bell
save the drama for your mama
save your breath
saved by the bell
saving grace
saving up for a rainy day
savoir faire
savour the moment
sawing a log
say goodnight gracie
say it out loud
say what you like
say what you mean
say what you will
say your prayers
scaling down
scantily clad
scape goat
scarce as hen's teeth
scare stories
scared of his own shadow
scared out of her wits
scared out of his wits
scared out of his/her wits
scared stiff
scared to death
scattered to the four winds
scientific foundations
scintilla of evidence
scorched earth
scored a duck
scored a hit
scot free
scouting around
scraping the bottom of the barrel
scratch your eyes out
screaming bloody murder
screaming meemies
screw loose
screw the moose
screw the pooch
screw your courage to the sticking place
scrimp and save
scruff of the neck
scrupulously fair
scurried to shelter
scuse me while i kiss this guy
scylla and charybdis
seal of approval
sealed with a kiss
sealed with a loving kiss
seamy side
season of mists and mellow fruitfulness
season's greetings
seat of the pants
second banana
second best
second chance
second childhood
second class citizen
second guess
second to none
second wind
secret sign
secure area
security conscious
security issues
security risk
see a man about a dog
see eye eye
see eye to eye
see him for dust
see how the land lies
see no evil
see no evil hear no evil speak no evil
see reason
see red
see the glass as half empty
see the light
see the whole field
see the world through rose colored glasses
see through it
see which way the winds blow
see you
see you around
see you later alligator
see's the glass as half full
seeing red
seems just like old times
seen as such
seen the light
seize the day
seize the initiative
self abuse
self centred
self defence
self destruct
self evident
self obsessed
self preservation
self proclaimed
self sacrifice
self supporting
sell by the candle
sell out
sell yourself short
selling like hotcakes
selling up
send packing
senior citizen
sense of achievement
sense of belonging
sense of fair play
senses reel
sensory overload
sent to coventry
separate beds
separate the men from the boys
separate the sheep from the goats
separate the wheat from the chaff
serial killer
serious blow
serious disagreement
serious proposition
serve notice
serve up a fat pitch
serve up a lollipop
serve up a softball
service with a smile
set adrift
set one's cap at
set the record straight
set the table
set the world on fire
set your teeth on edge
settle down
settle old scores
settle some old scores
seven year itch
seven-year itch
sex and shopping
sexton blake
sexually explicit
sexy thing
sh#t eating grin
sh#t or get off the pot
sh#t out of luck
shadow boxing
shadow of a doubt
shadow of his former self
shadow of my soul
shady character
shaggy dog story
shake a leg
shake a stick should of
shake hands with the wife's best friend
shake it off
shall i compare thee to a summer's day
shanks' mare
shape up or ship out
share and share alike
sharp as a marble
sharp as a sack of wet mice
sharp as a stick
sharp as a tack
sharp as nails
sharp end
she could test the patience of job
she drinks like a fish
she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch
she gave me a withering glance
she got called up on the carpet
she has a great personality
she has a green thumb
she has bats in her belfry
she has everything but the kitchen sink
she is a loose cannon
she threw a wet blanket on my idea
she wears her heart on her sleeve
she wouldn't know me from adam
she'll be right
she's a peach
she's all that
she's all twitter-pated
she's an open book
she's been hit with an ugly stick
she's blowing hot air
she's burning her candle at both ends
she's fighting a losing battle
she's getting the red carpet treatment
she's got eye's in the back of her head
she's got money to burn
she's hot to trot
she's in hot water
she's lost her marbles
she's not the brightest bulb on the patio
she's not the only fish in the sea
she's out sowing her wild oats
she's out to lunch
she's taking the bait
she's tugging on your chain
shed light on
shed some light on
sheep shagger
sheep territory
sheer force of will
shell out
ship shape
ship-shape and bristol fashion
shirt lifter
shirt off his back
shirty to be
shiver me timber
shiver my timbers
shock tactics
shoe in
shoe is on the other foot
shoe is on the other foot the
shoes on the other foot now
shoestring budget
shook his fist
shoot first
shoot for the moon
shoot from the hip
shoot it straight
shoot straight
shoot the breeze
shoot the moon
shoot the rock
shoot through
shoot yourself in the foot
shooting craps
shooting fish in a barrel
shooting for the moon
shooting his mouth off
shop talk
shop till you drop
shop until you drop
shop window
shopping list
shopping spree
shore up
short and sharp
short changed
short end of the stick
short end of the stick the
short fuse
short hairs
short list
short listed
short pleasures are often long regretted
short shrift
short sighted
short term
short term fix
short termism
shot across the bow
shot across the bows
shot heard 'round the world
shot his bolt
shot his lot
shot in the dark
shot theirselves in the foot
shot to pieces
shotcross the bow
