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Hollow Soul Poems

Hollow Soul Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of hollow soul poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for hollow soul.

New Poems

Hedonism echoed
every pore of charlatan
bleeding illusion
mirage of grooves of magic
rode hollow soul to the black hole....Read More
Categories: hollow soul, dark, philosophy, poetry, senses, voice,
Form: Tanka

your prison
If only the screams were outside my head
Loud enough to deafen the masses
And shatter the glass of your heart
A heart you keep all up inside
Inside the walls of your hollow soul
Empty and vacant
Near enough to taste
And sweeter than syrup
But when...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, angst,
Form: Free verse
The Tale of the Smoke Crow
The Tale of the Smoke Crow

His wings were made from those he'd burned.
A crow of smoke, without true form.
A thief of sorts, who sought to hide
the carbon stone that was his heart.
I smelled him first on Eight Mile Way.
A puff...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, spiritual, surreal,
Form: Rhyme
Refracted Essence Of Life

Rhythm of rainbow the morose mélange
Bleeding colors sucked from torn clouds
Rainstorm rinses the tinge of broken heart
Shades of dark paints frayed linen of love.

Requiem of rose the melancholic medley
Petals hold tear in drops of mourning dew 
Dries under summer sun...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, analogy, angst, crazy, life,
Form: Free verse
Peace Not War
Just trying to live life in peace
The bullies bring you to your knees
They send the fickle off to war 
Not knowing what they are fighting for 

We hear what they want us to hear
We fear what they want us to...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, fear, mental illness, military, peace, psychological, soldier,
Form: ABC

Embraces shatter, leaving timeless stories,

Wrapped in butterfly nets, tied with velvet ribbons.

Tangled cob webs and ghost blankets.

Restless feelings and Kodak moments.


Wasting into forever,

Alone, rotting in the pantry.

Forgotten happiness, buried by sorrows,

Telling tomorrow, yesterday’s lies.


A hollow soul searching for...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, emotions, lonely, sad,
Form: Free verse
A Cry
Why did dagger of cupid strike again?
I have been heat hard and left in seclusion
Come aid me pleas, I’m entrap in love thorn
Aid me pleas, release me from this insomnia 
I have turned to hollow soul, the path is forlorn...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, love,
Form: Free verse
Letting Go
I thought of a thousand words,
None came out.
Like burnt rubber,
Dry as charred toast
I chocked on letters,
As if nails lined my throat.

I swallowed my brokenness.
My neck bent, heavy from the crown.
I would walk away with nothing,
My loses came with the bet.
Decisions...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, break up, leaving, loss, lost love, moving
Form: Free verse
Backs against the Wall
by Mark Miller © 03/19/2014
Waiting beside the seaside absent who never arrives after graven payment-
Standing by Stan's shadow of ascent looks for loners promise repents,
Sullen watch golden sold feelings lost upon darken silhouette in trusted innocence
Filling pockets of soothing felon...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, abuse, angst, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Brexit Sonnet 25 - Treasure These Islands
Brexit Sonnet No. 25
'Treasure These Islands’

So has the ship really sailed away
With second EU vote stowed in hold?
No blasting horn was heard across the bay, 
And we were not of this leaving schedule told. 
Our all inclusive, most elusive...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, political,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Friendless Battle
My feelings are in express
Of the unfathomed inside myself
I find that I am in pain
Of a friendless battle alone
Lost I seem to wander
Going from one spot to another
But I am not emotionless
I just am in painful spouts
Feeling alone can hurt...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, friend, pain, sad,
Form: Free verse
I'M JUST A HOLLOW ...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, abuse, anger, angst, depression, hurt,
Form: Ballad
valediction to
    Valediction to..

Yet again nature sheds rain,
thunder and lightening strikes as they scream in pain,
the bell tolls the loss of tranquility,
mankind mourns the loss of humanity,
oceans deprived of water,leaves fallen from tree,
infinite hollow soul moves,gloominess hangs in...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, farewell, grief, sad, solitude,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Quiet Tears
Visions of me occupy your days
my life’s been planned in intricate ways. 
And though my future’s set in your mind
I’m skillfully taught your wish is blind.

