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Red Roses Poems

Red Roses Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of red roses poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for red roses.

New Poems

Premium Member MaMa Red Roses-a dedicated verse to MaMa LINDLEY and son MASTER POET ROBERT LINDLEY
MaMa Red Roses...a dedicated verse to MaMa Lindley and Son Robert Lindley

 Such a beautiful woman,
Such a beautiful woman,
I love you
Mama I bring unto you;
From the shackles of my soul;
A beautiful vase, full
Beautiful dozen Red Flowers;
Every Thanksgiving;
Cause I AM EVER...Read More
Categories: red roses, analogy, appreciation, devotion, flower, inspirational, mom, mother
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Blood Colors and Tears
Blood Colors and Tears

Red roses in the dead of winter. 
Hard to find, 
a costly extravagance. 


Changes the price of the moment, 
and the very value of our 
...Read More
Categories: red roses, cancer, chocolate, humanity, obituary, perspective, spring, sweet
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Disarray

Within huge caverns of my disarray
fly interpreting birds with rainbow wings
well sung arrow-shot words, vanquish the grey
while they fly about, dawn's gleaming rays sing!

This radiant scene, stirs a weeping heart
as morn's bright colorful songbirds appear
red roses preen, as throat'ed music...Read More
Categories: red roses, appreciation, art, color, deep, imagery, inspirational, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Together Until the End
We met when I was just thirteen.
You found me there—
Alone in the cold, numbing blizzard
They clung to each other for warmth
But you found me there—
Trembling and weak from the cold,
And you clung to me. 

Your advances unsettled me at first.
Why...Read More
Categories: red roses, death, depression, loneliness, mental illness, suicide,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Augustana-100 Years of Bliss
A hundred years of praying,
A hundred years of song,
A hundred years' faith conveying,
And all the days were long!

A hundred years of fireflies,
A hundred years of red roses,
A hundred years of marmalade skies,
And God's love engrosses!

Reverend Hegstrom then, and Pastor Gorder...Read More
Categories: red roses, appreciation, devotion, god, gospel, inspirational love, jesus,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Another One Down
Another One Down
And another one bites the dust. 

My friend, my neighbor, the lady next door, 
Rampant miscalculations of being too nice, 
two people that complain, endlessly.

She does not do enough. 
I have not had “any” in weeks. 
I...Read More
Categories: red roses, appreciation, betrayal, divorce, drink, grief, heartbreak, heartbroken,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member The Fashion Zebra
The Fashion Zebra

I am a flake. 
That is the term for people that do not follow through. 
It may not be fair. I have spent my whole life avoiding the title. 
I crossed every tee, dotted all the eyes… 
and...Read More
Categories: red roses, freedom, funny, inspirational, love, mental illness, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The New Preacher
The New Preacher, 
“Hear My Words”

Are you listening. 
I am saying things very clearly. 
You need to keep trying. 
Are you talking to me?
Am I talking to you? 
Are you answering? 
Yes… Yes… You are!

I see that now. 
I did...Read More
Categories: red roses, courage, dance, god, hope, i love you,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Garden at Grandma's
The Garden at Grandma’s

The house is quiet, the chores are all done. 
We have gathered in the place out back. 
There is pit for a small fire, a place to sit around. 
Chairs of various sizes, arranged not by size,...Read More
Categories: red roses, angel, cute, grandson, hope, i love you,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror

Do not lie. I know that you want to. 
I know that you may need to.  
I am broken, and soon…
You will be too. 

Fairy tales they fill us up as kids. 
Happy endings and forever’s, that have...Read More
Categories: red roses, 12th grade, cinderella, happy, hello, hero, high
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Dark Times
Dark Times

Times we celebrate, to be who we are not. 
Bleak times, diseased remembrances. 
You know.
You know because deep inside…

You have hid under a blanket as a kid, 
and walked quietly down the hall, later on.
Tried not to be seen,...Read More
Categories: red roses, 12th grade, angel, appreciation, celebration, dance, green,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A Wedding Day
A Wedding Day

Cleaning the church is a privilege. 
I go every Saturday, humbly to serve. 
It is not a boast, it is small gratitude paid, 
for all that is received. 
A tiny offering to a plate filled with blessings, 
ever...Read More
Categories: red roses, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Today is Enough
Today is Enough

The morning came early. 
In fact I was up all night. 
I watched the coming and going…
of the stars.

