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Weary Heart Poems

Weary Heart Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of weary heart poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for weary heart.

New Poems

In the silence of my dreams


In the silence of my dreams
there is not a sound I hear
Not excited happy screams
nor a whisper in my ear

Slumbering in comfort warm
walking through a sheltered mist
Images of softness form
stardust glistened skin now kissed

Gardens breathe in velvet hues
swirling light on...Read More
Categories: weary heart, good night,
Form: Rhyme

Shining hope

Morning fades the dark clouds,

as sunrise weaves its light

into my weary heart -

shining hope on the edge

of a brand new dawn

with you

~...Read More
Categories: weary heart, good morning,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Heavenly Father - The Couplet Style

~ My  Heavenly  Father  ~
( Unrhymed  Couplet )


My sweet Heavenly Father, help me to serve You better in all this day 
And with Your Holy Spirit guide me each day, as only You can,I pray 
...Read More
Categories: weary heart, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member 3rd World Hustler
Steps his foot out of the door with granny’s anointed words
if blessings were edible, he’d have been fatter than North America
faces the day’s task with immunity to the heat of the sun
dines with the wild to keep the oil running
the...Read More
Categories: weary heart, adventure, africa, character, courage, crazy, devotion, endurance,
Form: Free verse
A Chorus Of Angels
Do I hear the sound of Angels?
Feel the hand of Reaper Grim…
Rest upon my shoulder

Does the sound of children laughing
Still warm this heart?
This weary heart that’s growing older

Are the pins and needles in my joints
My penance for…
Walks I didn’t take

Seems...Read More
Categories: weary heart, life,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

Premium Member Seven City Pigeons
Seven pigeons sitting cold in the snow,
upon a street sign trembling;
and the snow is falling.

As if on cue they fly on snowy wings,
circling the city buildings;
till a safe ledge is found.

Beautiful they smooth their heavy feathers,
sitting quiet in the cold;
as...Read More
Categories: weary heart, bird, snow,
Form: Kimo
Premium Member Windows

Look close, my tears ...

    can you not see the toil of my father -

       the glint of my mother's care?

        Do the joys...Read More
Categories: weary heart, deep, introspection, life, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Gift Of Quietness
The Gift Of Quietness

The gift of quietness, sometimes ignored,
   may go unclaimed throughout our busy day.
   Unless that time of stillness is embraced,
we'll miss our joy to share in the reward.

The gift of quietness- its silent...Read More
Categories: weary heart, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme

How  my own trespasses grip this weary heart
That deep pauses of meditation fill the quiet—
And I am reminded about One Love bestowed on me
Upon a Calvary of thorns , a death paying  all sins
Linking me with a vow...Read More
Categories: weary heart, easter, jesus,
Form: Free verse
a single kindness -- warms a mighty weary heart...Read More
Categories: weary heart, appreciation, blessing, grief, heart, love, thank you,
Form: Monoku
Premium Member The Saddest Christmas of Them All
She wandered in wearing a weary heart unable to mend-
I knew there would be a SAD CHRISTMAS around the bend. 

It started early November and ended late December, 
oh if only all the drunken moments I didn’t remember. 
 ...Read More
Categories: weary heart, christmas, december, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Aching Sky
I knelt amidst the mountain's rise, beneath the weeping opal skies,
          There to measure Io's swoon - the envy of each lesser moon ...
       ...Read More
Categories: weary heart, adventure, beauty, fantasy, imagination, planet, science, space,
Form: Rhyme
It's 2 am by the clock
And my weary heart 
Kept Forlorn on the shelf. 
The dust crystallising it 
And adding a layer for 
Me to not feel, but I do. 
Gently, I pick it up, 
Not so gentle, it feels...Read More
Categories: weary heart, absence, deep, depression, i miss you, night,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Sweet Mysteries
Divinity lives beyond description
Alone, a weary heart cries from its pain
Desire eager for its conscription
Might truth and love turn this way again?

Sweet mysteries, this life, in dreams of thee
Yield fantasy's passion I dare to share
Walk from this muse, I pray...Read More
Categories: weary heart, love, mystery, spiritual,
Form: Sonnet
if your weary heart is heavy and your eyes cant see the way
call me i will hold you steady make the dark clouds blow away
if you cannot hold a smile apon your pretty troubled face
i will listen for a while...Read More
Categories: weary heart, friend,
Form: Rhyme
This Night Without You
This night without you words could go wrong
when a long silence cuts deep
But the tongue
must lay in its damp cave, asleep
to let the eyes speak the dialect
only the weary heart comprehends.

Would I hear your homeward footfalls today -
your lilting voice...Read More
Categories: weary heart, feelings, grief, i miss you, lonely, memory,
Form: Free verse
My Weary Heart
I've built a fortress round my weary heart
which cannot be penetrated by your arrows and darts
the moat around it is frozen to its core
with a no ice skating sign hanging on my front door
your excuses are lame regarding your eminent...Read More
Categories: weary heart, break up, heartbreak, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
Beauty Of A Soul

The sun sparkles
On last night's snowfall
A blissful wind
Causes snow to dance
The sky is a rainbow
A rare delight
To the bunnies below
And to the wandering eyes
Of a lone child

Eyes wide like saucers
She observes the grace
Of the eternal universe
Looking like the kingdom of...Read More
Categories: weary heart, adventure, beauty, happy, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Gifted By God
I am just a nobody with no fortune and no fame,
But rich in ways many others wouldn't ever think to claim.
Among His many blessings, I'm blessed with a Gift to create,
To share with and touch others, to uplift and educate.

But...Read More
Categories: weary heart, blessing, faith, god, inspiration, love, perspective, thanksgiving,
Form: Rhyme
Father, My Father the hour is come,
My weary heart feels the brewing storm,
Rome's Calvary to Me they hasten,
In Thy presence I kneel chastened.

Take Thy goblet from Me I pray,
Veer me away from the devil's way,
Hide Me within Thy towering pavilions,
Away...Read More
Categories: weary heart, christian,
Form: I do not know?

Like pebbles tossed this lonely shore
form ripples in a silent stream
This weary heart dares to explore
the sadness of its shattered dream

While here beneath a moonlit glare
where only you I search this place
The heavens grasp my desperate stare
for but a glimpse...Read More
Categories: weary heart, grief, loneliness,
Form: Rhyme
Heart Of A Poet
  Mystery tears up the planks,hear,hear,its the beating of hideous heart.While i Pondered weak and weary.Like taking the beak of the raven out of my heart.
From a place u will not see,comes a sound u will not hear.just like...Read More
Categories: weary heart, appreciation, confidence, emotions, heart, irony, motivation, write,
Form: Personification
Where, O', where does a weary mind go, but to sleep
in the routine,even at the awakening.

Where, O', where does a weary heart go, but to that
that knows the rest that is needed.

Where, O', where does love go, but to the...Read More
Categories: weary heart, care, deep, inspiration,
Form: I do not know?
Love is Actually In Your Smile
Your luminous smile brings a joy to my weary heart 
Melting my insides with anticipation 
Making me feel like a priceless work of art 
Loving each new sensation, the pure elation 

Without your vibrant smile, my heart would wrench apart...Read More
Categories: weary heart, love, smile,
Form: Rispetto
Premium Member whispers

sweet gentle being
tread soft as eider down
upon this weary heart.

search quietly
for nests of love
between the cracks
of ancient pain.

perhaps, one phoenix flame
exists among the ruins....Read More
Categories: weary heart, sorrow,
Form: Free verse