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Poetry Clichés | Cliches in Poetry

A List of Clichés in Poetry. This page contains examples of clichés in poetry and a comprehensive list of clichés . These are clichés and overused sayings you may find in poetry, however,  the exhaustive list of clichés or trite phrases may be found in other forms of writing. It is a good practice to avoid use of these phases in poetry unless used in a completely original way.

See also our Cliche Finder: Paste your text in the form field and see if your creative work has clichés.

Popular Cliches

absence makes the heart grow fonder
actions speak louder than words
after my own heart
all's fair in love and war
apple of my eye
back stabber
baited breath
baptism by fire
bated breath
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
beauty is only skin deep
big heart
broken heart
cry over spilled milk
do you feel me
does my heart good
driving me crazy
endless words
everything's coming up roses
faint heart never a true love knows
fall head over heels
fall through the cracks
fan the flames
far as the eye can see
grass is always greener
grass is always greener on the other side
hang in there
have a heart
heart breaker
heavy heart
hollow soul
i can't breathe witout you
i can't live without you
i love you more than
in the nick of time
keep your chin up
kissing the rose
looking into my soul
lost in each others
love is blind
love make the world go round
love's embrace
loves conquers all things
more than meets the eye
more than words can express
my head is spinning
my heart aches for you
my heart clings to you
my heart cries out to you
my heart is a lonely hunter
my heart is aflame
my heart is an open book
my heart is drowning in sorrow
my heart is in my hand
my heart is on fire
my heart is weary
my heart laid bare
my heart longs for you
my heart reached out
my heart sings to you
my heart waits for you
my heart will always be true
my heart will never be free
my heart withered like
my lonely heart
my lonely soul
my open soul
my soul is a shadow
my soul is alone
my soul is on fire
my soul laid bare
my soul reached out
my soul took flight
my stomach is tied up in knots
my tears fell like rain
my wandering soul
my weary soul
no man is an island
no one understands me
one in million
one true love
over and over again
pearls before swine
pounding of his lonely heart
reached new heights
red roses
road less traveled
rose by any other name
roses are red
sands of time
season's greetings
shadow of my soul
silence is golden
solitary soul
soul full of longing
soul full of sorrow
soul of discretion
spice of life
star crossed lovers
stars like diamonds
stop and smell the roses
tender as a mother's heart
test the waters
thorn in my side
til the end of time
time after time
time and again
time heals all wounds
tip of the iceberg
two hearts
violets are blue
waiting for the dust to settle
waiting for your ship to come in
weary heart
when all is said and done
wish upon a star
word that was left unspoken
words that were left unspoken
you clawed at my heart
you held onto my heart
you make the sun shine
you set my heart on fire
you tore my heart
you tore out my heart
young and in love
your cheating heart
your lying heart

More Cliches & Poems

u is part of us
ugly as a hat full of holes
ugly as a mud fence
ugly as sin
ull in a china shop
ultimate objective
ultimate outcome
ultitude of sins
um do
un in the oven
unable and unwilling
unceremoniously dumped
unch of fives
under a microscope
under age
under her thumb
under his thumb
under his/her thumb
under my skin
under my thumb
under my wing
under pressure
under the counter
under the gun
under the gun to be
under the impression
under the knife
under the knife to bo
under the nose of
under the rules
under the same roof
under the sauce
under the skin
under the table
under the thumb
under the weather
underlying principles
understated elegance
uneasy lies the head that wears a crown
unemployment statistics
unexpected twist
unfair advantage
unforseeable circumstances
unhappily married
unkindest cut of all
unless you are the lead dog
unless you are the lead dog the view never changes
unlucky at cards lucky in love
unsung hero
unsustainable level
until the cows come home
unvarnished truth
up a blind alley
up a creek without a paddle
up a gum tree
up a wall
up against it
up and down
up and over
up and under
up for grab
up for grabs
up for sale
up for the cup
up front
up his sleeve
up in arms
up in smoke
up market
up sh#ts creek
up the ante
up the creek
up the creek without a paddle
up the duff
up the river without a paddle
up the road
up the wrong tree
up tight
up to date
up to his ears in trouble
up to me
up to par
up to snuff
up to the hilt
up to the limit
up to the neck in it
up to the top
up to you
uphill battle
uphill battle an
uphill both ways
upper crust
upper hand
upset the apple cart
upset the applecart
upsy daisy
urban myth
urgent need
use your head
useful as a lead balloon
useful lessons
useless as tits on a boar hog
using a sledgehammer to crack a nut
usual suspects