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Test The Waters Poems

Test The Waters Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of test the waters poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for test the waters.

New Poems

The Kalahari
The Kalahari 

Kneaded clay
Form creases 
The thirst of desert  
blinding dust and wind 
Collide of wave and tide 

Females carry the tribe 
Their large flappy ears 
Fan them cool 
Muddy pools 
Their sunshade and lemonade 

Their long trunk, their...Read More
Categories: test the waters, africa, death, earth, environment, funeral, insect, mom,
Form: Free verse

he comes
with lights out
he leaves
the presents of his

that he is
like Kilgor

here but
never stayed
in a luxury hotel

the winter
was fine i even
turned a blind eye

but now
the temps are
better and warmer
time to test the waters

from looking
from in should be

appalling to...Read More
Categories: test the waters, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member White Rabbit
I am the white rabbit small but bold
 teasing Alice to enter the open hole
 to explore and experience the wonders hidden below
 where visionary images and imaginings grow;
come on girl find a better way
 to view the world open...Read More
Categories: test the waters, allusion, animal, dream,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member SLIDING

i slid shy
through childhood
hardly speaking
in kindergarten 
building blocks
sipping milk
eating graham crackers
was there nothing else?

first grade found me
a best friend
chasing each other
around penguins
bowing knees, praying

at some point i hide
behind awful glasses
now i can see too far
the crush two years older
passes the...Read More
Categories: test the waters, growing up,
Form: Free verse
5 Newest Pieces Poetic By Mario William Vitale
Ever so often we come across rich art that can't be turned away. Through each episode we are willing to explore the rich evidence. Today is a new day instead of drifting away let us try to enjoy true rich...Read More
Categories: test the waters, abuse, angst,
Form: Free verse

Life is a journey that is anything but turnkey
Full of many doors that we must open 
As we find our way through another day
There are so many doors to choose from 
Before all the opportunities
Will just flee or get by...Read More
Categories: test the waters, feelings, freedom, future, growing up, self, success,
Form: Rhyme
Liars and Lovers
I love with all my heart,
With passion I play my part;
But when love becomes a strife
I run for my heart and my life.
I leave you to test the waters;
Truth in love is all that matters.
I cannot live a lie just...Read More
Categories: test the waters, heartbroken, how i feel, hurt, lost, love
Form: Couplet
White Temple
Under a veil you're still behind
The moon is ticking slowly now
You're dying for your sins tonight
So keep on praying for resurrection
Something in me didn't agree to skip this part

Be here when I ask for water
Be here when I test the...Read More
Categories: test the waters, body, flower, prayer, sensual, sin, time,
Form: Lyric
chemistry adult
Our chemistry is magnetic,
I love to taste your lips.
The way your body feels so warm.
The way you pull me by my hips.
You pull my hair the right way.
Gentle, but yet rough.
It's like I'm an addict, stuck on you,
I can't tell...Read More
Categories: test the waters, poetry,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Sound Of Thunder
Sound of Thunder 

My pain is real 
I cannot control my emotions 
I walk in a haze 
when I feel that dark days 
are ahead of me 

I would like to run away 
but my fear is like a storm...Read More
Categories: test the waters, anxiety,
Form: Prose Poetry
When I was 18
When I was 18

When was 18, I wasn't worried about where my 21-year-old girlfriend was going to lay her head.

When I was 18, my hoop dreams began to wane with the realization I was only junior varsity good.

By the time...Read More
Categories: test the waters, black african american, father, son, drug,
Form: Free verse
Everlasting Guilt
Isabel, her gaze pins the accusation upon the one in question
And a solitary moment, frozen and regretted, hangs in the air
The intensity could set a lawn ablaze; still the ice remains its frozen nature
Her eyes, the weapon of guilt circulating...Read More
Categories: test the waters, break up, conflict, confusion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Berlin
I had been studying to make Sergeant,
And was scheduled for the afternoon promotion board.
To get some practice and test the waters,
I volunteered for the morning's Soldier Of The Month Board.

The Battalion recently had been given
A ticket for the well-known Berlin...Read More
Categories: test the waters, history, memory, soldier, travel, war,
Form: Quatrain
a wonderful happening in the card section
the instant my left eye caught a glimpse of you in the card section
my right eye immediately followed suit like it was finally viewing its favorite candy
nervous and underconfident, i decide to try my luck and test the waters
to my...Read More
Categories: test the waters, beautiful, blessing,
Form: Free verse
I like Long Walks on the Beach
                                  I like Long Walks on the...Read More
Categories: test the waters, boyfriend, emotions, feelings, heart, love, relationship, women,
Form: Rhyme
The Manipulators
Underneath their charm lies a deceitful mask,
Meet the manipulators.

They are deceitful.
They mislead to control other’s circumstances.
Their tactics can create feelings of sympathy towards them; 
As if they have an underlying pain.

Trust your deductions,
But never let your disgust lead you.
Never attack...Read More
Categories: test the waters, emotions, encouraging, evil, truth, uplifting, violence, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
The future: a continuation of today
You wonder what life is like
in a future not to far 
away from now,
you dream, you hope,
you assume it will all go well
but every now and then
you realize that all
hope is overrated because
your today is endless
and it's not good. 
You...Read More
Categories: test the waters, desire, future, lost, truth,
Form: Free verse
Writing with a Pen with no Ink
         Hopeless is absence of hope. Black without color is what? The sun has so much energy that it keeps itself growing. Take in the sun's rays. Let it build you as...Read More
Categories: test the waters, adventure, courage, life, lost, mystery, people, people,
Form: I do not know?
The Water
Do not disturb the water
The man once said to me
for those who've tried are no more
Quite mysteriously

They spoke of love and life once lived
A place called home, where all was his

It all burnt away, he said with a tear
and all...Read More
Categories: test the waters, death, dream, funeral, goodbye, journey, pain, religion,
Form: Rhyme
Voices in the Darkl
Cautious spirits test the waters of my world
and call to me....then go away.
Perhaps they are perfecting 
inter-mind devices, just like
psychic Edisons, Marconi's revenant
in breakthrough  just for me, or else perhaps
celestial wallflowers, much too diffident     ...Read More
Categories: test the waters, faith, may,
Form: Free verse
Life Lessons
Life Lessons

Fate has many roads
It's funny how they intersect
You might know where you're going
But can't know who you'll meet
You can't see all life is showing
While only walking down one street

Don't lose your shoes, you'll need em
You blues, the news will...Read More
Categories: test the waters, introspection, life, nature, people, philosophy, sea,
Form: Rhyme
Testing the Waters

                        Their is no time left trap in a world of no existing.
    ...Read More
Categories: test the waters, fantasyworld, evil,
Form: Sestina
Hide or Fly?
Is it worth it?
Take a jump off the bridge
Or will you walk away
And remain a stray

Strip yourself of emotion
Shine out that inner light
Will you see?
Will you stop, go or yield?

Either as
A pit of demise
Or a black hole with a great...Read More
Categories: test the waters, adventure, confusion, hope, life
Form: I do not know?
The World Above
Two dimensions
Two worlds
The world above
In which there is life
In which there is love…
And the world below.
This other world is a mystery
None dare go near
In the fear of what they might see…
Or what they may never see again.
I’m curious, however
I want...Read More
Categories: test the waters, deathme, world, heart, heart, me,
Form: Free verse
Jumping Through Hoops
I jump through hoops for my girl
She's so hard to love and cherish
Can’t seem to find the precious words
To make her see I love her so

I touch her gently ever careful
She thrust me away every time
What can I say to...Read More
Categories: test the waters, confusion, husband, love, wifelove,
Form: Free verse