God’s work ever at hand, 
everything that I see and hear, 
everything that I feel and touch. 

Kneeling on the...Read More
Categories: red roses, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rule Breaker
Rule Breaker

Risk taker, warrior maker…
Stand tall. 
He is with you. 
Do not fear, what they may say…
as they would say it any way, 
if you were 
here, or there, 
or anywhere. 

It is His voice, 
whispering in the dark, 
thundering...Read More
Categories: red roses, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Rose Bushes

Rose bushes in the front of my blue house
stand trimmed, and not one flower peeks its head,
so I no longer need to give a douse
of water to the bushes; they’ve been bled
of all their lovely hues. I miss them so!
Sometimes...Read More
Categories: red roses, rose,
Form: Sonnet
urban walk
urban walk:

struggling to swim
on concrete 

i watch

in my brain
enjoying visions

of mystical gardens
where playful deer

eat pink and red roses.
i return

feeling ominous glimpses
of a scarred homeless man

and notice the musical staves
of lonely telephone lines.

stumbling over
roots and shadows.

gleaming trees lovely
in afternoon’s slant.

speaking to...Read More
Categories: red roses, urban,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member No Thanks
                                       ...Read More
Categories: red roses, hope, red, rose,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Woebegone Love
My one true love is sadly gone,
a name upon stone I dwell on;
oh, do you recall the chiffon,
of my wedding dress in Bourgogne.
The green park in France and the swan,
since your death I have been withdrawn;
yes,  I am a...Read More
Categories: red roses, lost love,
Form: Rhyme

Is but 
Red roses
And fairy tales
The heart oozes for but a warm embrace 

At its core the bloom desires treasure
Muddy puddles

Not thirst, craving and ache , such is not love

Marckincia Jean
...Read More
Categories: red roses, flower, hurt, kiss, love, lust, rose, roses
Form: Tetractys
The Colorful Rose
The art of love is largely the art of persistence.
The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.
A single rose can be my garden.a single friend, my world.
Beauty without virtue is like a rose without...Read More
Categories: red roses, anniversary, children, cute love, engagement, family, roses
Form: Romanticism
Butterflies are calm, sweet, and kind.
They flutter to each detailed flower,
They have bright and colorful wings.
They make me smile on warm spring days.
They wave hello on sunny days,
They hide away on dark, gray days.
On spring mornings as flowers bloom.
They glide...Read More
Categories: red roses, art, beauty, butterfly, flower, spring, sun,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Young And Beautiful
She wore red roses in her raven hair,
And sang old sad romantic songs,
She was young and very beautiful.

She thought roses were so beautiful
That she wore them always in her hair,
As she sang those old romantic songs.

Passers-by would listen to her...Read More
Categories: red roses, beautiful, girl, hair, rose,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member HAIKU PATH 1

Deep dark blankets
Night sculpts new day;
Pregnant with hope


Time oozes away
Change in sepia tones; 
Abrupt departure


Memory cascades
Vivid pictures slant;
New versions emerge


Black cat
Night camouflage;
Ferocious disguise


Bright floral notes
Bouquet serenade;
Red roses style


Lantern Festival
Mid-autumn procession;
Laughing children parade


Moon cakes fiesta
Dreamy luna frolic;
Heavenly nocturne


Lotus paste cakes
Snow skin...Read More
Categories: red roses, change,
Form: Haiku
Heartfelt Home
Heartfelt home..
Evergreen trees..
A rose garden..
Joyous pink roses..
Roses of yellow spreading sunshine..
On an overcast day..
Red roses of pure love..
Where the heart sings a soulful song

Heartfelt home..
A woodsy crackling fireplace..
Fragrant scents of musk.
Stirring emotions..
Nostalgia catches waves of memories..

Heartfelt home..
Cozy filled with love..
Tucked...Read More
Categories: red roses, encouraging, heart, home,
Form: Free verse

I asked myself,
why your silhouettes in heaven 
kept taunting me 


why your lips,
always in my memory? 

the sweetness of your smile 
makes my knees ache to surrender 
.. to you

do not despise 
these red roses 
which I offer...Read More
Categories: red roses, solitude,
Form: Acrostic