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Roses Are Red Poems

Roses Are Red Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about roses are red. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for roses are red.

New Poems

As sure as this morning 
I saw the sun
I knew right then
You were the one. 

How could I question this surety?
When the sun is displayed so plainly to me?

For as long as it shines, blinding my eyes
I know that forever...Read More
Categories: cute love, roses are red,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Rose
protected by powerful thorn soldiers

...Read More
Categories: roses are red,
Form: Tetractys
Is it someone else
Ya'll know the one
Don't say you don't
Saying she gonna
Do this and that
You know she won't
Waiting for the
Right one
To come along
Everything you thought
Was special
She left and gone
Making promises
Thinking you all
Specail and
Talking bout
Loving forever
Aint none of
That happening
You know the word
Fussing bout
Where you've...Read More
Categories: engagement, music, repetition, roses are red, song,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member From Dawn's Spirited Breath, See Red, Red Rose
From Dawn's Spirited Breath, See Red, Red Rose

When Summer rose meets dawning's sweetest hush
Sun comes to bequeath its dawn bathing rays
Red beauty gleaming, rose stills early rush
Into man's world shines, another bright day.

With red rose petals spreading ever wide
Calming thoughts,...Read More
Categories: roses are red, beautiful, beauty, flower, garden, rose, roses are
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Just Strands of Straw
Just Strands of Straw

I look into the mirror, 
my hair has dropped to the sink. 
It is a trail of tears, 
years of taking care of split ends, 
fluffing and drying, 
tying it up, 
leaving it down…
now, just gone.
My crown...Read More
Categories: roses are red, anxiety, cancer, grief, hair, journey, roses are
Form: Narrative

Trauma Roses
I wanted to make you feel something 
I wanted to make you see 
that the pain that forced you into numb
had nothing to do with me...
But trauma doesn't affect all the same,
and since you lacked your own
you stole the innocence...Read More
Categories: emotions, growth, roses are red,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Dreams of Halloween
Dreams of Halloween

Like a shadow moving in the darkness…
It is something seldom seen.
A total act of malevolence,
as monsters haunt your dreams…
As the sun goes down 
before tonight’s full Moon. 
A low rolling fog spread
feelings of foreboding and doom.
Ghouls and Goblins...Read More
Categories: dark, halloween, horror, rap, roses are red,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time, there lived a lady
With red painted lips and nails
She loved with all her heart and soul
This man who was often by her side

As the years passed by them both
They found their way together
Always a part of...Read More
Categories: roses are red, life, romance, romantic, romantic love, roses are
Form: Free verse
Mystery Lover
 He's a broken branch
that adds to beauty

A messy room 
that looks lively

He's that guy I fell for,
the one with beard
the one with mesmerizing eyes

There's a humor to his thoughts
a crack in his voice
he doesn't care and all the same
is...Read More
Categories: roses are red, appreciation, beautiful, boyfriend, dream, love, roses are
Form: Free verse
Robert Burns translations
A Red, Red Rose
by Robert Burns
modern English translation by Michael R. Burch
Oh, my love is like a red, red rose
that's newly sprung in June
and my love is like the melody
that's sweetly played in tune.

And you're so fair, my lovely...Read More
Categories: roses are red,
Form: Verse
Premium Member My Friend Demetra
We knew a woman named Demetra
We hadn't known her for long.  She came to a Place
We belong, and she was a powerful person that strong.
So full of life.  
So full of Spirit.  
So full of fun.
She struggled...Read More
Categories: roses are red, celebration, death, death of a friend, emotions,
Form: Blank verse
The sun becomes the moon at night
With fabulous luck luster delight and
The crickets sings chorus
Little somethings nesting in trees 
In holes in the ground

The silver moon declines and the
Sun begins to peak above its horizon
With birds in harmony as the...Read More
Categories: children, dance, love, rose, roses are red,
Form: Quintain (English)
Premium Member Women Of Poetry
About their writes, I much 
Their warmth, their feelings, their feminine...touch 
Touching me internally...with soft ink from their pen 
Expressing love thoughts...again and again
Roses are red, blue, pink...and yellow 
But women of poetry, you sure charm...this fellow 
I...Read More
Categories: roses are red, love,
Form: Verse
Lipstick Lips
Lipstick Lips

