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Time After Time Poems

Time After Time Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of time after time poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for time after time.

New Poems

Change is in the Air
Change is in the air
Its excitement and unease
Everything is moving
Except me

I say I want to grow
Like a perennial blooming from a vine
Reaching toward the sun
However; I fail time after time

The more I fret
The further away I seem to be
There’s no...Read More
Categories: time after time, anxiety, emotions, hope, inspiration, meaningful,
Form: Rhyme

Time After Time
Time After Time
When they found him he was wet, shivering, naked and under three burlap blankets. His skin was riddled with insect bites, bits of leaves and indescribable things were embedded in his flesh. He had been  struggling to...Read More
Categories: time after time, fate,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wrapping Paper
Wrapping Paper

Every color I have bought,  
red, green and gold. 
There is blue like the heavens, 
white like pure snow, 
they both glitter and shine. 
I have saved and resaved them, 
year after year.
Time after time.

I have no money...Read More
Categories: time after time, celebration, childhood, christmas, december, faith, family, heaven,
Form: Free verse
Old twisted tree
Gather around this old twisted tree
Gather around little ones, 
An old twisted tree speaks 

Create your world with the suns kindness 
Warming up humanity has surprises 
Create your world with the waters tempature
High level tolerance is such a bother 
Create...Read More
Categories: time after time, blessing, change, deep, environment, tree,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Time Elapsed
Time is just a moment
A moment is just time
Each second counts as your time
Lingering will waste time

Then you have to make up time
If you delay it then you forfeit it
It always moves and never stops
Until your clock stops

Take your time...Read More
Categories: time after time, time,
Form: Free verse

Flaming Autumn

A thrill of autumn debutant debrief 
with row on row of bushes blooming red    
releasing winds of change upon the reef    
autumn bids her hues of mournful reds ;
the bristle pinecone clings to scented...Read More
Categories: time after time, appreciation,
Form: Sonnet
Before The Gates Of Alahsar - Version - 2 - 7

Now, mighty ones, 
I return to sing the song of Alahsar,
now, come with me,
once more, let us stand in the priceless dream,
like the eagles, high aloft,
let us fly now too Dream-Scape.
A great wall stands,
ever impenetrable, 
this outer wall to kingdom,
it...Read More
Categories: time after time, dark, death, dream, fantasy, light, love, war,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Who Knows
Tell me "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?",
Days and weeks and months slip away,
And soon the year is underway,
Established in its interplay.

If "It's Just A Matter Of Time",
Tell me "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?",
Must we note every clock chime,
Once...Read More
Categories: time after time, day, moon, power, time,
Form: Quatern
Premium Member Ode To My Mysterious Cat
Oh is it I failed, to see you standing there
Well, just walk right by again, tail high in the air.

No greeting, no sign I even exist
I can’t understand why you still may be pissed.

It happened faraway yesterday, can't you forgive
Don't...Read More
Categories: time after time, cat, confusion, hurt, life, love hurts, mystery,
Form: Free verse
In Deep
As the roses petals blossoms
leaves are falling
leaving seemingly
the purple sight from day to night
gold as it appears
rivers flowing over
the arisen of the sun
loves has begun
the end seems endless
breezes are flowing
not knowing
in the deep end
the waives running wild
oh, my Child
unbelievable journey
as...Read More
Categories: time after time, change, deep, destiny, fear, journey, lost, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dizzy Goodfellow's White Horse
He came from the Dust Bowl in a terrible time
When his family were stricken with broken, dirt covered dreams.
The patchwork wooden shack they slept and ate in had all but tumbled
To a fate no one could repair or even had...Read More
Categories: time after time, encouraging, endurance, heart, inspiration,
Form: Narrative
But By Me

No way out, no other way to go

                                ...Read More
Categories: time after time, emotions, encouraging, forgiveness, friend, god, i am,
Form: Rhyme
Homeless, Mister
Homeless, Mister, can you spare a dime,   
Been like this for a long, long time,    
Lost this leg in Afghanistan,       
Trying to do the best that I can. ...Read More
Categories: time after time, america, care, hurt, loss, poverty, stress,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member TIME AFTER TIME

It's a snakepit because paradise is just a tattoo,
        where the indigent,
                 slithers in and out like...Read More
Categories: time after time, analogy, anxiety, conflict, depression, image, life, people,
Form: Free verse
Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde
A modern day Bonnie and Clyde....he is my smooth gangster paradise. 