I've been manipulated for years
achieving your dreams with quiet tears.
And never sure what to say...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, angst, dad, depression, emotions, father son, feelings,
Form: Rhyme

Tender touch of love drops we love so much
Knots of grief and joy in our conjoined bliss
A dreadful blow in our loss of life crutch
Ruthlessly snatched away by a death’s kiss

Our time bleeds in gray and black restlessness
No words of...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, death,
Form: Sonnet
The Dog, The Bear, And The Maggot
The Dog is structured,
Always working to preserve,
Familial ties.
Diligent service,
Loyal to love and country,
Strong yet still servile.

The Bear is nurtured,
A hunter in fair weather,
Useless in winter.
Promises plenty,
But bleeds his own forest dry,
Water, trees and all.

The Maggot is cankered,
A hollow soul and...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, america, animal, metaphor, society,
Form: Haiku
The Last Love Letter To the West
         I can't recall 
       the day you left
  Empty words going west
            ...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, deep, feelings, heart, leaving, love, soulmate, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Song Quiet Sorrow Silent Tears
A Song !!!
Quiet Sorrow / Silent Tears

I awoke to cold, wet, gray skies,
remembered the pain- your eyes,
a story told – I heard – telling me
of your sad plight- your fight to be.

I closed my eyes to this early mornings rise.
A...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, daughter,
Form: Rhyme
Remember me? Does my voice resonate in your hollow soul?
Ponder on your sins, muse over a girl whose spirit you set out to abolish.
You thought you were my kryptonite. You are but another iron that branded me with resilience.
You feared...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, anger, bullying, dream, goodbye, moving on, storm,
Form: Sonnet
Story of Afghanistan
Story of Afghanistan

The barren land of my birthplace
Green at times but screening a rocky face
Known for thousands of years for its warrior race
Let me tell you the truth,
No one really wanted this “space”.

Up until two lions began prying around
Initially, just...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, age, animal, beautiful, best friend, bullying, celebration,
Form: Epic
Premium Member A Spider Pumpkin
A spider’s nest
They all crawl out
Scared to death

The fear is all yours
When they walk on you

There’s a loud scream
Looking for its source
You find it’s you

Spider pumpkins line up
They all have a face to carve
Calm eyes with fierce mouth

Lighting their hearts
They...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, holiday, life,
Form: Rengay
Way back when, many years ago;
In the midst of the Sixties, spread your legs, let's go!
An injustice was created,
with a Hollow soul to lose...

A decade and a half later,
  no belief of a Creator;
  The tortured child he...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, confusion, fear, sad, child,
Form: Rhyme
Brilliant Blasphemy
Burnt like tongues,
in our steaming soup.
Now this taste,
is  of ashen anticipation.

The wasted walls of youth
In due damnation

the very writer of the law,
Indeed the first to break it.
Innocence like spiders,
when webs were shaken.

stripped in naked virtue.
endless clout about you,
and...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, devotion, lost love, love, teen,
Form: Free verse
Driving Me Crazy

Tears like Rain,
That pour from Pain,
Asking God to Hold Me and keep me Sane......

A Hollow Soul,
And a Empty Vessel,
Is all of me, that Remains......

But yet, Day after Day,
I Stride and Try Hard to Maintain.....
For there's a part of me that...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, confusion, depression, family, friendship, me, me,
Form: Concrete
''The Devils' Own''
Who are you?-Shared curse.
Marked in malice as vengence burns.
Lost eyes creep the stare of stone.
Breathe fire to speak words that shatter glass.
Let forbidden truth emerge.
Your wicked silence tells the tale of a hollow soul.
You are a product of sickened disgrace.
I...Read More
Categories: hollow soul, people, sad, slam,
Form: Free verse