Lipstick red lips on
Tombstone remains. Bloody red
Roses kiss the cold  
Breath of death, crystallizing 
Hearts overcome by the flame

Marckincia Jean 

...Read More
Categories: roses are red, death, december, farewell, grave, rose, roses are
Form: Tanka
Pretty Rain
Pretty Rain

Rose water 
Pretty rain 
Crisp refreshment
Sweet nectarous bloom 
A mild, potent fume
A graceful river flow
A breath of life
Floating delicate feathers 
Skies darker than blue
Sun of vibrant yellow hue
Rain maketh a bed in the earth 
For its heart to age...Read More
Categories: roses are red, beautiful, flower, growth, rain, rose, roses are
Form: Free verse

Is but 
Red roses
And fairy tales
The heart oozes for but a warm embrace 

At its core the bloom desires treasure
Muddy puddles

Not thirst, craving and ache , such is not love

Marckincia Jean
...Read More
Categories: roses are red, flower, hurt, kiss, love, lust, rose, roses
Form: Tetractys
Roses are Red Violets are blue
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
But is it really true?
Roses can be more than just red
While violets are violet or a blend of red and blue,
But why do poems say roses are red and violets are blue
If red is only one...Read More
Categories: parody, roses are red,
Form: Free verse
The Colorful Rose
The art of love is largely the art of persistence.
The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.
A single rose can be my garden.a single friend, my world.
Beauty without virtue is like a rose without...Read More
Categories: roses are red, anniversary, children, cute love, engagement, family, roses
Form: Romanticism
Like a red, red rose
My love is like
a red, red rose
newly sprung
in June

My love is like
a melody
sweetly played
in tune...

~Robert Burns (1794)

My love is like
a letting go of
a light-hearted child's 

My love is like
a gentleness
roses thriving as
I prune

My love is like
a hopefulness
my favorite flowers 

My...Read More
Categories: roses are red, conflict, love hurts, nostalgia, philosophy, recovery from,
Form: Lyric
For stealing our affections,
none has shown a greed
more selfish than the rose.

Within its self-indulgence
seeths a psychology
as perverse as any madness. 

Reach for one too quickly, 
what seems so innocent
so harmless, will strike 

at you like a serpent’s, 
fangs, as many...Read More
Categories: roses are red,
Form: Light Verse
unPLANNED movie -- Fence of Roses
This rose of red, & rose of white
From Abby's heart, truly contrite
"I think about you every day"
Of her 2 babies, Abby did say

#StandWithAbby, offer prayer
Write a letter, let it out -- share
He hears the cries of Baby, & Mother
Jesus forgives,...Read More
Categories: roses are red, abortion, baby, hurt, missing you, mother, roses
Form: Quatrain
"the fighting act is the final act"

Buzz Lightyear under the elephant.
the bear on an air mattress.
Gould locked in a rectangular box.
the young man behind the old man.

what they try to kill.

those addicted to the crowd will
die in the crowd.
those addicted...Read More
Categories: roses are red, creation, funny, heart, hero, parody, roses are
Form: Free verse
There is no love like your love
A letter from home to Rome
To my dearest
If i had a secret
It would be that i like facing the same wind as you
You are one of a kind
My save harbor
You color my world with love
You showed me the power of...Read More
Categories: love, romance, roses are red,
Form: Free verse
Life's Entropy
Roses are red
Violets are blue 
Azaleas are pink;
Camellias are to

The sun is shining;
Pastures renew
The sun rises;
Day breaks to

Light bleeds to Dark
Dreams do to
Azaleas are dying;
The camellias are wilting
Everything has turned an ungodly hue;
Thoughts mildly askew
As my world turned;
Shades of blue

...Read More
Categories: roses are red, blue, valentines day,
Form: Free verse
Magic In Leaves
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Leaves are green,
green makes them alive
yellow makes them dead,
magic comes from water, and the heart that cares
just like when a person is hungry,
care is shown, by the action one takes,
to better the situation.

Life wasn't meant to...Read More
Categories: roses are red, age, art, black love, blessing, cute love,
Form: Lyric