Always get with you with the best advice, so you don't have to come back twice. 

To think i thought he was just a passer-by, but turns out it's...Read More
Categories: time after time, blessing, cute love, husband, i love you,
Form: I do not know?
Three Syllable Echo

Wave after wave after wave of affection,
	         fall misty whispers 
come tenderly cascading
The tropic mountain air passes by 
		the cool seaside
with terrapin flair   ...   that...Read More
Categories: time after time, imagery, love, nature, romantic,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member time after time
muscles of the clock
shook me awake, as i neared
the slim margin between dusk
and dawn, having slipped
up - intensity of dread —
soft sunlight alarms the blinds.

i attempt to rise,
entangled in shifting sheets.
dripping sweat from every pore,
my feet meet the floor
and i...Read More
Categories: time after time, angst, time,
Form: Choka
lot of things on my mind filled with deepness, so when you read this- I hope you let me release this- inner theory in my thesis- seems that, there’s a lot of people on the planet- though none planned it-...Read More
Categories: time after time, art, atheist, god,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member T - Tedium
Terminal toxicity
A terrifying takeover on everything tangible, using tactical techniques to trigger temporal turbulence
Taking its toll, its trueness be told through the turmoil trampling and transmuting in silence
Tainted and tantalized by televised thought-crimes as the tumors thrive 
Tarnished by treasonous...Read More
Categories: time after time, corruption, culture, leadership, perspective, slavery, society, truth,
Form: ABC
the burning
thr ones that were my own
are the ones that did disown
laying down a judgeful Hammer
but not understanding or reasonable
with the truth they were handed.
their lack of Faith in me and disregard
only gives them discredit
how they spit in my face and...Read More
Categories: time after time, abuse, anger, depression,
Form: Rhyme Royal
The Void
i hate what life has become
dissapointment after dissapointment
beating me like a drum
as the world falls apart,
i seek something to make me numb
but like everything else, its here, then its gone
like everyone else
it fades from me
tearing me to the bone
with no...Read More
Categories: time after time, dark,
Form: Rhyme
President Trump International Fire Chief
Our dear leader
Our favorite President
President Trump
Once again

Interjected himself
Into areas that he knows nothing about
Making a fool of himself 
In the process

Why does he do this?
Time after time
Talking nonsense
It is because

He is the smartest man
In the universe
Knows more than anyone else
And...Read More
Categories: time after time, america, angst, anxiety, political,
Form: Concrete
Me and You
As I sit here thinking about
Well about all the things you say
But never do. 
But I love you. 
So I sit
Time after time
Life after life
Feeling less human 
And more animated. 
Color me to beautiful again
In your sight. 
Not to be...Read More
Categories: time after time, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love one another as I have loved you
At place of Skulls

My Cross is set

Nailed hands and feet

Crowned thorns of death

Darkness surrounds

The veil is torn

Blood is shed

And I'm reborn

Into your hearts

God's word will shine

We'll be together

time after time

What was said 

Is forever true

Love one another 

As I have...Read More
Categories: time after time, friend, good friday, jesus,
Form: Rhyme
The Sky's Tears
Day after day.
Time after time.
Everything has stayed the same.
The doubts in my mind.
The thoughts of the dead.
The ones that I loved most.

A distant dream.
One that only comes when I sleep.
I have wasted my life.
Dreaming my future away,
but no one sees...Read More
Categories: time after time, depression, hurt, rain, sad, sky, sympathy,
Form: Lyric