shotgun wedding
should have known better
should know better
shoulder to the wheel
shouldered his way
shouting the odds
shove off
show a leg
show him the door
show me the money
show me the way to go home
show must go on
show of hands
show some backbone
show some spine
show some spunk
show them how the cow ate the cabbage
show who's boss
show you how it should be done
show your mettle
show your true colours
showed him the yellow card
shuffle off this mortal coil
shuffle the pack
shut out
shut the hole in your head
shut up
shut your cake-hole
shut your hole
shut your mouth
shy and withdrawn
sick as a dog
sick as a parrot
sick of the sight
sick puppy
sick to death of it
sick to the teeth
side by side
side issues
side saddle
sieze the day
sigh of relief
sight for sore eyes
sign of the times
sign on the dotted line
signed sealed and delivered
significant minority
significant other
silence is golden
silence reigned
silenced the critics
silenced the crowd
silent as the grave
silent majority
silent minority
silly billy
silver bullet
silver lining
simple example
simple fact
simple pleasure are the best
simple pleasures
simple truth
sincerely believe
sing a few lines of old woop boodle doo -- wc fi
sing along
sing for it
sing for your supper
sing like a bird
sink or swim
sink your teeth into
sit tight
sitting duck
sitting in the catbird seat
sitting on pins and needles
sitting on the fence
sitting pretty
six feet under
six of one
six of one
six of one and half a dozen of another
six of one and half a dozen of the other
size of the dog in the fight
skate on thin ice
skating on thin ice
skeleton at the feast
skeleton in the cupboard
skeletons in the closet
skid row
skirting the issue
sky hook
sky is the limit
sky pilot
sky's the limit
slam dunk
slap in the face
slap on the back
slash and burn
slate missing
slaving over a hot cooker
sleep like a baby
sleep like a log
sleep like a top
sleep tight
sleep with the fishes
sleeping her way to the top
sleepy hollow
slept like a baby
slept like a log
slick as snot on a glass doorknob
slicker than snot on a door knob
slim volume
slinging mud
slip of the tongue
slip through the fingers
slipped my mind
slipped off the waggon
slipped through your fingers
slippery as an eel
slippery slope
slipping and a sliding
sloane ranger
slop out
sloppy as a soup sandwich
slow and easy
slow and steady win the race
slow and steady wins the race
slow as a wet week
slow as a wet week as
slow as molasses
slow as molasses in january
slow poke
slower than a seven year itch
slush fund
sly as a fox
sly as a fox to be
smack dab in the middle
small potatoes
small world
small world
small world isn't it
smart alec
smart as a whip
smart ass
smart casual
smart cookies don't crumble
smart is better than stupid
smarter than the average bear
smash and grab
smell ripe
smell the roses
smile and the world smiles with you cry and you cr
smiles are like sunshine
smoke and mirror
smoke and mirrors
smoking gun
smoking lamp is out
smoking related
smooth and silk
smooth as a baby's bottom
smooth operator
smooth over
smooth voyage
snail's pace
snake oil
sneaking suspicion
snow job
snowball's chance in hell
snug as a bug
snug as a bug in a rug
so close
so close you can taste it
so far
so far so good
so it goes
so many men so little time
so much bad in the best of us and so much good in
so much for that
so quiet you could hear a pin drop
so sue me
so ugly
so ugly they'd have to sneak up on a glass of wate
so what
soap opera
social call
society at large
sod off
soft soap
sold down the river
solid as a rock
solid as rock
solitary soul
some are born great
some men are born mediocre
some of my best friends
some pots you don't stir
some things are better left unsaid
someday my ship will come in
someday you will thank me for this
something for the weekend sir
something old something new something borrowed
something rotten in the state of denmark
something smells fishy
something the cat dragged in
something to tell your grandchildren
something you can really sink your teeth into
sometimes you are the hydrant
sometimes you are the hydrant and sometimes you ar
sometimes you are the windshield
sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you
sometimes you just gotta let your hair down
son of a
son of a b#tch
son of a gun
song and dance
soon as possible
sooner or later
sooner than you think
sordid details
sorry charlie
sort it
sort it out
sort them out
soul full of longing
soul full of sorrow
soul of discretion
soul searching
sound advice
sound bite
sound like a broken record
sounded out
sounding off
sounds good
sounds great
sounds like a plan
soup to nuts
sour grapes
south end of a north bound horse
south end of a north bound horse the
sow wild oats
space : the final frontier
spade a spade
spaghetti on the wall
spare the rod
spare the rod
spare the rod and spoil the child
spare the rod spoil the child
speak no evil
speak now or forever hold your peace
speak of the devil
speak off the cuff
speak softly and carry a big stick
speak with a forked tongue
speaking in riddles
speaks for itself
spearheading the campaign
special case
special relationship
specific detail
specified period
speech day
spell it out
