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Tip Of The Iceberg Poems

Tip Of The Iceberg Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of tip of the iceberg poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for tip of the iceberg.

New Poems

Premium Member Happy Was Allowed

It's the tip of the iceberg we're seeing now
Probably will get worse before better somehow
There's happy ahead
Somebody said
I'm the happiest dude since happy was allowed

...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, joy,
Form: Limerick

In Shambles
A reputation in shambles
Was it worth the gamble
When you paint the sky orange
Everyone knows
It's supposed to be blue
So who are you to decide otherwise
Just a counterfeit king
With questionable authority
And a facade of moral superiority
Is just the tip of the iceberg
Beyond...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, anxiety, conflict, depression, truth,
Form: Free verse
doomed dolt, numbed nerd, trampled trumpery:1
From the zenith of zaniness descends the source of world woes,
a motherfucker who fucks ethics and scruples like sworn foes.
So funny his pose, so runny his nose, emetics in stock heap up to gazillion dose.

Around his head peak, what reek...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, corruption, political, satire,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Deep Blue Ocean
Warm gentle ocean breeze..
Ocean waves glistening in the sunlight..
On a warm summers day..
Creatures of the ocean swimming happily..
At the surface of the ocean..

Beautiful Dolphins come to play..
They are in communication with one another..
Playfully they jump and glide..
The sound of dolphins...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, deep, life, mystery, ocean, surreal,
Form: Free verse
naw America! Armed with a cellphone or a knock off CD
License to carry…
Don’t shoot just showing you my ID
"He's got a gun…"
22 shots fired both hands above the head 
No conviction News read just another Gangster dead
He's a child…
Somebody's son…left...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, abuse, africa, america, betrayal, black african american,
Form: Prose

The Aftermath of Short Hair and Not Wearing Dresses
"You were a pretty girl, where are your braids?"
I walk faster
Trying to outrun my sense of dread.
I've forgotten about the judging Russian people
Who with their prodding pointy comments
Slowly drive me off the edge.

"I like it more this way."
A confused pause...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, boy, gender, girl, hair,
Form: Free verse
life withTrump XI
These facts must be taught in our schools:
Donald's tweets can trump molecules
Fools believe science
Truth has no reliance
Grasp pussy and not climate rules! 

Author’s Note: I regularly talk to an observer who travels all over the USA. The report back is...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, political, satire, science, voyage,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Food For Thought 2
                         For the realistic and the optimistic

Been watching the news, it gives me nothing but the...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, change, christian, confidence, courage, deep,
Form: Prose Poetry
The Shallow Depth Of Deep
I just realised my eyes were opened
To a reality they have been seeing
Still not knowing what to do
About something I know am doing

And delving into a serious depth
On a surface so deeply shallow in the deep
It marvels me beyond a...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, addiction, for her, for him, hope, how
Form: Blank verse

Tobacco companies you should be ashamed of your yourselves
pushing your nasty CANCER sticks
what a bunch of money hungry low lives and self centered PRICKS
GET out of my life forever hit the bricks!
I SEE BEYOND your propaganda and lies
I...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, health, drug,
Form: Free verse
Give Me a Second to Breathe part 1
Verse 1: Nothing's in my way today 
I'm finally getting my way 
Glitter sprays in the air
We are on the bridge of without-a-care,
No longer in despair 
You fed me vibrant love, my starlit sky above
You healed my scars and sent...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, angst, desire,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Stardust
Stardust flickers, falls
The tip of the iceberg
Warm current melts conscience...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, addiction, allegory, allusion,
Form: Haiku
Tip of the Iceberg
I made a small declutter vow
To get myself unstuck
That every day I’ll toss one thing 
And so far, I’m in luck.

My travel guides from years ago
To places I have been
Were easy things for me to trash,
A good place to begin.

Some...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, home, me,
Form: Rhyme
Thought Begins In a Spider Web
What if our minds were like spider webs,   
Spreading to the invisible realm?  
Beyond the brain seems blissfully insane
Like a transcendental spell.  

While science is keen to explain our dreams 
And thoughts in pure chemical terms,
I’ve...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, mystery, psychological, universe, , atheist,
Form: Free verse
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Sharpen the blade and start the fire
Set ablaze your selfish desire
Alas, I have learned of your hidden goals
It is you for whom the bell tolls

Call it hate, call it detestation
For your love is the only abomination
That burdens, tortures, and destroys...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, dark, depression, loneliness, longing, lost love, miss
Form: Rhyme
After a Trip
You look at your pictures back home from a trip
And somehow it doesn’t quite seem
You really were there, with that smile on your face – 
You’d swear it was only a dream.

Yet there is the proof, in each pose you...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, travel,
Form: Rhyme
We constantly deal with poetry which puts us in a soporific state,
we sit here apathetic to the cause of studying this beautiful art-
but Poetry’s breath Ad Nauseum about love and laments is bad for a date,
oblivious to the images, while...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, beauty, dedication, imagination, imagination, love, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Tragedies openly stir,
Clouds of horror and deaths beckons,
With dreams transforming into nightmares,
Nightmares flaming out shadows fire,
Shadows fire relentlessly torture,
Oh yes indeed, emotional torture remains a venom to swallow,
Yet this remains a known, unknown.

Death is made a necessary option,
With the heart...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, angst
Form: Personification
the stand
all I see in the distance
as I focus on it all
the last part of my resistance
stumbles now and falls
you won't meet opposition
from disparate strands
I'm taking my position
getting ready to make my stand

from a shrouded heart and shadowed soul
I watch as...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, lost love
Form: Verse
Great stature, 
enormous strength; 
huge, colossal
the way my heart exploded 
so many different ways to express it
Does anyone hear the sound a heart 
Makes when it breaks
Even continents away
Did she hear it?
The only one that mattered
It seemed like four days...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, life, heart, heart, love,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Nature of Man. Co-written with Carolyn Devonshire
My molten core is bursting at the seams
Billowing ash and smoke circle above
Volcanic eruptions are on the rise
Intense balls of fire I toss from my glove

  That damnation isle, this Icelandic land
  Eating away at our profits, typically...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, natureself, self,
Form: Quatrain
Save It For Another Day
Deep inside me I hear that voice
It keeps sayin 'Happiness is a choice"
But the demons still won't leave me alone
Beating on the hardened stone

Can't seem to make them go away
Showing themseves in the light of day
Echoes deep inside my brain
Trying...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, introspectionme, me,
Form: Rhyme
One Religion
All is written by the same hand;
Our God is the same God,
Who is everything, 
Who is nothing.
Jesus and Buddha sought the same thing;
All major religions are the same
But different cultural aspects 
Make descriptions that are hard to cling.

I may be...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, philosophygod, me, voice, god, me, voice,
Form: I do not know?
Falling to the Earth...Rising to the Heavens
Could it make you feel
You know it all
Watch out
I might fall

Out of this world
Out of this mind...
And that's match point

To the point
It's the tip of the iceberg

Your ship crashes
into my world
Navigational direction
can't help you now

"Watch out for falling dreams,"
the sign...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, life, people
Form: Free verse
Lord I need you!

I need you clear the forest of trees in my path so I can see the light

I need you to stand before me as I kneel at your feet in faith that you will make my wrongs...Read More
Categories: tip of the iceberg, me, heaven, heaven, me,
Form: I do not know?