spend a penny
spice of life
spick and span
spill the beans
spilled the beans
spilt milk
spin a yarn
spin doctor
spin one's wheels
spineless wimp
spinning your wheels
spiral out of control
spirit of the times
spirited debate
spit and polish
spit in one hand and wish in the other
spit in one hand and wish in the other and see whi
spitting image
spitting image of
splash out
split second
split vote
splits in the seams
splitting hairs
spoil the fun
spoke with relish
spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down
spot the ball
spot the difference
spotlessly clean
sprawling base
sprawling facility
spread it about
spread like wildfire
spread the news
spread the word
spreading like wildfire
spreading rumours
spring in your step
spring is in the air
spring links
spring to life
spruce up
square deal
square meal
square one
square the circle
square things up
squeaky bum time
squeaky clean
squeaky wheel gets the grease
squeaky wheel gets the grease the
squeaky wheel gets the oil
squeal on
squeeze a dollar out of pennies
stack the deck
staged a protest
stamped out
stand and deliver
stand at ease
stand by
stand by me
stand easy
stand off
stand offish
stand on ceremony
stand-up guy
standard form
standard reply
standing on the shoulders of giants
standing room only
standing start
stands out like a sore thumb
staple diet
star crossed lovers
star of the show
star part
star performer
star-crossed lovers
staring off into nowhere
staring off into space
stark raving mad
stars like diamonds
start from scratch
starting out
state of emergency
state of play
state of the art
state your business
statuesque figure
stave off
stay away from my dreams
stay between the lines
stay cool
stay of execution
stay tuned
stayed too long at the fair
staying power
steady as she goes
steal a march
steal one's thunder
stealing the show
steaming jungle
steer clear of it
stem the tide
step by step
step in
step on a crack break your mother's back
step on it
step too far
step up
step up to the plate
stepping on people's toes
stepping on people'ses
stepping out
stepping stone
sterling efforts
stern measures
stick a fork in it
stick in the mud
stick in the mud to be
stick it in your ear
stick it out
stick it to you
stick it where the sun don't shine
stick to the story
stick to your guns
stick up for the little guy
stick with it
stick your guns
sticks and stones
sticks and stones will break my bones
sticks and stones will break my bones but words wi
sticks out like a sore thumb
sticky subject
stiff as a board
stiff upper lip
stiffen the sinews
still as a church mouse
still no sign
still to come
still waters run deep
stink to high heaven
stinking to high heaven
stir up an ant's nest
stirring up trouble
stitch in time
stitch in time saves nine
stole my thunder
stone faced
stone the crows
stone's throw away
stone's throwway
stool pigeon
stop and smell the roses
stop gap
stop him
stop him newt he's headed for the barn
stop on a dime
stop short
stop the music
stop the presses
store bought
storm clouds gathering
storm of criticism
storm of protest
story board
stow it
straight and narrow
straight and narrow path
straight arrow
straight as a die
straight as an arrow
straight from the horse's mouth
straight from the horses mouth
straight shooter
straight talking
straight up
straighten up and fly right
strain at the leash
strait and narrow
stranger danger
stranger in a strange land
stranger than fiction
straw poll
straw that broke
straw that broke the camel's back
stress out
stretch a dollar
stretch the truth
strict rotation
strictly speaking
strike up the band
strike while the iron is hot
striking a blow
striking aspect
string along
string him along
strings attached
stroke of a pen
stroke of the pen
strong as an ox
strong leadership
stronger than ever
stronger the breeze the stronger the trees
strongest possible terms
strongest steel is cast in the hottest fire
strongest winds blow on the highest mountains
strongly worded
strung along
stubborn as a mule
stuck in a rut
stuck out like a sore thumb
stuck-up to be
stuff and nonsense
stuff it
stuff that dreams are made of
stuffed shirt
stump someone
stump up
stupid is as stupid does
submitted his resignation
substantial proportion
success has a thousand fathers while failure is an
such is life
suck it up
suck up
sucking hind tit
sudden demand
sugar in his pants
sugarcoat something
suits me fine
sun glistens
sunny smile
sup with the devil
supply and demand
support is slipping
support the police
supreme sacrifice
sure thing
surf and turf
surprise move
survival of the fittest
suspension of disbelief
suspicious circumstances
swallow one's pride
swan song
sweat equity
sweat the details
sweating blood
sweating bullets
sweating like a pig
sweep it under the carpet
sweep it under the rug
sweep under the rug
sweeping statements
sweet 16
sweet 16 and never been kissed
sweet as sugar
sweet deal
sweet fanny adams
sweet harmony
sweet revenge
sweeten the pot
sweetheart deal
sweetness and light
swift and sure
swim against the tide
swim up stream
swim with the sharks
swimming in molasses
swing the lead
swinging sixties
swinging the lead
swings and roundabouts
swords into ploughshares
sworn affidavit